AEW Dynamite Results 10/14/2020

AEW Dynamite Results (10/14/2020): One-Year Anniversary Of AEW On TNT Show

Happy birthday, AEW Dynamite~!

All Elite Wrestling celebrates its’ first birthday this evening, and they are doing it in style.

AEW Dynamite returns tonight from Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida with the company’s special One-Year Anniversary Show featuring ALL of the AEW World Championships on-the-line in separate matches throughout the evening.

On tap for this week’s AEW Dynamite on TNT program is Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer for the AEW World Championship, Cody vs. Orange Cassidy for the TNT Championship, FTR vs. Best Friends for the AEW Tag-Team Championships and Hikaru Shida vs. Big Swole for the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Additionally, Kip Sabian and “The Best Man” Miro will be in action, plus MJF will make a “huge announcement.”

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite results for the AEW Dynamite One-Year Anniversary Special on TNT from Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.


The signature opening video package starts off the one-year anniversary special edition of AEW Dynamite on TNT. From there, we shoot live inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. where pyro and fireworks explode as Jim Ross welcomes us to the special one-year anniversary edition of the show. He mentions all AEW championships will be on-the-line this evening.

As the camera pans around the venue, we see Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford playing on the big old-school arcade video game set up inside the amphitheater.

AEW Tag-Team Championships
FTR (c) vs. Best Friends

We then head to the squared circle, where our “Brush With Greatness” AEW Tag-Team Championship contest will kick off things inside the ring on the special one-year anniversary edition of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

Already in the ring are both teams, FTR — along with Tully Blanchard, as well as Best Friends. The ring announcer does the formal pre-match ring introductions for both teams. The bell sounds and here we go.

Cash Wheeler and Chuck Taylor start things off for their respective teams, The Best Friends duo jump off to an early offensive lead, as Chuck gets the best of Wheeler and tags in Trent, who picks up where he left off after some brief double-team action from the challengers.

After Trent enjoys a few moments in the offensive driver’s seat, it is Wheeler and Dax Harwood who take advantage of old-school heel tactics and good timing to shift the momentum in their favor. Harwood takes it to Trent now as FTR starts to pull ahead in this week’s opening bout.

As Wheeler tags back in and picks up where Harwood left off, taking it to Trent inside the squared circle, the announcers reminisce a bit about tonight marking the one-year anniversary milestone of the weekly All Elite Wrestling on TNT television program. Meanwhile, FTR utilize quick tags in-and-out of the ring, keeping a fresh man on Trent at all times as Tully shouts various instructions from ringside.

Wheeler wrenches away at the neck of Trent as he sinches up a rear chin-lock turned into a side head-lock while utilizing a wide base, as the announcers point out as they return to calling the action after plugging tickets to Daily’s Place for future episodes of AEW Dynamite in Jacksonville, FL., noting they do tempature checks at the door and work in accordance with state regulations related to the pandemic.

As the action continues, we see a big back-suplex off the top-rope from Harwood to Trent, which actually hurt both guys equally, prompting Dax to tag out.

Finally, Chuck Taylor gets the hot-tag, and he comes in and takes out everything in sight. He knocks both members of FTR out to the floor and at 6’2”, 217 pounds, he goes flying over the top with a big flipping tope suicida, splashing on and taking out Harwood and Wheeler on the floor at ringside. Back in the ring, he hits another high spot and goes for the cover, drawing a close 2 1/2 count from the near fall attempt.

Now with the action settling down a bit, the “Tully Factor” rears its’ ugly head into the bout, as he gets involved by tripping up Chuck, leading to FTR nearly stealing the win with a roll-up off of that spot. Trent fights back into the bout, however FTR hits some double-team spots and nearly wrap things up. Trent manages to hang in there. He hits a running knee to the dome for a near fall that kills FTR’s momentum.

