AEW Dynamite Live Results (September 1, 2021): Now Arena, Chicago, IL

Welcome one and all to Wednesday Night Dynamite! Filling in tonight for the the AEWsome Matt Boone, who’s scouting for new AEW talent in WWE catering, is an original Rajahmaniac–“All Elite” Mike Hogan. Tonight’s the big go-home edition of Dynamite ahead of this weekend’s PPV event, and it’s also airing from Chicago, which should be a hot crowd for us tonight–especially if CM Punk shows (when).

Our official preview is up, and four matches have been announced for tonight’s program. Orange Cassidy takes on Jack Evans in singles competition, and Brian Cage goes toe-to-toe with Powerhouse Hobbs. In tag team action, we’ll watch FTR go at it with Santana & Ortiz, and in a huge eight-man tag match, the Elite battle the Lucha Brothers & Jurassic Express.

All this and much more, next on AEW Dynamite! So with all that said, let’s get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

AEW Dynamite Live Results (September 1, 2021): Now Arena, Chicago, IL

Welcome to AEW Dynamite Live from Chicago!

Good ol’ JR, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur welcome us to our program as they run down tonight’s show.

Tag Team Match: FTR w/ Tully Blanchard vs Santana & Ortiz

This match is set for one fall with a 20 minute limit. With an AEW record of 19-1, FTR makes their way down to the ring, wearing their Grand Slam GOAT jackets. Out next to a big pop are Santana and Ortiz, who play up to the crowd and encourage the Chicagoan audience to get behind them. This is our 100th episode of Dynamite. Our competitors ready up and we’re off! Dax starts off with Santana. Both men lock up and take it down to the mat. Both jockey for position before rising to their feet. They back up and Dax consults with his partner before both men go at it. Santana delivers some hard knife-edge chops, and begins alternating with Dax. Each man chest-slaps repeatedly until, after a lengthy sequence, both men get tied up in the ropes from trying to hip-toss each other. The ref loses control and all four men slug it out in the ring. Santana & Ortiz send Cash and Dax out of the ring. Santana & Ortiz hit stereo tope con giros, wiping out FTR at the ringside! We get replays as Santana & Ortiz continue to beat FTR at ringside. Santana with a springboard senton onto FTR, smashing them into the barricade. Santana takes Cash into the ring and tags in Ortiz. Ortiz with a traditional wrestling takedown. Cash powers to his feet, whips Ortiz into the ropes and finishes it with a scoop slam. Ortiz with a back body attempt, but Cash tags in Dax blind. Ortiz and Cash continue to fight until Dax attacks Ortiz from behind. FTR send Ortiz hard into the ring post. Cash is clutching his arm to his chest often, per Excalibur.
Dax stomps away at Ortiz as the crowd loudly boos. Dax walks along the apron as Cash uses a shoulder lock on Ortiz. Cash rips a turnbuckle pad off a neutral top turnbuckle behind the ref’s back. Dax uses the exposed turnbuckle to assist an elbow lock. Ortiz looks to make the tag to Santana but Cash comes in off the tag and attempts to stomp him. Ortiz with a blow to drop Cash. Cash tags in Dax as Santana gets the hot tag. Santana takes out both members of FTR, using an innovative offense style. Santana with the trifecta of suplexes, Eddie Guerrero style. Santana looks for a cover but comes up short. Ortiz and Santana work together to double team Dax with a cutter followed by a suplex. Cash makes the save to break up a close pin. Santana is sent to the outside. Ortiz and Dax are legal. Ortiz runs off the ropes–and right into an uppercut from Cash! Dax covers and gets a very close two. The crowd with “this is awesome” chants. FTR look for a double suplex; Santana, out of nowhere, spears them and saves his partner. Ortiz fights Cash into the friendly corner and tags in Santana. Santana & Ortiz with a double team for a close two. Santana slaps the mat, and the crowd claps to fire him up. Ortiz is tagged in. Ortiz and Santana look for their signature double team. Dax streaks across the ring to knock Santana off the top, and Cash connects with a Gory driver for a close two. Dax comes in as the legal man.
When time running low, all four men clash in the ring. FTR hits the Big Rig on Ortiz and attempt to put him away. Santana dives off the top, breaking the pin and all four men are down. The ref restores some order. Cash looks for a back drop on Ortiz, but Ortiz counters. Ortiz tags in Santana, who hits a roll through cutter. Ortiz & Santana work together to hit a series of double team moves, finally putting away FTR in sixteen minutes.
Your Winners, Santana & Ortiz!

