AEW Dynamite Results (11/3/2021)

AEW Dynamite Results From Cable Dahmer Arena In Independence, MO. (11/3/2021)

It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means …

All Elite Wrestling returns this evening with the latest installment of their weekly two-hour television show on TNT, as AEW Dynamite emanates from the Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, Missouri.

On tap for tonight’s show is Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Idolo, more action from the ongoing AEW World Title Elimination and TBS Women’s Title tournaments, Kenny Omega vs. Alan Angels, an open challenge from FTR and more.

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite results from Wednesday, November 3, 2021.


This week’s show kicks off with the signature opener that kicks off the program each and every Wednesday night on TNT, and then we shoot live inside the Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, Missouri as pyro and fireworks explode and the commentary team welcomes us to the show.

Kenny Omega vs. Alan Angels

Jim Ross then mentions we’re kicking things off in a huge way. On that note, we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme music of Kenny Omega. The AEW Champion makes his way out and heads down to the ring for our opening match of the evening.

“The Cleaner” settles into the ring for our first bout of the show. Already in the ring is his opponent for tonight — Alan Angels.

We hear the bell sound and this one is off-and-running, as we see Angels sprint across the ring and blast Omega in the grill with a double-foot dropkick to get off to a strong offensive start.

From there, however, Omega immediately takes over and starts dominating the offense, bullying Angels and controlling the action as the fans break out in some chants.

The commentators start talking about other action on tap for tonight’s show as Omega continues to dominate the action, and they mention there will be announcement soon regarding Jon Moxley’s replacement against Orange Cassidy in tonight’s AEW Title Eliminator Tournament match.

Angels fires up on offense again and he connects with a big high spot on the champ. He goes for the cover, but Omega kicks out after the count of two from referee Rick Knox. The commentators stress how close the AEW Champion just came to losing.

Now we see Angels shift the offensive momentum into his favor, as he continues to follow-up on The Elite leader with fast-paced, intense offense. He knocks the champ out to the floor and hits the ropes for a diving tope suicida that connects.

Omega fights back into competitive form but then Angels takes over again for another spurt of offense that sees him score another close near fall after connecting with a moonsault from the top-rope to the floor on Omega. He then brought him back in the ring and connecting with another top-rope high spot for the close two-count.

Alan continues to hold his own as Omega starts to take over once again. He begins dominating the offense but can’t seem to put Angels away regardless of which moves he hits him with. He starts to look discouraged in his inability to finish off his unranked opponent.

We see Omega go for the One Winged Angel, however Angels escapes before he can hit it. Omega then blasts him with a V-Trigger for another close near fall. Angels continues to impress the commentators, as they keep singing his praises for hanging in the fight with the champ. Omega hits a couple V-Triggers in a row and finally scores the pin fall to pick up the victory.

Winner: Kenny Omega

After The Match: Omega Attacks Angels, Hangman Page Makes The Save

Once the match wraps up, Omega calls for a microphone. As Angels remains laid out, Omega cuts a promo on him and talks about how he is in a position to giveth and also taketh away. He then tells Brandon Cutler to give him a chair.

Cutler slides a chair into the ring and then Omega hoists Angels up for a One-Winged Angel on the chair, however he drops him as he hears the familiar sounds of “Hangman” Adam Page’s theme hits and out he comes to chants of “Cowboy sh*t!” from the fans in Independence, MO.

Page makes his way to the ring and as he does, Angels pops back up and distracts Omega. As he does, Page springboards over the top-rope and looks to connect with his Buckshot Lariat, however Omega avoids it and exits the ring.

Omega starts to head to the back, but stops when he realizes he doesn’t have his title with him. Page grabs the AEW Championship and gets on the mic. He tells Omega he forgot something. He warns him to come get it and then reminds him that he’s only got a little bit of time left to enjoy the title being his property before he beats him for it at AEW Full Gear 2021.

Malakai Black With A Special Message

The commentators run down matches and action still to come here tonight on AEW Dynamite. They then mention that up next we will hear from CM Punk, but first — a word from Malakai Black.

Black talks to the camera about being banned from ringside for the Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Idolo match by AEW President Tony Khan. He talks about that being ok and then talks about Julius Ceaser and Marcus betraying him.

We then head to a commercial break as Jim Ross once again plugs the CM Punk segment coming up when we return.

CM Punk Has Kind Words For Jon Moxley, Challenges Eddie Kingston

As we settle back in from the break, we hear the familiar sounds of “Cult of Personality” as CM Punk makes his way out and heads down to the ring for our next segment of the show.

