AEW Dynamite Results (5/27): Jacksonville

AEW Dynamite Results (5/27): Post-Double Or Nothing Show From Jacksonville, FL.

AEW Dynamite returns with their post-Double Or Nothing show tonight from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Scheduled for this week’s AEW on TNT program is an Inner Circle Pep Rally, an appearance by “Iron” Mike Tyson, the Dynamite debut of Brian Cage accompanied by Taz, Joey Janela & Private Party vs. Matt Hardy & The Young Bucks, as well as a Battle Royal to determine the first contender to the TNT Championship held by “The American Nightmare” Cody.

Featured below are AEW Dynamite results for the Wednesday, May 27, 2020 episode.


The post-Double Or Nothing edition of AEW Dynamite kicks off with a video recap of this past Saturday night’s game-changing pay-per-view.

From there, we shoot live backstage at the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida where The Inner Circle are sitting on the back of a truck with some boxes.

Chris Jericho talks to his fellow Inner Circle members about bouncing back from their loss in the Stadium Stampede match at Double Or Nothing. They reveal the boxes contain Stadium Stampede Champions t-shirts with them on it, and the truck is loaded with boxes of the now worthless t-shirts.

The regular weekly AEW Dynamite video signature airs and then we shoot live inside Daily’s Place where Jim Ross welcomes us to the show. We shoot to the announce team of J.R., Tony Schiavone and The Excalibur, who run down some of the action scheduled for tonight.

Private Party & Joey Janela vs. Matt Hardy & The Young Bucks

Now the theme of Private Party plays as Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy come out to the ring accompanied by their partner for this match, “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela.

As we await the entrance of their opponents, we cut to a pre-taped interview with Matt Hardy and The Elite. “Broken” Matt Hardy addresses us and quickly “Hangman” Adam Page wants to head out, so he does. Kenny Omega follows him out.

The team of Hardy and The Young Bucks — Nick and Matt Jackson — now address their upcoming six-man tag match. Hardy talks about teaming with The Bucks for the first-time in AEW. They say they want a different version than “Broken” Matt Hardy. Hardy comes back in a previous version. They say they want to turn the clock back a little further. An even older version of Matt Hardy enters. They pose and head to the ring.

In the arena, the trio make their way out as the ring announcer introduces them. Marq Quen and Matt Jackson kicks things off for their respective teams. Quen is taken out early by The Bucks, so he tags in Janela. They take him out as well, and then tag in Hardy. Hardy hits the old leap-frog off his partner’s back move onto “The Bad Boy” in the corner. Janela now tags in Isiah Kassidy. Hardy tags in Nick Jackson. Finally, with Nick stuck in the corner of his opponents, they take over the offense for the first time in the match.

Janela and the Private Party members hit dives to the floor on Nick after knocking him out of the ring. Janela follows up with a Death Valley Driver before resuming the action inside the ring. Kassidy goes to work on Nick. Quen tags in and Private Party looks for Silly String, but Nick avoids it. On the floor, Nick goes for a super kick but he hits Blade, who is sitting as one of the fans in the crowd. Matt makes the save for Nick as The Butcher, who was sitting next to Blade, gets involved in the action. The Bucks now get the action back in the ring, but only to hit a leapfrog over the ropes splash onto Janela on the entrance ramp. Nick finally makes the tag to Hardy.

Hardy takes the hot tag and comes in wrecking house, taking out both Private Party members. He hits a Side Effect on Kassidy for a two count. Now he calls for the Twist of Fate but Kassidy avoids it with a punch to the jaw. He goes for a bulldog on Hardy but Hardy stops him, catches Quen coming in with a boot and hits a double DDT. He hits a Side Effect on Janela when “The Bad Boy” tried to interfere. Hardy goes to the top and hits a moonsault for a near fall. He tags in Matt Jackson and the action continues in the favor of The Bucks and Hardy with Kassidy still stuck in the ring. Janela enters the picture, finally getting tagged in and he hits a double drop kick on both Bucks off the top. Private Party hit a follow up double tope suicida dive to the floor. Marq Quen looks to be hurt from the fall. The Excalibur says it’s his left knee. We see replays to show how the knee was hurt.

