AEW Dynamite On TNT Results (12/16/2020)

AEW Dynamite Results From Daily’s Place In Jacksonville, FL. (12/16/2020)

All Elite Wrestling is back, as the latest episode of their weekly AEW Dynamite on TNT programs returns this evening with a jam-packed lineup.

On tap for this week’s AEW on TNT program is Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela in an anything goes, no disqualification world title elimination bout, The Inner Circle vs. Best Friends, Varisty Blondes & Top Flight, Matt Hardy & Private Party vs. “Hangman” Adam Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds and Cody Rhodes vs. Angelico.

Additionally, “The Icon” Sting will appear live, Eddie Kingston will address his enemies, Dustin Rhodes will be featured in an interview segment and more.

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite results for Wednesday, December 16, 2020.


The regular signature intro package airs to start things off for this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT. From there, we shoot inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. as pyro explodes and the commentary team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur welcome us to this week’s show.

“Hangman” Adam Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Matt Hardy & Private Party

From there, we hear the familiar sounds of the theme music of “Hangman” Adam Page, as he makes his way down to the ring. While he makes his walk, highlights from recent weeks are shown to tell the story leading up to the six-man tag-team bout that will be kicking things off inside the squared circle this evening.

We shoot back live in Jacksonville and the Dark Order duo of John Silver and Alex Reynolds make their way out, as they will be teaming with Page this evening to take on the trio of Matt Hardy and Private Party, who are coming out now. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our first bout of the night.

“Hangman” Adam Page and Marq Quen kick things off for their respective teams, as the bell sounds to kick off this week’s opening contest. Page jumps off to an early offensive advantage, so in comes Matt Hardy. We see our first in-ring action from Hardy in some time now as the opposing trio start to pull ahead into the offensive lead.

After a couple of minutes, Isiah Kassidy and John Silver tag in and are the legal men in the match. Hardy tags in briefly for a quick spot and then tags back out. We see Quen tag in and hit a moonsault off of Silver’s back for a near fall. Silver has been isolated in the ring for a bit at this point. Hardy tags back in and delivers some pounding and thudding shots with forearms on Silver in the corner.

As he continues to dominate the action, we see Hardy slap a sleeper-hold on Silver and the Dark Order member starts to fade. Finally, Silver hulks up and powers out of the hold. This starts his comeback, as he lands some elbows to avoid a side affect attempt from Hardy. As he hits the ropes, however, Hardy brings him down to the mat the hard way. He heads to the middle rope, but takes too long, coming off into a big punch from Silver, who follows up with a nasty brainbuster on the pro wrestling legend.

Silver finally crawls to his corner and makes the much-needed tag to “Hangman” Adam Page. Hardy makes the tag as well, and in comes both members of Private Party briefly, but “Hangman” is on fire and is easily handling them both. He hits a dive on one member to the floor and back in the ring, hits the other with what J.R. calls “a slobber-knocker of a clothesline” for a close near fall attempt. Page hoists him up for a power bomb, however on his way up he tags in Hardy. Hardy comes in and hits a side affect on Page.

Hardy leads the fans in Daily’s Place in a “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” chant as he waits for Page to get up. As he does, however, he side-steps Hardy and nearly takes his head off with another powerful clothesline. Page then makes the tag to Alex Reynolds. Reynolds comes in as the freshest man in the match at this point, and it shows, as he takes the hot tag and cleans house of everyone-and-anyone in sight. He hits a nice modified suplex for a near fall, however it is broken up from some quick interference from Private Party.

The announcers point out that Hardy is still down as we see Silver and Reynolds fire up on offense, and Page join them for some triple-team action. Hardy takes Silver as he was crawling under the bottom rope, and while standing on the floor, Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Silver. Nasty. Page is sent over the barricade when he comes to ringside to enter the fun. Back in the ring, Reynolds is seated on the top-rope, however Private Party hits their Gin -N- Juice double-team finisher. Hardy ends up tagging himself in to steal the pin. The trio of Hardy and Private Party get the win in this week’s opener.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Private Party

Alex Marvez Backstage With The Inner Circle

After the announce trio runs down the lineup for tonight’s show, they kick things to Alex Marvez, who is standing by with the entire Inner Circle crew.

