WWE Super Show-Down Updates

Actual WWE Super Show-Down Attendance, Reason Bryan/Miz Match Was Short

The actual audience for yesterday’s WWE Super Show-Down was approximately 62,000 even though WWE publicly announced 70,309 as they had to do that since 70,000 was a number they had tossed around on TV. Internally, WWE was hoping for 60,000 so they exceeded that by a couple thousand and by all accounts, the event was a massive success since selling out that many seats outside of North America or England is a noteworthy feat.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, it was speculated by Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez that a likely reason why the Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz match was so short is because they were running out of time and didn’t want to cut anything out of the Triple H vs. Undertaker match. This isn’t confirmed and more information will likely come out over the next week, but even though the HHH/Taker match went on much longer than it should have, it is doubtful that the participants wanted to cut out any of their top spots or highlights from the match.

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