In the Ring Promo: CM Punk

When we return from the break, we hear the opening notes of Cult of Personality as Punk makes his way out to a big pop. He soaks it up, playing to the crowd on both sides of the stage before proceeding down the ramp. We’re reminded that All Out will be in Chicago this weekend. Punk soaks up yet more loud “CM Punk” chants that last for several moments. Punk gets on the mic and tells us he could spend weeks, months, hearing “Cult of Personality” and coming out to that reaction. He loves it, and he’s doing his best to enjoy this while it lasts. Punk reminds us that this Sunday, in this very same building, “this could all end for me. Looking at it realistically, guys, I haven’t wrestled in seven years. I’m nervous–dare I used the word ‘scared.'” The crowd with a loud “you’ve still got it” chant. “Listen, knowing that Sunday this could all end, I want to make a promise to you guys right now that every single time I lace up these boots and–“
Before Punk can finish, 2.0 & Garcia hit the ring and beat down punk. 2.0 and Garcia take turns stomping Punk into the mat and pounding on him. The crowd starts chanting for Darby, and out comes Darby Allen and Sting! Sting and Allen clash with the duo on the ramp and enter the ring. Punk, with the help of Darby Allin and Sting, takes control. All three men set up and hit a Coffin Drop, a Scorpion Death Drop, and a Go To Sleep in a row on their three foes! Punk and Allin get in each other’s faces and stare. The crowd with another loud Punk chant. Stinger gets a mic and speaks. “I gotta admit, I always did want to share a ring with you (Punk). Mucho respect, ok? Get that out of the way. Our paths never did cross, all these years have gone by…but that was then, this is now, and speaking of now it felt really good watching GTS happen before my very own eyes. It felt good to see a Coffin Drop…and it felt good to hit a (Scorpion Death Drop).” Sting knows Darby and Punk are ready, and tells them that when they collide, it’s going to be showtime for sure. Punk approaches Allin and speaks to him inaudibly as the crowd with another loud Punk chant. Punk’s music plays us out.

Interview: Tony Schiavone with MJF

Ahead of his clash with Jericho–with the stipulation that if Jericho loses, he’ll never wrestle again–MJF takes time to sit down with Ross and discuss the match. We open the interview with Tony calling MJF the most disgusting person he’s ever met (did he not meet Vince, ever?) and feels uncomfortable sitting next to MJF. MJF addresses the Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla. He points out that Jericho is a legend who has wrestled over four decades (90s, 00s, 10s, 20s). MJF goes on to state that he has to fill Jericho’s shoes, and he knows that’s no easy feat. He compares their situation to Mohamed Ali–Ali kept coming back for more until he suffered brain damage, and Jericho keeps coming back for more. MJF tells Jericho that the spotlight is intoxicating, and MJF took that away from Jericho. And that’s why Jericho put his career on the line–he’d do anything to get the spotlight back. MJF promises to end Jericho’s storied career.