Marvez brings up New York Times honoring MJF for best performance of 2020 for the Le Dinner Debonair segment on AEW Dynamite earlier this year.

MJF talks about it being an honor, but before he can continue, “Le Champion” butts in and interupts, pointing out that he too was in Le Dinner Debonair segment, and that it was actually his idea and he set it up.

Friedman then continues and talks about winning the Dynamite Diamond Ring two years in a row and now this honor from the New York Times. He says he couldn’t of done it without Jericho. Jericho says, “I know.”

He goes on to talk about Jericho being his best friend and he talks about how much he means to him. Jericho does a half-hearted response to MJF, forcing a fake smile and subsequent compliment as Alex Marvez wraps things up and sends it back to the commentary trio.

Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) vs. Angelico (w/ Jack Evans)

We are informed that up next on this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite on TNT will be the advertised one-on-one showdown with “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson in his corner taking on The Hybrid2 (TH2) member Angelico with his tag-team partner Jack Evans in his corner.

On that note, we head to a commercial break. When we return from the break, we hear the familiar theme of “The American Nightmare” and finally, we see Cody Rhodes emerge with Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes at his side.

The Dapper Yapper Justin Roberts on the microphone introduces Cody as the soon to be father, as we see him with a big smile on his face. Brandi Rhodes as well. He makes his way to the ring and the announcers bring up him looking to be getting emotional as the news settles in that was just made public.

Check out video of this segment as well as the video clip that the announcers are now discussing that Cody and Brandi Rhodes released regarding this exciting news by clicking here.

From there, the theme cuts off and the entrance music of Angelico hits and out he comes accompanied by Jack Evans. The TH2 member settles into the ring as Schiavone puts over “The Submission Savant” and his ground grappling skills. The bell sounds and we hear the fans chanting “Cody! Cody! Cody” as Angelico takes Cody down with an arm-drag.

Cody looks up at Angelico from the mat, who smiles. The two lock up again and Cody isolates the arm of Angelico, hitting the twist and then arm-dragging him down to the mat. Cody now looks at Angelico with a look of determination on his face this time, as Angelico gets up and the two lock up for the third time. Angelico grabs Cody’s arm the same way Cody grabbed his, however “The American Nightmare” hits the mat for an attempted reversal. Regardless, Angelico holds on. He ends up taking Cody back down.

Now we see Cody beginning to look frustrated, as Angelico is now taken down but quickly returns to his feet. As the action continues, we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break.

We’re back live now and we see the action still ongoing inside the squared circle, as “The American Nightmare” is pulling ahead and taking a dominant lead in the offensive driver’s seat. Cody gets close to finishing off the TH2 member with a Disaster Kick, however he is reversed and locked in Angelico’s submission finisher for a dangerous near finish. Instead, Cody escapes and ends up finishing off The Hybrid2 member with a Cody Cutter for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Team Taz Trash-Talk For Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin, Sting Arrives

After the match we are seeing some highlights and replay action from the bout as Rhodes celebrates with Anderson and Brandi in the ring. As we return live, however, things are interrupted by Team Taz.

Out walks Taz, alongside “The Machine” Brian Cage, Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs. The Human Suplex Machine talks in mocking, sarcastic fashion about the soon-to-be proud papa Cody Rhodes, bringing up the news that he and Brandi Rhodes are expecting their first child together in the near future.

Taz gets overly critical and then brings up Darby Allin, who is shown sitting in the rafters at the top of Daily’s Place. Starks takes a turn talking some trash on the mic and then Taz picks up where he left off with the verbal jabs.

As they continue, they are ultimately interrupted by some entrance music and out comes “The Icon” Sting. The pro wrestling legend makes his epic entrance to the top of the stage as snow flurries fly and Tony Schiavone does the trademark “IT’S STING!” call as Darby Allin is shown again in the rafters.

