AEW Dynamite Results (12/18): Corpus Christi

AEW Dynamite Results From Corpus Christi, TX. (12/18)

All Elite Wrestling returns with the latest weekly edition of AEW Dynamite tonight, December 18th, from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Featured below are live, ongoing play-by-play results coverage of the show.

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We start off inside the American Bank Center where Jim Ross quickly welcomes us to the show before sending things down to Justin Roberts in the ring with the introductions of our first match.

The Lucha Brothers vs. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

This tag-team contest will be starting things off on this week’s show. The official introductions are out of the way, and here we go, as AEW Dynamite starts off in style this week.

The fan chants begin as the bell sounds. Omega and Rey Fenix kick things off for their respective teams. Omega jumps off to an early offensive lead. He goes for a One Winged Angel a couple of times in an attempt to end things quickly, but doesn’t get it either time.

Fenix tags out and Pentagon tags in. Omega then tags Hangman Page in. A Fresh Page and Pentagon stare each other down as the dueling fan-chants spread throughout the arena here in Corpus Christi.

The two exchange chops back-and-forth until Pentagon gets the better of things. He taunts Page by dancing a bit. Page gets Pentagon down finally and tags in Omega, as J.R. points out that Omega and Page didn’t get along so well last week.

Meanwhile, they are getting along fine now, as they utilize great teamwork to take out Pentagon and Rey Fenix as well when he tries jumping into the fray. They clap hands after a brief pause and the fans pop.

As the action spills to the floor for the first time in the evening, Omega hits the first of what will likely be many dives to the floor onto Pentagon. We see replays of the big high spot as the action returns inside the ring.

Back in the ring, things pick up as Hangman Page tags in and is flying all over the place. He hits dives on both members of the Lucha Bros — Pentagon and Rey Fenix — on each side of the ring.

Dropsault for another pin attempt by Page on Fenix, kick out. Pentagon in the ring, up to the second turnbuckle, gets a slam off the ropes to the mat. Both men rolling on the mat, Page gets the tag to Omega who rushes in with refound adrenaline. Omega counters Fenix’s blow, German Suplex with help from Page. Pentagon almost put away by Omega.

Omega with a Slingblade on Pentagon. Snap Dragon Suplex on Fenix. Pentagon with a kick to the midsection of Omega and Pile Driver attempt. Page comes in for the save, hitting Omega by mistake. Double Foot Stomp on Omega by Fenix followed by Pentagon getting the three count pin.

Winner: Pentagon & Rey Fenix

After the Match

Page looking into the face of Omega in the center of the ring with anger. Page squaring up with Omega, Omega shoves Page. A push match interrupted by an announcement on the jumbotron “I think it’s time I remind you exactly what I’m capable of. Follow me.”

Michael Nakazawa sitting facing the lockers in a room back stage, doesn’t see come in.

Omega rushes back stage, entering the room with no one there. As he searches the backstage area, the Lucha Brothers attack Omega. Page comes running to his rescue. Page and Omega continue walking down the hallway backstage.

The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny) vs. Darby Allin & “The American Nightmare” Cody

First out to the ring are The Butcher and The Blade who are accompanied by The Bunny as they make their way down the ramp and into the ring. Next out is Darby Allin as his music hits the arena and he reaches the top of the ramp, dropping his skateboard and falling in down the ramp towards the ring not once dropping eye contact with his opponents in the ring. Next out is The American Nightmare, Cody.

The crowd chanting “Cody” as the referee signals for the bell, match begins. Allin (173lbs) enters the ring first with The Butcher (273lbs) for only a short period as The Blade tags in. Allin backs Butcher up to the ropes. Allin manipulating Blade with an Arm Drag off the ropes. Allin looking to Cody and tags him in. Butcher tags in Blade as well. Cody goes low for a take down with no luck on Blade. Cody looks to Allin and then goes at Blade again who counters with an elbow.

The crowd cheering for Cody as Blade turns Cody inside out with a Clothesline. Blade drags Cody to the corner, tagging in Butcher. Butcher takes advantage of the size advantage on Cody, wearing him down before tagging Blade back in. Butcher with a two count pin attempt on Cody.

As we come back from commercial, Blade tags in Butcher who is still attacking Cody center ring. A clip is shown of The Bunny throwing Cody into the ring post outside of the ring during the break. The Butcher drags Cody away from Allin, not letting him get the tag. Cody throws Blade out of the ring, he quickly jumps back in. Both men meet midair for a collision.

Allin tagged in, hits a Code Red, pinning though the referee says he’s not the legal man in. Butcher gets Allin in a submission, Cody tries to knock Butcher off of Allin, no movement. Once again Cody tries to go at the ropes to get Butcher Cross Rodes by Cody, the referee distracted by The Bunny. Cody throws Blade to the outside. Allin and Cody give each other one look and they both go flying through the middle of the ropes onto Butcher and Blade with flying spears. Disaster Kick takes down Butcher by Cody. Allin with a Coffin Drop on the outside of the ropes on Butcher. Cody with Cutter on Blade for the three count pin and win.

