AEW Dynamite Results (8/5/2020)

AEW Dynamite Results From Daily’s Place In Jacksonville, FL. (8/5/2020)

All Elite Wrestling is back and they are bringing with them a completely stacked lineup for this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

Scheduled for this week’s show is “The Great Debate” between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy, with a special mystery moderator overseeing the presiding’s.

Also on tap for AEW Dynamite is the in-ring debut of former WWE Superstar Zack Ryder, as Matt Cordona teams up with TNT Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody for a tag-team match against The Dark Order, as the road to the upcoming AEW All Out 2020 pay-per-view continues tonight.

Featured below are full AEW Dynamite results from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

Results by Matt Boone (@MattBoone1984 for

This week’s show kicks off with the usual weekly video signature open, which appears to actually be updated and a bit nicer-looking this week.

From there, Tony Schiavone’s voice is heard welcoming us to this week’s show and he is joined by Taz on commentary.

12-Man Tag-Team Match
FTR, The Young Bucks, “Hangman” Page & Kenny Omega vs. Dark Order

We see the team of FTR, The Young Bucks and AEW World Tag-Team Champions “Hangman” Page and Kenny Omega finishing their ring entrance, in progress.

Already in the ring are the six opponents for tonight’s 12-man tag-team bout against FTR and The Elite — The Dark Order. Mr. Brodie Lee and several members of the group are represented.

The bell sounds and this match officially kicks off, as we also finally hear the familiar voice of “Good Ole’ J.R.”, as Jim Ross finally chimes in on commentary for the first time.

During the action we see a camera shot of some of The Dark Order members not in the match standing next to the announce table dead silent and motionless.

We see a cool four-on-three suplex spot and moments later we see Colt Cabana appear to look to avoid making issues within his Dark Order six-man team in this match.

As the action continues, we see a cool sequence where several members of the match hit dives one-after-the-other from the ring to the floor. Nick Jackson lands on his feet when The Dark Order attempt to launch him to the floor moments later.

Now we watch as Cash Wheeler of FTR appears to have suffered a knee injury. He stops in mid-action and sits on the ring apron, pulling up his knee pad and being attended to by some of his tag-partners like Dax Harwood and Kenny Omega. Eventually, Wheeler is helped to the back by some of his teammates, leaving the remaining teammates in a bad numbers-game disadvantage.

It’s starting to show now as The Dark Order are completely dominating the action, abusing The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega in a six-on-three beat down with a two-to-one man advantage per each member of The Elite team. Finally we see Matt Jackson scurry away from the trouble and even take out some of The Dark Order members, but when he finally breaks free and leaps to his corner, no one is there.

He continues to duke it out with a lone Dark Order member in the ring as we see “Hangman” Adam Page make his way down the entrance aisle to the ring as the fans pop and the announcers go nuts. Page immediately gets involved and after having some early hot-tag success, we see The Dark Order numbers game start to appear in the bout again, as it is still four-to-six in favor of The Dark Order.

Mr. Brodie Lee watches on in shock as “Hangman” Adam Page hits an absolutely insane moonsault from the top rope to the floor, splashing onto several members of The Dark Order and taking them out as “The Exalted One” looks on in astonishment.

Finally things boil down to Hangman and Brodie Lee face-to-face alone in the ring. They stare each other down and then start trading punches. Brodie Lee lands a big boot to the face and another Dark Order member clotheslines Page to the floor. Mr. Brodie Lee follows up with an impressive tope suicida through the ropes to the floor on “Hangman”, and it looked cool for such a big guy to pull it off so flawlessly.

Evil Uno hits a 450-splash off the top onto “Hangman” moments later and covers him, however the one-half of the AEW World Tag-Team Champions summoned the ability to kick out before the count of three. Now we see The Young Bucks have recovered, as we hear slaps and witness one Dark Order member after another get decked with super kicks from Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson.

Hangman goes for the Buckshot but misses his target and almost hits his teammate. Brodie Lee follows up with his finisher to Hangman and pins him. The Dark Order wins a great opening match. Colt Cabana is shown celebrating and Brodie Lee is shown with a sick smile on his face.

Winners: The Dark Order

The Best Friends Arrive

We return from the first commercial break of the evening to a parking lot segment that shows The Best Friends — Chuckie T. and Trent pulling up in Trent’s mom’s Sue’s van. They get out and make their way into the Daily’s Place venue.

Jon Moxley Promo

Jim Ross then shoots to a pre-taped promo from earlier in the day featuring AEW World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley sitting in a stair-well with his title belt.

He talks about his past and how friends and people told him not to compete in this match or that match. He says in some cases, he wishes he would’ve listened and others he’s glad he didn’t.

