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AEW CEO Tony Khan Talks About Working With Owen Hart’s Family After They Shunned The Wrestling Industry

— AEW CEO Tony Khan has been making media appearances for his upcoming Double or Nothing PPV in Las Vegas this weekend. Appearing on The Rocker Morning Show, Khan covered multiple topics including his belief that using social media to talk about WWE leads to a healthy competition and his plans for having some surprises at Double or Nothing.

— Khan was also asked about how AEW has succeeded in working with Owen Hart’s family recently despite them distancing themselves from wrestling after Owen’s untimely death. Khan was specifically asked how he was able to pull that off after Owen’s widow Dr. Martha Hart rebuffed all of WWE’s previous efforts to work together and honor Owen’s memory. Here’s what he had to say:

“Well they’ve been great supporters of AEW. Dr. Martha Hart and her family, of course, it’s very tragic they lost the beloved Owen Hart. A sad situation. It’s really become a great thing for our company that Owen Hart’s family, Dr. Martha Hart and her kids and the whole Hart family have been really supportive of the Owen Hart Foundation tournament. Martha and her family attend that tournament every year. Last year we had the finals in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Owen Hart’s hometown. It’s just a really cool thing to pay tribute to one of wrestling’s greatest fallen legends. Somebody who never had a chance to wrestle in AEW.”

“It’s funny, we were just talking about AEW Wembley Stadium. Owen Hart’s son, Oje Hart, attended the Wembley Stadium show with us last year and they’ve become a really great part of the AEW family. We love to have them at the big events every year. They’re just really nice people. The Hart family and Dr. Martha Hart bring a great energy and I think they’ve obviously had bad experiences in the past with other wrestling promotions but here at AEW it’s a fresh start and we’ve been able to give them a home in pro wrestling. I really feel like that’s true and I love having them at the shows and I say home because it feels like a family. They’re a big part of that family.”

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