AEW Dynamite Homecoming Edition Results From Jacksonville

AEW Dynamite Homecoming Edition Results (1/1): 2020 Season Kicks Off From Jacksonville, FL.

All Elite Wrestling kicks off the New Year this evening, as AEW begins their 2020 season with tonight’s special AEW Dynamite “Homecoming Edition” special from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Featured below are exclusive results of the 1/1/2020 episode of AEW Dynamite written by reporter Jamie Rush (Add Her On Facebook), as eW founder Matt Boone (@MattBoone1984) was in attendance at the show at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL.


The first episode of AEW Dynamite for 2020 starts NOW!

Inside the Daily’s Place arena in Jacksonville, FL we pan the theatre as we come to Taz, Jim Ross, and Excalibur giving the rundown for tonight’s Homecoming Edition of AEW Dynamite.

(Tony Schiavone will not be calling the action for the homecoming of AEW Dynamite tonight in Jacksonville, FL as he will be fulfilling responsibilities involved with producing the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, therefore guest announcer Taz will step in on commentary.

Taz will announce alongside Jim Ross, Excalibur, and the Human Suplex Machine.)

First match of the night…

Cody vs. Darby Allin

Out first is Darby Allin as his music sounds and he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring by skateboard. Out next, “The American Nightmare” Cody, accompanied by Arn Anderson as his pyro goes off and music sounds in the arena. The bell rings and the first match officially begins!

Cody wastes no time as the crowd is chanting, both men lock up. Cody twisting up Darby first, Darby counters. Cody with two quick covers, Darby breaking before even the count of one both times. Cody and Darby once again circling one another as the crowd chants, “Darby! Darby!”

Darby counters Cody with the Crucifix, Darby sweeps and gets the bridge, both men trying desperately to come away with a quick victory. Darby sits in the corner leaning against the turnbuckle as Cody leans down to speak to Arn. Darby back to his feet, Cody once again circling Darby in the center of the ring.

Darby goes for Coffin Drop and misses, Cody attempts to counter to no avail. Darby is thrown from the ring by Cody. The referee does a quick check on Darby outside of the ring.

Allin focuses on the left arm of Cody, both men make their way back into the ring. As Darby attempts to climb in, Cody with a big boot knocking Darby back to the mat on the outside of the ring. Darby once again enters the ring and goes after Cody. Both men get to their feet, Cody gets a Figure Four on Darby.

Darby Allin shaking and trying to fight the want to tap as he reverses the Figure Four. Darby a fingertip away from the ropes, Cody forced to let go. Darby clutching his knee, Cody goes for another Figure Four, Darby with a big kick on Cody and floats over Cody, getting him in an Arm Bar/Wristlock. Darby gets both Cody’s arms back, Cody gets his foot on the bottom rope forcing Darby to let go.

Cody wincing in the center of the ring as Darby removes the padding off the top turnbuckle. A look of craze in Darby’s eyes, Darby jumps over the top rope, Cody gets a Crossbody by Darby who didn’t fall on the outside. Snap Powerslam by Cody.

Cody with a Code Cutter as the ten minute warning is announced in this 20 minute match up. Darby still laying on the mat in the center of the ring as Cody stomps on Darby repeatitively before lifting him and putting him on the top turnbuckle, Cody following close behind. Cody gets a two count on Darby. Shockingly, Darby kicks out as we go to commercial!

Darby gets a Coffin Drop onto Cody on the side of the apron as both men fall to the mat on the outside of the ring. Darby throws Cody back into the ring. Cody with a knee to the face as Darby enters the ring. Darby counters Cody’s attempt, Darby goes for a Stunner, Cody counters and Darby once again kicks out at two. Look of shock on the face of Cody.

Darby moves, Cody slams into the exposed turnbuckle. Arn tells Cody to throw his knee up as Darby goes for a Coffin Drop from the top turnbuckle. Cody gets the knee up just in time, as Cody rolls Darby up for the three count pin and win! First win of 2020!!