The camera switches back to “The Icon” at the top of the entrance area holding his trademark bat. He looks around and simply turns and walks off without ever saying anything. The camera pans up again to Darby Allin one final time and then we head to a commercial break.

Alex Marvez Backstage With “The Best Man” Miro

We return from the break to Jim Ross bringing up Miro’s violent show-closing attack on last week’s AEW Dynamite. Then he introduces a video package on “The Best Man.”

Once the video ends, we shoot backstage live where Alex Marvez is standing by with “The Best Man” Miro, who is by himself for a change. He talks about AEW fining him X-amount of dollars per person for what he did on last week’s show.

Miro is then asked about the “Freshly Squeezed” one, Orange Cassidy, whom he has nothing nice to say about. He goes on to promote a big wedding announcement for next week’s show. He is asked about hurting people so close to Christmas. “Bah hum-bug” says Miro to close out the segment.

Eddie Kingston Addresses His Enemies, All Hell Breaks Loose

We then shoot back inside Daily’s Place amphitheater where we hear the familiar ring entrance music of Eddie Kingston. The leader of Eddie Kingston’s Family makes his way down to the squared circle with a microphone in his hand and a serious look on his face.

Kingston warns camera men and others standing around at ringside not to get into the squared circle. He then begins addressing his enemies, as advertised, first bringing up God, pointing to the sky and telling him, “I’m still here, brotha!”

He then goes on to talk about some former members of his Family, such as The Lucha Bros. When he does, before he can say much else, all hell breaks loose as he is attacked by “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer.

This leads to several others coming out, such as Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. and the duo of The Butcher and The Blade, accompanied by The Bunny. Additionally, in runs “The Bastard” PAC, who was apparently not supposed to be here but is, according to the commentary team.

We have a big stand-off and then all hell breaks loose as everyone starts duking it out and brawling in and outside of the ring. We see Rey Fenix hit some wicked dives from the ring to the floor.

In the end, Eddie Kingston and his Family, The Butcher, The Blade and The Bunny, are sent running off, while PAC and Lance Archer stare them down in the ring along with Rey Fenix and Pentagon JR. As the music of The Lucha Bros plays we see Archer turn to look down at PAC.

Dustin Rhodes Delivers A Message To Evil Uno

After the Eddie Kingston segment inside the ring and ringside area, we shoot backstage where a female member of the AEW Dynamite broadcast team is standing by with “The Nightmare Family’s” own Dustin Rhodes.

Rhodes talks about being named one of the least dangerous members of The Nightmare Family by The Dark Order and then announces that he will be squaring off against Evil Uno from The Dark Order in one-on-one action on next week’s episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

Dustin Rhodes ends the brief backstage interview segment by saying a message to Evil Uno from The Dark Order. He tells The Dark Order member, “You, me … hard-and-fast, I’m fixing to kick your ass!”

Top Flight, Varsity Blondes & Best Friends vs. The Inner Circle

It’s now time for the big advertised match featuring The Inner Circle. Instead of a seven on seven team match, however, with Wardlow not here this evening, it will be a six-on-six 12-man match.

On that note, we hear the familiar theme of The Best Friends. On that note, out comes Trent and Chuck Taylor, accompanied by “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy. Cassidy heads over to the commentary tables and puts on a headset that isn’t plugged in as the aforementioned duo continue to make their way down to the ring.

As they settle into the ring, we are taken to a pre-match commercial break. When we return, Cassidy is still on special guest commentary, but is still wearing a headset that isn’t plugged into anything, as the commentary trio informs us. The other members of the first team, which includes both members of Top Flight and the Varsity Blondes, are now in the ring as well.

From there, the Fozzy smash hit single plays and out emerges the Inner Circle faction lead by “Le Champion.” The fans inside Daily’s Place sing along with the song as the group makes their way down to the ring. When the music cuts off, the fans continue singing the chorus acapella, as always.

