AEW Dynamite Results (9/30/2020)

AEW Dynamite Results From Daily’s Place In Jacksonville, FL. (9/30/2020)

The road to the upcoming AEW FULL GEAR 2020 pay-per-view continues this evening, as All Elite Wrestling checks in with their latest weekly chapter in the ongoing Wednesday Night Wars saga.

On tap for this week is Eddie Kingston choosing the opponent for AEW Champion Jon Moxley, FTR will defend their AEW Tag-Team Championships against SCU in a 25-minute Time-Limit Match, Chris Jericho will go one-on-one against Isiah Kassidy of Private Party, Darby Allin will face-off against Ricky Starks of Team Taz, Orange Cassidy will take on 10 of The Dark Order, Dr. Britt Baker will be in action and former TNT Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody will respond to the Dog-Collar challenge from reigning title-holder “The Exalted One” Mr. Brodie Lee.

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite results for the Wednesday, September 30, 2020 broadcast on TNT, emanating live from Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida.


The weekly signature opening video package starts off this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

From there, we shoot inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville where pyro explodes and Jim Ross welcomes us to the show.

“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Darby Allin

After that, the theme music of Team Taz member “Absolute” Ricky Starks plays. He makes his way to the ring as J.R., Excalibur and Taz on commentary talk us through highlights of last week’s interaction between Starks and Darby Allin.

Now the latest black-and-white style Darby Allin vignette airs to set up the ring walk of Starks’ opponent for this week. The vignette, which features a friend of Allin’s talking about it taking more than thumbtacks and the other methods Starks took to try and take out Allin.

Once the vignette wraps up, Darby Allin’s theme plays inside Daily’s Place and he heads to the ring. The bell sounds and the crowd noise inside the amphitheater picks up, with many even chanting “Darby! Darby!” Starks b*tch-slaps Allin and yells “Come on!” to start this one off.

Allin knocks Starks through the ropes and out to the floor. He immediately re-enters and the two hit the mat before wrestling back up to their feet. Allin hits a nice arm-toss on Starks and then locks in an arm-submission of some kind until Starks grabs the ropes, forcing the held to be broken.

The action continues after a restart and Allin quickly gains the offensive upper-hand again. He hits a nice tope suicida on Starks on the floor at ringside. As he goes to follow-up, he sees the other Team Taz member, Brian Cage, coming down the entrance ramp.

He ends up not having to get his hands dirty with Cage, as Will Hobbs runs out and those two end up brawling to the back. Allin, however, goes to resume his assault on Starks, but ends up getting yanked off the apron and bouncing onto the floor outside the ring with authority.

Starks takes this opportunity to take over the offensive momentum in the match, which leads to a much more outspoken and confident “Human Suplex Machine” on color-commentary as Excalibur and J.R. continue to call the X’s and O’s. Starks puts Allin in a single-leg Boston crab, however Allin makes it to the ropes to force the hold to be broken up.

The match restarts after the two slowly get back to their feet. Allin and Starks exchange strikes and then Allin fires up and plants Starks high on his shoulders with a modified power bomb resulting in a close near fall. Allin working over the wrist and arm of Starks, taking the Team Taz member down to the mat and applying a Fujiwara Armbar. Starks goes for the ropes with his free-arm, however Allin hooks it and wrenches back in a modified camel-clutch from side-mount on a face-down opponent. Starks somehow drags them both to the ropes, as his head passed underneath, prompting the ref to break them up.

Now we see the two restart with each still on their knees. They exchange slaps as they work their way back to a vertical base, and then they begin mixing in punches and then a combo of both. Allin hits a nice over-the-top stunner on Starks but gets speared on his way down by a perfectly timed blast set-up by Starks for “one hell of a mid-air collision,” as J.R. calls it. We see replays of this sequence as both guys are slow to get back up. Finally they work to the top-rope, Allin knocks Starks off and comes off after him with a nice Coffin Drop. Allin scores the pin fall victory.

