AEW Dynamite Results (10/23/2021)

AEW Dynamite Results From Addition Financial Arena In Orlando, FL. (10/23/2021)

It’s Saturday night, and you know what that means …

All Elite Wrestling returns from the Addition Financial Arena in Orlando, Florida for the latest installment of their weekly two-hour television program on TNT.

On tap for tonight’s special Saturday night edition of the show is Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black 3, as well as Bryan Danielson vs. Dustin Rhodes and Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer in two first round AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament matches.

Also scheduled for the show this evening is Ruby Soho vs. Penelope Ford in a first round match in the ongoing TBS Women’s Title Tournament, as well as Bobby Fish vs. Anthony Greene, Jungle Boy vs. Brandon Cutler and more.

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite results from the Addition Financial Arena in Orlando, FL.


The regular weekly signature open starts off a special Saturday Night Dynamite and then we shoot inside the Addition Financial Arena in Orlando, FL. where pyro and fireworks explode as the camera pans the venue and Jim Ross welcomes us to the show.

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament
Bryan Danielson vs. Dustin Rhodes

From there, he is joined by his fellow commentary team for tonight’s show as they run down the advertised lineup for what is a stacked card here this evening.

Once they finish up, we hear the familiar sounds of Bryan Danielson’s theme song as the fans inside the Orlando arena go bonkers and break out into “Yes!” chants as he makes his way down to the ring.

The “American Dragon” settles into the squared circle and his music dies down. Now the theme for “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes hits and out comes the half-blue face-painted pro wrestling legend.

With both competitors in the ring, it’s time for our opening contest of the evening, which is a first round bout in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. We see Tony Nese, a former WWE Superstar, sitting in the front row. He is shown on camera and acknowledged by the commentary team on the broadcast.

Fans give both guys a ton of respect, as do they to each other, as they shake hands before circling each other and locking up to get this one officially underway. We hear dueling chants for both guys as Danielson slaps a side head lock on Dustin and Dustin takes Danielson down to the mat.

They separate and return back on their feet. They lock up again and this time Dustin slaps a side head lock on Danielson. They hit the ropes and Danielson gets Dustin down to the mat with a high hip-lock take down. The fans applaud the efforts of both guys as they get back to their feet to restart the action once again.

Danielson starts to take over now and he begins working over the leg of Dustin on the mat. He gets him up in the air with a bow-and-arrow stretch on the mat and then Dustin gets to the ropes to break the hold. They restart standing again and now Dustin is selling the leg and beginning to look frustrated at his inability to get any offense going.

We see Danielson back Dustin into the ropes and blast him with some chops. Dustin drops down and blasts Danielson with a right hand uppercut but Danielson brushes it off, knocks Dustin to the floor and hits the ropes for a tope suicida out to the floor. Danielson ends up taking the brunt of the punishment on the high risk move and now Dustin takes over.

Rhodes hits a flipping senton off the ring apron onto Danielson on the floor and then rolls him back into the ring to start to go to work on the “American Dragon” for the first time in the match. He works over Danielson’s arm but eventually Danielson gets his arm free and dropkicks the already softened up leg of “The Natural.”

Dustin hits a nice suplex that shifts the momentum back into his favor again and now he blasts Danielson with some chops in the corner of the ring. Dustin sits Danielson on the top rope and climbs up after him. He hits a big superplex and goes for the cover upon landing, however Danielson kicks out at two.

J.R. points out that Danielson’s arm, which Dustin was working on earlier in the match, appears to be hurt as the fans chant “This is awesome!” They both slowly get back to their feet and then they start exchanging back-and-forth strikes. Danielson hits the ropes with a ton of speed but runs right into a snap-powerslam from Dustin. Dustin follows-up with another big spot and then goes for the cover, but Danielson again kicks out at two.

“The Natural” hits the ten-punch spot on Danielson in the corner, which the fans count along with, but from there, Danielson starts to show signs of life and he begins firing up for a big offensive comeback. He connects with a leg lariat and then backs Dustin into a corner and chops and kicks the crap out of him.

He sits Dustin on the top and climbs up after him but Dustin knocks him off and Danielson lands on the top rope in the middle of the ring. Dustin leaps off with a flying clothesline for a near fall. Danielson recovers and then gets Dustin on the mat and is looking to get him in the LeBelle Lock. Dustin makes it to the ropes to break the hold before Danielson had it fully applied.

Both guys trade back-and-forth strike exchanges and pin attempts, but neither is able to finish off the other. Danielson gets Dustin grounded and picks both of his hands up. He then proceeds to stomp the living hell out of him as the fans chant along with “Yes!” chants.

