AEW All Out Results (9/5/2020)

AEW ALL OUT Results From PPV In Jacksonville, FL. (9/5/2020)

The time has arrived for the AEW ALL OUT 2020 pay-per-view.

After several weeks of build-up, All Elite Wrestling presents their highly-anticipated AEW ALL OUT 2020 PPV show this evening from the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida.

The show kicks off at 7p/6c with an hour-long pre-show called, “The Buy In,” which streams live via the company’s official YouTube channel, featuring a two-match card and the final build to tonight’s main PPV card, which is scheduled to begin at 8p/7c.

Scheduled to headline the AEW ALL OUT 2020 PPV card this evening is the rubber match between “The Demo God” Chris Jericho and “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy, as they meet for the third time in the first-ever Mimosa Mayhem Match, as well as Jon Moxley vs. MJF for the AEW World Championship in a match where his “Paradigm Shift” DDT finisher is banned from being used.

Also on tap for the show this evening is the first-ever “Broken Rules Match” with Matt Hardy putting his career on the line against Sammy Guevara, Dr. Britt Baker vs. Big Swole in the first-ever “Tooth & Nail Match,” a champion versus champion bout with Hikaru Shida defending her AEW Women’s Championship against NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa, an AEW Tag-Team Championship contest with Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page defending against FTR and much more.

Featured below are our AEW ALL OUT 2020 pay-per-view results from the show held on Saturday, September 5th from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL.


And we’re live! The AEW ALL OUT 2020 pre-show — The Buy-In — has officially kicked off, and you can watch along via the AEW ALL OUT live stream video embedded below.


The Buy-In pre-show kicks off with the camera panning around Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida as pyro goes off and the pre-show hosts Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez welcome us to The Buy-In at AEW ALL OUT.

The two run down the card for tonight’s event before kicking it to a video segment.

MJF Addresses Jon Moxley

MJF is shown talking to the camera in a pre-show promo, as he addresses the AEW World Champion Jon Moxley ahead of their title match at tonight’s PPV. MJF claims he is going to treat Mox like a dog tonight. He reminds us that bad things happen to those who come between he and his goals. He’s going to prove that again tonight because he’s better than Moxley – and he knows it.

The camera returns live inside Daily’s Place where we sweep around the stands again and show the fans who are in attendance wearing their mandatory face-masks. Tony Schiavone and Dasha return to follow-up on the comments just made by Maxwell Jacob Friedman ahead of his title opportunity against reigning champion Jon Moxley later tonight.

Casino Battle Royale Participants Explain Why They Will Win

Now the two send it to another segment that features many of the competitors scheduled for tonight’s Casino Battle Royale to determine the next number one contender to the AEW World Championship cutting promos, ala the old WWE Royal Rumble PPV promos with the top participants in the 30-man over-the-top battle royal explaining why they are destined to come out victorious in the match. For this set, we see such talents as Darby Allin and others.

We see some commercials now, including one promoting the new AEW Heels women’s project, before shooting back to more promos from competitors scheduled for the Casino Battle Royale, this time including Team Taz, Eddie Kingston and his crew, The Best Friends and others.

Jon Moxley Addresses MJF

We shoot to an empty parking lot where we see the AEW World Champion Jon Moxley sitting on the hood of a nice car with his title over his shoulder wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Moxley talks about what he has had to endure and get through in life to get to hold the AEW World Championship and claims he’ll be damned if some spoiled punk kid is going to just take it from him.

Mox gets closer to the camera as the intensity in his voice picks up and he closes by removing his sunglasses and telling MJF to remember that when things get sticky, Mox is the bad guy — not MJF.

Tony Schiavone Is Joined By Excalibur

As Dasha heads over to take her spot on the Spanish broadcast team for the Spanish language commrentary for tonight’s show, Tony Schiavone joins Excalibur at the announce desk, as they gear up to call the first of two scheduled matches here on The Buy-In pre-show at AEW All Out.

Serpentico vs. Joey Janela

The two wrap up their pre-match comments and now we hear the ring announcer running down the pre-match introductions as the first competitor in our singles match opener here on The Buy-In show makes his way to the ring. Serpentico comes out joined by Luther and they make their way down to the squared circle.

Out next is “The Bad Boy” of All Elite Wrestling, Joey Janela, who has his head wrapped up still as a result of his loss to “The Demo God” Chris Jericho at AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday night. Janela doesn’t even wait for the bell, as he charges and attacks Serpentico to kick this one off with a bang.

Janela and Serpentico brawl to kick off the match, which has already spilled out to the ringside area, with a big high spot dive to the floor from Serpentico. Back in the ring, Janela is taking a beating now as the announcers talk about his loss to “Le Champion” on the AEW on TNT go-home show for tonight’s PPV earlier this week.

As Serpentico heads to the top-rope for another high spot, things don’t go his way this time, as “The Bad Boy” takes over on offense. Serpentico ends up fighting back in the lead and goes back to the top-rope and again looks for his big diving high-spot. Again it doesn’t work out for him. Janela follows up his failed top-rope spot with a Death Valley Driver and another big spot for a close near fall pin attempt.