Singles Match: Orange Cassidy vs Jack Evans w/ “Big Money” Matt Hardy

Orange Cassidy makes his way out first to a big pop to The Pixies’ “Where is My Mind?” Matt Hardy is already in the ring, as is Evans. Hardy attacks Cassidy, beating him in the corner. The ref bans Hardy, and the fans chant “delete” as he’s forced to leave. Cassidy confirms he’s good to go, and the ref calls for the bell. Evans starts off strong off the pre-match beatdown, dropping Cassidy with a roundhouse. Evans with another bit of innovative offense in the corner. Evans continues to work over Cassidy in the middle of the ring, hammering him with alternating lifting knee strikes. Evans runs at Cassidy in the ring, cartwheeling towards Cassidy–and out the ring as Cassidy moves! Evans rushes back in. Cassidy takes control with an improvised Tornado DDT for a two. Cassidy looks for the Orange Punch but Evans escapes the ring. Cassidy follows up with a tope suicida and takes Evans back in. Cross body from Cassidy for a close two. Michinoku Driver from Cassidy for another close two.
Cassidy pockets his hands and does his slow, gentle kicks to Evans’ back as the fans cheer him on. Evans rises and wraps up with a rear waist lock. Orange with a standing switch. Cassidy heads up top but is intercepted by Evans. Evans climbs up the middle ropes and hammers Cassidy with fists, threatening a Superplex. We go to picture-in-picture commercial break. During the break, Evans maintains control. He continues to use lifting knee strikes and suplexes to ground Cassidy. Evans with a running Field Goal kick. Evans gets cocky and Cassidy rolls him up during the break, picking up the win with a small package! After the match, Matt Hardy attacks Orange Cassidy. The Best Friends hit the ring and Hardy backs off just long enough for the rest of the Hardy Family (?) to hit the ring. Cassidy finds himself surrounded by a mob. Jungle Boy hits the ring, followed by Marko Strong and Luchasaurus to make the save and send us to break.
Your Winner, Orange Cassidy!

In the Ring Interview: Jim Ross with Chris Jericho

We return from break and JR’s in the ring. He calls out Jericho, who comes out to the crowd singing his theme “Judas.” Jericho saunters out to the ring, grinning as the crowd loudly continues to sing with him. Jericho takes a few moments to let the crowd sing. Jericho reflects that he started his career here in Chicago, and Jim Ross gave him his start. Ross questions why Jericho added a stipulation freely, putting his career in jeopardy. Jericho speaks. “MJF, you are a piece of shit.” The crowd begins to chant the phrase. “But you’re diabolical and calculating, so am I; you’re a button pusher…so am I. As a matter of fact, the only thing you have over me are three victories.” He recites the three dates, telling JR that those dates are burned in his mind and that’s why he’s got to put it all on the line to beat MJF. He says he’s not find with being complacent and that’s why he’s here in AEW. He calls the two-year-old company the hottest wrestling company in the world today. He tells us he’d be kicking himself if he’d stayed complacent. He admits that he could stay in AEW and win lots of titles but every time Jericho looked himself in the mirror, he would know he couldn’t beat MJF. He couldn’t live with that. That would be the beginning of the end of Le Champion and he doesn’t want to stop. The crowd chants “we want more” and Jericho adds, “I want more, too.” Jericho thanks all of his fans for making his dreams come true, were he to lose and his career end. He thanks the fans for letting him be part of their life, and the fans being part of his. He tells MJF that if you want to take Jericho out, you’re “gonna have to be the best you’ve ever been, you’re gonna have to break every bone in my body, you’re gonna have to squeeze the air out of my lungs because I’m Chris Jericho! And you don’t have what it takes, and you don’t’ have the balls, to get rid of me. Understand? I’ll see you on Sunday at All Out, you little prick!” Big pop from the crowd.

