Additional Backstage Details On Yesterday’s WWE Employee Meeting

WWE conducted an employee staff meeting at their new Stamford, CT headquarters following the merger with Endeavor. Here are the key points from the meeting:

  • Nick Khan, Paul “HHH” Levesque, and EVP Brad Blum addressed the staff. Nick Khan expressed gratitude to the remaining employees and acknowledged that layoffs were an unfortunate aspect of the business.
  • Vince McMahon spoke about the Endeavor acquisition, stating that it was necessary to elevate WWE to the next level. He praised Ari Emanuel and referred to him as his “new boss.”
  • Ari Emanuel, Endeavor CEO, praised McMahon and revealed that his daughter Ashlee has been working for WWE as a creative assistant, although she had been with the company before the merger.
  • All executives, including Ari Emanuel, stayed to interact with employees, but Vince McMahon left immediately after the presentation.
  • McMahon’s comment about the merger being essential to taking WWE to the next level was met with skepticism by some attendees who had seen the company tout record financial figures.
  • Some employees speculated that McMahon orchestrated the merger to facilitate his return to WWE rather than to significantly enhance the company’s success.

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