Now it is Janela who goes up to the top rope. He comes off with a big moonsault but he misses as well. Serpentico blasts Janela with a super kick and a DDT for another near fall. As the action between Serpentico and Janela continues in the ring, Luther tries to interfere on Serpentico’s behalf, but instead Sonny Kiss runs over to even up the odds, taking Luther out of the equation. Janela follows up for good measure and takes Serpentico out. He climbs to the top and comes leaping off with a beautiful flying elbow smash. He covers him and scores the pin fall victory.

Winner: Joey Janela

Private Party vs. The Dark Order No. 3 & No. 4

The Dark Order number three and number four (John Silver and Alex Reynolds) make their way down to the ring accompanied by two other members of The Dark Order. Our second of two matches scheduled here on The Buy-In at AEW ALL OUT is up next.

Now the familiar theme of Private Party plays as the duo of Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy make their way to the ring. Anybody for some “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!??”

The bell sounds and here we go. Silver and Kassidy kick things off for their respective teams as the legal men in the match. Kassidy takes over the early offensive control in the match, isolating and focusing on the arm of Silver. He gets in a couple of good SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! and tags in Quen.

The two hit a nice double team spot that knocks Silver silly and The Dark Order duo takes a moment to regroup as the fans react to Private Party jumping off to a good start in this our second or two scheduled matches here on The Buy-In pre-show.

The Dark Order double-team Kassidy now, who is once again the legal man for Private Party in the bout. Silver blasts him with some kicks and Reynolds follows up with a vicious back-breaker. He goes for the pin, but only gets two. The Dark Order knocks Quen off the ring apron for no reason, which the announcers praise as a smart strategy.

Kassidy finds himself on the receiving end of what is turning into a prolonged one-sided beatdown, as he has yet to be able to make it to his corner for the much-needed tag. Silver is back in for The Dark Order and he is peppering Kassidy with an assortment of effective kicks. Finally Quen gets the hot tag and they are all fired up.

The two are bouncing all over the place until they have Silver and Reynolds laid out in the ring. They each climb to the top rope on opposing sides of the ring. One of the members hits a splash but the other has nothing to land on, so he rolls through — right into a big german suplex double-team finisher from The Dark Order in a very close near fall. Moments later, Private Party manages to hit their Gin ‘N’ Juice finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winners: Private Party


The Buy-In pre-show wraps up with Jim Ross coming to join Excalibur and Tony Schiavone at the announce desk to add his legendary pipes to the commentary for the pay-per-view main card which — like picture-in-picture commercial breaks, as J.R. points out — is up NOW!

The pyro explodes and the camera pans around the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL., as we see the limited-capacity crowd with their mandatory face-masks on while the announce trio formally welcome us to the AEW ALL OUT 2020 pay-per-view.

The announce crew run down the scheduled lineup of matches on tap for tonight’s AEW ALL OUT. From there, they send things over to the first match of the evening, which is going to be an All Elite Wrestling cinematic experience.

Tooth & Nail Match
Big Swole vs. Dr. Britt Baker

We see a car pull up outside of a dentist office and it is Big Swole. She enters the office and is immediately looking for Dr. Britt Baker. She is finding instead a bunch of items like chattering teeth toys, etc. designed to taunt her and mess with her head.

As Big Swole continues to look around we see Baker appear behind her and pull a picture frame off the wall. She breaks the glass picture frame over Swole’s head and drops her as a referee joins them in the dentist office. Baker continues to take it to Swole on the ground with punches. Baker takes her face mask and hits her with it. Baker tries to drill Swole’s teeth and takes a metal plate to the head. Rebel tries to squirt Baker with some water. Swole chases Baker to the back. Baker wants Rebel to drive her in the cart.

Instead, Swole beats Baker down some more and puts her in the wheelchair and smashes it into the wall. Rebel tries to get involved, but Swole is handling her as well. The distraction, however, allows Baker to blast Swole with a big kick to the grill that turns the offensive momentum in her favor. Rebel jumps in with some added cheap shots for good measure.

The only dentist in AEW now executes a nice DDT to Swole on top of the wheelchair cart. She tries to throw her in a nearby dumpster, however Swole avoids it and starts fighting back. Swole slams Baker face-first into the counter. She rolls the chair into Baker’s gut and while going for a suplex, Baker counters with an old Honky Tonk Man style neck-breaker, minus the rattling and rolling. A little bit of the shaking, though!

It wasn’t enough to finish of Swole, so the battle continues. They brawl down the hallway of the dentist office now and once they get back in one of the rooms, Swole drops Baker with a headbutt followed by a big kick for a near fall that only gets two. A power drill is brought into play by Baker. Swole ends up grabbing another diploma off the wall and smashes it on Rebel. She then blasts another one onto Baker. Baker is unable to move one of her legs. Swole covers Baker with a mask and smothers her until she passes out. The referee eventually calls it. Swole wins.