The bell sounds and now we’re off-and-running with this 12-man tag-team contest. Kicking things off for the Inner Circle squad will be their leader, “The Demo God” himself, Chris Jericho. For the opposing team, Brian Pillman Jr. is in early and we see the heel faction jump off to a quick offensive advantage.

The babyface team makes a couple of tags and it is Dante Martin from Top Flight who ends up remaining inside as the legal participant. Sammy Guevara tags in for the Inner Circle and is taking it to the rookie tag-team competitor. Dante finally shows signs of life and as he hits the ropes, Darius Martin, the other member of Top Flight, tags himself in.

Top Flight hit a nice double-team spot on “The Spanish God” that sets up a pinfall attempt, however one of the members of Proud ‘N’ Powerful hits the ring to break it up. Afterwards, Guevara jumps back into the offensive lead, decking Dante Martin. Martin crawls over and tags in Trent. Now all 12 men end up in the ring and the announcers point out the obvious — that a donnybrook has broken out inside Daily’s Place. The brawl spot culminates with all six babyface members standing in different corners of the ring, doing the big, dramatic “give the people what they want” Best Hug Ever.

The Inner Circle finally jumps back on the apron and in the ring comes Ortiz as the legal member. He turns the offensive momentum back in the favor of the Inner Circle team. He hits a three Amigos suplex spot on Martin, tagging out after two instead before tagging in Santana. The duo hits a couple of double team spots and then they tag in MJF. They hold the arm of Trent and in jumps MJF nailing the isolated limb.

MJF tosses Trent out to the floor and the Inner Circle team members jump on him like vultures, throwing him into the barricade and getting in some additional cheap shots as the commentary trio talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break, we see that Trent is still isolated in the ring, as Jericho and Guevara are in the middle of hitting a double-team spot on The Best Friends team member. Afterwards, they do a cocky double-pose for the fans as Trent is laid out in the ring. Guevara stays in as the legal man as the action continues.

We see Guevara head up to the top rope for a shooting star press or 450 splash, something insane, and it back-fires on him, allowing Trent the sorely-needed opportunity to make it to his corner. He tags in Top Flight member Darius Martin. Martin takes the hot tag and goes nuts, taking out any-and-everyone in sight. He hits a standing Spanish fly before hitting the ropes for a dive out to the floor. He ends up diving into a big shot from Inner Circle members, however his brother follows up and flies from the ring to the floor, taking out the heel members at ringside.

Action resumes in the ring with Trent and Chuck hitting some double-team moves. Santana and Ortiz are now in as one of them are tagged. They hit some double-team spots and now even more members of the other side of the ring enter the picture as all hell starts to break loose again. Garrison is the legal man. He hits the ropes but Jericho whacks him with Floyd the bat as he does, and Hager tags in inside the ring, following up with a F10. He then responds to a demand from MJF on the ring apron, who tags in simply to score the pinfall he had nothing to do with. Didn’t they just do that a couple of matches ago? Anyways, Inner Circle scores the win right there.

Winners: The Inner Circle

Dr. Britt Baker Attacks Thunder Rosa Backstage

We shoot to the backstage area where former NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa is standing by with Alex Marvez. The AEW broadcast team member brings up some recent incidents from recent weeks and Rosa addresses Brandi Rhodes.

As she continues she is interrupted by Rebel / Reba, who distracts her and sets her up for a sneak attack by Dr. Britt Baker. Baker gets her in her submission finisher and rubs something in her face, taunting her and mocking her while telling her that nobody wants her here. She then notices the camera and asks if this thing works. That’s where the segment wraps up.

SCU vs. The Acclaimed

We then return inside Daily’s Place amphitheater as we hear the fans react to the ring entrance of the first team for our next match of the evening, which will be tag-team action.

On that note, the members of SoCal Uncensored (SCU) head down to the ring. They will be facing off against The Acclaimed in tag-team action when we return. On that note, we head to a pre-match commercial break.