Bryan backs in a corner and waits for Dustin to get up. He amps the crowd up and then charges at him with intentions of a flying knee, but instead Dustin catches him with a big clothesline and then hits a huge piledriver for a super close near fall. The fans go nuts after Danielson kicks out and then they break out into a thunderous “AEW! AEW!” chant.

Dustin picks Danielson up for a suplex but Danielson connects with a knee to the head on the way up and over, and lands on his feet. He begins blasting Dustin with kicks to the legs and body before jumping guillotine and taking Dustin down to the mat. Dustin begins fading and Danielson changes his grip and rolls Dustin over, applying the body-scissors and squeezing for all he’s got. Dustin goes out. The ref calls it. Danielson wins and advances to the next round of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. Excellent match.

Winner and ADVANCING in the AEW Title Eliminator Tournament: Bryan Danielson

Kenny Omega & The Superkliq With A Message For “Hangman” Adam Page

We shoot backstage and see Kenny Omega, Adam Cole and The Young Bucks wearing Jordan sneakers. The camera pans up and Kenny Omega speaking about Hangman Page and how The Dark Order boys have a match scheduled for next week against The Elite.

He goes on to talk about how Page can’t sleep at night because he’s afraid of failure. He mocks him and his homemade moonshine and says he knows him better than anyone. He says if fans knew him as well as he does, they’ve be chanting “Coward sh*t!” instead of “Cowboy sh*t!” We head to a commercial break as The Super Kliq applauds Omega for his catchy ending line.

FTR, Penta El Zero Miedo On Playing Dirty & Selling Wolf Tickets

We return from the break and we see FTR and Tully Blanchard in a vignette where they talk about capturing the AAA Tag-Team Championships. They claim that daddy is home now and they tell The Lucha Bros that they are looking at the best luchadors of all time.

The vignette then transitions to a message from Penta El Zero Miedo and Alex Abrahantes. They talk about FTR attacking his brother and claim that if FTR wants to play dirty, they can do just that. They vow that revenge is coming. FTR takes a page out of Nick Diaz’s book and talks about Alex Abrahantes and The Lucha Bros selling wolf tickets, and that’s something they don’t do.

MJF, The Pinnacle Beat Down Sting & Deliver Message To Darby Allin

Now we head back inside the Addition Financial Arena where Tony Schiavone is standing in the ring. He addresses the recent attack of Darby Allin and says he’s going to get an update from the man who knows him best.

“Ladies and gentlemen … this is Sting!” says Schiavone and out comes “The Icon.” Sting settles into the ring and Schiavone asks him for the update on Darby, noting we haven’t seen him as of late.

Before Sting can say one single word, the theme song for Maxwell Jacob Friedman hits and out comes MJF demanding his music be cut off. The fans boo like crazy and then MJF tells Florida to try and show some class for once.

MJF verbally dresses down Sting, mocking him for painting his face and carrying a bat, as well as having what is left of his 80s moustache. He tells him there’s plenty of people in Orlando that settle their problems with gun violent and incest and then goes back to talking about Sting not being a good person because he isn’t there for his friends when they need him most.

He claims Sting not being there is the reason that Darby Allin is in the same place as his old pal Lex Luger … in a wheelchair. As soon as he says that he steps in the ring and Sting decks him the second he says the line. Wardlow tries hitting the ring, as does Shawn Spears. Sting fights them both off at first but eventually a chair shot and clothesline from Spears and Wardlow get “The Icon” on the ground.

The Pinnacle trio beat Sting down with the steel chair while the fans in Orlando chant “Darby! Darby!” MJF wears a big self-satisfied grin as Spears unfolds the chair and brushes it off for MJF. MJF puts his sport coat and scarf back on and then sits in the chair. He looks down at Sting laid out and asks if Darby, who he says he knows is in a whole lot of pain, has been broken mentally yet after what he just did.

He picks Sting’s lifeless head up and screams into the camera for Darby to look at him. He says he wants Darby to know that no matter what he will always be, at best, second best to him. He says because he is the past, the present and the future of pro wrestling. His theme hits again and The Pinnacle trio exit the ring.

They stop as they see Sting struggling, but finally managing to get to his feet. MJF puts his Dynamite Diamond Ring on and decks Sting with it. The fans boo and MJF kisses his ring and finally exits the ring and heads to the back. We head to another commercial break after this.

Dr. Britt Baker With A Message For Tay Conti

When we return from the break we shoot backstage for a special interview with Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. She talks about Tay Conti showing her ass a lot and vows to beat it when they meet at AEW Full Gear, where Baker will be putting her AEW Women’s Championship on-the-line against the women’s division contender.

