AEW Dynamite Results (10/30): Charleston

AEW Dynamite Results (10/30): Charleston Coliseum In Charleston, W.V.

All Elite Wrestling returns with the latest weekly edition of AEW Dynamite tonight, October 30th, from the Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, West Virginia.

Featured below are live, ongoing play-by-play results coverage of the show.

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Tony Schiavone Takes A Ride With Cody

The show opens with us in the parking lot seeing Tony Schiavone welcome us to the private airplane of Cody and Dustin Rhodes. The two get off the plane and Cody and Tony walk off together as Dustin goes his own way.

Tony starts to ask Cody about his upcoming AEW Full Gear main event match against Chris Jericho for the AEW World’s Heavyweight Championship on November 9th in Baltimore, Maryland.

On Last Week’s AEW Dynamite …

From there, we see video highlights of last week’s AEW Dynamite main event between Kenny Omega and PAC going to the time-limit draw, which leads into a graphic displaying promoting the Moxley-Kenny Omega match at AEW Full Gear as we see Omega entering the scene following the Moxley-PAC match. We also see Hangman Page calling out PAC for AEW Full Gear and a graphic for that match.

Finally, we shoot to the post-show scene from last week where Moxley storms through the backstage area and into AEW President Tony Khan’s dressing room. They talk about how things have to be a Lights Out match. Moxley talks about being upset that they are considering him unsanctionable. He says Omega’s ass is on the line because of him.

AEW Dynamite Opener

After that the opening video package for this week’s AEW Dynamite airs as we officially kick off this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite with a shot live inside the Charleston Coliseum. Jim Ross welcomes us to this week’s show as pyro explodes at the entrance stage and the camera pans around the packed Charleston Coliseum. We shoot up to J.R. and The Excalibur talking about some of the stuff scheduled for tonight. We see a tease for a Rick And Morty update tonight. They also promote tonight’s big main event and the finals of the AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament, with SCU vs. The Lucha Bros battling to determine the inaugural AEW World Tag-Team Champions.

Sammy Guevara vs. Hangman Page

They conclude their rundown of what is on tap for tonight’s show by introducing our first in-ring contest of the evening — The Inner Circle’s Sammy Guevara going one-on-one against Elite’s Adam “Hangman” Page.

With that said, Guevara’s theme hits and out comes The Inner Circle member making his way to the ring with sway — by himself. J.R. compares Guevara to Eddie Guerrero. After he hits the ring the lights dim and his opponent, Hangman Page’s theme hits.

Hangman Adam Page then comes out as pyro and fireworks explode and the fans in the arena give him a good pop as he makes his way down to the ring for tonight’s opening contest.

The two go back-and-forth early on while the pro-Hangman Page fans voice their chants and the anti-Sammy Guevara chants also spread throughout the Charleston Coliseum as the action picks up inside the ring.

Early on, Guevara’s quickness is getting him the better of the offensive exchanges thus far. Adam Page keeps shutting down his attempts to dominate the action for any length of time, and he is actually now starting to put together a nice offensive run. Page clotheslines Guevara out to the floor and goes out after him.

He simply throws him back in the ring, but Guevara uses that to trip Hangman where his head bounces off the ring apron on the way down. He then throws Hangman into some chairs sitting at ringside before tossing him back in the ring to continue his assault. He hits a slam and goes for a cocky cover, only getting two from the official for this contest.

Guevara goes to the top rope as the fans in Charleston fill the arena with boos. Guevara then uses an arrogant jump off the top rope to simply smack Page. This backfires on Guevara as it just pisses off Hangman, who fires up on offense. Guevara slows things down with a lariat and now both guys are down as the fans chant “AEW! AEW!”

The two exchange some more offensive leads before an awesome flip-over-the-top-rope leads into a foreful lariat from Adam Page on Guevara setting up the pin fall victory. Big pop for Hangman from the fans in Charleston followed by a “AEW! AEW!” chant.

Winner: Hangman Page

After The Match: Hangman Page “Cowboy Sh*t” Promo

After the match, Hangman gets on the mic and cuts a quick post-match promo to promote his match against PAC at AEW Full Gear on 11/9 in Baltimore.