With that in mind, Darby Allin pointing to his title last week at the end of AEW Dynamite was understood by Mox. He says now that he’s grown up a bit, he is in the situation to tell someone when they shouldn’t do something.

Moxley goes on to call Darby his favorite wrestler in AEW, but said that his title is on the line so when he signed that contract he became like everyone else.

He says so he’s not going to ask Darby not to do something like not take this match. He says he hopes Darby listens when he says this — when the time comes — stay down. He says he knows he won’t, but he’s hoping he does.

Santana & Ortiz vs. Best Friends

From there, we head back down to the ring where Justin Roberts begins his introductions for our second match of the evening here on AEW Dynamite.

With that said, the theme of Inner Circle tag-team Proud ‘N’ Powerful plays as Santana & Ortiz make their way down to the squared circle. Out next are their opponents for this week, Chuck Taylor and Trent — Best Friends.

The bell sounds and we have Chuck Taylor and Santana kicking things off for their respective teams. Early on we see Chuck slap a head-lock on the Proud ‘N’ Powerful member and eventually take him down to the mat. They scramble back up and each hit the ropes and then Chuck blocks a hip-toss by Santana and takes him down.

Santana turns the tide and makes the tag to Ortiz. Ortiz comes in and we see Chuck tag in Trent. Trent gets a hold of the arm of Ortiz. He whips him to the ropes and comes flying at him with double knees to the chest that floors the Inner Circle member. Chuck with a nice northern lights suplex and a bridge. He tags in Trent. Trent gets body-slammed by Ortiz, who then tags Santana back into the contest.

Santana & Ortiz hit some double-team action on Trent but then Chuck re-enters the picture and we have a free-for-all brawl going on in the ring while the referee watches on. Best Friends hit a nice tornado DDT spot and then they manhandle Ortiz before giving the people what they want — the Best Friends hug.

After their loving embrace, “Good Ole’ J.R.” leads us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in the ring. Once we return from the break we see Chuck in the ring taking it to Santana.

Eventually Proud ‘N’ Powerful turn the momentum into their favor as Santana tags in and is taking it to Trent. He’s getting double-teamed on the ring apron as he tries to fight back, but is eventually gobbled up and beaten down.

Following a lengthy period of time where he was isolated in the ring by himself while Santana and Ortiz took turns tagging in and beating up the Best Friends member, Trent finally gets to his corner and Chuck Taylor gets the hot tag.

Taylor enters the ring like a man on fire, running all over the place and taking out anything that moves. He hits a nice Falcon Arrow for a near fall, however he only gets a count of two on the follow-up pin attempt. Trent is already tagging back in and now we see a big stacked superplex spot with The Best Friends taking Ortiz down hard.

Trent also took some punishment on his lower back with that spot, an injury that the announcers have been putting over strong since the double-team action Proud ‘N’ Powerful executed on Chuck earlier in the match on the ring apron.

For the second time in the bout, we see Trent isolated in the ring while Santana & Ortiz take turns beating on him again, hitting double-sit-out power bombs, but only getting two on a pin attempt. Santana looks shocked, as does Ortiz, as Trent continues to put his tremendous heart and guts on display.

They set up their Street Sweeper finisher, however Trent snuck through and rolled up Ortiz for the shocking pin fall victory out of nowhere, snapping the three-match winning streak of the Inner Circle duo and further establishing their number two spot in the AEW tag-team rankings. After this match, we head to another commercial break.

Winners: Best Friends

MJF Checks In From MJF Headquarters

We return to a segment featuring MJF and Warlow.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the official number one contender to the AEW World Heavyweight Championship and Jon Moxley’s opponent at the upcoming AEW All Out 2020 pay-per-view, welcomes us to what he calls, “MJF Headquarters.”

Friedmn walks around scolding his many campaign employees for making errors on various posters, buttons, etc. He is asked what he thinks about Darby Allin possibly being his opponent instead of Moxley in his upcoming title match at the AEW All Out 2020 PPV.

MJF simply replies, “That would suck,” and walks away.

Matt Hardy In-Ring Promo

Now we’re back inside Daily’s Place where Matt Hardy is standing in the ring with a microphone.

Hardy addresses the fans and his peers, some of which he points out are sitting at ringside. He talks about giving the fans what they want.

He goes on to mention that two people in particular caught his eye — Private Party. He talks about helping them before mentioning there was one more person that caught his attention — Sammy Guevara.

Hardy goes on to tell the history between he and Guevara, with “The Spanish God” refusing help from Hardy and ultimately attacking him. He says that is why he did what he did last week in attacking Guevara during his return match on AEW Dynamite.