Punk settles into the ring without doing his trademark stage dive into the crowd. His music dies down and the fans start chanting his name. Punk says that’s not the name he wanted to hear from the fans. He says two people aren’t here tonight and one of them has a very legitimate reason.

He goes on to mention Jon Moxley not being here and brings up him seeking help for his problems, giving him kudos for doing so and telling everyone watching that if they ever need help — to do the same. He gets emotional as he talks about Mox and brings up his own past issues that he says he wishes he would have also taken time away from wrestling for.

Now he brings up the other man who is not here tonight — Eddie Kingston. Punk says that he isn’t pleased with Kingston interrupting him last week. He says he doesn’t like to get interrupted. He challenges him to a match on AEW Rampage this Friday night. He says he wanted to take Moxley’s spot against Orange Cassidy in the AEW Title Eliminator Tournament, but will fight Kingston this Friday instead.

Miro Will Replace Jon Moxley In AEW Title Eliminator Tournament

We shoot to a message from the former TNT Champion Miro. He once again addresses his God and his hot wife before stating that his road is clear and it will be paved with the skulls of the men he crushes, and vows to be champion as he will serve as the replacement for Jon Moxley in the semifinal match in the ongoing AEW Title Eliminator Tournament later tonight against Orange Cassidy. He says he will be loved and then he will forgive his God. After this wraps up, we head to another commercial break.

Jurassic Express & Christian Cage Beats Down The Super Elite

We’re back from the break and we see The Super Kliq standing by for a backstage interview segment. They talk and then are approached by the returning Christian Cage, as well as Luchasaurus.

The Young Bucks and Adam Cole then act like they’re going to walk away, only to try and turn around and hit a cheap-shot on the aforementioned duo. Instead, a giant brawl breaks out between both sides which spills out into the arena.

Once the brawl hits the arena in front of the crowd, a ton of high spots take place, as we see a huge spear off the entrance ramp as well as Jungle Boy running out and locking Adam Cole in his Snare Trap submission-finisher. Christian Cage and Jurassic Express end up standing tall to end the segment.

AAA Tag-Team Championships
FTR (C) vs. Samuray del Sol & Aerostar

We shoot back inside the arena after a vignette airs to promote Ruby Soho’s upcoming match in the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament, as it’s time for the FTR open challenge match.

As noted, the masked team of Aerostar and Samuray del Sol have been announced as the opponents for the match, which will feature Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood putting their AAA Tag-Team Championships on-the-line.

The team of FTR make their way out and head down to the ring to similar theme music to the old Midnight Express tag-team. They settle in the ring, where Aerostar and Samuray del Sol are already waiting for them.

Now the bell sounds and this one gets off-and-running. Early on we see Harwood and Wheeler dominating the action with relative ease, but then some double-team offense from Aerostar and Samuray end up seeing the masked duo shift the offensive momentum into their favor.

The match hits the floor where both Aerostar and Samuray hit some nice high spots. FTR ends up shifting the offensive momentum back in their favor as the match resumes inside the ring, and we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in this AAA Tag-Team title open challenge match.

We’re back from the break and moments after we return, we see Aerostar hit a big spot that shifts the momentum back into his team’s favor. Samuray hits the ring and helps out with some double-team spots and then we see a near fall that FTR kicks out of to keep this match alive.

All four guys are in the ring. We see Samuray take one member of FTR down for a pin attempt and then we see Aerostar hit a crazy high-spot off the top-rope into a pin attempt on the other member of FTR. FTR ends up kicking out, however the masked duo remain in the offensive lead, which J.R. makes a big deal out of on commentary.

Dax looks for a brainbuster on Samuray del Sol, however del Sol avoids it and ends up hitting a big move of his own that decks Harwood. Aerostar hits the ring to help but things don’t work out well for them, as FTR takes back over control of the action. Harwood hits a brainbuster on del Sol on the floor while Wheeler reverses a pin attempt from Aerostar and gets the pin fall victory themselves.

Winners and STILL AAA Tag-Team Champions: FTR

Nyla Rose Confronts Hikaru Shida About TBS Women’s Title Tournament

Tony Schiavone introduces footage from last week where he presented Hikaru Shida with a trophy for becoming the first woman to 50 victories in AEW for her win over Serena Deeb in the ongoing TBS Women’s Championship Tournament.

As Shida accepts the award, up walks Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero. Rose mocks Shida for accomplishing such a big feat before saying she might have won her first round match in the TBS Women’s title tourney, but she meets her in the next round and things aren’t going to go her way. She and Vickie walk off as we head to another commercial break.