Singles Match: Powerhouse Hobbs vs Brian Cage

Powerhouse Hobbs is out, and ambushed by Brian Cage from behind. Cage fights Hobbs into the ring and the ref finally calls for the bell. Hobbs takes control from Cage and sends him into a corner. We go to picture-in-picture break. Hobbs continues to work over Cage in the ring. Hobbs with an Irish Whip followed by a big splash in the corner. Hobbs beats Cage in the corner for a bit before taking it to the middle of the ring. Hobbs with an impressive running cross body that lays out Cage. The ref checks on him as Hobbs grins.
Hobbs completely dominates for the entirety of the break, successfully keeping Cage grounded. Hobbs with a mount and pound. Hobbs uses the middle rope to choke Cage as the ref counts. Hobbs toys with Cage, kicking him in the gut as he’s down. Hobbs sends Cage into the corner as we return from break. We’re told that Britt Baker has a huge free agent signing to announce. Meanwhile, Hobbs throws shoulders into Cage’s gut as the ref counts a warning. Cage fires back and both men go down. Cage and Hobbs charge each other, ramming into each other with neither man falling down. Cage sends Hobbs into the ropes and executes an exploder suplex that sends Hobbs into the corner. Cage charges in and unleashes a combo on Hobbs before attempting a cover, garnering only a two. Cage makes the throat-slice ‘Taker motion and looks for the Drill Claw but Hobbs escapes. Both men swing and miss until Hobbs hits a hell of a Spinebuster and picks up a close two. JR compares the spinebuster to Double A’s back in the day. Brian Cage gets his second wind. Cage sets Hobbs up on the apron, climbing the middle rope before suplexing Hobbs from the apron to the ring! The crowd pops at his display of strength. Cage calls for his finisher again but the ref is distracted. Hobbs capitalizes on it to pick up the win, thanks to Team Taz.
Your Winner, Powerhouse Hobbs!

Backstage Interview: Dr. Britt Baker, MD and Tony Schiavone

Tony interviews Baker, who cuts a quick promo on Kris Statlander. She announces a huge free agent signing, to a long term contract–herself.

In the Ring: Paul Wight, QT Martin & Co.

QT and crew are set up in the ring and call out Paul Wight. Paul is glad to accommodate them and comes right on out to the ring. The group overwhelm him with numbers early on, but the giant fights back, clearing the ring. The Gunns hit the ring to assist Paul Wight. QT backs up the ramp. Wight talks smack to him from the ring when suddenly Billy Gunn hits Paul Wight with a steel chair in the back! The crowd with loud boos as QT Marshall looks on confused from the ramp. Wight attempts to rise but Billy Gunn, ever the badass, hits Wight with the chair in the head. Gunn & son leave the ring. QT Marshall and his crew enter the ring again and set up Wight, working together to hit a Diamond Cutter to a chorus of boos. We head to break.

Singles Match: Penelope Ford w/ the Bunny vs Tay Conti

Ford and Bunny make their way out first. Tay Conti is out next, with a 24-4 singles record in 2021. Conti attacks Ford before the match starts. When both reach the ring, the ref calls for the bell. Conti with multiple takedowns before locking on her wrist. Conti with a knee to Ford’s face, followed by a neck hold, clubbing on Ford’s chest. Conti with a unique backbreaker and a roll-up for a two. Conti controls early on, showing off her quickness in setting the pace of the match. Ford fights back as we go to commercial, choking Conti in the corner with a foot. As the ref forces Ford back, the Bunny chokes Conti. Ford begins to dismantle Conti with a series of kicks, followed by a catapult neckbreaker. Conti starts to fight back with chops. Ford whips Conti into the corner and backflips towards it, looking for the back elbow but Conti dodges. Ford and Conti go back and forth until Conti hits a top rope cross body. Conti with kicks and a spinning body slam for a close two. Ford uses the ropes to send Conti down to the mat, and locks in a single leg crab. Ford converts it to an Indian Deathlock but Conti escapes! Conti counters with an ankle lock and calf slicer. Ford reaches the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. Conti with a running punt kick to Ford in the corner. Conti with a second, then a third! Conti looks for her finisher but Ford counters out of it and connects with a gut-buster! Ford covers for a close two. Both women go back and forth until Conti shoves Ford against the ropes–where the Bunny took position–and rolls Ford up for the win. After the match, Ford and Bunny beat Conti down until Anna Jay made her return to save the day.
Your Winner, Tay Conti!

Eight-Man Tag Main Event Match: the Elite vs Jurassic Express & the Lucha Bros.