As he continues to talk, we see Sammy Guevara tip-toeing into the ring and positioning himself behind Hardy. Hardy finally turns around and the two immediately start slugging it out.

They brawl to the floor and Hardy starts dominating Guevara, showing his more violent side. He slams him into the steel barricade several times, lays him out and then sets up a table outside the ring on the floor.

He took a bit too long setting it up, however, and when he goes to pick up Guevara to put him on or through the table, Guevara had recovered and caught Hardy with a good shot. Now he takes it to Hardy and leaves him laying on the table.

Guevara looks to walk away but stops, takes his shirt off and dives, splashing onto Hardy and putting him through the table. Hardy’s face is badly, badly, BADLY bloody. One of the bloodiest messes you’ll see in wrestling, especially these days. Hardy lays there with his face completely covered in blood, which is free-flowing out of his head.

Santana & Ortiz Smash Trent’s Mom Sue’s Mini-Van

The announcers start talking about something breaking out in the parking lot as we see Hardy laid out in his blood one last time. The camera then switches to a parking lot segment.

We watch as Santana and Ortiz, fresh off of their loss to Best Friends in the opening match this evening, smashing up and spray-painting the mini-van driven to Daily’s Place by Trent and Chuck Taylor, an automobile owned by Trent’s mom Sue.

The Proud ‘N’ Powerful duo smash out all the windows and windshields before spray-painting on the hood, addressing Best Friends as they talked trash directly to the camera and walk off. On that note, we head to another commercial break.

Dark Order vs. Matt Cardona & Cody

John Silver and Alex Reynolds of The Dark Order make their way down to the ring for tag-team action in our next contest here on AEW Dynamite.

From there, out next comes the newcomer to All Elite Wrestling — former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona. Cardona gets the grand entrance with cool purple lighting and smoke, as well as pyro and a cool theme song.

Cardona heads to the ring by himself and waits for his partner, who now begins making his way out as well. The familiar theme of “The American Nightmare” plays as TNT Champion Cody comes out accompanied by “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson as fire and pyro explodes.

The bell sounds and we see Cody and John Silver starting things off for their respective teams. Cody begins taking it to the Dark Order member with strikes. He finishes off his opening sequence with a delayed suplex, holding Silver up in the air for a while before bringing him down to the mat with authority.

Cody wrenches up the arm of Silver and then makes the tag to Matt Cardona, who enters the ring and begins his first official action in a match inside the AEW squared circle. Cardona hits a nice flap-jack straight down to the chest of Silver. Afterwards, Silver makes the tag to Reynolds.

Reynolds comes in and is knocked down by Cardona, who follows up with a neck-breaker. He wrenches on the arm of Reynolds and then tags Cody back in. Reynolds whips Cody hard into the ropes and “The American Nightmare” slid on the apron under the ropes and his ribs appear to get bashed into the ring post from the momentum.

“The American Nightmare” recovers but is strongly selling his ribs as he re-enters the ring. Reynolds starts taking it to Cody, focusing his attack on the ribs of the TNT Champion. He makes the tag to Silver and the duo use their ten count from the ref to get in some double-team offense as they are now clearly in control of this action at this particular point in the bout.

We then head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break while Cody sells on the mat with The Dark Order still very much in control of the offense.

When we return from the break, The Dark Order is still dominating the action. Cody finally makes the tag to Matt Cardona. Cardona comes in and hits some high spots, but eventually he too ends up on the receiving end of some excellent double-team offense from The Dark Order. Finally, Cardona hits his Radio Silence finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winners: Matt Cardona & Cody

Scorpio Sky Wants The TNT Title

As “The American Nightmare” Cody and Matt Cardona head back to the backstage area following their victory, they see SoCal Uncensored’s own Scorpio Sky.

Sky stands in front of them, blocking their way to the back. He points to the TNT Title that Cody is carrying over his shoulder before eventually letting them by while the announcers point out that Sky wants the TNT Championship.

The Best Friends Arrive At Trent’s Mom’s Trashed Mini-Van

We then shoot to the parking lot where Trent and Chuck Taylor approach Trent’s mom’s Sue’s mini-van, which is trashed from the attack by Santana & Ortiz earlier in the show.

The Best Friends say if they wanted a rematch after losing earlier tonight, all they had to do was ask. Trent goes on about how you don’t mess with his mom.

They end by not only vowing revenge, but promising that they will make Santana & Ortiz apologize to Trent’s mom Sue on speaker phone.

After that we head to another picture-in-picture commercial break.