Now the action continues in the ring with Kassidy and Hardy in the ring. A Twist of Fate from Hardy sets up the More Bang for your Buck from Nick and Matt for the 1-2-3 for the team of The Young Bucks and Matt Hardy, who pick up the win in this week’s opening contest.

Winners: Matt Hardy & The Young Bucks

After The Match: FTR Debuts On AEW Dynamite (Watch Video Here)

After the match, Hardy and The Bucls show concern for Marq Quen, who is still down with an apparent knee injury from the match. The announcers talk about his condition and then out of nowhere, The Butcher and The Blade attack The Bucks.

Now out of nowhere, a car pulls up and out comes FTR — Fear The Revolt — the former team of The Revival in WWE.

FTR teases attacking The Bucks, but turn and take out The Butcher and The Blade, concluding their attack with a double-teamed spiked pile driver off the ropes. They go over to The Bucks again and wait for them to get up.

They do and FTR turns and takes out Blade and Butcher again. Now they turn and stare down The Bucks. They raise their fists and as The Bucks take one step forward, FTR turns and exits the ring. They walk away as we head to a commercial break. Click here for video footage of the AEW Dynamite debut of Fear The Revolt (FTR) aka The Revival.

Jon Moxley Comes Out For Guest Commentary

After the announcers recap the AEW debut of FTR from before the break, we hear the theme music of Jon Moxley. The AEW World’s Heavyweight Champion comes to join the announce team for guest commentary for our next match. They run down highlights from Double Or Nothing of Moxley’s win over Mr. Brodie Lee of The Dark Order.

Brian Cage (w/ Taz) vs. Lee Johnson

Now the number one contender to the AEW World’s Heavyweight Championship, the winner of the Casino Ladder Match at AEW Double Or Nothing Brian Cage comes down to the ring accompanied by Taz.

Cage immediately charges after Lee Johnson, who is already in the ring, blasting him down to the mat. After suplexing him around the ring a bunch, Cage closes out his AEW Dynamite debut with his Drill Claw finisher.

Winner: Brian Cage

After The Match: Taz Addresses Jon Moxley

Once the match ends, Taz hops into the ring and jumps on the mic to address Jon Moxley, who is still seated alongside J.R., Schiavone and Excalibur at the announce table.

He tells him he respects his attitude but at AEW Fyter Fest, he better come prepared because Brian Cage is going to take him out and become the new AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

“The Human Suplex Machine” closes his promo by lending his old catchphrase to the AEW newcomer and No. 1 contender, telling Moxley of his upcoming battle with Cage at Fyter Fest, “Beat him if you can, survive if he lets you.”

After the Taz promo, we see Cage and Moxley staring each other down as we head back to another commercial break.

Dr. Britt Baker’s Accusation Towards Aubrey Edwards

Dr. Britt Baker comes out accompanied by Reba after an introduction from Tony Schiavone, who is going to be talking with the women’s division star in our next segment here at AEW Dynamite.

Baker goes through her rules, as she has Reba flip-through a slide show to point out why everyone is a conspirator, running down the various injuries and issues she has had with different AEW talents.

Now she brings out a police detective style push-pin board filled with graphics and arrows connecting things to explain her conspiracy. She calls it her web of evils. She says it all centers around Aubrey Edwards.

She claims she is at the middle of all of this, pointing out that Aubrey was there for all of her injuries except her broken nose, but claimed even for that one she was .. somewhere! She exits in her wheel chair, with the camera closing in on the words “Role Model” written on the back of it.

Backstage With The Inner Circle

Backstage we are joined by Alex Marvez, who is standing by with The Inner Circle. As Chris Jericho, who is all worked up, talks about what went down at Double or Nothing and teases tonight’s Pep Rally, out of nowhere, Orange Cassidy walks by with his hands in his pockets.

Jericho stops in mid-sentence and says, “Did he just do that?” He says Orange is history. He and The Inner Circle walk off to apparently go get him.

Non-Title Match: Christi Jaynes vs. Hikaru Shida (c)

From there we shoot back live inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater where Christi Jaynes is already in the ring. The AEW women’s division newcomer will square off against the new AEW Women’s World Champion.

With that said, the theme music of Hikaru Shida plays and she makes her way to the ring as the announcers show highlights of Shida’s victory over Nyla Rose at AEW Double Or Nothing this past Saturday night.

