Abyss Speaks On Matt Hardy’s “Groundbreaking” Transformation, The Decay, Hogan

Longtime Impact Wrestling talent Abyss was recently interviewed on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, where he discussed the rise of the “Broken Hardys.” Abyss called the characters “incredible and awesome,” and credits the Hardy brothers with successfully reinventing themselves.

“I think it is groundbreaking in a lot of different ways,” Abyss said of the Broken Matt Hardy saga. “Matt and Jeff both have reinvented themselves and Matt really is the character and he is that. So it is such a great transition for them, so unique the whole angle with the Delete or Decay stuff, The Great War at Bound For Glory and everything that we have done with them has been incredible and I think it has been groundbreaking in a lot of ways and very different and very talked about. It has been fantastic and a great effort by a lot of different people.”

Abyss feels his Decay group has come a long way in the last year, and says he had almost-instant chemistry with the other members. Abyss changed his look for the group and says while his previous masked look was successful, he feels his new look with the face paint fits The Decay better.

“I do it with a blank slate each time and it is never the same which is kind of cool,” said of his face paint. “It’s something different and another layer to the character I’ve been able to add over the years.”

Abyss also touched base on working with Hulk Hogan, saying it was a highlight of his career and he had a great relationship with The Hulkster. You can listen to the full podcast with Abyss at podomatic.com.

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