AEW Super Wednesday Debate With Eric Bischoff, Chris Jericho & Orange Cassidy

We return and Justin Roberts introduces us to the mystery moderator for AEW Super Wednesday Debate — and it is none other than Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff makes his first appearance on TNT in 20 years as he makes his way over to the podium to prepare tonight’s Great Debate between “Le Champion” Chris Jericho and “The Freshly Squeezed One” Orange Cassidy.

From there, Bischoff introduces Orange Cassidy. He makes his way out. Next, he introduces Chris Jericho, and out he comes.

Bischoff then kicks off the Debate 2020 by asking the first question to “Le Champion.” Jericho basically talks trash about Orange Cassidy with some slick one-liners and put-downs.

Orange is asked his first question and he doesn’t react at all. Jericho tells Bischoff that he doesn’t speak because he’s an idiot. He puts him down some more.

Bischoff asks some weird question, kind of like the segment in Billy Madison where Adam Sandler is suddenly, without explanation, unbelievably rocket-science-smart about a completely random topic with a speech that just pours out of him as if it were pre-programmed.

Cassidy didn’t execute it super well, but it still worked. Finally, as Jericho taunts and mocks Cassidy some more and then talks about wanting to beat his ass in their rematch next week, promising to kick the sh*t out of him and make him pay $7,000 to replace his juice-soaked suit.

He says he’s also going to kick the sh*t out of him right now. With that said, he orders Jake Hager, who is standing by him, to attack. And he does.

They brawl in the ring with Hager taking it to Orange and then Jericho decking him with the Judas Effect that turns his lights out. The Best Friends hit the ring to make the save. Jericho and Hager retreat as we head to a commercial break.

Big Swole vs. Reba

We return from the break to Tony Schiavone standing by with Dr. Britt Baker in her rolls royce wheel chair with Reba by her side.

Schiavone then asks who Big Swole will be facing, and AEW’s only licensed dentist replied, “Reba.”

A hesitant Reba makes her way into the ring now to square off against a Big Swole who is determined and dead set on getting her hands on Baker.

The bell sounds and here we go. Swole takes it to Reba straight out of the gate and in a match that doesn’t last long at all, Swole hits her Dirty Dancing finisher on Reba after she misses a top-rope moonsault attempt.

Winner: Big Swole

On Tap For Next Week’s AEW Dynamite …

We shoot over to the announce trio of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Taz who inform us that next week will be a very special episode of AEW Dynamite.

They then proceed to run down some of the scheduled matches and action in store for next week’s AEW on TNT program.

    * FTR Tag Team Appreciation Night
    * Jericho vs. Cassidy 2 in a $7,000 obligation match
    * Cody vs. Scorpio Sky for the TNT title
    * Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy (Non-Title)
    * Stu Grayson & Evil Uno vs. The Young Bucks
    * Special appearance by Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

AEW World Heavyweight Championship
Darby Allin vs. Jon Moxley (c)

We head back to ringside where Justin Roberts begins his introductions for tonight’s main event, which will be contested for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.

With that said, Darby Allin is introduced and he makes his way down to the squared circle as his bad ass theme song plays. Out next, through the stands as always, is the reigning AEW World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley.

The bell sounds and this week’s AEW World Title main event is now officially underway. Moxley takes it to Allin early on, busting open his mouth and producing blood from the challenger in the early goings. We head to a mid-match commercial on that note.

We return and Moxley is still beating down Darby and shouting at him to stay down. “I told you!” Mox keeps referencing his promo about telling Darby to stay down. Of course, Darby doesn’t.

We get some interference and Mox gets hit with a cheap shot with the world title belt and is now busted open. Darby Allin capitalizes and goes for a Coffin Drop. He hits it. He hits another.

Moxley survives and then turns the tide, moving the momentum in his favor. Both guys are bloody and battered, but Moxley is fully recovered now and taking it to Allin with authority. He hits a crazy pile-driver but somehow Darby kicks out. Finally, Mox finishes him off with the Paradigm Shift for the win.

Winner and STILL AEW World Heavyweight Champion: Jon Moxley

After The Match: MJF Is Pissed

Once the pin is counted, Mox immediately pops up and in similar fashion to Shawn Michaels craddling Ric Flair after beating him in the legendary retirement match at WrestleMania, Mox pops up and cradles Darby, patting him on the shoulder and shaking his head.

Meanwhile, the camera shoots to the back where we see MJF flipping out at the fact that his attempt to influence the outcome in the other direction backfired. He flips out some more, we see Mox in the ring and that’s how this week’s AEW Dynamite goes off the air.

AEW Dynamite Outro (8/5/2020)

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