Winner: Big Swole

Jurassic Express vs. The Young Bucks

We’re back live inside Daily’s Place amphitheater now as it’s time for our fourth match of the evening — which is the second of the PPV broadcast and the first pay-per-view match that will take place inside the ring after the wild Tooth & Nail cinematic opener.

The trio of Jurassic Express make their way down to the ring, with Jungle Boy in a boot cast and Marko Stunt accompanying he and the big man, Luchasaurus. Out next are their opponents for this evening, the duo that teamed up with them on the PPV go-home episode of AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday night, The Young Bucks — Nick and Matt Jackson.

Both teams are in the ring, the bell sounds and we’re off with our second PPV bout of the evening. The two teams exchange offensive control of the contest for the first several minutes of the bout until finally The Young Bucks settle in with a lengthy offensive run.

As the match starts to hit a new level of intensity, Jackson and Jackson go for the BTE Trigger but they don’t hit it, instead Jungle Boy pops up and Luchasaurus gets involved. One of the Bucks is looking for the Meltzer Driver, however Luchasaurus catches the other Buck coming off the ropes and slams him down to the mat with authority.

Now we see Luchasaurus going for a big dive and he ends up taking out a bunch of AEW talent that was seated in the first few rows over the ring barricade. The crowd popped huge for that, especially for a limited capacity crowd.

Back in the ring, Jungle Boy leaps right into a super kick from Matt. Nick tags in and the two each hit a double super kick in stereo. They go for the pin, but Jungle Boy somehow hangs in there. A BTE Trigger is used in the follow-up by The Young Bucks and this time that is enough to finish off the little member of the Jurassic Express. Excellent tag-team action.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Casino Battle Royale

Justin Roberts is in the ring to explain the rules for the Casino Battle Royale, which is up next to determine who will be the new number one contender to the AEW World Championship coming out of tonight’s AEW ALL OUT 2020 pay-per-view.

He finishes up his pre-match rules breakdown and we hear Taz join Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross for commentary for our next match of the evening.

Now Roberts handles the pre-match ring introductions of Trent of The Best Friends, Christopher Daniels of SoCal Uncensored, Jake Hager of The Inner Circle, The Blade and Rey Fenix of The Lucha Bros — the five men who will start off in the first three minute interval in the Casino Battle Royale.

The bell sounds and the action is underway. Tully Blanchard just handed a spear slug to Shawn Spears in the ring. Sonny Kiss eliminates Jake Hager. Santana gets overzealous and flies over the top-rope going for a dive on someone who moved at the last second. Lance Archer throws Trent out of the ring to eliminate him. Ortiz is eliminated now as well.

The Joker card in the Casino Royale Battle was drawn by Matt Sydal. The high-flyer makes his AEW pay-per-view debut and immediately there is a major accident that looked awful, as he slipped when going for a big flying move off the top-rope and landed very awkwardly on his head/neck/shoulders. The announcers went from talking enthusiastic about Sydal coming to sounding like they had the wind taken out of their sails to moving on to other action altogether.

Frankie Kazarian is eliminated. Sydal is shown on camera and mentioned by the announcers for the first time since he came in, as he lands a big punch and another kick. We hear some crazy drums or pyro or guns blasting off in the background. The announcers inform us there is a baseball stadium close by. Lance Archer is clotheslined down by Brian Cage. Cage is knocking down and taking out anything that moves. He takes out fellow Team Taz member Ricky Starks with a clothesline, leading to Darby Allin eliminating Starks.

Starks pulls Allin out of the ring and delivers some cheap shots. The announcers point out that Darby is still a legal competitor in the match despite Starks pulling him out from the floor. Starks pulls out a body bag from under the ring and hands it, along with a sack of thumbtacks, to Brian Cage. Cage puts Darby in the body bag and zips it up. He hoists him up over his shoulders and sends him flying over the top rope where he crashes onto the entrance aisle way. The bag is unzipped to show a motionless Darby who is immediately attended to by ringside officials. The announcers put on their somber voices when talking about Darby while he is being tended to.

Meanwhile, Sydal and Spears are trading shots in the ring. They battle out to the ring apron outside the ropes where Sydal hits a stomp off the top rope that eliminates Spears. Will Hobbs is shown and the announcers are surprised he’s still in this one. Well, now he’s not. “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer eliminates him and now he and Brian Cage square off.

Archer and Cage stare each other down and the announcers salivate as they watch these two finally collide. They brawl a bit before they are distracted with other competitors. Cage gets into a punching exchange outside the ropes on the ring apron with Will Hobbs. Archer runs over and knocks both down off the ring apron, effectively eliminating Cage in the process.