The bell sounds and the two ladies circle each other and lock up. Shida powers Jaynes to the ropes and the ref breaks the action. The two circle and before they can lock up again, Jaynes rolls on the mat past Shida and dances around.

Now she claps her hands and tries to get the crowd into it. Shida also claps and does the same, but then Jaynes cheap-shots her with a kick to the gut. This pisses off the AEW Women’s Champ, who now goes to work on the AEW newcomer.

Jaynes stops her short and blocks her, blasting her with a chop. She then does a cool arm drag spot on the ropes before dancing around again as J.R. calls her “a handsome young woman.” She grabs Shida by the hair and screams at her. Shida reverses it into her own hair pull. They do this back-and-forth a few times until Shida slams Jaynes into the turnbuckle.

She blasts her with a follow up running knee strike. Jaynes turns the tide again and while she puts up a good fight, Shida takes over and hits her finisher to pick up her first win since capturing the title in this non-title affair here on AEW Dynamite. After the match we head to a commercial break.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

TNT Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Talks To Tony Schiavone

After we return from the break we see highlights of Cody’s TNT Title win over Lance Archer at Double Or Nothing before returning live in the arena where “The American Nightmare” makes his way out.

Accompanied by Arn Anderson, Cody comes out with the TNT Title and Arn heads to the back before Cody begins his walk to the ring in a blue suit coat where he will talk with AEW broadcast team member Tony Schiavone.

Cody tells Schiavone that Tom Brady is his favorite quarterback because he wasn’t first picked. He says Cody wasn’t the first, second or even the third person called by Tony Khan when he wanted to get into the business. He holds up four fingers and smiles, alluding to the Four Horsemen.

He then goes on to talk about those who think his story is one of nepotism or favortism. He says his story is one of getting called up way too early, but took his bumps and paid his dues. He says Dustin got all of the Dusty, he isn’t the Simba in this equation. He goes on to talk about his mother teaching him everything he needs to know about determination and grits.

He claims you can have all the talent you want but he’ll always out-work you. He says if you’re critical of him bell-to-bell, judge him from this moment on. He says he’s going to hold a schedule and set a pace like no other. He says this is an open challenge as the TNT Champion. He claims he will defend the title on AEW Dynamite on TNT every week. After his promo segment ends, we head to another commercial break.

Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc vs. SCU

Kip Sabian comes out accompanied by Penelope Ford as we return from the break.Tag-team action is up next here on AEW Dynamite.

Out next is Superbad’s tag-team partner for this evening, Jimmy Havoc. J.R. puts Havoc over as one of the ruggedly good looking members of the AEW roster.

Now out come their opponents for this bout, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky — SoCal Uncensored — SCU. They get the fire and pyro treatment as they make their way to the ring.

Sabian and Havoc attack Kazarian and Sky before the bell to kick this one off. As the smoke clears it’s Kazarian taking down Sabian in the ring as the bell sounds to officially start the match.

Kazarian jumps off to an early offensive advantage over Sabian before tagging in Sky. Sky gets in some offense and then tags Kazarian back in. Sabian tags in Havoc. Kazarian takes Havoc down and goes to work on him.

He works on the arm of Havoc and then tags Sky back in. Sky snapmares Havoc down and dropkicks him to the back of the head before tagging Kazarian back in. Kazarian goes back to work on the arm of Havoc. SCU using good quick tags to keep fresh men on Havoc as this match goes on.

After finally making the tag, Sabian comes in and takes over the match for the heel duo. He dominates the offense while Havoc recovers and once he does, they start utilizing quick tags of their own to keep a fresh guy on Kazarian. Kazarian gets poked in the eye while the ref was distracted. Havoc tries to capitalize with a pin but only gets two.

Havoc now makes the tag to Sabian, who drops Kazarian with a big clothesline. Kazarian tries to fight back but Sabian pounds him out with strikes and tags Havoc back in. Havoc comes in and keeps Kazarian on the heel side of the ring as we head to a mid-match commercial.

We’re back from the break and we see Sabian has Kazarian stuck in a headlock as Excalibur points out to the viewing audience that it was all Havoc and Sabian in control during the break.