With Trent in the offensive driver’s seat now, he goes to lift up a dead-weight Wheeler, who is still out from the running knee. He blasts him with punches, knocking him off his feet with each shot until he is turned inside out with a big clothesline. Now Harwood tags in and FTR takes back over the offensive control in this championship contest, as the fans start to come alive yet again inside Daily’s Place amphitheater.

For the second time the announcers question where Chuck is, as in typical Best Friends fashion, Trent is left alone in the ring seemingly forever by himself, forced to hang in there to keep the Best Friends alive. He is doing exactly that, as FTR continues to dominate but can’t find a way to finish off one-half of the best huggers on the planet.

Finally, Chuck Taylor gets involved. He helps Trent hit their double-team finisher, however a flying headbutt from Wheeler breaks up the follow-up pin attempt to save FTR from losing the titles.

The fight spills out to the floor where we see a wicked brainbuster on the floor followed up by a dropkick over the barricade from Trent. Trent follows Wheeler out in the crowd but he is sent head-first through the arcade cabinent, which explodes into 100 small wooden splinters as the referee begins his count on Trent.

Instead, FTR brings Trent back in the ring to avoid earning an easy count out victory after that. When they bring him in the ring, Trent is unable to even stand, as his leg gives out every time he tries to. FTR mocks him and look for their Midnight Express finisher, however it is broken up and moments later, FTR steals the win to retain their AEW Tag-Team Championships in an excellent opener.

It was an assist from Tully Blanchard and a cheap shot from a heavy ring bell that led to the finish for FTR. With the win, FTR improves to a perfect 12-0 in tag-team competition in All Elite Wrestling.

Winners and STILL AEW Tag-Team Champions: FTR

After The Match: Miro & Kip Sabian Attack

As FTR and Tully Blanchard head to the back with their AEW Tag-Team Titles in tact, we see Chuck and Trent recover in the ring. They give the people what they want, as Excalibur correctly calls on commentary, as they do their epic Best Friends Hug.

That wasn’t all, though.

No, instead we see “The Best Man” Miro and Kip Sabian sprint to the ring to take out Chuck and Trent, as Jim Ross sings the praises of the dangerous Bulgarian monster Miro before we head to a commercial break.

Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Lee Johnson & Sean Maluta

We return from the break and it’s time for “The Best Man” Miro and Kip Sabian to kick some more butt, as they are still in the ring and are scheduled for our next match of the evening.

In our second match of the evening here on the AEW Dynamite One-Year Anniversary Special, Miro and Sabian take on Shawn Maluta and Lee Johnson in tag-team action.

The bell sounds and immediately the heel duo jump off to an early offensive advantage. We see Miro dominating both guys with ease until Sabian tags in to hit one move, before tagging back out.

Upon re-entering the ring, the brute from Bulgaria, as J.R. cleverly refers to him as, slaps on a camel clutch for a quick, one-sided squash match victory by submission.

After the match, Kip Sabian cuts a quick promo about The Best Friends destroying his most prized possession when they smashed his arcade game.

Miro then gets on the mic and says the “good friends” broke their game and so for them, it is now “game over.”

Winners: Miro & Kip Sabian

“The Murderhawk Monster” Attacks Jon Moxley Backstage

We shoot backstage after the tag match to see “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer has found and gotten his hands on the AEW World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley ahead of their title showdown in tonight’s main event.

We watch as Archer attacks the reigning, defending champion ahead of their main event on tonight’s AEW Dynamite One-Year Anniversary Special before we head to some quick promotion for the number one contender tournament to decide who will challenge the AEW Champion next.

MJF’s Groundbreaking Announcement With Le Champion

We return from the break to the familiar theme song of one Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Out comes MJF accompanied by Wardlow, as the duo heads to the ring to make the special announcement.

MJF addresses the fans booing him and then talks about his groundbreaking announcement for tonight’s special AEW Dynamite One-Year Anniversary show. He says “Le Champion” Chris Jericho is going to be in attendance while he makes his huge announcement.