The only participants remaining in the match are Matt Sydal, Lance Archer, The Butcher and Eddie Kingston. The Butcher is eliminated. Archer hits a Blackout on Sydal. He picks him back up and goes to throw him out, but he lands on his feet on the apron outside the ropes. Eddie Kingston knocks him off to eliminate him. Now it’s down to Kingston and Archer and both men are brawling on the ring apron outside the ropes. Jake “The Snake” Roberts comes over and takes his snake out of the bag and tries to interfere. The Blade runs over but is knocked off. Now we’re back to Kingston and Archer fighting on the ring apron. Kingston climbs up the top rope to avoid the snake from Roberts and Archer body-presses him off and slams him down to another eliminated body on the floor. Lance Archer wins the Casino Battle Royale and with the win, “The Murderhawk Monster” is now the new number one contender to the AEW World Championship.

Winner: Lance Archer

Broken Rules Match
Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

The video package for the first-ever “Broken Rules Match” with Matt Hardy putting his career on the line against Sammy Guevara. The package wraps up and Jim Ross tells us, “It’s time!”

Indeed it is.

We shoot outside where we see Matt Hardy walking around yelling and demanding that Guevara show himself and come on out and meet his DELETION! Now we see “The Spanish God” of the Inner Circle approaching Hardy from behind in a motorized golf cart.

The bell sounds as Guevara drives full-throttle towards Hardy. Hardy avoids being rammed by the cart. The two starts brawling now and Hardy ends up blasting Guevara with a brutal DDT onto a concrete platform.

Guevara is back up and the chaotic clash continues with the two brawling into the concession stands and merchandise booths after brawling for a while at the same location that the Stadium Stampede took place. The fight over to a scissor lift which is elevated super high up in the air. It looks like we’re going to see a Side Effect executed off the top of the platform at the peak of the scissor lift. They both come flying off and Hardy cracks his head violently bad on the concrete upon landing.

The announcers immediately respond how you would expect when seeing something like that. They speculate that this one is over already. It very well could be, too. That looked brutal. Hardy was supposed to land on a table but only part of him brushed the table and his head bounced off the concrete after taking the majority of the impact directly.

Guevara looks to be kicking and stomping at Hardy, however just to buy time it appears. The announcers reference that Guevara’s job isn’t to care about Hardy, it’s the referee’s job. Well, it looks like that is going to be the end of this one as the match appears to have just been called off.

Hardy looks to have a concussion like empty stare in his eyes now as he is helped to an upright seated position where he took the bad fall. As Guevara finally exits the scene, Hardy is helped to his feet where he starts yelling to bring Sammy back so he can meet his DELETION!

The announcers go back to their serious voices but gradually change to sounding concerned now as Hardy is on a mission to find Guevara. The bell sounds and it seems like the match is called, but just as this happens, Hardy catches up with Guevara back inside Daily’s Place amphitheater. They fight over to the scaffolding area near the stage. They both climb up and this time it is Guevara who takes a solo bump, flying off and crashing way down below. The referee counts to ten and Hardy’s music plays as he stares down with a blank empty stare still in his eyes. Guevara is selling his shoulder, and the announcers speculate that he may have suffered an injury upon landing.

Winner: Matt Hardy

AEW Women’s Championship
Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

The video package airs telling the story leading up to our next match of the evening here at AEW ALL OUT — and it will be in the women’s division.

The AEW Women’s Championship showdown is up next between current title-holder Hikaru Shida and the reigning women’s champion of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) — Thunder Rosa.

Thunder Rosa makes her way out to the ring as a fan is shown holding up a pro-Rosa sign in the limited capacity crowd seated with safety-distance and protective face-mask protocol being followed here at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville.

Out next is the reigning and defending AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida. She makes her way down to the ring as the announcers deliver their final pre-match hype for this champion versus champion showdown.

The bell sounds and here we go. Rosa and Shida pie-face each other over and over again to get this one started. Shida gets pissed and fires up, which J.R. points out she has a tendancy to do when provoked. Rosa now takes over and is in a commanding offensive lead in the early goings.

Hanging pendalum submission. She walks Shida over to the corner and humps her head into the turnbuckle over and over again before dropping her down. You don’t see that everyday, and certainly not in a women’s match!

Rosa is dominating the action now. She hoists Shida up over her shoulders and is looking for some kind of power bomb. Shida ends up countering into an odd submission attempt of her own, which Rosa ultimately avoids and escapes. She runs right into a jumping knee strike from the AEW Women’s Champion, however.

Shida muscles Rosa up for a suplex. Rosa tried to block it but Shida used pure strength to force the move and follow-through. The announcers point out that the #AllOut is trending number one worldwide right now on Twitter. Rosa hits double knee strikes into the grill of Shida in the corner. She follows that up with a leaping drop-kick that sends Shida out to the entrance ramp.

On the floor, Rosa gets Shida up across her shoulders for what Excalibur speculated to be a Death Valley Driver attempt. Shida ends up kicking her feet and wiggling back down to a grounded position. They fight over on the ring apron outside the ropes. Rosa gets Shida up again over her shoulders and this time she executes the Death Valley Driver on the most painful part of the ring — the solid ring apron outside the ring ropes. Back in the ring, Rosa goes for the cover but Shida kicks out at two.

