Adam Cole Likely to WWE, Nakamura Not Expected on NXT Tour

  • Adam Cole appears WWE-bound but when that happens is ultimately up to WWE. In the past, the company has held back on even giving any ROH talent contract offers but with Cole, he is someone they have wanted for nearly two years with the plan being that they would push him as one of the top singles guy on NXT.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura at one point was advertised on the upcoming NXT UK tour in early June but as of a couple of weeks ago, he was pulled from all advertising and as of this time, is not going to be on the tour.
  • A big reason why Randy Orton took a shot at Mark LoMonaco (Bubba/Bully Ray) is because early on his in his career, Orton was injured by LoMonaco and while the two reportedly buried the hatchet, there does seem to be some lingering ill feelings.

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