205 Live Results (9/3): Norfolk

205 Live Results (9/3): Norfolk, VA

The September 3rd, 2019 edition of 205 SmackDown Live takes place at the Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA

Show begins with the fallout from SmackDown, where Erick Rowan laid out Roman Reigns and former teammate Daniel Bryan. Referees attend to Reigns and Bryan, who both appear to be in a lot of pain. Crowd cheers as Reigns returns to his feet and slowly starts making his way to the back.

Cut to a meeting between 205 General Manager Drake Maverick, Humberto Carrillo, and Lince Dorado. He says that their matchup will be tonight’s main event. Dorado jumps in, claiming that he’s been in the division since the beginning, and has never been given an opportunity to challenge for the cruiserweight championship. Maverick makes a ruling: If Dorado can defeated Carrillo tonight…the Clash of Champions bout will become a triple-threat for the title. Dorado and Carrillo intensely shake hands.

205 Live intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. Tonight’s show takes place from Norfolk Virginia. The Premiere Athlete Tony Nese makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He’ll be facing Mike Kanellis, who is out second.

Tony Nese versus Mike Kanellis

Tie-up. Nese takes down Kanellis with a waistlock. He gets to the ropes and both men reset. Kanellis lands a kick to Nese’s gut. He traps him in the corner and lays into his chest with a chop, then drops him with a headbutt. Irish-whip…Nese fires an elbow. Signature Nese kip-up combo takes Kanellis down. Fight spills to the outside…big forearm by Nese. Kanellis answers by pushing Nese into the barricade, then hits a DDT on the metal portion of the entrance path. Nese barely beats the referee’s count, but Kanellis is right there to slam him for a nearfall. Backstage…Maria Kanellis watches her husband at work. Chinlock by Kanellis. Nese breaks the hold with right hands…Kanellis off the ropes…Nese trips him up…springboard moonsault attempt…Nese lands on his feet…Kanellis back body drops Nese back to the outside. Kanellis in pursuit…he whips Nese into the barricade. Kanellis drapes him over the barricade and jumps to the apron. Running dropkick nails Nese in the head.

Back in the ring…Kanellis continues to wear Nese down with a headlock. Clubbing blows to Nese’s back, followed by a hard Irish-Whip into the corner. Firemans carry by Kanellis…Nese slips out and German suplexes Kanellis into the corner. Nese starts building momentum. Running boot and spinning heel kick. He levels Kanellis with a running corner elbow…springboard moonsault connects this time. Cover…only two. Nese goes for a sunset driver…Kanellis blocks it…O’connor roll for two. Kanellis responds with a cradle. Two count. Big spinebuster from Kanellis. He levels Nese with an elbow and sets him up for a backpack stunner…Nese clubs his way out but runs into a big boot. Kanellis to the middle-rope…Nese surprises him with a palm thrust. He meets him up there…frankensteiner with pin…Kanellis kicks out. Kanellis slows the action down by hitting a lariat. Both men are down.

Kanellis taunts Nese to hit him…Nese lands a huge haymaker. Back and forth striking…Kanellis gets sent to ringside. Nese off the ropes…Fosbury Flop connects. Nese tosses him back in and climbs…450! Kanellis kicked out! Nese can’t believe it. Maria Kanellis smiles backstage. “This is awesome” chants from the crowd. Sunset Driver attempt…Kanellis has it scouted again but Nese nails a big kick…Kanellis fires back with a superkick. Cross-Rhodes. He got em.

Mike Kanellis wins by pinfall

Kanellis wildly celebrates. Nese in the ring is distraught, screaming at another loss.

Backstage Dorado is preparing for his match when Ariya Daivari strolls up. He tells Dorado that without him he never would have had the guts to stand up to Carrillo and challenge him to a match if he didn’t attack the other members of Lucha House Party. Dorado fires back, “You’re a leech, who is only looking out for himself.” Dorado goes on to state that Kalisto and Gran Metalik won’t even talk to him anymore, but tonight he plans on proving that he’s cruiserweight championship material.

Commercial for NXT’s debut on USA.

The Singh Brothers cut a promo. They call out Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick, jabbing that they’re not even “award winning” superstars. They promise that once they find their winning ways, they’ll be back to take revenge.

Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick are out next for tag action. Their opponents…Brandon Scott and Tyler Hastings are already in the ring. Commentary tells us that Kendrick was scheduled to face Jack Gallagher, but Gallagher wasn’t cleared for action.

Akira Tozawa/Brian Kendrick versus Brandon Scott/Tyler Hastings

Kendrick with a headlock to open. Tozawa jumps in and drops Scott with a big boot. Tandem offense from Kendrick and Tozawa. Jumping senton lands, followed by Tozawa’s signature fake-out jab. Hastings tags in…he walks right into an arm-drag. Scott nails a cheap shot on Kendrick with the ref’s back turned…Tozawa takes out Hastings and Scott with a missile dropkick. Roundhouse kick/flatliner combo gets the win for Kendrick and Tozawa.

Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick win by pinfall

Kendrick jumps on the mic post match. He says he’s not surprised that Jack Gallagher wasn’t able to compete tonight, but issues a tag challenge for next week’s show in Madison Square Garden. Kendrick tells Gallagher he can choose whoever he wants to be his partner.

Backstage Oney Lorcan is interviewed. Before he can answers Tony Nese is heard tossing stuff around. Lorcan goes to console him, telling Nese that he’s “been there.” This angers Nese, who attacks Lorcan and smashes his head off the wall. Nese screams that Lorcan knows nothing. Commentary questions Nese’s actions.

Main event time. Lince Dorado is out first, without Kalisto or Gran Metalik. Humberto Carrillo is second. Here we go.

Lince Dorado versus Humberto Carrillo

Intense handshake. Tie-up. Hammerlock from Carrillo. Dorado arm-drags Carrillo across the ring to break the hold. Carrillo picks the leg and goes for an early submission but Dorado falls in a pinning position…barely a one count. They reset. Second tie-up. Dorado lands the first strike chopping Carrillo in the chest…both men trade pins. Headscissor by Dorado…Carrillo lands on his feet. Stalemate. Out of frustration Carrillo and Dorado start chopping each other across the chest. Carrillo hits his signature springboard arm-drag, followed by a frankensteiner. Dorado to the apron…Carrillo charges and slides to the outside…Dorado back inside…suicide dive from Dorado…he turns it into a tornado DDT! Dorado throws Carrillo back inside…splash for a nearfall. Standing moonsault for another. Dorado applies a headlock….he drives his elbow into Carrillo’s head and neck. Carrillo manages to fight his way out but Dorado nails a spinning heel kick. He climbs…top rope splash for two. Camel clutch locked in by Dorado. Crowd tries to rally Carrillo back into the match…Carrillo creates separation but runs right into a boot. Dorado puts Carrillo on the top and climbs for a superplex…Carrillo blocks it and shoves Dorado off…Carrillo takes advantage and hits a missile dropkick.

Carrillo picks up the pace…basement dropkick, followed by a rolling-thunder moonsault. Cover…Dorado out at two. Handspring arm-drag from Carrillo sends Dorado to ringside. He bounces off the ropes…twisting tope con hilo connects. That sparks a loud “205” chant. Carrillo throws Dorado back in and climbs…picture perfect moonsault for a nearfall. Back suplex attempt…Dorado ladns on his feet…he fires off a spinning enziguri. He goes for the golden rewind stunner…Carrillo catches him…Dorado off the ropes again…springboard into a poison frankensteiner! More chops from Dorado. Carrillo traps his arms…sit-out powerbomb with pin…Dorado just gets a shoulder up. Back and forth striking…Dorado winning the exchange…Carrillo connects with a three-hit combo. Both guys are rocked. Carrillo lands an enziguri but Dorado fires right back with a gutbuster. He climbs…shooting star press lands! Dorado can’t make the cover and Carrillo rolls to the outside. Back in the ring…Carrillo cradles Dorado…Dorado pops up and frankensteiners Carrillo and holds the legs for a pin…HE GOT EM!

Lince Dorado wins by pinfall and is added to Clash of Champions title match

As Dorado celebrates, Drew Gulak comes out of nowhere and assaults him on the entrance path. Carrillo goes to help Dorado but Tony Nese comes out of nowhere and nails Carrillo. Nese and Gulak acknowledge an alliance. They throw Carrillo and Dorado back in the ring and lay both guys out. Running Nese onto Dorado. Torture Rack neckbreaker on Carrillo. The champ stands tall with Tony Nese at his side.

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