On that note, it’s time for the limited capacity crowd in Daily’s Place to sing-along with “Le Champion”, as they finish up the theme of “The Demo God” and Inner Circle leader, Chris Jericho, after the music stops and the 30-year veteran stands in the ring smiling.

After they finish, MJF tells the fans for future reference that they were off-key when singing the remaining lyrics of the Fozzy hit Judas. Chris Jericho is now in the ring with the rest of his Inner Circle members, Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara.

Guevara isn’t wearing his jacket that was given to him as a gift by MJF, but the rest of Inner Circle are. Jericho demands Guevara put his on as well. He reluctantly does, and it’s 100-sizes too big for him. MJF has some fun with that before kissing up to Chris Jericho and giving him compliments about his physique and hair.

Jericho tells MJF to cut the sh*t and says he’s got them out here and he wants to know what the groundbreaking announcement is. MJF rambles on about them each being the biggest key demo draws in the company. He calls himself a variation of The Demo God, The Ratings Ruler, and the fans boo. Jericho says “crickets.” MJF claims it went over everyone’s head.

MJF makes a faux paus when he references Chris Jericho watching Animal Planet at home. Jericho cuts him off and tells him he hates Animal Planet. MJF back-tracks and then finishes his predator/prey analogy by bringing to Jericho’s attention how great they have been separately and how much better they would be together.

Friedman, scared of rejection, puts a million conditions on sorta-kinda, possibly, potentially, maybe wanting to join the Inner Circle. Now Santana and Ortiz jump in and speak up and they say no maybe, possibly anything. He says they don’t want him in the Inner Circle and asks Jericho if they can leave.

Jericho says they need some time to think and makes a proposition. He tells MJF how about they each meet up one-on-one next week for a steak dinner. MJF and Jericho go face-to-face and with loud angry voices talk about how they’re on for a steak dinner next week. That was absolutely terrific. You can’t help but love those two together.

Dr. Britt Baker Update

We shoot to a video segment where Dr. Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone are getting massages. Baker calls in Rebel to bring her latest rule.

She reads it and then looks over and asks Schiavone if he is naked. The video then cuts ahead and we see him getting his chest waxed ala Steve Carrell in 40 Year Old Virgin.

Now we see Baker getting a pedicure as she talks about rewarding herself after her “epic comeback.” A graphic airs promoting Dr. Britt Baker in action on next week’s AEW Dynamite show.

TNT ChampionshipCody (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

After the Dr. Britt Baker video package wraps up, we shoot back live inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater where “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy’s music plays and he makes his way down to the ring.

As the “Freshly Squeezed” one makes his way down to the squared circle, Jim Ross kicks it to a pre-match, picture-in-picture commercial break. The TNT Championship will be on-the-line when the AEW Dynamite One-Year Anniversary Special returns.

We return from the break and the lights go out. “The American Nightmare” Cody begins making his way down to the ring as the fans break out in a “Cody! Cody! Cody!” chant.

“The American Nightmare” heads to the ring after giving his beautiful bride a smooch and showing off his bleach blond hair, as he has passed on the brunette look yet again.

Cody chats briefly with Cody and Arn Anderson as they head to the ring and then he enters the squared circle as his theme song peaks, posing on the turnbuckle and playing to the fans.

We see Darby Allin seated up in the “cheap seats” as Excalibur points out on commentary, as he will be watching on during this TNT Championship contest. The ring announcer does the formal pre-match ring introductions for this title match and the bell sounds.

The first few minutes in this one center around Orange Cassidy’s character, as Cody attempts to be the first person to get the “Freshly Squeezed” one to lock-up in a match in AEW. Cassidy plays it cool, as usual, putting his hands in his pockets, taking off the sunglasses, etc.

Finally, Cassidy does lock up and these two start to wrestle a bit. Cassidy backs Cody into the corner and gives him a clean break, putting his hands up and then down — in his pockets. As he turns his back and walks off, Cody fires up and charges at Cassidy, going to work on the challenger with a vengeance.