Inner Circle vs. American Top Team Contract Signing For AEW Full Gear

We head back inside the Cable Dahmer Arena when we return from the commercial break, where we hear the familiar sounds of Chris Jericho’s theme playing as the Inner Circle makes their way down to the ring.

The group settles into the ring and Jericho begins talking about how it’s time to pick their opponents from American Top Team and The Men of the Year for their match at the upcoming AEW Full Gear 2021 pay-per-view.

After he praises Sammy Guevara for winning on last week’s show and giving them the rights to pick who they will face from ATT, he is cut off by Dan Lambert and the guys from ATT and The Men of the Year.

Lambert cuts Jericho off and talks trash for a while about AEW, the fans and the Inner Circle. He then praises the guys in his ATT crew. Jericho then begins picking who their opponents will be.

The first man they pick is Junior dos Santos from American Top Team. They then take some shots at some of the MMA guys for their recent losses. They then pick Andrei Arlovski for the match.

Dan Lambert speaks up and says before they pick the third opponent, he wants to make it clear that Paige VanZant’s husband Austin Vanderford wants in the match after the trash Jericho talked about Paige on last week’s show.

Paige then speaks up herself and says she doesn’t need Austin to fight her battles for her. She says they better write her name down on the list as the next opponent because she can beat all five of the Inner Circle guys by herself.

The Inner Circle and Paige VanZant go back-and-forth for a bit and then Jericho announces that he is choosing the guy who was the number one member and the first member of ATT — Dan Lambert. Lambert freaks out and snaps as the crowd laughs and cheers and Jericho rubs it in.

It looks like it will be Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, Junior dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski and Dan Lambert taking on Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz at the upcoming AEW Full Gear 2021 PPV. Jericho says he’ll see them there and his music plays to wrap up the segment.

Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty Challenges Dante Martin & Lio Rush

Now we shoot backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with Dante Martin, Lio Rush, as well as Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty. Sydal gives Martin props for their recent match on Rampage and then brings up Lio Rush.

TBS Women’s Championship Tournament
Jamie Hayter vs. Anna Jay

We head back inside the arena and out comes Jamie Hayter accompanied by AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker and Rebel. They settle into the ring for Hayter’s scheduled first round match in the ongoing TBS Women’s Championship tournament.

Out comes her opponent for this opening round match in the tourney, Anna Jay. She settles into the ring as well and her music fades down.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this first round bout in the TBS Women’s title tournament. The winner of this match will advance to the next round to face Thunder Rosa, who received a first-round bye in the tourney due to her being one of the top-five ranked women’s contenders.

Early on we see Hayter doing well and dominating the action, however Jay eventually shifts the momentum in her favor. The action spills out to the floor and when it gets back into the squared circle again, we see Hayter has taken back over control of the offense. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the match continues.

We’re back from the break and we see some more back-and-forth action until some interference from Baker and Rebel leads to Hayter connecting with a big lariat. She then scores the pin fall and the victory to advance to face Thunder Rosa in the next round of the tourney. After the match, the heel trio beat Jay down some more until Tay Conti and eventually Thunder Rosa heads down to even the odds and run them off.

Winner and ADVANCING in the TBS Women’s Title Tournament: Jamie Hayter

Jade Cargill Doesn’t Care Who Is Next

We shoot backstage where Jade Cargill and Mark Esquire are shown and they bring up that they will find out Cargill’s opponent after the next TBS women’s championship tourney bout involving Red Velvet and The Bunny. Cargill says she doesn’t care because it doesn’t matter. She’s going to beat whoever it is and win the entire tourney. She will then re-name the TBS Women’s title “That b*tch show.”

MJF & Darby Allin Brawl Throughout Cable Dahmer Arena

Now we head back inside the arena where we hear the familiar sounds of MJF’s theme. The Pinnacle leader makes his way down to the ring in a suit holding a microphone. We see shots of Darby Allin watching on from the rafters as he begins speaking.

MJF questions why fans boo him and cheer Allin. He then goes on to talk about how Darby is mentally weak, just like all of the fans, and vows that he will beat him when they meet in the ring at AEW Full Gear. He says this is going to happen because he’s better than him and he knows it.

He says there’s one more thing, which prompts loud boos from the fans. He tells them to shut up and then says on the small chance Darby doesn’t charge him and fight him like an animal and attack him with his skateboard, he’s still a better wrestler than him.

Friedman says it’s easy to overlook that because throughout history anytime someone is even a fraction as good as he is on the mic, they generally aren’t that exceptional in the ring. He says he is and that’s the difference. He then brags that he could beat Darby with something as simple as a headlock-takeover.