Rosa now locks up the right arm of Shida. Shida tries getting her foot over to the ropes and she finally does, which prompts the referee to force Rosa to break the hold. Rosa climbs up to the top rope but Shida sprints up like Kurt Angle after her to bring her down with momentum in a quick-come-to-life high spot. Shida hits the Meaty-Ora as Excalibur just referred to it as, which is some kind of flying double stomp off the top rope. The replay shows that she actually just missed it.

The referee gets to a double count of seven on both ladies, who were slow to return to the ring and are slow to get back to their knees, however once they start exchanging punches from that position they each spring up to their feet and start picking up the pace and intensity. Shida goes for the Falcon Arrow and hits it. She covers Rosa and Shida kicks out at one! J.R. called it a veteran pin with Rosa not allowing Shida to hook the leg. Now Rosa rolls Shida up but Rosa kicks out. Shida locks up the leg of Rosa looking for the full metal muffler submission attempt, however Rosa makes it to the ropes before Shida can fully lock it in.

Rosa hits a big slam for a near fall. She gets Shida up for an airplane spin of some kind but Shida reverses and rolls Rosa up for another near fall. Two big elbow strikes and another near fall from Shida. A back-breaker this time leads to Shida again only getting a two count. Shida fires up and calls for her running knee strike finisher. She hits it. 1-2-3. Shida wins and retains the AEW Women’s Championship in a great match, which J.R. is quick to say as soon as the bell sounds.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Hikaru Shida

Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford Announce Wedding & Twitch Channel

AEW broadcast team member Alex Marvez is standing by backstage with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford who apparently have a special announcement of some sort to make.

The two mock Marvez a bit before announcing that they have gotten engaged. Ford shows off her engagement ring to the camera. Sabian goes on to announce that they will have their wedding airing live on television on AEW Dynamite.

He goes on to talk about how he still needs to pick a best man. He says he’s gonna unveil who that best man is this coming Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite.

Sabian and Ford close out the backstage segment by holding up a sign that plugs a Twitch channel, and then an actual text graphic appears on the screen that says that the third-party advertisement is approved by All Elite Wrestling.

And that is obviously a very non-subtle shot at WWE’s new ban on talent having third party deals. Check out a freeze-frame photo of this shot AEW took at WWE during this segment at the bottom of this page.

The Dark Order vs. Natural Nightmares, Matt Cardona & Scorpio Sky

The video package for our next match up here at AEW ALL OUT 2020 — which will be an eight-man tag-team bout — is airing now. The Dark Order will be in action against Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Matt Cardona and Scorpio Sky — NEXT.

The announcers talk about how there is still no update on the condition of “The American Nightmare” Cody since the violent attack by Mr. Brodie Lee and The Dark Order that put him on the sidelines indefinitely. Brandi Rhodes apparently sent Excalibur a text noting that when he is ready, Cody will give an update on his status.

After a lengthy offensive domination by The Dark Order, the babyfaces start to fire up with their big collective comeback run on offense, which sees virtually all of them hit their finisher or a high-spot of some kind, and most of them get a near fall only to come up short.

Mr. Brodie Lee sets Colt Cabana up for the win, however “Boom Boom” misses his top-rope splash, leading to Dustin Rhodes stealing the win with a roll-up for the 1-2-3. After the match, Dustin is lifted up on the shoulders of his teammates and the announcers talk about how this image should put a smile on Cody’s face.

As the post-match scene continues, we see the other side of the outcome, which is one enraged “Exalted One.” Mr. Brodie Lee is on a rampage, and as the announcers point out on commentary, he has never showed this side of himself since debuting in AEW. He shoves Cabana on his ass and shouts out that he set Colt up for the win and he blew it.

Winners: Natural Nightmares, Matt Cardona & Scorpio Sky

Dustin Rhodes Gets TNT Championship Opportunity

The post-match scene continues a bit longer now as Dustin Rhodes walks over to Tony Schiavone to continue his celebration with an interview.

Dustin talks about how that win was dedicated to his younger brother Cody. As he continues to talk, he is informed by Tony Schiavone via a note from AEW President Tony Khan that he will be receiving a TNT Championship match against Mr. Brodie Lee on AEW Dynamite this coming Wednesday night.

AEW World Tag-Team Championships
Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page vs. FTR

The video package airs telling the story leading up tonight’s AEW World Tag-Team Championship contest, which features the reigning title-holders — one of which is a member of The Elite — Kenny Omega, as well as “Hangman” Adam Page, defending against the team of FTR — Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler.

After the video wraps up, the challengers FTR, accompanied by Tully Blanchard, make their way down to the squared circle for our next championship contest here at AEW ALL OUT 2020.

Their music fades down, the tunes of “Hangman” Adam Page plays and out he comes by himself with his old bandana-used-as-a-face-mask look, which the announcers reference as a blast from the past. Page gets the pyro treatment as he finishes up his lone entrance by heading to the ring by himself.

Page and FTR appear to be talking or staring each other down in the ring now as an elaborate video tron airs leading into the entrance music and subsequent ring walk of the other half of the AEW World Tag-Team Champions — Kenny Omega. Our tag-team title bout is up next.