Cassidy plays it cool even still, escaping a hold from “The American Nightmare” and again turning his back on the champion, which as J.R. notes on commentary, is somewhat of a blatant sign of disrespect. Cassidy goes to work on Cody, focusing his attack on the arm of the TNT Champion here in the early goings. He tries a couple of unique pin attempts, however Cody hangs in there.

Back on a vertical base, Cody blasts Cassidy with a knee to the bread basket before hoisting him up for a stalled suplex. Jim Ross then takes us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as Cody continues to take it to Cassidy.

We’re back from the break and we see Cody is still in the offensive driver’s seat, as he body slams Cassidy and heads to the top-rope. He comes off with a flying double sledgehammer, however Cassidy takes a step back and avoids it. Cassidy tries his shin kick spot on Cody, but “The American Nightmare” is having none of it.

Cody fires up on Cassidy, who fires up right back in response, knocking Cody out of the ring and to the floor before following him out with a flying tope suicida. As Cassidy and Cody recover we see John Silver from the Dark Order, as well as many other Dark Order members, come to ringside. Silver tries stealing the TNT Championship, however Cassidy takes it from him and the referee kicks all of the Dark Order members out of the ringside area.

After they are sent to the back and order is restored, the action resumes in the ring with Cassidy taking it to Cody before “The American Nightmare” turns the tables and looks for his Cross-Rhodes. Cassidy reverses it, however Cody hangs in there. He goes for the Cody Cutter and hits it. Both men are down and slow to get up now, as the crowd claps and cheers to support both guys.

They trade forearms and punches back-and-forth before “Freshly Squeezed” goes rampage-mode with repeated palm strikes to the gut of the champion. Cody ends up taking out the legs of Cassidy with a dropkick to the knees. Now he grabs Cassidy’s leg and goes out of the ring, wrapping the leg around the steel ring post with authority as the fans boo. We see Darby Allin watching on and now, as Excalibur points out due to a camera change that Arn Anderson scolded Cody for that.

Back in the ring, Cody hits a well-timed Disaster Kick as the announcers inform us that Darby Allin will challenge for the TNT Championship on November 7th at the AEW FULL GEAR 2020 pay-per-view, noting he now has a vested interest in the winner of this match. Cody locks in a single-leg Boston Crab on Cassidy. Cassidy fought it well, so Cody releases the hold.

Cassidy fires up and hits a wild diving DDT off the top-rope and then follows up with a package piledriver for a nearfall. He goes for beach-breaker, however he doesn’t get it. Now we see a figure-four leg lock in the center of the ring out of nowhere, as Cassidy shouts in pain and Cody puts more downward pressure on the knee as he sits up to tighten the squeeze. Cassidy tries swinging to reverse it, and he does. Cody immediately reverses it back. Cassidy reverses it and Cody keeps the roll going to reverse it back.

They eventually roll non-stop and crash into the bottom ring rope, forcing referee Paul Turner to break it up. Arn Anderson walks over and says something to Cody before he gets up and is hit with a crazy Beach-Break by Cassidy outside the ring ropes on the hard part of the ring apron. Cody falls down to the floor afterwards. That was nuts and the fans agree as they break out into a “That Was Awesome!” chant followed by a louder “This Is Awesome!” follow-up chant.

Cassidy muscles a dead-weight, lifeless Cody back into the ring. He rolls in after him and covers him, but only gets two. Cassidy runs at Cody but Cody reverses his momentum into a Cross-Rhodes attempt. Cassidy escapes and hits a DDT. He follows-up with another Beach-Break, this time in the ring, and he immediately follows-up with a pin attempt. Somehow “The American Nightmare” found a way to kick out before the count of three.

Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch as Justin Roberts begins counting down the final ten seconds of the time limit allotted for this TNT Title bout. As they reverse back-and-forth, Cassidy hits the Mouse Trap and goes for the pin … 1…2 … nope. Justin Roberts’ countdown from ten hit zero before referee Paul Turner’s count hit three on Cassidy’s pin attempt. The match ends in a Draw, and thus, “The American Nightmare” Cody retains the TNT Championship.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Retains TNT Championship via DRAW

Backstage: Jon Moxley Returns Favor To Lance Archer

We shoot backstage where “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer and Jake “The Snake” Roberts are standing by for a pre-match interview ahead of tonight’s AEW Championship main event.

Before Jake can say much, however, we see the Leader of the Paradigm Shift in the business, The Purveyor of Violence, Jon Moxley, as he attacks the number one contender from behind, returning the favor from “The Murderhawk Monster” earlier in the evening.

Matt Hardy & His Family Interrupted By Sammy Guevara

We see Matt Hardy and his family at ringside. Tony Schiavone heads over to conduct a live interview with him. He talks about it being great to be back in front of the fans in All Elite Wrestling.

Hardy talks about his new baby and his wife and family until he is cut off by a video, which is ominous and cryptic in nature, but concludes with the reveal of Sammy Guevara saying it was him all along. He vows to finish what he started at ALL OUT and finish Matt Hardy for good. He must DELETE him!

As the video wraps up, we shoot back live inside Daily’s Place to a befuddled and confused Hardy, who asks Schiavone if he knew about that. He promises he didn’t and says it’s good to see him back nonetheless. Hardy vows Sammy Guevara is first in his sights now that he is back. We head to a commercial break.

Fatal-4-Way Tag-Team Match Set Up For Next Week

A lottery is held in the middle of the ring with Tony Schiavone pulling four tag-team names out of a gold tumbler to reveal the four teams that will compete for a shot at the AEW Tag-Team Championships next week on AEW Dynamite.

The first team is revealed to be Private Party. The second is two members of the Dark Order. The third is the duo of The Butcher and The Blade. Finally, the fourth and final team vying for the AEW Tag-Team Titles on next week’s Dynamite is none other than The Young Bucks.

This leads to a big pull-apart angle with all four teams going at it inside the around the ring to further hype next week’s Fatal-4-Way tag-team showdown for a shot at the AEW Tag-Team Championships.

AEW Women’s World Championship
Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Big Swole

After the wild scene in and around the ring with the tag-teams competing in next week’s fatal-4-way championship match on Dynamite comes to an end, we shoot back to the announce desk.

There we see Jim Ross and Excalibur react to what just transpired before they promote the upcoming clash for the AEW Women’s World Championship before sending us to a commercial break.

We’re back from the break and we see a close-up of the titan tron video for the challenger in our third of four championship matches scheduled for this week’s special AEW Dynamite One-Year Anniversary show, Big Swole, who makes her way to the ring as the announcers sing her praises on commentary.

From there the lights go down, the squeel is heard throughout the amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. and then the thunderous drums hit and the familiar tune of Hikaru Shida plays as the AEW Women’s World Champion makes her way to the squared circle. The announcers talk about working through the pandemic this year as they talk about tonight being the milestone one-year anniversary of the weekly AEW on TNT program.

The referee for the match holds up the AEW Women’s World Championship to show Swole and Shida what they are fighting for tonight as the announcers reference Riho on commentary and promise she will be back as soon as she is able to be. The bell sounds and here we go. The fans chant “Let’s go Shida!” as the champion slaps a side-head lock on the challenger after stepping on the calf of Swole to bring her down to Shida’s level.

Shida sweeps out the legs of Swole to take the challenger down to the mat. Great chain-wrestling and mat skills shown by the AEW Women’s World Champion. Swole fires up and hits the ropes, ducking a clothesline attempt from Shida but walking into a follow-up shot from the champion. Swole turns the tables afterwards, however, taking it to the champion and locking her in a standing submission of some kind before countering into a roll-up pin attempt. Shida kicks out.