Winner: “The American Nightmare” Cody


SCU speaks against the Dark Order, calling them “spooky perverts”. They go on to speak on The Young Bucks and how Scorpio Sky and Frankie are gonna put them on their backs. Sammy Guevara interrupts saying the third member has nothing but wrinkles on his face and L’s on his record.

Women’s Four Way Match Up

Nylya Rose vs Hikaru Shida vs. Britt Baker vs. Riho

All four women make their way to the ring for this women’s four way title match. Nylya Rose blindsides Shida before the bell rings. The bell rings, officially beginning the match. All four women moving fast. Riho gets a two count pin attempt early on. Arm drag by Shida. Nylah pulls out a table from under the ring. Riho with a high flying move to the outside of the ring where Nylya is still setting up the table.

We come back from commercial, Nylya taken down by Shida who dumps Nylya up and over her head. The crowd chanting “Shida!” as Nylya puts Shida on the center of the top rope then delivers a Flying Guillotine to the back on Shida’s head, then dragging her to the table on the outside of the ring.

Nylya with a Sinton onto Shida with all of her body weight before standing up and roaring as she makes her way up to the top of the ring, a Diving Foot Stomp by Riho. Baker takes advantage of the timing and goes after Nylya. Baker transitions into a Triangle Sleeper.

Nylya powers out and goes for the pin, Riho breaks it up at the two count. Double Foot Stomp by Riho driving the oxygen out of the lungs of Nylya, then from the top rope doing it once again. Baker with a foot to the face of Riho and a Neckbreaker for the pin attempt. Riho kicks out. Shida makes her way back into the ring as well.

Shida with a powerful slam on Riho. Nylya slammed into the turnbuckle. Shida lifts Baker up and spins her around for a Backbreaker and pin attempt. Nylya with a German Suplex, lining up the women, Nylya to the top rope, both girls move, nobody home! Shida misses a knee, Riho gets a Double Knee. Shida gets a pin, Nylya kicks out at two.

Baker with Russian Leg Sweep on Shida. Riho comes over with a Jacknife and three count pin on Baker for the win!

Winner: Riho

After the Match

Nylya brings the table into the ring, setting up Riho on the table. Nylya makes it to the top rope and lands with all her weight onto Riho as they both slam through the table. Nylya licks her hand and throws it in the air as we go backstage.

(Kris Statlander vs. Riho announced for next week)


Joey Janela speaking backstage, “2020 means a clean sla…” stopping mid sentence, the camera pans down to Penelope Ford giving a low blow to Janela before walking off hand in hand with Kip Sabian. We go to commercial.

Promo Clip

Dark Order Promo is shown as we come back from commercial.

Trent (with Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy) vs. Jon Moxley

Trent makes his way to the ring with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy as his music sounds in the building. Out next as his music blares over the speakers is Jon Moxley who makes his way to the ring through the crowd. Stopping to pose in the middle of the crowd. Moxley enters the ring. The referee sends both men to their corners, the bell rings and match begins.

Both men lock up right as the bell rings, Moxley slams Trent to the mat with a Side Headlock, getting wrist control and once again slamming Trent to the mat. Trent counters and gets a Side Headlock of his own. Moxley gets to one knee, then to his feet throwing Trent off the ropes. Trent attempts a Shoulder Shove and Moxley shakes it off with a smile.

Trent smacks Moxley who counters with three big chops to the chest of Trent. Trent retaliates with a big chop of his own followed by a Double Flying Knee. Fast paced back and forth between both men as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial and Trent is being pounded with blows by Moxley on the outside of the ring. Trent spears Moxley onto the ground outside of the ring, Moxley rolls back into the ring. Trent rolls in behind him, throwing big chops to the chest of Moxley.

Trent with Half and Half Suplex on Moxley who quickly exits the ring. The crowd begins clapping. Trent with a high flying move onto Moxley over the top rope. Both men re-enter the ring. DDT by Trent, Moxley kicks out at the two count. Trent is catching his breath inside the ring. Moxley with a Running Knee Strike, then face first into a pinfall attempt.

Trent goes for Pile Driver, Moxley and Trent go back and forth with nearfalls before Moxley nearly knocks Trent’s head off with a Clothesline. Trent with a Haymaker and pin attempt. Moxley kicks out at two once again. Both men are struggling to their feet. Orange Cassidy enters the ring and puts his hands in his pockets right in front of Moxley.