Anthony Bowens and Max Caster — The Acclaimed — are introduced as we return from the break. The newcomers rap their way down to the ring like an old-school John Cena, trying to get “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” from the crowd from wrestling storyline-related diss rhymes.

As the two settle into the ring, and their music continues playing, Frankie Kazarian takes a turn on the mic and as he stands next to Christopher Daniels, we hear Kaz rap and refer to the rookies as old school WWE tag-team Men On A Mission in a nice line.

After all of that fun, the bell sounds and it’s time to get back down to business with our next match of the evening. Early on we see the veteran duo of Daniels and Kazarian jump off to a comfortable offensive advantage in the early goings. After establishing the lead, Kaz tags in Daniels.

Daniels picks up where Kazarian left off, taking it to Bowens. He takes his eye off the ball for one second, however, and one second was all Bowens needed to make it to his corner to make the tag to Max Caster.

Caster comes in and immediately turns the tables, shifting the offensive momentum in The Acclaimed’s favor as he takes it to Daniels. This doesn’t last for long, however, as Daniels re-establishes control and then tags in Kazarian. Kaz picks up where Daniels left off, and much like when SCU tagged earlier, things shift again as The Acclaimed makes the tag.

Bowens comes in and gets in some offense on Kazarian, who fights back as well until both members of The Acclaimed hits some double-team offense on Kaz on the floor. On that note, J.R. leads us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues inside the ring with The Acclaimed in the clear-cut offensive lead at this point.

We return from the break to see Kaz hit a slingshot off the ring ropes from the ring apron into a DDT on Max Caster. Caster ends up making the tag, as does Kazarian. Daniels takes the hot tag and is now in the ring handling both members of The Acclaimed. He counters an STO attempt and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a very close near fall on Bowens.

Daniels looks for Angel’s Wings on Bowens, who fights it off, however the SCU member still plants him into the mat with a regular body slam. Bowens now turns the tables on Daniels and sets him on the top-rope. He climbs up after him looking for a superplex, but is pushed off by Daniels. Daniels fights off Caster on the apron from the top-rope and then hits a diving cross-body splash onto Bowens for a near fall.

Bowens recovers and hoists Daniels up in the Torture Rack position, however Daniels slides out the back door. Bowens ends up shoving Daniels into the ropes and he is met by a shot to the face from a boombox radio by Caster. Bowens then rolls Daniels up and scores the pinfall victory for The Acclaimed’s eighth consecutive victory with a big win over former tag-team champions SoCal Uncensored.

Winners: The Acclaimed

The Acclaimed Challenges The Young Bucks To Title Match

After the match, they do some more rapping, mocking The Young Bucks who are shown with the titles standing in the front row.

Bowens cuts Caster off before he drops an F-bomb to end one of his rhymes. Bowens then grabs the mic and tells Nick and Matt Jackson that “if they have any balls, then they’ll put their titles on-the-line against The Acclaimed next week … b*tch!”

The Acclaimed walk off and now we see SoCal Uncensored walk past The Young Bucks and they briefly have words off-mic.

Top Flight Challenges “The Demo God” & “The Ratings Ruler”

The Coldest Team in the Game, Top Flight, are shown standing by backstage. The duo talk some trash and then extend a challenge to Chris Jericho and MJF. They say the two can accept or they can “run like little b*tches.”

On that note, the two walk off as we head back in front of the crowd inside Daily’s Place for our next match of the evening.

Ivelisse & Diamante vs. Serena Deeb & Big Swole

From there, we hear the theme music of the first-ever winners of the AEW Women’s World Cup Tag-Team Tournament — Ivelisse and Diamante. The duo make their way down to the squared circle as they await their opponents.

Now we hear the theme music of Big Swole, who makes her way down to the ring by herself. As she settles into the ring, her music fades down and the music of the reigning NWA Women’s Champion plays as Serena Deeb makes her way down to the ring.

Our women’s tag-team contest is up next here on AEW Dynamite. As the NWA Women’s Champion shows off her title in the ring, we hear from the announce team per Tony Khan that next week we will see Top Flight vs. Chris Jericho & MJF, and we will also see The Acclaimed vs. The Young Bucks.

