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Adam Cole Says On March 29 The AEW Fans Are Gonna Get The Absolute Best Version Of Him That There Has Ever Been

Top AEW Star Adam Cole recently had a conversation with Screen Rant on a number of topics such as how in his entire wrestling career, which has been 15 years, he has only been away for one month prior to his recent injury.

Adam Cole said:

“Pro wrestling is something I love more than anything in the entire world. In April, it’ll be 15 years that I’ve been in the pro wrestling industry. The longest amount of time I was ever away, with the exception of this injury, was one month. So over a 15-year period, I was away from the ring and traveling and being on the road only for one month. Now I look at this entire recovery process, and I think about how long I was away and just how badly I couldn’t wait to get back to work again.”

Adam Cole also talked about how there was a real scare whether or not he would even be able to return to in-ring action and how during his return match this coming March 29 the AEW fans are gonna get the absolute best version of him that there has ever been.

Adam Cole said:

“There was a real scare there for a minute of whether I was even going to be able to come back in the first place. But when I knew that was possible, my excitement has gone through the roof. I’ve never lost my appreciation for this job, and how much I love doing what I do. But at the same time, in a lot of ways being given the second chance to go back and do what I love more than anything in the world has me incredibly excited. So I mean this wholeheartedly: On March 29th, the fans are gonna get the absolute best version of me that there’s ever been, and I really believe that the passion and the motivation and the excitement to get back into that ring is at an all-time high for me.”

You can check out Adam Cole’s full comments at this link.

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