Moxley walks up and puts his hands in his own pockets. Trent gets a Pile Driver on Moxley at the 10 minute marker, Moxley losing focus momentarily. Trent comes off the top rope, Moxley waiting for him on the outside, counters and then drags Trent back into the ring.

Moxley drops Trent on his head inside the ring for the win and the number one contender spot against Chris Jericho for the World Championship.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the Match

Sammy Guevara standing in the crowd with a mic begins speaking to Moxley, saying he sees why he does this now. The free food, free drinks, etc. Sammy says it’s the New Year, and he has a surprise for Moxley. Sammy throws a noise blower at Moxley. Sammy says, “Isn’t that right, Chris?”

Chris Jericho is seen outside of the arena leaning against a Ford GT car with his World Championship belt over his shoulder. Jericho says he wants more than some hair or for him to wear a black mask. He wants Moxley to be an equal partner, 49% and executive vice president of the Inner Circle if he says yes. Also a Ford GT worth millions of dollars with a vanity license plate that says “Mox”. Jericho says he wants to work together with Moxley to take down everybody, even those as stupid as the people that live in Jacksonville. All he has to do is say yes. “Happy New Year Mox, look forward to hearing from you soon” as Jericho gets into the Ford GT and drives off.

Moxley is standing in the center of the ring holding a microphone looking out into the crowd back in the arena. “All fancy expensive cars aside, I’ve always considered Chris Jericho a friend and a mentor, and out of respect for Chris, I will give you my answer in person, next week. The whole world is gonna find out what’s in store for 2020 live, on Dynamite, next week.” as he drops the mic and exits through the crowd as we go to commercial.

Sammy Guevara vs. Dustin Rhodes

We come back from commercial to see Sammy saying, “Come on, come on!” and motioning a “bring it on” motion with his hands. Dustin Rhodes walks up behind Guevara in the ring and knocks him to the mat. Rhodes dominates Guevara inside the ring.

Rhodes with a Clothesline on Guevara sending him flying over the top rope. Senton off the apron onto Guevara on the outside. Guevara laying flat inside the ring as Rhodes makes his way to the top turnbuckle. Jake Hager comes walking out as Sammy Guevara rolls out of the ring.

Guevara tries to come up behind Rhodes, Rhodes slams him to the floor, then picks him up throwing him into the ring. Rhodes turns around and sees Hager at the other side of the outside. Guevara flies through the ropes with a Double Foot Stomp onto Rhodes.

Guevara pushes the referee to get his attention, Hager with a slam on Rhodes. Rhodes heads for the ring as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, Guevara has Rhodes in a bridge lock turned to Side Chokehold. Rhodes gets back to his feet and throws blows at Guevara. Rhodes rolls Guevara up for a quick two count. Guevara counters and tries to pin Rhodes, who also kicks out at two. Guevara quickly gets to the top turnbuckle, nobody home.

Rhodes with a Power Slam onto Guevara. Rhodes building momentum, two quick shots on Guevara who drops down, Rhodes with an Atomic Drop after several quick powerful hits on Guevara. Spinebuster by Rhodes for a two count. Rhodes goes for Final Reckoning. Guevara with a Running Shooting Star on Rhodes, Rhodes once again kicks out at two.

Guevara looking angry, lifts Rhodes in a fireman’s hold, Rhodes gets free on the side of the apron and a Canadian Slam on Guevara. Hager looking shocked and jumps up trying to stop the match at ten minutes remaining announcement. Guevara tries to get a cheap shot, Rhodes throws Guevara over the top rope onto Hager.

