WWE 205 Live Results From Empty Arena At WWE PC (3/13/2020)

205 Live Results From Empty WWE PC Arena In Orlando, FL. (3/13/2020)

WWE 205 Live returns this week with a special episode emanating from an empty arena set up inside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Featured below are complete WWE 205 Live results for the March 13, 2020 episode of the show.

WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (3/13/2020)

Here we go. This week’s edition of WWE 205 Live is now underway. The show kicks off live from the same empty WWE Performance Center arena that this week’s Friday Night SmackDown show was held in.

After the video intro, we are welcomed to the show by the announcers, who also hype tonight’s 10-Man Tag Match pitting a team of WWE 205 Live Originals against NXT Cruiserweights, with the NXT Cruiserweight team revealing a mystery partner.

As we enter the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, we are welcomed by Aiden English and Jon Quasto at the announcer’s table to kick off tonight’s episode of 205 Live!

Team NXT vs. 205 Live Original
10 Man Tag-Team Elimination Match

As the first match of the night is announced to be a 10-Man Tag-Team Elimination Match, we are informed the two teams will be Team NXT and the 205 Live Originals. Getting this match underway, the first team is announced.

Out first is the team of 205 Live Originals including- Ariya Daivari, & Gentleman Jack Gallagher, The Brian Kendrick, Mike Kanellis, & Tony Nese as they make their way to the ring. Out next is Team NXT including- new team captain Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Tyler Breeze, Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch & Kushida (as the “Mystery Partner”).

Before the bell rings, the “Mystery Partner” for Team NXT is announced, Kushida! The bell rings and this wild ten man match up begins! To start things off in the ring, Kushida is in for Team NXT and Tony Nese joins him for Team 205. Kushida doesn’t waste any time as he goes on the offense, grabbing Nese in a Half-Nelson.

Nese takes Kushida down after reversing the Half-Nelson, though Kushida counters twisting the arm of Nese in the center of the ring. Kushida takes control of the match as he hits an Elbow Drop on Nese after landing a Springboard off the ropes onto Nese.

Having about enough for the moment, Nese tags in Mike Kanellis. Kushida follows suit and tags in Oney Lorcan. Lorcan seems to want no part of this at the moment as he immediately tags Danny Burch who enters the ring in place of Oney Lorcan. Burch gets a hold of Kanellis then makes his way back to Lorcan for the tag.

Tony Nese tags in and makes his way back into the ring. Nese goes over to Lorcan and smacks him in the face open handed. Nese attempts to follow up with a Vertical Suplex to no avail as Lorcan is able to make the tag to Danny Burch once again. Burch switches out with Lorcan and once again gains control of the match.

Burch hits a Leg Drop on a tiring Nese who immediately rolls out of the ring, presumably to catch his breath for a moment. Burch is able to counter a Gut Wrench Suplex Burch doesn’t allow for the un-officiated “time out” as he drags Nese back into the ring, hitting the Cross-face in the ring on Nese. Burch’s domination is short lived as the entire Team 205 follows Mike Kanellis into the ring for the rescue.

Team NXT wasn’t going to just stand by idly, so they all enter the ring as well , now an all out brawl as little groups of brawls move to different areas in and out of the ring. Tony Nese uses the mayhem to his advantage as he is able to eliminate Burch.

NXT’s Danny Burch is eliminated

To replace first elimination Danny Burch, Tyler Breeze makes his way into the match for Team NXT. Breeze’s time in the ring is short lived as Nese gets a hold of Breeze reaching a tag from Gallagher to become the legal man in. Nese lands a kick to the mid-section of Breeze. Gallagher hits a tag unknown to Nese, then quickly rolls up Breeze for the three count and second elimination of the match.

205 Live’s Tony Nese is eliminated

Attention is drawn to Mike Kanellis and Oney Lorcan following Nese’s elimination. Kanellis attempts to land strong rights on Lorcan who hulks up a little more each time he takes a strike. Kanellis rocks Lorcan with a Super-kick, though Lorcan is able to retaliate as he lands a cover on Kanellis, eliminating him from Team 205.

205 Live’s Mike Kanellis is eliminated

Following the pin and elimination by Oney Lorcan, Kanellis exits. Ariya Daivari and The Brian Kendrick waste no time as they make their way towards Lorcan. Daivari lands a Neck Breaker on Lorcan and attempts the pin, Lorcan kicks out at two. Lorcan and Daivari both go for the Clothesline simultaneously as Swerve lands a Running Uppercut on Daivari.

The Brian Kendrick makes his way back in and is immediately rolled up for the three count pin and elimination.

205 Live’s The Brian Kendrick eliminated

Swerve continues to hold Daivari’s arm as he gets the pin on both The Brian Kendrick and Ariya Daivari, both from Team 205 Live.

205 Live’s Ariya Daivari eliminated

Jack Gallagher and Swerve are left in the ring after Lorcan and Burch are taken out. Gallagher lands an Elbow Drop on Swerve. Swerve counters, sending Gallagher flying over the top rope landing Gallagher on the floor outside of the ring. Swerve tags in Lorcan.

Lorcan lands heavy Chops to the chest of Gallagher followed by a Running Uppercut. Gallagher retaliates with a Rolling Elbow for the three count pin, eliminating Lorcan.

NXT’s Oney Lorcan eliminated

Gallagher looks to the opposing side, Kushida now across from him as the legal man in. Gallagher quickly takes control towards the end of the match, dominating Kushida until Kushida has had enough and tags in Swerve.

Before exiting the ring, Kushida and Swerve double team Gallagher with a combination move. Kushida exits momentarily as Swerve hits his Pop Culture finisher on Gallagher. Kushida then follows up with a Pop-Up Flying Arm-bar on Gallagher. Gallagher unable to hold out any longer, taps out.

Winners: Team NXT

That ends tonight’s WWE 205 Live episode brought to us from the empty Performance Center in Orlando, FL. 205 Live goes off the air.

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