205 Live Results (1/31): Tulsa

205 Live Results From BOK Center In Tulsa, OK. (1/31/2020)

The action continues inside the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma immediately following the live post-Royal Rumble episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, as the WWE Cruiserweight division will be on display as 205 Live returns on the WWE Network.

Featured below are complete results of the Friday, January 31st episode of WWE 205 Live. The following report was written by eWrestling.com correspondent Jamie Rush.


Following Friday Night SmackDown, we are welcomes by Aiden English and Jon Quasto who discuss the end of Friday Night Smackdown, declaring it smells strongly of dog food ringside. A video clip is set up of last Friday’s 205 Live where Ari Devairi and Kendrick discuss Danny Burch match.

Danny Burch vs Brian Kendrick is announced for later tonight.

Tyler Breeze vs. Angel Garza as the main event for tonight.

Joaquin Wilde vs. Raul Mendoza

Out first is Joaquin Wilde as his music sounds in the arena. Wilde stops at the top of the ramp wearing his helmet, posing as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring as the bass shakes the arena. Wilde climbs through the ropes and enters the ring. Wilde climbs the ring post to the top turnbuckle, doing a mini dance to hype the crowd before he jumps back down to the mat awaiting his opponent for tonight’s first match up of 205 Live.

Next to the ring is Raul Mendoza. Mendoza makes his way out to the top of the ramp as his music sounds in the arena. Mendoza makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where his opponent Joaquin Wilde is waiting. The referee signals for the bell to ring, and the match officially begins. A lock up to begin the match as both men refuse to let go.

Wilde trying to break free as Mendoza twists the arm of Wilde, locking a Half Nelson to take Wilde to the mat. Mendoza attempts a cover, Wilde kicks out. Wilde then attempts a cover of his own, Mendoza kicking out. Mendoza sends Wilde to the corner of the ring. Wilde is picked up by Mendoza, being held on the shoulders of Mendoza. Wilde attempts to break free as he hits and kicks wildly.

Mendoza takes an Elbow Strike from Wilde, Mendoza drops Wilde, but counters with a Shoulder Tackle. Wilde hits Mendoza in the midsection. Wilde gets to the top rope, hitting a Flying Senton on Mendoza on the outside of the ring. Wilde grabs Mendoza and throws him back into the ring to attempt to finish the match. Wilde goes to the top rope, once again for a high flying move.

Mendoza blocks Wilde mid-air as he throws his legs up and kicks Wilde in the air. Mendoza hits a Moonsault and goes for the cover. Mendoza with multiple kicks and Wilde takes advantage of the momentum and hits the Wilde Thing for the pin and win.

Winner: Joaquin Wilde

The Brian Kendrick w/Ariya Daivari vs Danny Burch

Out first to the ring is The Brian Kendrick as his music sounds in the arena and he makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring (accompanied by Ariya Daivari). Next out is Danny Burch who wastes no time heading to the ring as his music sounds in the arena. Burch quickly enters the ring, Kendrick slides out of the ring. Kendrick does his best to avoid Burch.

Daivari distracts Burch and Brian quickly jumps in, but Burch didn’t skip a beat. Both men end up on the outside of the ring. Burch sends Kendrick into the stairs on the outside of the ring, followed by an uppercut. Kendrick slams into the barricade on the outside of the ring. Kendrick counters sending Burch over the announce table.

The referee is counting inside the ring, as the count gets to eight, Kendrick slides into the ring stopping the count. Kendrick chokes Burch in the ropes and distracts the referee while Daivari pulls Burch off the apron. Once again inside the ring, Kendrick keeps his focus on the injured leg and knee of Burch. Burch counters with multiple Elbows followed by a Flap Jack.

Burch hits a Running Clothesline followed by an Enzuigiri. Burch hits a Dropkick for the two count. Burch hits Kendrick with a massive Headbutt, followed by locking in the Cross Face.

Daivari enters to the aid of Kendrick as he attacks Burch for the disqualification.

Winner: Danny Burch defeats The Brian Kendrick by DQ (Daivari Illegal Assist)

After the Match

After the match Burch and Kendrick take out the knee of Burch with a chair before he’s saved by Oney Lorcan with a chair before they can break it.


It’s announced that newly crowned NXT Cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin will make his 205 debut next week.

Onto the main event of the evening!!

Angel Garza vs Tyler Breeze

Angel Garza makes his way to the ring first as his music sounds in the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Garza jumps onto the apron and poses against the ropes, smiling at the crowd before entering the ring. Once in the ring, Garza smiles once again, the commentators make note of Garza showing off his pearly whites.

Out next is Tyler Breeze as Breeze’s music sounds in the arena. Breeze makes his way down the ramp in a furry bell bottom ring attire. Breeze slides onto the apron, laying across the apron on the outside of the ropes, striking a pose before rolling into the ring. Once inside the ring, Breeze poses again as he jumps onto the top ropes copying the same pose he had done on the apron moments before. The bell rings and the match begins.

Garza can be heard telling Breeze he is prettier than him. Garza mocks Breeze’s pose as he jumps onto the ropes himself, laying across the ropes with his hand on his head, playing to the crowd while mimicking Breeze causing him to become furious. Breeze counters on Garza, dropping him to the mat, this time Breeze showing Garza how the pose on the ropes is done. A lot of quick movements between the two men, Garza leans down, Breeze with a Massive Kick to the face of Garza.

Garza heads to the outside of the ring. Garza demands that Breeze come to the outside of the ring. Breeze complies, rolling under the bottom rope to the outside. Garza rolls back in at the same time. Back and forth between the two. As Breeze exits, Garza enters and vice versa. Garza on the outside of the ring, grinding Breeze’s face into the steps on the outside of the ring. Garza gets a quick pin for the two count. Breeze kicking out and trying to regain his composure. Garza with a Backhand to the chest of Breeze.

Garza backs Breeze into the corner before locking in a Standing Side Headlock.

Garza removs his pants, the crowd pops. Garza nailing away on Breeze, followed by a kick to the midsection of Breeze as Garza runs across the ring. Breeze hits a running forearm in the corner into a Running Clothesline. Breeze hits a Super Kick midair on Garza. Garza drops Breeze with a knee and hits a Reverse Suplex for a near fall. Breeze gets his boots up when Garza goes for an Asai Moonsault and rolls him up for a near fall. Garza comes back with the Wing Clipper for the pin and the win.

Winner: Angel Garza


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