The bell sounds and here we go. Page and Omega argue about trust and tagging straight out of the gate. Page ends up working early on, with Dax and Cash keeping him isolated for a lengthy period of time in the first several minutes of the contest. They took Page out to the floor and did some work outside the ring as well.

Back in the ring, finally Page makes it to his corner to get the much-needed tag to Omega. Omega comes into the bout for the first time since the start of the match and he is quick to take over. He takes it to Dax and is now comfortably in the offensive driver’s seat. He takes Dax down with a perfectly timed shot as he came off the ropes. Omega goes flying up-and-over the top with a tope terminator to the floor. We see some immediate replays of that spot.

Omega goes up to the top rope and executes a beautiful missile drop kick for a near fall. He gets a gut-wrench on Wheeler, possibly looking for a Doctor Bomb, however the FTR member had it well-scouted and avoided it. Some nice teamwork from Dax and Cash helps Harwood take over as FTR successfully take over the offensive reigns. Dax tags in Cash. The two go for some double-team work on Omega, but Omega had it well-scouted and blasts one of the FTR members before making it over to tag in Hangman.

The champs hit an assisted german suplex. They hit another nice double-team spot for a close near fall. Tony Schiavone notes that FTR are fighting for their lives at this point, as Omega and Page are now dominating the action at this point. The two are looking to set up the Buckshot V-Trigger double-team finisher, but FTR uses some veteran tactics to avoid the closing sequence.

Now FTR move the referee where they need him and use good old-school tactics to not only avoid potentially being finished off, but to completely turn the tables in the bout. FTR now hits a few double-team moves and nearly get the win themselves until Hangman jumps in at a crucial point. Now Omega hits the V-Trigger out of the blue. He looks for the One Winged Angel, but FTR cuts him off.

Omega and Dax are in the ring now as the legal men for their respective teams and after Cash helps soften up the knee of Omega, Dax slaps a figure-four leg lock on him in hopes of finishing him off. Dax keeps using the bottom rope to gain added leverage when the referee is out of position to see it. More old-school veteran tactics being implemented into the ring work of FTR. Dax drags Omega to the center of the ring and keeps focusing on the banged up knee.

They pull Omega over to their corner of the ring now and lay his bum wheel across the ropes. They jump off the bottom or middle rope and come down on the injured knee of Omega with their own knees. One of the old Ric Flair soften-the-knee-up for the figure-four prelude spots. The action continues with Omega’s leg being wrapped around the ring post and then slammed. Another good spot, one often used by Bret “The Hitman” Hart throughout his prime years in WWE.

Omega hits a standing switch into a snap-dragon suplex dumping Dax on the back of his head. And again. He looks for a third one but is stopped, and is cut off from making a tag after Hangman is knocked off the apron. Omega is selling the knee attack from FTR as he struggles to make it to his corner. He does, however, and Hangman makes the tag.

Page comes in off the hot tag and clotheslines Harwood out of the ring. Hangman catches Wheeler coming off the ropes like Razor Ramon and hits the fall-away slam. Hangman gets the psycho-peepers going now, as we have ourselves a wide-eyed cowboy heading to the top-rope as the limited capacity crowd breaks out into “Cowboy Sh*t! Cowboy Sh*t!” chants. Page comes flying off the top-rope and improvises in mid-air to successfully execute a big splash onto FTR on the floor.

Back in the ring, Hangman goes for the cover but isn’t able to finish off Wheeler, who is back on his feet fighting back with European uppercuts now. He goes for a DDT off the ropes but instead Hangman is knocked down by a clothesline and Dax tags in. We see Omega is still struggling to get back to the ring apron as he leans on the ring apron from the floor, diving through the bottom rope to break up the pin attempt by Harwood on Page. Now Omega and Harwood fight outside the ropes on the ring apron. Wheeler runs over for the assist and they hit a bulldog off the shoulders double-team spot on Omega to the floor. The announcers keep throwing out legendary tag-team names like The Steiner Brothers and The British Bulldogs when referencing FTR’s offensive arsenal.

Harwood with a near fall on Page after another double-team bulldog in the ring. Now FTR finds themselves on the defensive as Omega and Page fire up. They set up the Buckshot V-Trigger but it doesn’t work out well for them, as they accidentally hit each other when Omega hits Page. FTR follows up with an assisted spiked piledriver on Page off the top-rope. They cover Page for the win, however “Hangman” somehow manages to survive, kicking out at two-and-a-half Now Wheeler tags in as the legal man and heads up to the top. He comes off with another spiked piledriver. 1-2-3. This time they do score the pin fall and score the victory. We have new AEW World Tag-Team Champions, ladies and gentlemen. Excellent, excellent title bout.

Winners and NEW AEW World Tag-Team Champions: FTR

Kenny Omega Storms Off, Gives The Young Bucks An Ultimatum

The 228-day title reign of Hangman Page and Kenny Omega comes to an end. After FTR finishes their cheap-beer post-match celebration, we see Kenny Omega with a chair looking at Hangman.