Winner: Darby Allin

J.R. & Excalibur Thank Taz, Run Down Lineup For Tonight

The duo of Jim Ross and Excalibur thank Taz for sitting on for guest commentary for the opening match this week. They inform us that Tony Schiavone is currently seeking out an interview with FTR ahead of their tag-team title defense in a 20-minute time limit match tonight. They then run down the lineup for this evening.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Responds To TNT Champion Mr. Brodie Lee

“The American Nightmare” Cody has a new pre-intro before his entrance plays now, and that sets up the ring walk of the former TNT Champion, who is set to respond to the reigning title-holder “The Exalted One” Mr. Brodie Lee, when AEW Dynamite returns from commercial break. On that note, we head to commercial while the born again brunette version of Cody settles into the squared circle with a suit on and a microphone in-hand.

Cody is with Dasha in the ring when we return and he quotes Al Snow who told him it’s okay to wrestle hurt, but never injured.

He goes on to talk about the pre-pandemic sign of respect that everyone shook hands behind-the-scenes in the locker room. He claims that was never the real reason. He says the real reason is because they need each other. He says the marquee says it’s you versus somebody else.

He says imagine his shame when he then loses the TNT Title in 3 minutes and then he gets the call from that 323 area code. It’s a Hollywood call. It’s an opportunity — and he jumps on it. He talks about sitting next to Rosario Dawson and Snoop Dogg and others on the set of his new show and he was forced to ask himself, “who the hell am I? I’m a guy who lost in 3 minutes.”

Dasha tells Cody he’s back and he’s on his feet again now so it’s ok. He says that might be so but AEW Dynamite is already a year old and he is not the man or the “Ace” as he was designated to be. He says that title belongs to one of three people — Hikaru Shida, Jon Moxley or Brodie Lee, the guy who carries the “Ace” belt currently.

Now Dasha gets to the point and asks Cody if he accepts the Dog Collar match challenge from Brodie Lee from last week’s show. Cody talks about the level of violence in a match like that and says, after mentioning his role as one of the EVPs of the company, that his answer is “no.”

The fans boo as he leaves the ring on that note. He heads up the entrance ramp and stops at the top of the stage. He pauses and then turns around and heads back to the ring. He grabs the mic from Dasha and says “No as in no regrets. No as in no turning back.”

He goes on to emphatically accept the Dog Collar Match challenge from Mr. Brodie Lee for next week’s AEW Dynamite show.

This brings out the reigning TNT Champion and the man who issued the challenge, “The Exalted One” of the Dark Order, Mr. Brodie Lee. He and “The American Nightmare” Cody brawl and are quickly ambushed by 100 officials and wrestlers who break the two up.

Brandi Rhodes runs down and hits a flip and splash off the ropes to a pile of wrestlers and officials on the floor. Afterwards she is attacked from behind by Allie. Now Nyla Rose slams down Kylie King from behind and slams her into the barricade. The camera focuses in on some other brawls that have broken out among other female talents and others.

As it looks like everything is finally sorted and Brodie Lee appears to be leaving and heading through the entrance tunnel to the back, he turns around and sprints to the ring and all hell breaks loose among everyone once again. It settles down and then re-engages again among the women talents brawling on the floor at ringside. The camera hits a close-up on Mr. Brodie Lee smiling and holding the TNT Title up high in the air at the entrance stage, while Cody is still being held back on the floor by a million wrestlers and officials.

Brodie Lee again storms to the ring and ambushes Cody on the floor before heading back up to the top of the entrance way again while Cody is again restrained by a ton of people. J.R. tells us now that Tony Schiavone has finally traced down FTR and with things seemingly finally calm out here, they are going to send things to him now.

Tony Schiavone Talks To FTR

Backstage, Tony Schiavone talks about FTR’s recent showdown against Best Friends and their upcoming battle against SCU. They claim Best Friends weren’t on their level.

They go on to say SCU are a different story and are two of the best in the world, which is obvious from the fact that they are the first-ever AEW Tag-Team Champions and they need to beat them to prove they are the best now.