With that said, Kazarian starts showing some signs of life, thwarting a double-team attempt by Havoc and Sabian before tagging in Sky.

Sky takes the hot tag and goes to work in the ring, taking out anything that moves as Havoc and Sabian feed in. J.R. questions if Sky realizes his true full future potential in this business as Sky continues to glide all over the ring on an offensive showcase.

Havoc cuts Sky’s run short with a death valley driver before tagging in Sabian who comes off the top rope with a double foot stomp for a close near fall. Sabian tags Havoc back in and now Sky tags in Kazarian and the two hit an assisted DDT for a close near fall of their own.

With Havoc isolated in the ring, SCU tries to hit their SCU-later double team finisher, but Penelope Ford gets involved leading to Havoc and Sabian hitting a double-team finisher of their own for the pin fall victory.

With the win, Havoc and Sabian move on to challenge Hangman Page & Kenny Omega for the AEW Tag-Team Titles on AEW Dynamite next week, with the winning team taking on Best Friends in a title match at AEW Fyter Fest.

Winners: Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian

Issues Teased Between MJF & Wardlow

We cut to a backstage promo from Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who claims to be the obvious breakout superstar in AEW, and not needing to come from another promotion to get that handle.

He goes on to explain why he is going to win the battle royal to determine the first challenger to Cody’s TNT Championship. As he finishes up his promo saying Wardlow is his insurance policy in the match, Wardlow speaks up and MJF shouts at him before claiming he “got him” and that he was “only ribbing.” He tells him, “Now let’s go have some fun out there” and walks off as Wardlow stays in the camera shot looking unhappy.

TNT Title No. 1 Contender Battle Royal

MJF makes his way out to the ring as our TNT Title No. 1 Contender Battle Royal is up next here on AEW Dynamite. As MJF continues his walk to the ring, we head to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see a bunch of competitors are already in the ring. Colt Cabana is finishing up his entrance and then we hear the theme of Billy Gunn, who makes his way from the crowd into the ring.

Now as the bell sounds, the theme of Best Friends hits as Orange Cassidy comes out. The Excalibur questions why the bell sounded since Cassidy hasn’t made it to the ring yet. As he makes his way down the ramp, he is attacked from behind by some of the members of Inner Circle.

Meanwhile, the action is well underway inside the ring for this battle royal. The guys clear off to the sides for Luther and Luchasaurus to get a big boys shine spot showcase, which culminates with the Jurassic Express masked giant eliminating Luther with a chokeslam over the top rope.

Sony Kiss is shown being eliminated and MJF goes under the ropes to get in some extra cheap shots on him before rolling back into the ring. Cabana and MJF have an exchange and then a flying apple goes wrong for Colt, as Billy eliminated him as he tried for it.

Colt Cabana is then handed a Dark Order flyer as he heads to the back. He folds the paper up as J.R. takes us to a picture-in-picture split-screen mid-match commercial break.

We return from the break to J.R. informing us that there were multiple eliminations during the break. Still remaining are Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, Jungle Boy, MJF, Wardlow, Christopher Daniels and Billy Gunn.

Daniels and Marko are eliminated. Now Wardlow and Luchasaurus brawl in the center of the ring while everyone else sells. MJF hits Luchasaurus from behind with a chop block and then Billy decks MJF and goes to work on Wardlow.

Luchasaurus and Billy go face-to-face now until Wardlow enters the picture. They double team clothesline Wardlow and then slug it out among themselves. Wardlow and MJF come from behind and eliminate them both. MJF then does a crotch chop and yells at Billy to “Suck It!”

Wardlow and MJF go after Jungle Boy in the corner. Orange Cassidy rolls into the ring and puts his shades back on as the announcers point out that he was never eliminated as he was attacked by Santana and Ortiz when coming out. MJF puts on the Dynamite Diamong Ring and accidentally blasts Wardlow with it. MJF is thrown out by Cassidy and Jungle Boy and then Wardlow is eliminated as well.

We’re down to Orange Cassidy and Jungle Boy, with the last man left standing moving on to face Cody for the TNT Title next week. Jungle Boy throws Orange over the top but he skins the cat and comes back in with a flying elbow. He hits another superman elbow and the crowd is popping. Jungle Boy decks Orange out of nowhere and then eliminates him. Jungle Boy wins and will move on to challenge Cody for the TNT Title.