He promises to show some “Cowboy Sh*t” in the match, which leads to a “Cowboy Sh*t! Cowboy Sh*t!” chant and a comment from J.R. about how that would make for a great AEW t-shirt for Hangman Page.

We head to our first commercial break of the evening after the match.

Shanna vs. Hikaru Shida

When we return from the break we are headed back to the ring for our second match of the evening, which will be contested in the AEW women’s division.

Making her All Elite Wrestling debut is Shanna, who comes out now and heads to the ring. Out next is her opponent for this one-on-one bout, Hikaru Shida.

Both ladies are in the ring as the announcers school the fans more on who these two are as the bell sounds to officially kick this one off. The two lock-up and immediately go at it.

The crowd tries to hype the girls early in the match clapping. Shanna takes Shida down with an arm drag followed by a heel to the belly and a two count, kick out by Shida. Shanna throws Shida out of the ring. Shanna attempts a high flying move over the ropes, Shida prepared for Shanna’s move counters with an elbow. Shida sets up a chair outside of the ring, getting a running knee through the air onto Shanna.

After a generous 10 count by the ref, both girls make their way back into the ring as the crowd begins to chant “Shida”. Shida with several toe kicks followed by an elbow. Ref seperates the two, only to have Shida land another flying knee to the upper body of Shanna. Another cover attempt by Shida. Shanna attempts to regain control of the match with a few hard blows. Shida looking for a Brain Buster which Shanna counters with a roll up and pin attempt to no avail.

Shida once again attempts the Brain Buster, Shanna vigorously kicks her legs to get out of the move. Shanna gets the finally begins to get some good moves in on Shida. Shanna goes to the top turnbuckle, only to be knocked to a sitting position by Shida who also climbs to the second rope. Both throw blows back and forth. Shanna gets a headbutt on Shida followed by a Diving Double Foot Stomp and a ridiculously close 2 count with Shida kicking out at the very last second.

Shanna showing a more aggressive side, noted by the commentators. Shanna begins to smack Shida in the back, getting a double underhook as Shida kicks her legs, getting out of it. Shanna slides down the back of Shida, slamming Shida to the mat. The crowd once again begin to chant “Shida”. Shida grabs Shanna by the wrist from the second rope and Suplexs Shanna over the top rope. Two count and fail. Shida with a pinfall attempt to no avail. Back and forth between the two, both getting crazy close two count pin attempts on each other. Shida finally rolls Shanna up for the three count pinfall and win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Brandi Rhodes Vignette

Brandi Rhodes video package airs showing her heel tactics in attacking Jamie Hayter recently, followed by some cool footage of her putting on makeup as the music and video color scheme turns dark and eery, and also features cameos from the likes of Awesome Kong.

Santana & Ortiz Attack The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express

The legendary Rock ‘N’ Roll Express are introduced for an interview segment with Chris Van Vliet live on the entrance stage. They make their way out and get a nice pop from the W.V. fans.

As Van Vliet asks the legendary duo their first question, out of nowhere The Inner Circle’s Santana and Ortiz blind-side Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson — the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express — from behind with “loaded socks,” as described by J.R.

The fans boo as the dastardly duo does damage to the legends. They end up both picking up one of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express members and slamming him through part of the stage. It was Ricky Morton.

As they pose over him while Gibson sells on the ramp, finally, Matt and Nick Jackson — The Young Bucks — come out to make the save, running off Santana and Ortiz. The Young Bucks call for help as AEW officials and medics scramble to come out and help the injured Morton. We head to a commercial break on that note.

Tony Schiavone & Cody Ride Update

When we return from commercial we are preparing for a six-man tag-team match inside the ring, however we shoot to the limo transporting Tony Schiavone and Cody to the building for tonight’s AEW Full Gear contract signing segment between Cody and Chris Jericho.

Schiavone tells some old stories to compare the old days to the way things are happening today with AEW. He tells Cody his sarcastic master plan to make Jericho wait tonight to let him know that Cody is the star.