The bell sounds and here we go as Deeb and Ivelisse kick things off for their respective teams. Deeb backs Ivelisse into the corner and looks for a clean break, but doesn’t get it, as Ivelisse uses the opportunity to get the NWA Women’s Champion back-peddaling. Deeb ends up taking back over and then tags in Big Swole.

Swole takes it to Ivelisse for a moment, but then she quickly tags out. Diamante comes in and Swole dominates her as well, blasting her with a punishing back-breaker before hitting a belly-to-belly release suplex. Swole looks to bring Diamante to her corner to make the tag, but instead, Diamante fires up and back-elbows Swole before knocking Deeb off the ring apron.

Diamante then hits a nice move for a near fall and tags Ivelisse back in. As Ivelisse settles into the ring, taking it to a softened up Big Swole, we are led into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break while the action continues inside the squared circle.

We return live to a new ad for a new podcast for AEW hosted by Scorpio Sky and featuring some others. Then we hear Jim Ross welcome us back to the show, as he mentions Tony Schiavone’s podcast and some others as we see the action still ongoing in the ring with the babyface duo still fighting from underneath.

Ivelisse and Diamante make a tag and now both women stay in the ring as Serena Deeb finally tags in and tries firing up. She ends up taking it to both team members, clearing the ring of Diamante and going to work on Ivelisse. She ends up locking Ivelisse in a figure-four leg lock. Ivelisse ends up while stuck in the hold, crawling to her corner to make the tag.

After tagging Diamante, Ivelisse remains in the figure-four leg lock holding onto Deeb until Diamante can hit her with her first shot. She does and now we see the two hit some double-team offense before Ivelisse settles into her corner on the ring apron. As she does, we see Diamante taking it to Deeb for a moment, however she eventually leaps over and makes the tag to Swole.

Swole looks for Dirty Dancing on Diamante, however she avoids it. Diamante looks for the standing Sliced Bread, however Swole avoids it. She hits a headbutt and then a Tiger Driver. She locks her in the Clearwater Cloverleaf submission and wrenches down on it. Deeb takes out Ivelisse as she tries to break it up, leaving Diamante no choice but to tap out.

Winners: Big Swole & Serena Deeb

After The Match: Nyla Rose, Vickie Guerrero & Red Velvet Hit The Ring

Once the match is in the books, we see Deeb and Swole celebrating when out comes Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero for a post-match attack.

The two start attacking Deeb and Swole from behind. They take it to the babyface duo before ultimately Red Velvet runs out with a steel chair to chase them off.

The Best Friends & Orange Cassidy With A Message For Miro

We head backstage to The Best Friends — Trent and Chuck, who are standing by with Orange Cassidy. The two bring up Miro teasing the announcement of the wedding next week.

They announce that they will be there, too, and mention that they can’t wait to see him. They then walk off to wrap up the brief backstage segment.

FTR Take Exception To Jurassic Express Vignette

We then head to the commentary section where we see Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur, who talk about more-and-more wrestling fans becoming fans of Jurassic Express in recent weeks.

On that note, the announce team send things to a special vignette on the trio of Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt. When it wraps up, we hear someone yelling on the commentary headsets.

From there, the camera catches up with things and we see Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood standing over J.R., Schiavone and Excalibur who are seated and looking nervous.

The former AEW World Tag-Team Champions and the self-touted first-ever grand slam tag-team champions talk about being sick seeing that Jurassic Express video and asks if the tag-team scene in AEW is already becoming a joke. They say this is how they feed their family and they don’t appreciate it, as Tully Blanchard is shown standing behind them. They talk about Jurassic Express not being impressive at all to them and eventually storm off.

No DQ, Anything Goes No. 1 Contender Match (Non-Title)
Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega (c)

After the FTR segment the announcers run down the lineup as it currently stands for next week’s edition of AEW Dynamite, which they point out will air at a special time of 10pm EST. / 7pm PST. next week.