Darby Allin jumps on the mic and vows he won’t attack MJF with a skateboard at Full Gear, and promises he will beat him in a wrestling match. He says that will happen because he’s gonna take his anger out on him right now. He begins walking through the crowd down to the ring.

As Allin makes his way closer to the ring, we hear MJF on the mic act like he wants to fight him as well, but ultimately says nevermind and walks off. As he tries to leave, out comes Sting, stopping MJF in his tracks. A brawl breaks out with Sting and members of The Pinnacle on the ramp.

They battle to the back and then we see MJF realize Darby is right behind him and has no choice but to fight. With that said, the brawl is on! The two go at it, duking it out in front of all the fans in the crowd.

Darby ends up getting the better of MJF. He leaves him laying against the barricade and then he backs way up into the crowd. He gets a long running start and then blasts MJF with an enormous lariat that sends him back over the guard rail. He brings him into the ring and heads up to the top-rope, likely looking for his Coffin Drop, however MJF escapes under the bottom rope and runs through the crowd.

MJF looks back and sees Darby staring him down from the ring. Darby’s theme plays again while the commentators plug MJF vs. Darby Allin at the upcoming AEW Full Gear pay-per-view before sending us into another commercial break.

Andrade El Idolo vs. Cody Rhodes

As we settle back in from the break, we hear Andrade El Idolo’s theme music and out he comes in a mask and suit. He stops at the top of the ramp and takes the mask and coat off before heading down to the ring for our next match of the evening.

Andrade hits the ring and poses to the crowd as the commentators remind us that Malakai Black is banned from ringside during this match this evening.

Now we hear the theme for Andrade wrap up. The lights in the building go out and then the titan tron video for Cody Rhodes begins playing as his pre-theme tones fill the arena. Finally he rises through the floor and fireworks and pyro explodes as his theme hits.

“The American Nightmare” soaks in the atmosphere, looking around at the crowd as “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts handles the formal pre-match ring introduction for the wrestling veteran as he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Arn Anderson.

We hear the fans giving Cody a mixed-bag reaction, which thus far sounds more positive than negative and certainly more positive than the reactions he has been receiving from other crowds in different cities in recent weeks on AEW TV.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this featured bout. Cody and Andrade go nose-to-nose and look out at the crowd, almost like they’re trying to see how the fans are gonna react so they know how to lay out the match. Andrade gets in a shot on Cody but Cody fires right back.

Cody backs Andrade into a corner and blasts away with punches as the crowd starts to boo louder than they have thus far at Cody for doing well. Cody and Andrade stop and stare each other down on the ring apron outside the ropes before re-engaging inside the ring.

Andrade heads up to the top-rope after getting in some shots on Cody. He comes flying off the top but Cody catches him coming down with a well-timed drop kick. The commentators bring up the mean streak Cody is showing, per the recent request of Arn Anderson, and note that Arn seems pleased with Cody’s performance thus far in the match.

With that said, Andrade ends up decking Cody and knocking him out to the floor. On that note, the commentators talk us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues. When we return from the break, we see Cody fighting back into competitive form in the ring.

Rhodes hits a big bodyslam on Andrade and then turns and plays to the crowd, which gives him another mixed-bag reaction, leaning more towards the negative. Cody picks El Idolo up with designs on finishing him off, however Andrade blasts Rhodes with an enormous shot that nearly earned him a knockout win, as J.R. points out on commentary.

El Idolo backs Cody into a corner and beats him down. He then stomps a mudhole in him as he’s seated on the mat in the corner. He stomps his foot and plays to the crowd as he stalks Cody. He charges across the ring with violent intentions, however Cody pops up and turns Andrade inside-out with a lariat. The fans boo like crazy.

We see Rhodes looking for his Cross-Rhodes finisher now, however Andrade avoids it and counters. He ends up hitting the three amigos suplex spot as the fans chant “Eddie! Eddie!” in homage to the late Eddie Guerrero. Andrade slams Cody into the turnbuckles with the third and final suplex in his three amigos sequence. He hits a running knee and goes for the cover, but Cody kicks out to keep this match alive.

After some more back-and-forth action from these two, Andrade grounds Cody and grabs his leg. He wraps around it and drops down into a figure-four leg-lock. Cody yells in pain but holds his arm up strong when the ref checks it and begins turning Andrade over. He does and now the move is inflicting pain to Andrade, so he crawls to the bottom rope and gets the hold broken. He rolls out to the floor.