Cody tells some stories of his own about his legendary father, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. He says that his mother is coming to AEW Full Gear on 11/9 in Baltimore. He talks about wanting to impress her the way he feels his dad did when she would watch him perform. He addresses Jericho’s Inner Circle and talks about knowing him for ten years. He says AEW is his ring though, and he feels confident.

Tony and Cody talk about emotion being good. He says it drives us as men and women and makes us better. He gives Cody some more friendly words of advice and tells him to use it for motivation for his big world title match against Chris Jericho at Royal Farms Arena. Tony thanks Cody. Cody laughs and mentions again Tony’s advice about making Jericho wait.

John Silver, Alex Reynolds & QT Marshall vs. Best Friends & Orange Cassidy

From there, we shoot back live inside the Charleston Coliseum where we see the three men in the ring introduced. They are the team of John Silver, Alex Reynolds and QT Marshall.

Out next are their opponents — The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) and Orange Cassidy. They come out in support of Rick and Morty returning to Adult Swim on November 10th. Their entrance features a special video and ring introduction from Rick and Morty, complete with The Best Friends wearing Rick and Morty masks, as are many, many fans in the arena, which the camera pans around to show.

The music dies down and it’s time for this six-man tag-team match. This one doesn’t last long and was basically filled with comedy spots as the fun match of the evening for the fans in Charleston. Things finally build to the finish, which sees The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy pick up the win after a series of suicide dives and a pin.

Winners: The Best Friends & Orange Cassidy

AEW Full Gear Contract Signing

We shoot back inside the arena where Chris Jericho’s music hits and a Halloween-attire sporting AEW World’s Heavyweight Champion and the leader of The Inner Circle makes his way out to the special set up on the entrance stage for the contract signing for his title defense against Cody at AEW Full Gear in Baltimore, MD. on November 9th at Royal Farms Arena.

Finally, we shoot to the parking lot where we see Cody and Tony Schiavone finally exit a limo and walk towards the arena. They head into the arena through the backstage area. We shoot back into the arena where we see Jericho now seated at the table for the contract signing. Cody’s theme hits and out he comes accompanied by Tony Schiavone as the fans in Charleston explode.

It’s time for the contract signing for the highly-anticipated Chris Jericho vs. Cody AEW World’s Heavyweight Championship scheduled for next Saturday, November 9th.

Tony kicks things off with the formal particulars for the match and then Jericho takes over. He teases flipping the table over and attacking Cody but reveals it was just a joke. He says this match is too important for that. He calls it the most important match in pro wrestling this year, the biggest match in AEW history and the biggest of Cody’s career. They sign the contract and shake hands. As Jericho goes to walk away, Cody pulls him back.

Jericho tells Cody they can stand there all night but he says he’s needed elsewhere. From there, we see Sammy Guevara appear on the big screen in the arena as he is in the parking lot with the other members of The Inner Circle. Jake Hager is included this time and they viciously beat down Cody’s brother, Dustin Rhodes, with Hager slamming him in the limo car door over and over again.

J.R. speculates that Dustin’s arm is no doubt broken. Cody finally arrives on the scene, as do MJF and others. They watch as Jericho and Inner Circle enter their limo to exit the arena, as Jericho tells Cody “Happy Halloween” before they drive off with Cody and MJF attending to a screaming-in-pain Dustin following the attack by Hager and The Inner Circle in the parking lot.

Kip Sabian & The Hybrid 2 vs. Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

We’re back from the break and we head back to the ring for another six-man tag-team match. First to the ring is the team of Kip Sabian and The Hybird 2. They wrap up their entrance and now here come their opponents.

A super cool video game style-looking entrance which my nephew Tyler tells me is from Sans The Skeleton from Undertale is used for Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks titan tron clip. Then Kenny Omega comes out dressed up as the character by himself. Out next are his partners for this one, Nick and Matt Jackson — The Young Bucks. They get confetti and pyro for their entrance.

This was an excellent match that was given plenty of time to develop. Things built to the finish, which saw The Elite hit tandem Super Kicks on Jack Evans before Kenny Omega hit a V-Trigger and a One-Winged Angel on Evans for the pin fall victory for his team. Really, really good match with a lot of great action.