From there, “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela’s music hits, as it’s time for our main event of the week. With that said, Janela heads down to the ringside area as he prepares for his no disqualification, anything goes world title eliminator number one contender match against the current title-holder himself, Kenny Omega.

As Janela settles into the ring, the commentary trio makes one final hard-sell for tonight’s main event and then sends things to a pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we hear “The Dapper Yapper” do an updated version of the elaborate, drawn-out ring introduction of the AEW World Heavyweight Champion, bringing up his being on multiple shows on multiple continents last week, and how he helped AEW Dynamite draw their single biggest rating ever and helped IMPACT Wrestling increase 33-percent in their own ratings.

Justin Roberts wraps up the overly long ring intro for the AEW World Champion and then he finally emerges, as Kenny Omega follows out after the dancers. As he makes his way down to the ring accompanied by IMPACT Wrestling Co-Vice President Don Callis, Janela catches him coming down the ramp with a big shot to the head with a trash can.

That is legal in this match and because of that, the bell sounds to kick it off. As Janela fires away at Omega with punches, the camera pans over to Don Callis standing over Tony Schiavone talking trash to him, only for Schiavone not to back down and talk trash right back to him. He walks off as the camera pans back over to the match, which now sees Omega taking control of.

Omega hits one of his finishers and then executes a beautiful dive from the ring to the floor that takes out the “Bad Boy.” Afterwards, Callis gets on the house microphone and provides some special guest color commentary as Omega delivers more punishment to the challenger. Callis then says since Omega can do everything, he asks if he wants to provide a little self-color-commentary. Omega obliges.

As he goes back to work on Janela, Callis gets back on the mic and refuses to shut up as Omega climbs a ladder set up in the ring. He dives off with a big splash but can’t finish off Janela just yet. Now Callis and Omega are both on the mic talking trash while Omega beats down Janela with various foreign objects. Omega sets the mic down and puts a trash can over Janela. He climbs to the top-rope and comes flying off with a double-stomp onto the trash can on Janela. He then sets Janela up for his One Winged Angel, however “The Bad Boy” hits a reverse hurricanrana to avoid it.’

Now with Janela showing his first signs of life, we see Sonny Kiss at ringside pulling out and setting up a table outside the ring. Janela joins Kiss at ringside on the floor, drilling Omega with some right hands before laying the AEW World Champion out on top of the table that was just set up. Janela climbs to the top-rope after re-entering the ring, and he comes flying off with a leg-drop on Omega through the table. Damn! We see some immediate replays of that crazy spot as Janela rolls Omega back in the ring.

Janela climbs to the top-rope again and this time he looks for a moonsault, but nobody was home. Omega recovers after Janela misses the high spot. He blasts him with a V-Trigger. And another. Now he hoists Janela up and hits his One-Winged Angel finisher. 1-2-3. That’s all she wrote, folks!

Winner: Kenny Omega

After The Match: “The Bastard” PAC Drops A Bombshell Announcement

We see some replays and highlights of the Omega-Janela main event and then we return live to see the AEW World Heavyweight Champion celebrating in the ring as his music plays. He proudly holds up his title belt as Don Callis sings his praises on the house microphone.

Now his music cuts off and out comes the Death Triangle trio of “The Bastard” PAC and The Lucha Bros — Rey Fenix and Pentagon JR. PAC is on the mic and he talks about some injustices. He mentions Rey Fenix and brings up some past facts before asking how Omega is world champion.

Don Callis takes exception to PAC, calling him “kid” and telling him he’s going to give him a wrestling lesson. He says that wrestlers don’t tell the world champion what to do.

“The Bastard” PAC says well done, but that’s where you’re wrong. He says he already spoke to Tony Khan and the match is already officially signed.

He reveals that Kenny Omega will be defending his AEW World Heavyweight Championship against Rey Fenix whether he likes it or not. Omega flips out on the mic, yelling “You can’t do this!” as J.R. quickly intros the next show coming up on TNT as this week’s episode abruptly ends on that note.


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