TBS Women’s Championship Tournament
Ruby Soho vs. Penelope Ford

Now we head back inside the Addition Financial Arena where the commentators set up our next match of the evening, which will be a first round bout in the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament. We see the brackets for the tourney to determine the inaugural TBS Women’s Champion.

The familiar sounds of Penelope Ford’s theme hits and out she comes as she settles into the ring and gets ready for action. The equally familiar sounds of “Ruby Soho” hits and out comes the women’s star of the same name.

We hear the bell sound and now we are officially off-and-running with this first round tourney bout. Early on we see some back-and-forth action and then Ford starts to take over.

Now we see The Bunny start to skip down to the ring and she settles at ringside in her friend Ford’s corner as Ford continues to dominate the action. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as this match continues.

Soho hits a brutal back-drop suplex on Ford that the commentators point out and show a replay of as we settle back in from the break. Soho tries to follow-up but Ford cuts her off.

Ruby continues to fight back, however, and ends up decking Ford with an assortment of kicks for a near fall. J.R. calls ford “kick drunk” after the shots from Soho. Ford does the Matrix back-bend to avoid a shot from Soho, but Soho stops and simply picks her up. Ford escapes her clutches, however, and hits a nice cutter for a near fall.

We see Soho try and take Ford to the top rope, but she takes too long and Ford keeps in control of the offense. She blasts Soho with a big kick and goes for the cover, however Soho again manages to kick out. The Bunny looks shocked at ringside, so she tries to slide the brass knuckles into Ford, but Ford fumbles them and Soho rolls her up for the win.

With the victory, Soho moves to the second round of the TBS Women’s Championship tournament, where she will take on Kris Statlander. After the match ends, we see The Bunny and Ford try and team up on Soho, however The Bunny’s first-round opponent in another TBS Women’s Championship first round tournament match, Red Velvet, runs out to make the save for Soho, running off the aforementioned women’s heel duo.

Winner and ADVANCING in the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament: Ruby Soho

Wardlow Isn’t Happy, Interrupts MJF

After the commentators show us the updated brackets for the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament, we shoot to a message from MJF. He is with Shawn Spears in the lobby of a nice place. He goes to deliver his message, but before he can, up walks Wardlow and he isn’t happy.

Wardlow asks MJF what the deal was with putting him in front of him to take the heat last week. MJF ends up giving Wardlow an account-a-bili-buddy — Shawn Spears. He runs off and we head to another commercial break.

Bobby Fish vs. Anthony Greene

We return from the commercial break and we see Anthony Greene is in the ring and is ready for our next match of the evening here on Dynamite.

As he awaits the entrance of his opponent, we hear the theme for Bobby Fish and out comes the former member of The Undisputed ERA in WWE NXT.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one-on-one match-up. Fish jumps off to an early offensive lead and doesn’t let go of it, as he ends up dominating Greene with ease, picking up what is essentially a squash match, showcase victory.

Winner: Bobby Fish

After The Match: Fish Continues To Attack, CM Punk Runs Him Off

Once the match wraps up, we see Fish unnecessarily continue to pummel his already beaten down opposition, delivering additional punishment to Greene for no reason.

Finally, a certain someone has seen enough, as CM Punk hits the ring out of nowhere and runs Fish off. He stares him down from inside the ring as Fish retreats to the back and the fans chant for “The Best in the World.”

Lio Rush Gets Himself & Dante Martin A Match Against The Sydal Bros

Now we shoot backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with Lio Rush and Dante Martin. Lio talks about being the guy to show Martin the things he needs shown, all of the things that Matt Sydal didn’t show.

Martin questions the Sydal comment and Lio doubles down on it. He then puts over Martin as the talent for the future and says he knows he can beat Sydal. He says he got them a match next week on Rampage against The Sydal Brothers.

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament
Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer

We head back inside the Addition Financial Arena in Orlando, FL. and head back down to the ring, as it’s time for our next first round bout in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament.

This one gets off-and-running before the bell sounds, as an attack goes down during the ring entrance from behind that leads to a brawl at ringside. When Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer finally get into the ring, the bell sounds and this tourney match is now officially underway.

Archer stops to beat up a fan real quick and then goes back to work on “The Mad King” as the fans inside the arena make some noise. We head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as “The Murderhawk Monster” continues to dominate the action.

When we return from the break, we see Archer still in control of the offense. Kingston tries to fire back with a punch at one point, but Archer simply nudges him and he crumbles down to the mat. Archer is having his way with Kingston at this point, grabbing his face and talking to the camera in the corner.

