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Adam Cole Talks NXT TakeOver: In Your House: Promo Challenging Karrion Kross, Kyle O’Reilly & More

Adam Cole was among the guests on the special pre-NXT TakeOver: In Your House special edition of WWE’s The Bump this week.

During his appearance on the weekly program, the former NXT World Champion spoke about looking to recapture the title this Sunday, his groundbreaking promo to Karrion Kross, Kyle O’Reilly and more.

Featured below are highlights from the interview.

On the groundbreaking promo he cut on Karrion Kross last week: “I wanted to get that off my chest for a really long time. Truth be told: I think the reason that stuck with so many people and why that was so powerful is because it’s true, and they know it’s true,” Adam Cole stated. “Nobody has talked to Kross like that before. Nobody has had the guts to say that to Kross’ face. I did. I’m Adam Cole ‘Bay-Bay,’ and he’s not.”

On giving Kross credit for his run with the title but claiming it doesn’t match his legacy as champion in the past: “I do think Kross is pretty good. If he was terrible, he wouldn’t be the NXT Champion,” Cole mentioned. “However, I do think he has been given every single platform to succeed. Again, that’s what I meant by the cool music, the girl, and the awesome lights and the smoke machine. NXT has done everything to make Kross feel like one in a million and as special as possible. The problem is when the bell rings, he could never touch somebody like me. I had to start from the ground up and work my way to become the longest-reigning NXT Champion of all time. A guy like Adam Cole shouldn’t, on paper, be someone who is the NXT Champion for 403 days, but I was. I let every single scenario I’ve been in and every opportunity I got, I knocked it out of the park, and I exceeded expectations.”

On wishing the title match this Sunday was one-on-one only but welcoming a triple-threat: “Yes. I think Kross has tricked people into thinking that he’s tougher or more of a fighting champion by saying, ‘I want to fight all four guys.’ Of course, he does. That’s very ideal for him. Like I said, and I stand by this, the idea of Kross having to go live on a TakeOver against me, knowing how I feel about him, [he’s] terrified thinking. ‘My, God, Adam Cole is going to run circles around me,’ because he knows that’s what will happen; this is easier for him [to have a Fatal 5-Way] in some ways. By easier, I mean the embarrassment of having to go one-on-one with Adam Cole,” Cole answered confidently. “Of course, there is a part of me that wishes it was a one-on-one match, but this is the situation I’m in. I’m getting the chance again to fight for the most precious prize to me in all of WWE. If that means it’s a one-on-one with Kross or a Fatal 5-Way at TakeOver: In Your House, it doesn’t matter because I can’t be touched right now.”

On being willing to put his personal animosity with Kyle O’Reilly aside for the greater good in recapturing his title: “The hatred that I’ve had for Kyle O’Reilly is one of my strongest emotions. The disdain that I have for Karrion Kross and the disappointment of his NXT Championship reign is strong. But you know what emotion is the strongest? It’s regaining the NXT Championship,” Cole concluded. “That’s on the forefront of my mind. That is my focus, and that’s what I’m walking into TakeOver to do. If I can hurt Kyle in the process, great! If I can embarrass Karrion Kross in the process, great! But the most important thing to me is regaining the NXT Championship back. Nothing can top that.”

Watch the complete Adam Cole interview from WWE’s The Bump via the video embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.


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