Tony asks them about The Young Bucks. They say The Young Bucks had multiple chances and blew it each time. He says if because Dave Meltzer loves them and gives them a bunch of stars that warrants a title shot then give them one, otherwise they need to earn it like everyone else.

In comes one of The Young Bucks, who blasts Schiavone with a super kick and then says, “Wow, this is awkward. Were you guys talking?” He walks off as FTR asks why he didn’t kick one of them when they are standing right here.

Dasha Talks To SCU

After Jim Ross, Taz and Excalibur react to Tony Schiavone getting super-kicked moments ago, they send things to Dasha who is backstage with SCU — all three guys, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, who are competing in the match, as well as Christopher Daniels.

After guaranteeing a victory, SCU goes to walk off when they come across “The Chairman of AEW” Shawn Spears, who sarcastically wishes SCU luck in their upcoming match.

AEW Tag-Team Championships
SCU vs. FTR (c)

We head down to the ring where SCU make their way out after passing by Shawn Spears, as their AEW Tag-Team Championship match against current title-holders FTR — Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood — is up next. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

We’re back from the break and we hear Taz, J.R. and Excalibur welcoming “Hangman” Adam Page who will serve as the fourth guest commentator for this upcoming title match, which features a 20-minute time limit.

On that note, the theme music of FTR plays as Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, the reigning title-holders, make their way down to the ring for our next match of the evening here on AEW Dynamite.

The bell sounds and as “Hangman” talks about having some whiskey with him for his commentary gig this evening, the action gets underway and the 20-minute time-limit timer begins. The first-ever champions, SCU, get off to a good start against the current champs.

After referee Paul Turner is convinced that Christopher Daniels got involved at ringside, leading to Harwood being busted open in the match, he kicks Daniels out from ringside and sends him to the back. “Hangman” asks for a refill on his drink as FTR starts to get in some offense, only for SCU to send Wheeler to the floor followed by Harwood thrown on top of him.

Sky hits a nice splash to take out both FTR members on the floor in a nice follow-up spot seconds later. As some cheap shots from FTR, using their skills as master-manipulators to take advantage of circumstances and shift the offensive momentum into their favor as J.R. leads us into a mid-match commercial break.

We return from the break and now at the half-way point in this match, as we reach the ten-minute mark of this 20-minute time limit contest, as Taz points out, FTR haven’t been doing very well as SCU is still in control as Kazarian continues to take it to Harwood in the ring. Harwood fights back, however, and tags in Wheeler, who shifts the momentum into the favor of FTR as the announcers mention the insane humidity conditions in Jacksonville for tonight’s show.

Kazarian finally makes the tag to Sky and after hitting a German Suplex on Wheeler, Sky goes for the cover, but only gets two. Now we get a two-on-one situation with FTR trying to double-team Kazarian, only for Sky to hit the ring at the perfect time with a double body-splash taking out both FTR members. Sky continues to remain in control, scoring a close near fall on Wheeler as the fans start to clap and rally behind the challengers as they break out into “SCU” chants.

Things build to back-to-back spots that sees Tully Blanchard get involved, including the final spot, where Tully drops down from ringside and hides from the view of the referee while holding the foot of Sky after tripping him down while Harwood scores the pin and gives FTR the win.

Winners and STILL AEW Tag-Team Champions: FTR

New No. 1 Contender Tournament To Decide AEW Title Challenger

We shoot to the broadcast area where Exalibur informs us of a new tournament announced by Tony Khan that will feature eight participants competing to determine the next challenger to the AEW Championship.

Three of the eight participants in the tourney, which wraps up with the finals at the upcoming AEW FULL GEAR 2020 pay-per-view, are Jungle Boy of Jurassic Express, Rey Fenix of The Lucha Bros and Kenny Omega.

The announcers ask for “Hangman” Adam Page’s reaction to Omega competing for a shot at the AEW Championship in the men’s singles division and Page, seemingly crushed that his chances of getting back the AEW Tag-Team Titles alongside Omega are likely over for good, says nothing, instead looking super sad and excusing himself before heading to the back.

