Adam Cole Talks To (May 2019)

Adam Cole Talks About The Undisputed ERA Possibly Breaking Up

The Undisputed ERA’s Adam Cole recently sat down with the official WWE website for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On his match with Matt Riddle this week and his upcoming EVOLVE return: “I pride myself on telling the truth. The truth is Matt Riddle is an incredibly talented guy. He’s laid back, though, to a fault. He decided to make some comments, thinking that he’s getting under my skin, and he succeeded; in turn, we’re having this match this week on NXT TV. He’s going to pay for that. I’m very aware of how talented and skilled the guy is, but if he thinks our match is going to be a walk in the park, he’s got a totally different thing coming.

“I’ve morphed and changed since coming to NXT – I recognize that. There was a phase where without question, I felt like every time I walked into that locker room, I was the best, I had nothing to prove, and I was on top of the world. I still think that I’m the best, but now I’m more focused than ever on making sure every single person in that locker room recognizes that as well. I’m angrier, I’m more focused and more determined to make sure that I become the NXT Champion as soon as possible. If Matt Riddle is in my way, I’m just going to have to hurt Matt Riddle in the process. We’re going to have a fight, and I can tell you this much: Matt Riddle is not going to leave that match the same as he did coming in.”

On he and Johnny Gargano delivering an all-time classic at NXT TakeOver: New York: “With the exception of the outcome, it was special for sure. Brooklyn, specifically, is very near and dear to my heart. It’s where I made my debut in NXT, so to be able to finally get that NXT Championship match at a TakeOver was really cool. Gargano is another guy that I’ve had a long and storied history with. We got the chance for the first time to wrestle each other at arguably the biggest NXT event that we’ve ever had, and I think we had more eyes on us than ever before. Me and Johnny brought our energy, but those fans brought their energy, too. In turn, that created a really special night, making a match that I think people are going to remember for a really long time.”

On rumors of dissension in The Undisputed ERA, specifically recent rifts with Roderick Strong: “Yeah, that’s a touchy subject for me. I don’t really know where Roderick is at the moment; we haven’t really talked a ton. We’ve had some time apart, but I’ll tell you this much regarding The Undisputed ERA and people questioning the position of this group: In my opinion — and I stand by this — without question, Adam Cole has been and will always be the leader. Sometimes there is some rift, friction and questions that goes on in a family.”

On if the family of The Undisputed ERA are about to get a divorce: “Let me put it to you this way: When you have brothers, you cannot change the fact that that person is your brother. Sometimes you fight, argue or choose to not have any relationship with a brother anymore. Sometimes you work through it and your relationship grows stronger. I stand by the fact that The Undisputed ERA is not just a wrestling faction, we’re a brotherhood. We’re guys who’ve known each other since our careers started. We’ve traveled up and down the road together, we’ve shared plenty of important moments. So whether we’re able to work through this is another question that I don’t know if I can answer, but I know where I stand on The Undisputed ERA. I know how I feel about The Undisputed ERA. If this brotherhood is as strong as I think it is, we’ll pull through and prove that we come back stronger than ever.”

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