Now we see Andrade’s assistant hop on the apron to provide a distraction. Cody sees this but then Arn Anderson handles the assistant from ringside. While that is going on, Cody goes to run and dive onto Andrade on the floor on the other side of the ring, however he dives right into a shot from the AAA tag-team title belts held by FTR, who was waiting for him. They roll under the ring afterwards and then Andrade hits his finisher on Cody back in the ring for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

After The Match: The Fight Continues & Spreads!

Once the match wraps up, FTR rolls back out from under the ring. They join Andrade in the ring along with Tully Blanchard to celebrate his win over Cody.

FTR ends up holding Cody while Andrade loads up for a big running knee. Instead, Arn Anderson hits the ring. FTR and Andrade back off as Tully and Arn circle each other. They take their coats off and look like they’re ready to go at it.

Out comes The Lucha Bros to help even up the numbers game. This leads to Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix hitting some crazy high spots from the ring to the floor to clear the scene of the heels. Their theme music plays as we head to another commercial break.

Tony Schiavone Talks To John Silver About Upcoming Adam Cole Match

When we return from the break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring with John Silver. He introduces The Dark Order member and then mentions the one-on-one match between Silver and Adam Cole on this Friday night’s edition of AEW Rampage.

Silver mocks Cole a bit, calling him “Budge.” He then says Cole won’t take his advice after referencing the rumors that WWE wanted to use Cole in a manager role on the main roster. He vows to teach “Budge” a lesson on Rampage later this week.

AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament
Orange Cassidy vs. Miro

After a quick vignette airs to promote the Red Velvet vs. The Bunny match coming up in the opening round of the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament, where the winner advances to face Jade Cargill in the next round, we head back inside the arena.

It’s now time for our main event of the evening, as out comes the “Freshly Squeezed” one himself along with some of his Best Friends. The Best Friends guys and gal wishes Orange Cassidy well and then heads backstage as he makes his way down to the ring.

Cassidy settles into the ring and gets a nice ovation from the fans in attendance tonight. He then awaits his replacement opponent, Miro, who took the match on short notice after Cassidy’s originally scheduled opponent, Jon Moxley, was pulled due to entering himself in an inpatient alcohol treatment program.

Miro’s theme hits and out comes the former TNT Champion looking ready to go to war for a shot at the AEW World Championship if he can get past Cassidy to advance in the tourney.

Bryan Danielson’s theme then hits and he makes his way out to join the gang on special guest commentary for this match, as he will square off against the winner of this bout in the next round of the tourney. We also see Matt Hardy watching on as the match is about to get underway.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our final match of the evening here on AEW Dynamite. Early we see the usual comedy stuff from Cassidy with the sunglasses and hands in the pockets, as well as avoiding the fight, as he avoids Miro and heads outside the ring before anything happens.

We see Miro go out after him and he begins laying a savage beatdown on him to start off in the early offensive lead in this tourney bout. On that note, we head to our final commercial break of the evening as the match continues in the ring with Miro beating down Cassidy.

As we settle back in from the break, we see Miro is still very much control of the match, as he is literally in the middle of stomping the hell out of Cassidy on the mat in the corner of the ring. The commentators inform us that the same was happening throughout the commercial break, as Cassidy has yet to mount any offense of any kind in this bout thus far.

With that said, however, Cassidy starts to fire up for a big comeback. He starts taking it to Miro and he jumps into the offensive lead. He starts picking up the speed and intensity, as he looks to get Miro close to finished off. Miro ducks out the back door to take a breather on the floor at ringside, however Cassidy climbs to the top-rope and flies off, splashing onto Miro and putting him through the timekeepers table.

The referee nearly counts Miro out, as the count reaches all the way to nine-and-change, before “God’s Favorite Champion” makes it back into the ring just in time. Once he does, however, Cassidy continues to stay fired up. He hits his Beach Break semi-finisher and goes for the cover, but Miro kicks out. He goes for the Orange Punch after that, but Miro avoids it and decks the “Freshly Squeezed” one with a big kick. He then slaps his submission finisher on Cassidy and drops to his back where he immediately gets the tap.

Winner and ADVANCING in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Miro

After The Match: Bryan Danielson Ready For Miro In Next Round Of Tourney

Miro wins and moves on in the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament to face Bryan Danielson, who leaves his spot on guest commentary and heads down to the ring.

The “American Dragon” gets in Miro’s face and Miro’s theme cuts off. Miro and Danielson go face-to-face as the commentators hype their showdown in the next round of the ongoing title eliminator tourney. Danielson extends his hand to shake Miro’s hand, but Miro refuses and backs off as this week’s show goes off the air on that note. Thanks for joining us!


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