Isiah Kassidy vs. Chris Jericho

We return from the break to the theme music of Private Party as Isiah Kassidy makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Marq Quen and Matt Hardy. He settles in and the lights fade down.

When the lights come back, we hear the awesome tune by the greatest rock band in the world, Fozzy, as the leader of the Inner Circle — “The Demo God” and “Le Champion” himself, Chris Jericho, makes his way out and enjoys the animated live performance of his hit theme song by the crowd in attendance inside Daily’s Place amphitheater, including when the music itself fades down and off.

The bell sounds and Jericho immediately pulls Kassidy’s punk card, backing him into the corner and continuing to insult him with slaps and shoves. After it appeared Kassidy was just gonna take it from the bigger star, as Jericho arrogantly turns his back on him, he runs and blasts him from behind, setting up a nice offensive run that sees him score a close near fall on an Oklahoma Roll, which he lets Jericho know he’s aware of by doing the “this close” gesture with his fingers.

After they re-engage on the feet, Jericho establishes the offensive upper-hand, landing some strikes and decking Kassidy before taking him down. As the match continues, the action spills out to the floor where Kassidy hits a back body drop on Jericho over the ringside barricade into the empty front row. Jericho sees Luther standing in the crowd and shoves him, so Luther blasts Jericho with a clothesline.

Kassidy comes flying in with a follow-up shot and then brings the match back into the ring, hitting a nice top-rope senton bomb for another close near fall. The two trade strikes back-and-forth when they re-engage once establishing respective vertical bases. Jericho clotheslines Kassidy down and takes back over as J.R. talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break.

As we return from the break we see Jericho taking back over control after Kassidy gets in some hope spots. Finally things escalate a bit as Inner Circle members Jake Hager and the Proud ‘N’ Powerful duo of Santana & Ortiz find their way out to the ringside area, where they get involved for the first time. As the dust settles, however, it is Kassidy who finds himself taking it to “Le Champion” as the action continues in the ring.

He blasts “The Demo God” with some chops and then hits a nice stunner for a close near fall. Jericho turns the table and blasts Kassidy with a Judas Effect out of nowhere for the pinfall victory. Moments later all hell breaks loose with the Inner Circle going after everyone in the ring and clearing house. We then see Jericho give a receipt to Luther leading to a slugging exchange between those two as Inner Circle finally retreats to the back as the melee comes to an end.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Miro & Kip Sabian Talk Bachelor Party Plans At The Arcade

We see Kip Sabian and “The Best Man” Miro, and we see World Record Holder Billy Mitchell show up to offer his help for the bachelor party for the wedding between Sabian and Penelope Ford.

Dasha Talks To The Best Friends & FTR

Backstage, we see Dasha standing by with The Best Friends, who are standing alongside “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy.

As Dasha tries to ask the duo of Chuck and Trent a question, up walks FTR with their titles over their shoulders still in their ring gear from their successful title defense over SCU.

The champs again share their belief that The Best Friends are on one level, and they are on a completely different, superior level. They go to walk off and pretend to duck and take cover in case another Young Buck is standing by getting ready to super kick the interviewer.

Orange Cassidy vs. Dark Order Number 10

We return from the break to the ring announcer doing the formal pre-match ring introductions for the contestants in our next bout, which will be contested in the singles division.

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy is introduced followed by Dark Order Number 10. The bell sounds and after Cassidy gives Stu Grayson his sunglasses, 10 attacks Cassidy from behind to get the match underway.

10 jumps off to an early lead after the cheap-shot start, taking it to the “Freshly Squeezed” one with a variety of offensive attacks, including a clothesline and a suplex. Now he does some showboating and mocks Cassidy, leading to the “Freshly Squeezed” one getting in a hope spot, only for 10 to hit a spinebuster to kill his momentum.