It looks like he’s gonna turn heel on ole’ Hangman, but he decides against it. He stares a few more times at Page still struggling to get to his feet and he walks off.

The Young Bucks catch up with him and the three exit together. “Did you see that out there?” Young Bucks look on as Omega states, “Let’s go…” Matt and Nick follow behind Omega, all the way to the parking lot.

“Let’s sit down and talk about this…” Bucks respond. “Are you coming with me or not? Ya know what… think about it. Think about it.”

Omega gets in the backseat of the car. The Young Bucks stand and watch as Kenny Omega’s driver pulls off.

Mimosa Mayhem Match
Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy III

After the video package airs to tell the story behind tonight’s rubber match between “The Demo God” Chris Jericho and “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy, we shoot live backstage at Daily’s Place where Alex Marvez from the AEW broadcast team is standing by with the leader of the Inner Circle.

“Le Champion” cuts a quick pre-match promo to tell his version of the history between he and Cassidy before promising that tonight he ends their rivalry by throwing him in an 80-gallon vat of a little bit of the bubbley, drowning him in mimosa once and for all.

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy makes his way down to the ring, which features two vats on each side, one filled with 80 gallons of a little bit of the bubbley and the other filled with orange juice. There are tables and pitchers set up at ringside as well.

Jericho and Cassidy stare each other down as the fans chant various things. Cassidy slowly raises his hands to take his sunglasses off, however he was faking out Jericho, as he sprints across the ring at him. Unfortunately for the “Freshly Squeezed” one, Jericho is a veteran and has seen almost everything, apparently including that, as he caught Cassidy’s fake-out and met him with a perfectly timed Codebreaker for an immediate near fall to kick off the first-ever Mimosa Mayhem Match.

“Le Champion” is in a comfortable offensive lead here in the early goings, as he taunts Cassidy and mocks the crowd in typical, trademark smug Chris Jericho fashion. Jericho shatters a cocktail tray over Cassidy. Jericho spins, looking to throw Cassidy into the OJ vat.

Cassidy instead throws Jericho off the stand to the vat, backing up and landing a Splash on Jericho. Big Rights by Cassidy, then sending Jericho sliding through the safety rail. Right elbow of Jericho sliding across the concrete. Jericho almost slipping into the OJ as he walks across a narrow part of the platform.

Jericho hammering strikes to the head of Cassidy. Jericho catches Cassidy and hits a Powerbomb into the platform, lifting him again for a Powerbomb through the table. Referee checks on Cassidy, the crowd pops! Jericho again shoving Cassidy’s face in the orange juice vat.

Cassidy gets a thunderous Thrust Kick to the jaw of Jericho, followed by a bucket to the head of Jericho. Both men back inside the ring now. Cassidy back to his feet, Jericho back up as well. Cassidy with some massive blows on Jericho. Cassidy runs at Cassidy, again being thrown over the ropes by Jericho. Cassidy waivers by the juice!

Leapfrog over the top followed-up by a spike-driver for the two count. Things are picking up here in the Mimosa Mayhem Match. Swinging DDT by Cassidy, Jericho counters with Walls of Jericho. No rope breaks, so no reason to go for the ropes. Cassidy crawls for the ropes anyway. Referee declaring “No rope breaks!” as Cassidy continues to crawl under the ropes. Cassidy grabs a jug, and gets a Mimosa! Jericho drags Cassidy in. Cassidy throws it in Jericho’s face for the release! Orange Punch!

Jericho stumbles around, Cassidy with a kick sends Jericho over the ropes, Jericho’s leg going all the way in! Aubrey Edwards states “Not all the way in!” Jericho up top, Cassidy with the Hurricanrana! Running PK by Cassidy who now shouts! Around the World DDT for the two count by Cassidy. “This is not the Cassidy behind the sunglasses” Ross exclaims. The camera pans the ringside area, a big mess. Cassidy crawls under the ropes, pulling himself to the top rope. Code-breaker Counter for the counter and cover. Cassidy kicks out.

Jericho looking to end this. looking to lawn dart Cassidy over the top, Cassidy hooks his legs around the top rope. Jericho releases, then grabs Cassidy’s arms, Cassidy gets out. Cassidy hits an Orange Punch then takes off his elbow brace, hitting a SECOND Orange Punch! Jericho flies into the vat of Mimosa. It’s all over. Orange Cassidy finishes the rivalry in the rubber match tonight by going up 2-to-1 on “Le Champion.” Cassidy wins.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

We immediately go into Orange Punch replays showing “Le Champion” slamming into the Mimosa vat. After the replays we return live to see Jericho looking like he’s crying as he lays on the platform next to the Mimosa. Orange Cassidy’s arm is raised in victory by referee Aubrey Edwards as the announcers do their best to punctuate the big star-making moment for “The Freshly Squeezed” one himself.

