AEW Announces New Britt Baker Action FIgures

Earlier this year, AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker sat down for a chat with DAZN, where she mentioned that she wants her own line of action figures. The D.M.D told the site:

“I don’t know who to blame. I’m going to point my fingers at that Jeremy guy, that weird guy on Twitter that always trolls me about the action figure. The thing is, he thinks it’s a joke. He thinks it’s a joke. It’s literally the American crisis right now. I don’t have an action figure. The joke’s on him. He’s an ass— at this point. The fans want it. I said people are going to show up to his house with pitchforks if he doesn’t give me an action figure,” she said. “It’s enough. Enough is enough. It’s not a joke anymore. It’s ridiculous. I’m becoming the face of AEW and not just in the women’s division. Stop the production on the 12th Cody (Rhodes) figure. We don’t need it anymore. Let’s take a stop on that and fire up the machines and let’s start printing some D.M.Ds.”

Today, the AEW Twitter account announced that Baker officially has her own action figure, which you can check out below:

Britt Baker is currently set to defend her AEW Women’s Championship against Nyla Rose, at AEW Fighter fest. Rajah.Com will have full, live coverage of the show, beginning at 8pm ET.

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