As the match restarts on the feet, we see 10 blast Cassidy with a pump-kick, knocking him out to the floor. He follows him out and whips him into the steel guard rail before throwing him back in the ring. Now three members of The Dark Order mock The Best Friends — right to their faces — with a Best Hug Ever outside the ring. All this does, however, is allow Cassidy to regroup and head to the top-rope, where he comes flying off with a big splash on all of them on the floor.

Back in the ring, Cassidy hits an inverted swinging DDT on 10 before taking his elbow pad off and blasting 10 with a flying Orange Punch. He follows that up with his Beach Break finisher for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Backstage: MJF In The Inner Circle Locker Room

We are told by the announcers that MJF and Wardlow are in Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle’s locker room backstage right now.

The camera cuts to the locker room where MJF and Wardlow have a box full of gifts for all of the members of The Inner Circle. MJF hands them out one-by-one until he gets to Sammy Guevara, who he conveniently doesn’t have a gift for.

MJF swears on his mother that he had one for Guevara too, but it must’ve got misplaced. Guevara says whatever, and asks what MJF is doing here. Jericho cuts Sammy off and asks the same question, word-for-word. Jericho tells MJF the jackets are nice and then asks MJF if he wants to join The Inner Circle. MJF says he asked Jericho a question a long time ago and never got an answer. His question is, “Do you want me to join The Inner Circle?”

They argue back-and-forth, in comedic and friendly fashion about whether or not he wants to join or Jericho wants him to join. They continue their left-handed compliments culminating with MJF complimenting Jericho on 30-years in the business ahead of his anniversary celebration next week on AEW Dynamite. Jericho tells MJF to remember Sammy’s gift next time. He says he will.

When he leaves, Sammy goes to say “what a loser!” referring to MJF. Jericho cuts him off, however, and says, “Whoa whoa whoa … maybe he’s not.”

On that note, we head to another commercial break.

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Red Velvet

We return from the break to Dr. Britt Baker, accompanied by Rebel, or Reba … whatever … making their way down to the ring.

Baker will be in action for the first time since the first-ever Tooth And Nail Match at AEW ALL OUT next.

The ring announcer does the formal pre-match ring introductions of Dr. Britt Baker and her opponent for tonight, who is already in the ring, Red Velvet.

After the bell sounds to kick this one off, these two immediately go at it, with Red Velvet taking Baker down with a headlock take-over. She gets reversed by Baker who hits a double-slap and a barbwire-stretch to Velvet, which she turns into a pinfall attempt.

The action continues on their feet with Velvet working on the arm of Baker as the announcers plug the AEW Heels company and tonight’s main event, where AEW Champion Jon Moxley defends his title tonight against an opponent of Eddie Kingston’s choosing.

Baker slaps a rear chin lock on Velvet and then switches to an arm lock of some kind as Velvet fights back to her feet still in the hold. She breaks free, but eats a forearm and back-elbow from Baker for her efforts.

Velvet ends up hitting Baker with a leg-lariat and then a bulldog for a near fall. Baker hits a fisherman’s neck-breaker to turn the momentum in her favor. She hits a Curb Stomp and then covers her for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

AEW Championship
The Butcher vs. Jon Moxley (c)

After the announcers run down some of the action on tap for next week’s 30 Years Of Chris Jericho special edition of AEW Dynamite, including Chris Jericho in action in a tag-team match against Luther, as well as Brian Cage defending the FTW Championship against Will Hobbs, we see Eddie Kingston making his way to the ring.

Eddie Kingston “will decide Jon Moxley’s fate” when we return, as we head to a commercial break with Kingston scheduled to select Moxley’s opponent for an AEW Championship match in our AEW Dynamite main event this evening.

We’re back from the break and we see Eddie Kingston and The Lucha Bros along with his friend dressed up as a referee standing in the ring. He mentions his match against Moxley and being put in a bulldog choke and while he lost, he did not tap.

Kingston says this made Moxley so angry that he called the boss-man and says he wants an open contract with Kingston picking who he will fight in a match where he will defend his title against. He says he himself is pretty banged up from their match and says because of that he isn’t going to compete tonight.