AEW World Championship (Paradigm Shift Banned)
MJF vs. Jon Moxley (c)

The video package airs to tell the story leading up to tonight’s main event here at the second annual AEW ALL OUT pay-per-view. The AEW World Heavyweight Championship is on-the-line next in our main event between the reigning, defending title-holder Jon Moxley and the number one ranked contender in the AEW men’s singles division, Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Jon Moxley vs. MJF for the AEW World Championship with Mox’s “Paradigm Shift” DDT-finisher banned is up next.

As we return to Daily’s Place, entrance theme starts for MJF and the challenger makes his way out to the stage. He heads down to the ring and awaits the champ. Out next, is the champ himself — Jon Moxley!!

Descending the stairs of Everbanks Field into Daily’s Place is the champion and leader of the paradigm shift of the pro wrestling industry — JONNNNNNNN Moxley! No one can do Justin Roberts’ pronunciation of the name “JON” or “JOHN” proper justice. It just can’t be done.

Moxley holds the AEW World title belt high, then hands to the referee who does the same. That is the prize folks, and these two men are about to trade knuckle sandwiches — extra cheese — to determine who its’ rightful owner is after tonight. On that note, the bell sounds and our AEW ALL OUT 2020 main event is officially underway.

MJF immediately attempts a pin, however Mox easily kicks out at 1/2 count — at best. MJF with an arm-drag, pinning Moxley’s shoulders to the mat. Moxley is quick to return to a vertical base, only for the challenger to yank the champ back down to the mat, where he goes back to work on Moxley’s arm. The crowd boos.

Moxley looks for an elbow drop after fighting back to his feet and decking Friedman, however the challenger is too fast for him, as MJF rolls away in time to avoid it. Now MJF continues to use basic wrestling holds and moves to ground Mox, as yet another arm-drag brings the champion down to the mat. “I can do this all day!” shouts MJF.

As the action continues, MJF asks the crowd if they want him to go out and fight Moxley on the floor after Mox calls for some brawling. MJF refuses. As Mox heads into the ring, MJF heads out to the floor. Now they switch. Again, Moxley heads outside, and as he does, Friedman rolls into the ring. Mox fakes out MJF this time and sends him into the steel ring barricade with authority.

Soon after, Moxley draws first blood from the challenger, as MJF’s face is quickly becoming a crimson mask now with blood free-flowing out of his dome.

We see a Fujiwara arm-bar attempt and now MJF is looking for Crossroads.MJF gets the sleeper-hold locked in and Moxley looks to counter, only for MJF to switch to locking in the cross arm-breaker. Moxley lifts MJF and hangs him on the top rope.

MJF possibly separating Moxley’s shoulder on the apron, Moxley reacts like he is in excrutiating pain as the crowd chants “Moxley! Moxley!” The announcers add to speculation that Mox has suffered a separated shoulder. Wardlow throws Moxley back into the ring as MJF stomps away at the injured arm of Moxley.

MJF is catapulted into the steel ring post by Moxley. Moxley returns to the ring. Moxley trying to pop his shoulder back into place. Slamming his arm into the ring post and hitting it like an irritated Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 4 who just saw his Russian girlfriend drowned at sea by the bad-guys.

Too obscure a reference? We continue!

MJF is absolutely covered in blood, folks. Wardlow states, “Come on, you’re done,” but the challenger shows a toughness many might not have guessed he has. MJF re-enters the ring looking to continue this battle soaked from head to toe in his own blood.

A knee strike to the side of MJF’s head now from the champ. With one arm, Moxley goes for the cover. MJF kicks out at two. Moxley goes for the pile-driver, however due to his shoulder he is unable to lift MJF. Back to the outside, MJF runs at Moxley, Moxley slams Moxley to the ground at ringside.

Back in the rnig, these two are both covered in blood now and they are brawling like warriors. Each fighting from their knees, Mox and MJF continue to trade blows, picking up the intensity behind each shot as they battle up to their feet to hit their next offensive gear, mixing in knees and headbutts to their striking exchanges.

MJF grabs the referee as Moxley charges in. Moxley stops suddenly, grabbing the ref gently, moving him aside. MJF pulls the ref in close and hits a low blow for a quick two count. This is followed up by a Cross-Rhodes by MJF for the two count. MJF cries out as Moxley kicks out.

Now we see MJF look for the Dynamite Diamond Ring, however he fumbles the toss made by Wardlow, which leads to Moxley hitting the Paradigm Shift behind the referee’s back as he was getting Wardlow down from the ring apron. 1-2-3. And still your AEW World Champion — Jon Moxley.

Winner and STILL AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

“The Murderhawk Monster” Is Next For The Leader Of The Paradigm Shift

After the match, Mox celebrates by talking trash into the camera, mean-mugging and subsequently flipping the bird to his next challenger, the new number one contender and the winner of tonight’s Casino Battle Royale — “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer.

He walks over and wipes some of MJF’s blood on his chest as Jim Ross takes us off the air as we near the midnight hour here on the East Coast.

That does it for the second annual AEW ALL OUT pay-per-view. Thanks for joining us! Follow me on Twitter @MattBoone1984.


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