As Swole tries a few follow-up pin attempts, the announcers inform us that tonight’s AEW Dynamite main event for the AEW World Championship between Jon Moxley and Lance Archer has been made a No Disqualification match after their multiple backstage brawls throughout the evening.

Meanwhile, Shida returns to the offensive driver’s seat as she takes over the action in this co-main event title bout. She pulls Swole’s head over the ring apron and heads out to the floor. She sprints and blasts her with a running knee to the side of the dome. She plays to the crowd and camera afterwards a bit too long, however, as Swole blasts her from behind as J.R. talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues with Swole putting Shida back inside the ring.

We’re back from the break and we see Swole still alive and well, however it is Shida who is back in control of the offense. The two head to the top rope and Swole loses her footing, crashing down to the mat. She knocks Shida off and out to the floor. She launches off the bottom rope and drives Shida’s face into the entrance ramp. Back in the ring she hits it again for a pin attempt that almost got her the win. Swole is in disbelief as Shida survives.

Swole goes to work on the champ, digging with uppercuts to the body before blasting her in the dome with a headbutt. She hits her with a knee and looks for Dirty Dancing, however Shida has both arms captured and she hits a Straight Jacket Suplex into a pin attempt for a count of two. Shida with a running knee strike to the back of the head of Swole. She follows up with a Falcon Arrow for another close near fall, however Swole hangs in there. The fans break out into “This Is Awesome!” chants. Swole decks the champ with Dirty Dancing and covers her, however Shida gets her hand on the bottom rope just before the referee hits the mat a third time.

Shida fires up and hits a running knee strike to the back of Swole’s head. She quickly follows that up with her finisher. She covers Swole and gets the 1-2-3, earning a hard-fought victory to retain her AEW Women’s World Championship against a very game challenger in Big Swole. Former champion Nyla Rose is shown watching on from ringside as Shida celebrates her victory.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikaru Shida

Eddie Kingston Isn’t Happy

Eddie Kingston looks pissed. Out he comes with his crew consisting of The Lucha Bros and the duo of The Butcher & The Blade.

They walk over towards the commentary team as the announcers send us to a video package hyping Shawn Spears vs. Scorpio Sky.

After the vignette promoting Spears-Sky wraps up, we shoot back live where we see Eddie Kingston and his crew have joined the gang at the announce table where Kingston will serve as special guest commentator for the upcoming main event.

J.R. introduces a graphic reminding fans about the Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer match being ruled a No Disqualification Match for the AEW World Championship earlier in the evening after multiple backstage scuffles leading up to their headline showdown on tonight’s special anniversary show.

On that note, we head to a commercial break with our main event waiting on the other side.

No DQ Match For AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Lance Archer

As we return from the break, we see the ring entrance of the challenger for tonight’s main event on this week’s AEW Dynamite One-Year Anniversary Special, as “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer makes his way down to the ring.

On his way, we see AEW production member Charlie Ramone thrown threw plate glass by Archer, in typical “Murderhawk Monster” pre-match ring walk fashion.

Now the champion’s music hits and out comes “The Purveyor of Violence,” Jon Moxley. The leader of “The Paradigm Shift” in the pro wrestling industry carries his AEW World Championship to the ring, walking with a purpose and with a mean look on his mug.

As soon as Mox hits the ringside area, he jumps through the ropes and immediately blasts Archer. The bell sounds, his music abruptly cuts off and our main event of the evening is officially underway.

Mox takes it to Archer straight out of the gate, he nails him with his Paradigm Shift DDT finisher immediately and covers him for a pinfall attempt, however “The Murderhawk Monster” hangs in there, kicking out at two.

The action spills out to the floor now where the violence level picks up even more as Moxley slams and throws Archer into anything solid and beating him with anything he can get his hands on that isn’t nailed down. Archer blasts Mox to buy himself some time and now the match re-enters the ring.

It doesn’t remain in the ring long, however, as Archer sends Moxley out to the floor and follows him out with a vicious cannonball senton. J.R. leads us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as our AEW World Championship main event continues with Archer working over Mox as we head to the break.