Winner: “The American Nightmare” Cody & Darby Allin

Awesome Kong vs. Miranda Alize

As we come back from commercial, the arena is black. A spotlight appears on Awesome Kong then walks out from behind her, Brandi Rhodes.

(A video is shown from earlier in the day of Brandy Rhodes babbling about some confusing nonsense at one point saying, “Tonight is the night the alien comes home.” even the commentators are confused as to what all that was about.)

Kong wastes no time whatsoever brutally attacking Alize. Slams her and pins with one fist on Alize’s chest.

Winner: Awesome Kong

After the Match

Melanie Cruise hands the ever growing hair trophy to Awesome Kong who pulls a blade and cuts the hair of Miranda.

Video Package

Jungle Boy says Chris Jericho the man doesn’t scare him, but he has respect for Chris Jericho the legend. He admits to feeling pressure for this match up. Jim Ross asks, “If your dad were here, what do you think he would be thinking?” Jungle Boy responds “My dad would be really proud of this. We spent many nights talking about all this and when it would happen. For me to be here talking to you, wrestling Chris Jericho, it’s kinda everything he wanted. I know he would be proud.”

Chris Jericho vs. Jungle Boy

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring, out next is Jungle Boy. The mother, sister, and grandmother of Jungle Boy are shown in the front row. The bell rings and this match up begins. Jungle Boy wastes no time quickly moving around Le Champion, a fast pin attempt. Chris kicks out.

At 7 minutes and forty seven seconds or so, Le Champion looks up at the clock and goes back over to a very weak Jungle Boy and pins him. As it gets to two, Le Champion lets go, waving his finger saying “Not yet”

Marko Stunt chilled midair by Jack Hager as he comes to the aide of Jungle Boy. Hager is kicked out of the arena by the referee. Hager makes his way up the ramp, saying Luchasaurus should be kicked out as well. Luchasaurus picks up Marko Stunt and leaves ringside as well.

Jungle Boy lands on his feet over the rope after Le Champion gets him with an elbow. Jungle Boy goes through the ropes three different times, landing on Le Champion each time. Jungle Boy throws Le Champion back in the ring, flying off the top rope with a Rolling DDT and a pin attempt. Le Champion kicks out. Jungle Boy with Back Stabber and once again Le Champion kicks out.

The crowd cheering wildly for Jungle Boy. Flying Moonsault with nobody home, Jungle Boy gets a Flying Moonsault of his own directly after and a two count pin attempt. Jungle Boy goes after Le Champion and Le Champion counters, turning Jungle Boy inside out and a pin attempt. Jungle Boy kicks out. Le Champion looks at the clock and there’s two minutes and thirty seconds left. Camera continuously panning to Jungle Boy’s family in the front row.

Jungle Boy being brutalized by Le Champion who walks around the ring listening to the crowd booing. Jungle Boy dazed but still fighting back with multiple forearms, going off the ropes right into Le Champion who lands a Power Bomb. Le Champion gets Jungle Boy in submission move holding the legs of Jungle Boy as Jungle Boy crawls and pulls himself towards the bottom rope. Le Champion changes position to drag Jungle Boy back to the center of the ring. Thirty seconds left.

Le Champion facing away from the jumbotron, hears the bell sound as the clock runs out to zero. Thinking he’s won, he raises his hands in victory. The referee points to the clock and Le Champion is irrate. Jumping out of the ring, he goes up to the official and says, “Gimme five more minutes ring the bell”… Bell rings once again.

Le Champion gets back in the ring and starts slapping Jungle Boy in the face. Jungle Boy gets a second wind, or hundredth. Le Champion almost got pinned and jumped out of the ring, not wanting to lose, grabbing his championship belt and walking up the ramp and the crowd boos, we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, Le Champion comes back down to the ring and starts smashing things at the broadcaster’s table and yelling in the face of Jungle Boy’s sister and mom, then making his way back up the ramp.

Le Champion argues back and forth at the top of the ramp saying Jungle Boy didn’t last the full ten minutes to which he responds, “Yes he did”. Le Champion says, “No he didn’t” Again, “Yes he did” back and forth, back and forth. Finally Le Champion says, “You’re lucky I don’t beat your ass. Jungle Boy did not beat me. But that’s not the point. He’ll get his later. But this is about the real story, about Jon Moxley, would he join, the Inner Circle.” Le Champion goes on to say there will not be a show next week due to Christmas, but when they come back, it will all be resolved.

SCU is being interviewed backstage. Lucha Brothers both arguing.

Kris Statlander vs. The Doctor Britt Baker

Out first to the ring in this number one contender’s match, Kris Stratlander who makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring. As the music sounds in the arena, The Doctor Britt Baker comes out next, entering the ring. The bell rings and the match begins.