Kingston appears to be out after Archer stomps on him. He heads to the top rope and goes for a moonsault, but Kingston moves and Archer lands on his head — badly — as a shoot. The referee checks on Archer and after a couple of moments, Archer rolls to the floor as Kingston is back on his feet.

“The Mad King” throws his hands up as the ringside doctor checks on Archer and the camera shows a tight close-up of this going on. Finally, Archer rolls back in the ring and Kingston simply rolls him up and wins to advance. Archer might be hurt for real, folks. With the win, Kingston advances and will face Bryan Danielson in the next round of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament.

Winner and ADVANCING in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Eddie Kingston

Dan Lambert & The Men Of The Year Get High Stakes Match With Sammy Guevara Next Week

We head to the ring where American Top Team’s Dan Lambert is joined by The Men Of The Year — Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. They take turns talking, dressing down The Inner Circle member-by-member with various insults.

Finally, Sammy Guevara has heard enough and out comes “The Spanish God” of The Inner Circle to respond. He says he wants to borrow a phrase from Chris Jericho, as he asks them to please shut the hell up.

Guevara takes some shots at Lambert and The Men of the Year and then Lambert fires back and trashes him a bit. He then talks about how he gave them the match they want — but only if Guevara comes to Dynamite next week and puts his TNT Championship on-the-line against Ethan Page.

He says if he loses, not only does he lose the TNT title, but he has to leave The Inner Circle — forever. Guevara clarifies the stakes and he says they’ve got themselves a deal — under one condition. When he beats Page, he gets to decide the three members of American Top Team that will get their ass kicked at Full Gear.

Scorpio Sky says Sammy is in such an accepting mood, why don’t he accept the ass-whooping they’re about to put on him. The Men of the Year exit the ring and head up the ramp to beat down Guevara. They start firing at him with punches and then out comes Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz to run off Lambert and The Men of the Year.

Jon Moxley With A Message For Those In AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament

We take another look at the brackets for the ongoing AEW World Title Eliminator tournament and then we shoot backstage to a message from Jon Moxley.

Mox talks about a moment he shared with his daughter recently with his broken pinky finger. He says he realized he doesn’t care what happens in this tournament. He says this is what he does.

He calls this tourney a situation where everyone goes in a dark alley and only one man comes out. He asks who people think will come out. He says his message to everyone in this tournament is he’s gonna get you before you get him.

He vows to win this whole damn thing and walks off. The commentators plug Mox vs. 10 from The Dark Order in a first round match in the tourney next week. After this, we head to another commercial break.

Hangman Page, The Dark Order Talk The Elite & Halloween

We return from the break to see The Dark Order together backstage. They talk among themselves until up walks “Hangman” Adam Page and they all pop when they see him.

Page tells The Dark Order they were right about how they won’t always agree. He thanks them and says if they’re gonna go back after The Elite, he’s got an idea.

He talks about next week being Halloween and mentions getting a costume. They start talking among themselves about what costumes they want to get as Page walks off.

Jungle Boy vs. Brandon Cutler

Speaking of The Elite, we return inside the Addition Financial Arena and we see Brandon Cutler in the ring with his face / nose protector mask on waiting for our next match of the evening.

We hear the familiar sounds of the Jurassic Express theme music and out comes the fan-favorite, home-grown AEW star — Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy settles in the ring and his music dies down.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. Jungle Boy immediately beats Cutler down and out of the ring. He hits a big follow-up dive onto him through the ropes. He brings him back in the ring and works him over a bit more.

Cutler tries to cut him off and get a Panama Sunrise on him, but Jungle Boy shucks him off like he’s nothing. Moments later he finishes him off with ease in a match like Bobby Fish’s earlier, which was essentially a squash match / showcase bout for Jungle Boy.

Winner: Jungle Boy

The Super Kliq Attacks Jungle Boy, Throws Him Off Stage

Once the match wraps up, Jungle Boy gets on the mic and says that was easy and he’s still ready to go. He asks one of The Elite pieces of sh*t in the back to get out here and fight him.

Nothing happens, so Jungle Boy slaps his Snare Trap submission on Cutler again and demands someone come out. Cutler screams into the mic and asks someone from The Elite to help him.

Finally, out comes Adam Cole and he responds to Jungle Boy on the mic. He says he’ll fight him right now. He heads down to the ring, only for Jungle Boy to deck him.

Then, from behind, out comes The Young Bucks and they sneak attack him. Cole joins them and now they beat him down and out of the ring. They drag him up the ramp and then hit the BTE trigger on him.