We’re back from the break and we see Archer firmly in control of the action now, as he is in a comfortable lead and enjoying his time in the offensive driver’s seat, which allows the announcers to splinter off into some storyline advancing, as Eddie Kingston talks in character about some surrounding storylines related to tonight’s Moxley-Archer main event.

Now we see Moxley show his first sign of life since we returned from the mid-match commercial break, as he knocks “The Murderhawk Monster” off his feet to stop his momentum dead in its’ tracks. Mox heads outside the ring now and starts grabbing steel chairs from underneath it. He throws in three or four steel chairs now and re-enters the ring.

Once he gets back into the squared circle, Moxley picks up one of the steel chairs and blasts Archer with it, making a loud sickening thud that is heard echoing throughout the Daily’s Place amphitheater. Mox unfolds and sets up two chairs facing each other now as he reaches over to pick up Archer.

Mox picks Archer up with evil intentions, however it is Archer who pulls off the evilness in this scenario, as he turns the tables on the leader of the Paradigm Shift and hits a crazy chokeslam that bounces the back of the champion’s skull off the seated part of the unfolded steel chairs facing each other in the center of the ring. Archer hits some follow-up moves until Mox slows him down again, knocking him out to the floor.

Moxley hits the ropes and sprints towards the opposite side of the ring, however when he dives through the ropes head-first, his dome crashes into a waiting steel trash can that was swung at him by “The Murderhawk Monster” at the perfect time.

Things escale even more after that, if at all possible, as the two build to a big spot where Mox hits the Paradigm Shift on Archer off the ring apron and through two side-by-side tables that were set up. We see 100 immediate replays of that wicked spot as the AEW Jacksonville fans break out into a loud “This Is Awesome!” chant.

Moxley returns to the ring and the announcers point out that he is busted open and bleeding. He blasts Archer with a Paradigm Shift and covers him. 1-2… Mox counters into a Bulldog Choke. Archer escapes and returns to his feet. Archer with a big DDT. He goes to follow-up with his razor’s edge-like finisher, however Mox counters and reverses into a pin attempt. 1-2-3. Moxley wins!

Winner and STILL AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

After The Match: Jon Moxley Beatdown Begins …

As soon as the bell sounds and Moxley’s music starts playing, we see Archer pop up and take out the champion. Eddie Kingston drops his headset and he and his crew run down to the ring to join in on the fun.

Kingston enters the ring with The Lucha Bros and they watch as the post-match beatdown on Mox continues. Archer and Jake “The Snake” Roberts finally leave the ringside area and Kingston picks up a mic.

Kingston talks about knowing Moxley for so long and talks about being so proud of him. He gives Mox words of encouragement as the champion struggles to return to his feet following the post-match attack. Kingston says he always knew he could do it.

As Mox looks confused and returns to his feet. he is nailed with a cheap shot from Eddie Kingston. Kingston slaps a choke on Moxley and as The Lucha Bros prevent anyone from entering the ring to break it up, Kingston tightens up the choke and squeezes away.

We see Kingston grab the AEW World Championship now and he says this was supposed to be his. He vows to get Moxley and lays the title across his body as Jim Ross struggles to wrap up the show on commentary while Kingston seemingly goes a bit long with his promo, finishing up his sentence, as does J.R., as the credits flash on the screen and the show quickly and abruptly comes to a close.

That will do it for this week’s AEW Dynamite One-Year Anniversary Special. Make sure to check out the AEW Dynamite Post-Show for the 10/14/2020 edition of the weekly AEW on TNT show via the YouTube video embedded below from the official channel of All Elite Wrestling.

Thanks for joining us here this evening for AEW Dynamite results coverage. Make sure to stop back by again next Wednesday night for the best AEW Dynamite results coverage anywhere on the world-wide web!

Happy birthday, All Elite Wrestling! We hope your sophomore year is filled with as much excitement and entertainment as your rookie year!

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