Out first are Jurassic Express, followed by the Lucha Bros. The Elite come out next, arrogant and cocky as always. We’re shown the steel cage above the ring, a reminder of the tag team championship match this Sunday. We’re starting with Luchasaurus and Doc Gallows. Both men jaw at each other in the ring. Gallows throws the first right; Luchasaurus with one of his own. Both men exchange rights until Gallows takes control. Gallows takes ‘Saurus to the corner and fires off several fists. Gallows turns his back and Luchasaurus takes advantage, sending Gallows into the match and unleashing on him. Luchasaurus with a huge vertical suplex. Gallows fires back with a Kane thrust. Nick Jackson is tagged in and runs into a brick wall named Luchasaurus. Rey Fenix takes the tag in. Both Bucks end up with both Bros. in the ring. The ref loses control as Gallows & Anderson jump the Lucha Bros then attack their partners on the apron. We go to break right as Rey Fenix hits a beautiful Sling Blade on Jackson. Jungle Boy is tagged in and whips Jackson into the ropes, leapfrogging so Fenix can drop Jackson before attempting a cover. Jungle Boy is double-teamed by the bucks, who Powerbomb him on the apron. The fight spills outside the ring and the ref is giving both teams a LOT of lateral, allowing more than the two legal men in the ring at a time repeatedly.
During the break, the Bucks take control. Jungle Boy finds himself in trouble as he’s taken into the Elite corner. Luchasaurus attempts to make a save but the Elite are too much. When we return, Jungle Boy is sent outside. Jungle Boy fights back with a lariat on the outside before hitting the ring. Jungle Boy briefly holds off both Bucks and makes the hot tag to Rey Fenix. Fenix with an incredible, multiple-rope bouncing overhead arm drag! Fenix tags in Penta and they work together to double team Jackson. Fenix spreads Jackson’s legs and Penta hits a dropkick to the junk. Cover for two. Jackson fights back, hitting a top rope move to drop both Lucha Bros. Both Bucks and Lucha Bros. hit the ring and they all Superkick each other at the same damn time. All four are down. Luchasaurus and Anderson get the tags. ‘Saurus drops Anderson and fights off an interfering Gallows. Jackson looks for a springboard attack to ‘Saurus, who instead sends Jackson flying out of the ring and onto the Elite. Jungle Boy with a suicide dive. Luchasaurus takes Anderson into the ring and hits a standing Moonsault Press, picking up a close two. Penta is tagged in and hits a high kick. Penta tags in Fenix who climbs up top. They prepare for their double team finisher but Fenix is knocked off the top by Stooge Boy (per Schiavone). Fenix hits a double cutter on both Bucks to lay out the tag team champs. Fenix kicks Gallows and Anderson off the apron, then attempts a springboard cross body into the ring. Matt Jackson catches him and the Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver to pick up the win.
Your Winners, the Elite!

After the Match: Cage, a Cage, and Calamity

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega makes his way out as the Elite celebrate in the ring. Omega orders the Elite to “get rid of them” and the Elite continue to beat on their opponents at Omega’s direction. Omega has Gallows and Anderson send Luchasaurus through a table. Omega turns to Jungle Boy and mocks him, hitting him. Christian Cage hits the ring, spearing Omega! The numbers game is still in the favor of the Elite, who call in reinforcements. Christian Cage is beat down with the others. The Elite use kendo sticks to choke their opponents. Omega tells us he had a great meeting with Khan–he loved talking about video games and rings. Omega brags that their opponents fell into his trap perfectly. He speaks to Don Callis, telling him he knows that Callis has the keys to the control room. Omega calls for the steel cage to be lowered. Once it is, the Elite beat their opponents mercilessly with kendo sticks. Frankie Kazarian attempts to make the save but can’t enter the cage. Jungle Boy attempts to scale the cage and is knocked off. Marko Stunt attempts to enter the cage, too, but is sprayed in the face with some aerosol can and forced back. Omega continues to direct the beating of the Lucha Bros. and Christian Cage, doing their best to weaken their challengers ahead of this weekend. The Bucks go around Superkicking their opponents in the faces while they’re cuffed to the ropes. Cage is pulled up at Omega’s command. Omega tells his men to get Frankie, and takes out Christian Cage as Kazarian is powerless to help. The Elite mock and taunt their opponents, with Omega repeatedly talking trash and posing with his title over their fallen foes as we go off the air.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here Friday night for the best wrestling on weekly television today–SmackDown, the Rampage Pre-Show! Special thanks to Matt for giving me the opportunity to become a new AEW fan! Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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