Winner and earning a future TNT Title opportunity: Jungle Boy

Next Week On AEW Dynamite …

The announce team runs down some action scheduled for next week’s show, which will feature two championship matches and in-ring action from “Le Champion” Chris Jericho.

Announced for AEW Dynamite next week is:

* Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian
* Cody vs. Jungle Boy (TNT Title)
* Chris Jericho in action next week

Inner Circle Pep Rally Leads To Chris Jericho – Mike Tyson Brawl

Stadium Stampede highlights from AEW Double Or Nothing are shown leading into the advertised Pep Rally featuring The Inner Circle. Remember, an appearance by “Iron” Mike Tyson is still to come tonight as well.

We return from the break to several cheerleaders, led by head cheerleader Vickie Guerrero, who introduces The Inner Circle one-by-one for their Pep Rally. Sammy Guevara comes out on crutches, as does one of the members of Proud -N- Powerful.

The Inner Circle don’t seem to in the mood to celebrate anything tonight, although all of the bells and whistles are certainly at their disposal if they chose to, as cheerleaders, pyro and a table full of stuff that will likely be revealed in the ring.

Chris Jericho says they will rise to the ocasion and make this a good one. They start off by throwing a box full of the t-shirts they’ve got to get rid of to the people in the crowd. He says they made them specifically for these great fans, which of course, isn’t true. They throw the shirts back at The Inner Circle in the ring and Jericho loses his cool.

Sammy Guevara then cuts off Jericho’s outrage by trying to salvage things. Guevara says they didn’t win but they did participate. He hands out participation trophies that all say random things. Guevara points out that there’s a pandemic so it’s hard to get custom trophies right now.

Santana and Ortiz then hand out some Puerto Rican gifts, such a discount Timbalands and a framed picture of “The King” Marc Anthony. Jericho says he’s his hero. Jericho takes over and presents a scooter to Guevara. Guevara is happy and gives Jericho a hug.

Jericho then approaches Ortiz and says ever since you got your bell rung, which leads to Ortiz saying “Huh?” a lot. Jericho puts noise killing headphones over his ears and says that will stop the ringing. Jake Hager then takes to the microphone to read up a spirit-lifting poem to the other members of The Inner Circle.

Guevara asks Jericho what he really wants. Jericho says what he really wants is Mike Tyson’s head on a platter. January 11, 2010. Jericho says he still hasn’t forgotten what Tyson did to him on a Monday night on that fateful date.

Jericho claims Tyson turned traitor on him and ever since that day he has dreamed of getting his hands on Mike Tyson. He says he wants his head on a platter. Guevara says he can’t do that but he can do the next best thing. He says he got him a cheese platter and a little bit of the bubbley.

“Le Champion” questions why the cheese is nearly gone and the bubbley is drank. He angrily questions where his bubbley is. With that said, rap music plays as Mike Tyson comes down to the ring in an AEW t-shirt with a bottle of the bubbley and members of his entourage, which includes former UFC champions Henry Cejudo and Vitor Belfort.

Jericho and his guys’ get in Tyson and his guys’ faces and Jericho talks. He gives Tyson one chance to apologize to him or claims he’s going to knock him out. Tyson tears his shirt off and flexes. Jericho says he looks great but demands again for an apology for says he’s knocking his teeth out. Tyson pushes Jericho and Jericho shoves Tyson back hard.

A big brawl ensues, including Cejudo and Belfort and Tyson brawling with the members of The Inner Circle. The entire AEW locker room comes out, including Cody in a suit and several other wrestlers, some still in their ring gear and others in street clothes. Stuff is getting torn up and thrown everywhere as action is gonig on in every spot of the ring, some of which looks to be getting a bit out of hand.

Tyson is restrained by a million people until he breaks free for a moment and charges back at the ring before he is restrained once again. Jericho can audibly be heard yelling, “I’m gonna get you Tyson!” from the ring. Jim Ross takes us off the air. That will do it for this week’s show, thanks for joining us. Make sure to stop back by next Wednesday night, same bat-time, same bat-channel, for the best AEW Dynamite results coverage on the web. Until then, hit me up for continued AEW and WWE coverage on Twitter @MattBoone1984.


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