He says he will soon introduce the man who will challenge Moxley, or should he say the man who will kick Mox’s ass tonight, but first he demands the referee who called for the bell in his match with Moxley to clarify things. He says Kingston was unresponsive and he did what was right and what his job calls for.

As Kingston and The Lucha Bros get ready to put a beatdown on the poor ref, the theme of the AEW Champion plays and out comes Jon Moxley with a barbed wire baseball bat in his hands. He hits the ring to make the save for the ref. Kingston then tells the production team to cut off the champ’s music.

He says Mox looks real tough with his barbed wire bat, prompting Mox to drop the bat. He says Mox isn’t fighting him or The Lucha Bros, but he is fighting The Butcher. The Butcher is spotted standing right behind Mox and then he blasts him with a cheap shot. The bell sounds and this AEW Championship contest is officially underway.

The Butcher is dominating from the word “go” after starting off in the offensive driver’s seat due to his pre-match cheap shot from behind. Mox finally starts to show signs of life by firing away with punches, however Butcher eats them and then decks Mox with a clothesline before putting the boots to him and choking him with the middle rope.

The Lucha Bros and Eddie Kingston get involved on the floor briefly and then Butcher chokes Mox on the middle rope again. J.R. talks us into a mid-match picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

We’re back from the break and we are told that The Butcher has been dominating the action throughout the duration of the previous break. As we settle back into the final segment of the broadcast, things remain much-the-same for the next couple of minutes, as The Butcher has a camel clutch on the champ and then puts the boots to him before scooping him up and hitting a running powerslam for a near fall.

The Butcher, for the second time in the match, locks Mox in a single-leg Boston Crab, which the announcers put over is a smart tactic, as it targets the weak spot of the champ. The Butcher continues to take it to Mox after releasing the hold, choking him in the corner of the ring. He goes for another power slam, but Mox avoids it.

Mox goes for the Paradigm Shift out of nowhere, however The Butcher avoids it. He goes to put Mox back into the single-leg Boston Crab, however Mox is fighting it, not letting The Butcher fully sink in the hold for the third time in the contest. The Butcher eventually lets go and gives up on locking it fully in, instead opting to blast the champ with a running clothesline as soon as he gets back to his feet.

The champ rolls out to the floor to get a breather, however he finds himself standing right next to the trio of Eddie Kingston and The Lucha Bros. The Butcher follows out behind him, and now he’s stuck in the middle of a bad situation. The Butcher stalks him and then sprints after him, but Mox side-steps him at the last second and The Butcher flies into and through the steel guard rail / ringside barricade.

After a few moments the action resumes in the ring with the champ and the challenger exchanging forearms, chops and punches before Mox goes to hit the ropes, only for his leg to give out as he starts to run. The Butcher capitalizes with a nice follow-up cross-body splash into a pin attempt, however Mox kicks out at two.

The two fight their way to the corner of the ring, where Mox sets The Butcher on the top-rope and follows up after him. He goes for a super-plex and hits it. The Butcher is back up first, however, and he immediately grabs the hurt leg of Mox. He pulls Mox to the center of the ring looking to re-apply that single-leg Boston Crab, however Mox breaks free and hits a jumping piledriver on The Butcher for a close near fall.

Mox sets Butcher on the top-rope again, however this time Butcher knocks him off and hits another flying cross-body that results in another near fall for the challenger. We see some highlights of the match as the match continues, which seemed kind of interesting. Literally seconds later Mox plants Butcher with a Paradigm Shift. He follows up with the same Bulldog Dog that put Kingston out, but instead of the match ending the same way, Butcher taps out.

Mox retains his title on that note and immediately stares down Kingston to put an exclamation mark on the end of the message he just sent him as his theme music plays. He goes on to pose with his title as Kingston has to be restrained by The Lucha Bros at ringside as he flips out with anger.

Jim Ross thanks for tuning in and takes us off the air. That does it for the 9/30 episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT. Thanks for joining us.

Winner and STILL AEW Champion: Jon Moxley

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