WWE 205 Live Results (1/3): Memphis

205 Live Results From Memphis, TN. (1/3)

The WWE Cruiserweight division was on showcase for the first time in the New Year, as the first episode of WWE 205 Live of 2020 aired on the WWE Network.

Featured below are complete results of the show. The following report was written by Jeremy Peeples (@Jeremy_Peeples) of F4WOnline.com.

WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (1/3/2020)


Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcomed us to the show.

Danny Burch came out to face Ariya Daivari, who got an in-set promo saying that 2019 was full of new people to the division. His new year’s resolution is to protect 205 Live because it’s made him very wealthy. After taking out Burch, he’ll set his sights on Raul Mendoza.

Ariya Daivari defeated Danny Burch

Burch and Daivari worked on the mat for a while, with Burch going for some joint manipulation using the fingers before sending Daivari down and stomping on his hand. Burch hopped in the corner to mock Daivari before grinding away with a headlock. He went up for an uppercut off the middle rope, but Daivari swept the leg.

Daivari sent Burch out and bullied him around ringside before covering him for two. A spinebuster landed for 2.5. Daivari got a long chinlock before a falling reverse DDT got two, then a diving fist drop from Daivari was met with a boot and then a middle rope missile dropkick for two.

Burch got a crossface before a “fan” popped out of the crowd. Daivari hit a low blow as Burch was distracted and then hit the hammerlock lariat to win it. The fan unmasked to reveal Brian Kendrick.

Kendrick said he’s a pro wrestler and some might remember him, but he’s here to remind everyone that he’s the Brian Kendrick. He hit Sliced Bread on Burch — and we get yet another run of Kendrick that starts off to complete silence.

Samir Singh’s tweet about his child being born was shown and The Singh Brothers were seemingly put over as faces who have been wrestling on every major WWE brand. The Singhs came out to face the jobberest-looking jobbers of 2020.

The Singh Brothers defeated Corey Storm & Anthony Wayne

Storm had black and lightning gear on to make sure you know he’s the Storm. Wayne ate a ton of offense. Sunil was hit with a cross chop from Wayne, but he landed a wheel kick and then the Bollywood Blast got the win for the Singhs and they danced.

Tony Nese came out and pointed to his abs, as is tradition. The giant SmackDown set really does help Garza come across like a star.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Angel Garza defeated Tony Nese in a non-title match

Garza stalled for a bit and got the best reaction of the show by faking out a hand slap with a fan. Garza pointed to his abs before Nese got a one count off a cradle.

They exchange fake-outs before Garza teased his tear-away pants spot, but Nese threatened a kick to stop that. Garza hit a tree-of-woe PK in the corner for two.

Nese went for a dive, but he got caught and sent gut-first into the corner for two. Garza went up and got crotched before Nese got a long bodyscissors. Nese used a flash backslide for two before a superkick exchange sent both men down. Garza hit a flying arm drag and removed the pants!

Garza hit a big superkick for 2.5. Nese landed a sloppy super rana for two. Garza sent him outside and hit a second rope moonsault to the floor. His offense is so graceful.

Nese turned Garza’s Wing Clipper into a Northern Lights suplex for two. Nese got a Boston crab, but Garza escaped. Nese hit a German suplex for two. Garza went out but ate a Fosbury flop. A springboard moonsault by Nese met Garza’s knees, then the Wing Clipper hit and picked up the win for Garza.

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