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

After The Match: Santana & Ortiz Strike Again!

After the match, The Young Bucks are celebrating with two fans in Rick and Morty masks at ringside when out of nowhere the fans take the masks off to reveal they are in fact The Inner Circle’s Santana and Ortiz.

Santana and Ortiz strike for the third time this evening, adding Nick and Matt Jackson to a list that includes Dustin Rhodes and The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express as well.

The Inner Circle duo then yank The Bucks over the ring barricade and commence to kicking some butt. Eventually, Omega makes the save and Santana and Ortiz flee to the back.

Jon Moxley Freaks Out About Lights Out Unsanctioned Match At AEW Full Gear

“Shhhh,” sounds from the mic from Peter Avalon as he makes his way to the ring accompanied by his female librarian.

As he enters the ring saying, “this place is rotten” he is interrupted by Jon Moxley who walks in through the crowd and makes his way to the ring, slamming Avalon to the mat. Avalon exits the ring.

Moxley speaks to the crowd, “For my upcoming unsanctioned match, I am told no time limits, no countouts, no DQ’s… no sanctions. I find out officially this match doesn’t even count. This win won’t go on the record.”

Moxley goes on to say, “AEW wants to treat me like some kind of freak, they want to put me in my little box so I don’t cause any trouble.”

He goes on to say he is the baddest son of a bitch in this game and there isn’t a damn soul in the AEW who is going to come out here and try and prove him wrong.

“You think I am out of control, you think I can’t be sanctioned? You haven’t seen anything yet. You are going to see some amazing wrestling violence that you have never seen. I have a message for AEW. I will tell them the same thing I told the suits, the same thing I told teachers, the same thing I told the cops, the same thing I will tell anyone… Kiss my ASS, and stay the hell out of my way.”

Moxley drops the mic.

AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament Finals
The Lucha Bros vs. SoCal Uncensored

It is time for our main event of the evening here at AEW Dynamite in Charleston, W.V., as the finals of the AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament to crown the inaugural AEW World Tag-Team Champions is up next.

The tournament that has been playing out since AEW Fyter Fest wraps up next, as The Lucha Brothers — Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix, meet SoCal Uncensored (SCU) — Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, to determine the inaugural world tag-team champions of All Elite Wrestling.

The crowd begins to chant “Lucha Brothers!… SCU!” as the match is announced. All four men square off in the center of the ring, going nose to nose as the ref tells both teams to make their way to their corners.

The match starts with hands thrown back and forth between the two legal men in as their partners jump in as well and SCU attacks both Lucha Brothers.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix have both members of SCU in the corner of the ring, dominating the match. Fenix hooks the eyes of Frankie Kazarian. Scorpio gets the taste kicked out of his mouth on the outside of the ring by Fenix. Fenix with a high flying move over the top rope onto Kazarian who is being stretched out by Pentagon Jr. Fenix tags in Pentagon. Kazarian is struggling to his feet, attempting a kick on Pentagon. Pentagon counters, dropping Kazarian to the mat as he tags Fenix back in.

Fenix has Kazarian in the corner of the ring, barely able to sit up. Scorpio tries to jump in to defend Kazarian, the ref shoos him back out of the ring. Kazarian tries to make his way to the ropes, building momentum. Kazarian attacks both Lucha brothers as he tags in a very ready Scorpio. Pentagon taken down by Scorpio.

Scorpio flies over the top rope, Kazarian attempts a high flying move, which he clearly misses as he lands head first, taking the brunt of it. A swinging DDT. Scorpio gets a two count on Fenix. Scorpio kicks out next. Midair collision between Fenix and Scorpio.

Kazarian destroyed by Pentagon with a Powerbomb through the table on the outside of the ring. Fenix tries to get a pin on Scorpio who kicks out once again. Scorpio rolls Pentagon up in a craddle, Kazarian holds Fenix back from interfering. Scorpio gets the three count for the win.

Kazarian and Scorpio grab the Tag Team Championship belts and hold them high in awe of their victory to end the match. That’s how this week’s AEW Dynamite wraps up.

Winners and NEW AEW World Tag-Team Champions SoCal Uncensored

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