Cole hits him with a super kick. The commentators remind us that The Super Kliq did this same thing last week, only to Luchasaurus, culminating with them putting him through a table at the bottom of the entrance ramp.

The Super Kliq go to leave but then decide to come back out. They pick up Jungle Boy and ask when is he going to learn. They grab Jungle Boy and run him and throw him off the top of the entrance stage, where he crashes through equipment and a table down below.

Miro Is Getting Impatient

The commentators run down the lineup for next week’s Dynamite and Rampage and then we head to another commercial break. We return from the break to the latest vignette from Miro. He talks about getting impatient and is ready to be champion again.

Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes 3

From there, we shoot back inside the Addition Financial Arena where the lights go out and smoke starts pouring from the entrance area. Malakai Black’s theme hits and out he comes with his crazy antler-headgear on.

Black heads down to the ring and the lights go out again. When they come back on, he is standing on the ropes posing. The lights go out a third time and when they come back on again we see Malakai Black in the ring, taking the aforementioned mask/headgear off.

It’s almost main event time here on this week’s special Saturday night edition of AEW Dynamite from Orlando, FL. The crowd gives Black a good reception as he finishes up his ring entrance for our final match of the evening.

The lights go out in the building again and when they come back on, we hear the beginning of Cody Rhodes’ familiar entrance music. “The American Nightmare” begins making his way out for the headline bout of the night, and it appears that the fans are going to be booing him in Orlando despite the conclusion of last night’s Rampage.

Fireworks and pyro explode as Cody begins making his way down to the ring accompanied by Arn Anderson. The fans boo as he settles in the ring and stares down Black. He tries to play to the fans, but they just boo louder.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with the third bout between these two, with Cody looking for the third straight time to get his hand raised for the first time against the undefeated emerging star in AEW.

These two get after it with some very fast-paced offense and headlock takedowns. The crowd breaks out in a “Cody sucks! Cody sucks!” chant. Black takes Cody’s leg out and begins focusing his attack on the limb of the AEW veteran. Black looks for a kneebar on the softened up leg of Cody, but Cody avoids it.

Fans get on Cody’s case again as he fires up for his first offensive showing since the beginning of the match. Cody takes his weight belt off and throws it into the crowd and they go nuts again as Black starts to take over. Black heads out to the floor at ringside and he grabs a steel chair from under the ring.

Black rolls the chair into the ring but then notices Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson making their way down to the ringside area. As they settle in at the ringside area, Excalibur talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in our main event.

When we return from the break, we see Cody beating down a badly bloody Black at ringside. The commentators bring us up to speed, as they run us through highlights of Cody putting Black through a table with his Cross Rhodes finisher. Black starts to fight back on Cody and then Arn Anderson enters the ring as fans break out in an extremely loud “Get the glock! Get the glock!” chant.

Now we see that Cody is also bleeding from the head and face. Both bloody competitors are down on the outside of the ring and looking to get back to their feet and continue this violent brawl. Out of nowhere, Andrade El Idolo and his friend Jose make their way down to the ring. They provide a distraction and then Black sprays the mist, but it gets in Arn Anderson’s eyes instead of Cody’s.

PAC runs out and beats down Andrade, as they brawl to the back. Back in the ring, we see Cody go back to work on Black. Black hits a moonsault off the ropes out of nowhere, but Cody ends up hitting his Cross Rhodes finisher moments later. He goes for the cover and fans boo like crazy thinking this one is over. Instead, Black kicks out and the fans erupt with an enormous pop.

Cody looks around at the arena, surveying the entire crowd booing him, and then he goes to pick Black up. Black starts fighting back, and he ends up decking Cody with a kick. He climbs to the top-rope and comes off with diving foot-stomps. He hoists Cody up for a German suplex into a bridge for a pin attempt, but Cody kicks out at two.

Both guys get up, and Black charges at him with the back-heel kick. It connects, but Cody lands in the ropes. Black tries to pull him out but Cody is lifeless. Black backs up. Black ends up on the floor and Cody runs and dives through the ropes, splashing onto Black on the floor. He rolls him back in the ring as the fans boo. He hits a springboard Cody cutter off the ropes.

He picks Black up and hits the Cross Rhodes again. He picks him up for one more Cross Rhodes but lets it go in favor of going for the Tiger Driver ’98, spiking Black on his head. Cody covers him and gets the pin fall victory in an excellent, bloody battle in the main event of this week’s show.

After the match, Cody exits the ring and while covered in blood, hugs Arn Anderson in celebration of his victory, as Arn wipes the mist out of his eyes. The commentators wrap things up and that’s how this week’s show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winner: Cody Rhodes


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