205 Live Results From Fayetteville, N.C. (12/6)

WWE Results |By Matt Boone |Fri, December 6, 2019 - 10:00PM EST
205 Live Results From Fayetteville, N.C. (12/6)

Following this week's edition of WWE SmackDown On FOX, the action continued inside the Crown Coliseum with the latest episode of WWE 205 Live premiering on the WWE Network from Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Featured below are results of the Friday, December 6th edition of WWE 205 Live on the WWE Network.


Before the Show

Video recap showing the storyline between Lio Rush and Angel Garza is shown prior to the opening sequence for 205 Live as we start tonight's episode, Dec 6, 2019.

Show Opener

We see the crowd as we enter the ring. Danny Burch vs Lio Rush is announced. Tom Phillips and Aiden Bush speak on events from earlier in the night at Smackdown, saying Roman Reigns has been secured and taken to safety. Tehn the TLC match is discussed for the upcoming PPV is discussed for one week from Sunday.

Raul Mendoza vs. Angel Garza

Angel Garza makes his way to the ring first as he comes down the ramp and into the ring. Out next is Raul Mendoza. The bell rings and the match begins. Garza with a pin attempt on Mendoza after bouncing him off the ropes for a body slam followed by a boot to the face. A Single Leg Boston Crab by Garza on Mendoza, yelling, "tap! tap!" Garza jamming his knee into the back of Mendoza.

Mendoza with a counter, sending Garza into the turnbuckle, followed by several big blows and a Clothesline on Garza. Mendoza gaining momentum now propelling himself into the body of Garza. Mendoza with a Dropkick and a cover, Garza getting his shoulder off the mat, digging deep for the kickout. Mendoza speeding things up, an elbow to the face of Garza.

Garza traps Mendoza in the ropes by the turnbuckle, massive kick followed by a pin attempt. Garza attempting the Wing Clipper on Mendoza, Mendoza counters and rolls up for his own pin attempt. Superkick by Mendoza following a fantastic sequence between the two men. Back and forth between both men, on their knees in the center of the ring exchanging blows. Garza steps up his game with a heavy shot.

Mendoza with the Spanish Fly and a pin attempt once again, Garza kicking out once again. Mendoza slides inside the ring as Garza attempts a move over the top rope to the outside. Mendoza gets a Superkick then Garza with a counter of a Wing Clipper for the pin and win..

Winner: Angel Garza

After the Match

Angel Garza smiles inside the ring as we go to break.


We see a video of Jack Gallagher getting caught in a Wing Clipper Last Friday on 205 Live, followed by a video showing Gallagher's tantrum after the match is recapped by Tom Phillips and Aiden Bush.

"I'm Done" by Gentleman Jack Gallagher is shown on his social media account following the match.

Tony Nese vs. Trent Newman

The Singh Brothers make their way to the ring, with props and playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to see who is going to face Trent Newman while standing on the ramp. Tony Nese's music sounds as he walks out and says, "How about I beat his ass?" Nese poses on the outside before entering the ring. The bell rings and the match begins.

Nese showing off the guns after slamming Newman early on in the match, followed by a lock-up between both men. Nese with a massive chop to the chest of Newman. Back and forth between the two as Newman tries to use his speed to get the upperhand on Nese. Nese wastes no time upstaging Newman, Running Nese for the win.

Winner: Tony Nese

After the Match

The Singh Brothers enter the ring, Bali Bali Bali!! Newman laying in the ring, Sunglasses on, a pin on Newman for three count pin by Amir in this unofficial "match". Both of the Singh Brothers dance around the ring, pretending to be recording the events.

Danny Burch vs. Lio Rush

Danny Burch wastes no time as he makes his way to the ring, quickly walking down the ramp and entering the ring. Lio Rush's music sounds next as the Cruiserweight Champion makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. The bell rings, officially beginning this main event match up. The crowd begins to chant, "Lio! Lio! Lio" as Rush looks at Burch and smiles. Both men reach forward for a gentleman's handshake to begin the match, Burch pulling Rush in, flipping over.

Back and forth between these two contenders, Burch using his strength to keep Rush close to the ground, Rush trying to make his way back to his feet so he can use his quick and high flying moves on Burch. Burch flips Rush and once again takes him down to the mat. Rush with a few good hits to the abdomen of Burch, pushing him against the ropes, Burch counters, Rush flipping and side stepping Burch. Rush flipping and a kick to the midsection of Burch. Rush with momentum goes for a move through the ropes, Burch waiting with a massive blow to Rush, stopping him in his tracks. Rush ends up on the outside of the ring, Burch once again taking advantage of Rush, throwing him into the baracade. Burch throws Rush back into the ring, with a pin attempt.

Rush kicks out. Burch putting Rush in a submission move, twisting the neck of Rush, then a knee to the face followed by pressing the shoulders of Rush for another pin attempt, Rush once again kicks out. Burch again holding Rush in the center of the ring, Rush slowly makes his way back to his feet, a few blows to the chest of Burch to try and put space between the two, Burch again knocks Rush to the mat and another pin attempt. Rush kicks out.

Rush with a kick to the thigh of Burch, trying to keep Burch off of him. Burch once again slows down the pace, putting Rush in a submission move. Rush twisting back and forth, getting to his feet again, only to be knocked back to the mat again and a pin attempt on Rush who gets out of the pin with a Bridge. Burch refuses to let go. Rush with a Jaw Breaker. Rush with uppercuts and a forearm smash. Burch flying across the mat by Rush. Rush with Springboard Back Elbow on Burch. Rush trying to put away Burch, throws Burch to the outside of the ropes, followed by a kick to the face, finally putting Burch on his back on the outside of the ring.

Rush throws Burch back in the ring. Rush zeros in with a big kick to the cheek of Burch and a pin attempt of his own. Burch with a kick out at two. Rush says it's time, and makes his way to the top turnbuckle, Burch slows him down, Rush flips out of the Tower of London, though Burch gets a Headbutt on Rush. Rush back to his feet, Burch with a Clothesline and a Missle Dropkick, another pin attempt, Rush kicks out.

Burch trying to rip Rush off the ropes, Rush holds on, Powerbomb by Burch, followed by a German Suplex and a Clothesline turning Rush inside out, then another pin attempt, Rush amazingly kicks out again. Burch has thrown everything he can at Rush, Rush refusing to give up. Burch drags Rush back to his feet, trying to attempt a Suplex.

Rush with a counter, gets to the top rope once again. Angel Garza knocks Rush off the top rope, the referee waves her hands, bell ringing ending the match.

After the Match

Garza then attacks Burch, throwing him out of the ring. Garza with a Wing Clipper, followed by patting his hands as if he finished a job, jumping out of the ring demanding the title belt.

Garza makes his way over to the edge of the ring, holds the championship belt, kissing it and smiling, Rush can be seen in the background barely breathing on the mat to end the show.

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