Early lockup with both girls… very unique Statlander starts doing multiple cartwheels around Baker. Then some twirls before Baker goes for the Lockjaw. Statlander sees it coming and counters. Statlander goes for a pin attempt on Baker, Baker kicks out.

Baker with a Crucifix roll up and Statlander kicks out. Statlander goes for Axe Kick, Baker with Hanging Neckbreaker. Baker getting Statlander with the Lockjaw as we go to commercial.

Baker with a Running Knee. Statlander getting the upperhand with a Running Knee of her own followed by a high flying move off the top turnbuckle and pinning Baker with Roundhouse and pin attempt on Statlander. Statlander gets Baker in a Firefighter’s Position, Baker kicks and gets out of it. Baker with a pin attempt on Statlander once again.
Statlander slams Baker onto her back, dragging her over to the turnbuckle. Statlander gets to the top, Baker follows her up. Statlander with right hands to the midsection of Baker. Statlander counters and slams Baker to the mat. The referee starts counting as both women are laid out on the mat. Baker struggles to her knees, as does Statlander. Both women exchange elbows as they get to their feet. Statlander goes for Haymaker, Baker counters then goes for Superkick, Statlander counters.

Baker once again goes for Superkick and gets it in. Statlander holds Baker on her back, then hoists her up on her shoulders converting it forward getting Baker’s legs in underhooks for a Pile Driver onto the neck of Baker for the pin and win.

Winner: Kris Statlander

After the Match

Tony Schiavone says “You are now the number one contender, congratulations”

Statlander touches the nose of Tony and then her own as Brandi Rhodes comes down the ramp holding a mic that wasn’t on. The mic turns on and she dismisses Tony Schiavone. Brandi scolds Tony for sending a mic backstage that wasn’t on to save face as the crowd chants, “What?” after her initially coming out to speak. Then Brandi says, “I have an open ended question that I need to know the answer to. Are you with the Nightmare collective, or not?” She touches her nose, then reaches towards Brandi Rhodes with her finger and waves it back and forth saying no.

Statlander goes to walk up the ramp and sees Awesome Kong and Melanie Cruise and goes to turn back towards Brandi. Brandi smashes Statlander in the head with her heel of her shoe knocking Statlander to the ground. Brandi smiles looking down at Statlander, then up towards Awesome Kong and Melanie Cruise.

Sadie Gibbs comes out of nowhere and helps Statlander up.

The Young Bucks vs. SCU

The main event of the evening is formally announced, this World Tag Team Championship match up is scheduled for one-fall. Nick and Matt Jackson are announced first for the Young Bucks. Next is Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian. The bell rings and the match begins.

Scorpio takes out Nick Jackson on the outside of the ring before getting back up on the side of the ring for the tag from Kazarian. Matt Jackson jumps up on the second rope, Sky matches him and jumps to the second rope, then Jackson jumps again to the top rope and flips Sky off the top rope.

Kazarian drags Sky out of the ring to save him from Nick Jackson. Nick flies over the ropes onto both men, stopping to look at the camera and then throws him back in the ring as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, Nick with right hands on Kazarian. Double Larian takes out both members of The Young Bucks. Kazarian sets both Nick and Matt up on the outside as Sky goes flying over the top rope onto both men. Sky goes for a a pin on Jackson who kicks out. Sky goes for a TKO, no luck. Matt gets to the corner and tags in Nick.

Nick Jackson comes in running, Scorpio Sky gets Dragon Sleeper on Jackson. Matt comes in to break up the submission, Kazarian grabs Matt and puts him in a Dragon Sleeper as well. Matt grabs Kazarian and turns him upside down, Sky gets a blind tag.

Kazarian and Nick both end up on the outside as Nick’s head is slammed on the outside of the ring. Sky with TKO and then grabs Kazarian for the tag. SCU Later on Matt, Kazarian gets the pin for the win in this fast paced match up!

The Winner: SCU

After the Match

The creepers come out and surround the ring. The arena turns black. “JoinDarkOrder.Com” is seen written across the jumbotron.

Young Bucks you have suffered a hard hard loss, and any other night we would as you to join Dark Order but tonight is not an offer it’s an initiation. Dark Order, put them down. SCU joins forces with Young Bucks to try and fight off The Creepers Alex Reynolds and Jon Silver are maskless.

Kenny Omega comes running down the ramp and enters the ring to try and come to the aid of his friends. Cody and Dustin come running down as well trying to even the numbers. Greyson takes down Dustin Rhodes. A gang assault/beat down continues in the middle of the ring. Adam Page is nowhere to be found. Omega is thrown out of the ring.

The Young Bucks are the only men left in the ring as everyone else is already thrown out of the ring. Greyson produces two masks. A microphone is handed in. “I told you this was an initiation.” as he hands the masks to

Holding the face of Matt Jackson he shoves his hand into his mouth getting blood on it as he holds up a claw and the creepers all do the same as they chant “We are one”. Social Media Interaction

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