Rhodes spanks Guevara on the butt before giving him a wedgie where he’s stuck in the turnbuckle. Rhodes says “Suck It” and stops Rhodes. Hager with a low blow while the referee is freeing Guevara from the ropes. Guevara with a quick pin after the assist from Hager, getting the three count pin on Rhodes.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

Maxwell Jacob Freeman with Wardlow In Ring

As his music sounds in the arena, MJF comes out to the top of the ramp with Wardlow close behind him as they make their way to the ring. MJF stops to allow fans to touch his hands and give him quick kisses on his hands. MJF is seen yelling in the face of a fan as he moves on down the line of fans. A lady shakes her head no to kissing his ring and he bucks at her, followed by breaking another fan’s sign. Other fans are bowing toward him. A man kisses his ring. MJF asks for a kiss on the lips, the lady shakes her head no, but agrees to kiss him on the cheek. MJF finally enters the ring as Wardlow hands him a mic…

“Are you guys done? Or do you want to keep booing me?” MJF starts off. He calls the fans in Jacksonville “mouth breathing morons” then adds, “speaking of, ‘hi Cody'” as he goes on to the stipulations.

MJF says, “#1. At Revolution, it doesn’t matter what I do, if you touch me, if you lay a finger on me, no match at Revolution. No match EVER.”

“#2. It’s only fair that in order to wrestle me, you should have to go one on one with an opponent of my choosing, and beat them. That opponent will be, Wardlow.” MJF asks the crowd to shut their fat mouths as he talks to Wardlow. He asks if Wardlow wants to up the stakes. Wardlow nods, MJF thanks Wardlow for the meaningful conversation then MJF adds. “A solid steel cage match.”

#3. “This is my favorite one, in front of your family, your friends, and God. You are gonna get down on all fours, like the dog that you are, and I’m gonna whip you. Not one, not two, not three, not four… not seven, eight or nine… but ten glorious times. And Cody, as the leather of my belt rips off your skin, it will be a reminder for the rest of your days that my name is Maxwell Jacob Freeman and I’m better than you,” *kisses his ring* MJF finishes, “and you know it.”


Jungle Boy seen backstage saying he’s expecting a win. Seems to be a mistake with production. We jump to Hangman Adam Page standing with announcers as matches for next week’s Dynamite are announced. We go backstage once again.


Before Riho can say anything, Britt Baker interrupts saying she’s always here, even with her dental practice on the side. Yet Riho steals her win and heads right back out. Riho looks confused as we go back to the commentators.


Jim Ross and the other broadcaster announce The Rhodes vs. Lucha Bros match for next week and Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs. Private Party. Plus Moxley will give his answer in St Haven, Missouri at Dynamite next week.

The Lucha Brothers & “The Bastard” PAC vs. “BTE” The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

The Lucha Brother make their way to the ring first followed by “The Bastard” PAC. Nick and Matt Jackson with Kenny Omega make their way to the ring next as their music sounds in the arena. The bell rings, officially beginning this match up. Pentagon going after Kenny Omega early on in this main of event of the evening.

Fast paced action in this match upKnowing each other too well, both men keep hitting the same moves and the same blocks in the center of the ring as we go to commercial. We come back from commercial and PAC goes flying over the top rope onto Kenny Omega. Omega being brutalized in the opposite corner by all three opponents.

Omega throws his boot up and then flips out of the group. PAC quickly goes after Omega, Omega gets the tag to Nick Jackson. Roundhouse Kick to the face, shots, and more hits by Nick on PAC before Matt Jackson is tagged in. Nick and Matt with Double Down Destroyer from the Young Bucks in unison over the top rope.

Omega offers the first shot to PAC. PAC accepts and gets a blow on Omega, Omega counters, knocking PAC to the mat. Omega with a thunder clap chop to the chest of PAC. Back and forth between the two, Snap Dragon Suplex by Omega onto PAC. Omega with a Powerbomb onto PAC for the pin.

Omega hit by Pentagon, breaking up the pin. Backstabber by Pentagon onto Omega. Double Super Kick by Young Bucks. Phoenix with a counter on them. Snap Dragon on Omega. PAC on the top turnbuckle, Black Arrow on Omega as the Young Bucks save the day at the last second. So much fast paced action in such a short time!

PAC trying to lock in the Brutalizer, both Nick and Matt unable to enter the ring to stop it. Matt finally breaks the hold with a kick to the face of PAC.

Omega and The Young Bucks finally get the upperhand, Omega getting the pin for the three count and the win!

Winner: “BTE” The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega Social Media Interaction

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