AEW Dynamite Results (10/16/2021)

AEW Dynamite Results From James L. Knight Center In Miami, FL. (10/16/2021)

It’s Saturday night, and you know what that means …

All Elite Wrestling returns this evening with the latest installment of their weekly Dynamite on TNT television program, which this week emanates from the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida.

On tap for tonight’s show is Bryan Danielson vs. Bobby Fish, Lucha Bros vs. Andrade El Idolo’s masked team in an AAA Tag-Team Title match, Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta, Malakai Black vs. Dante Martin, Penelope Ford vs. Kiera Hogan and The Dark Order vs. The Superkliq.

Also scheduled for the show is Hangman Page addressing his AEW Title match against Kenny Omega at Full Gear, the brackets for the AEW Title Eliminator Tournament will be unveiled and The Inner Circle will reunite again after last night’s Rampage.

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite results from Saturday, October 16, 2021.


The special Saturday Night Dynamite show kicks off with the usual signature open and then we shoot inside the James L. Knight Center where pyro and fireworks explode.

CM Punk On Special Guest Commentary Tonight

As the camera pans the venue, the commentators mention that they are about to be joined by their broadcast partner for tonight’s show. On that note, “Cult of Personality” plays and out comes “The Best in the World” for his spot on special guest commentary for tonight.

Malakai Black vs. Dante Martin

Punk settles in at his spot at the commentary table and then the lights in the building go out. Malakai Black’s theme hits and out he comes with his bad ass ring entrance for our opening match of the evening.

Black settles into the ring and then his music dies down. Dante Martin’s theme hits and out he comes accompanied by Lio Rush as highlights of Black laying him out last week is shown.

The bell sounds and we’re ready for our first bout of the show tonight. Black with some nice arm drags and then he controls Dante on the mat. Dante uses the ropes for a nice counter to escape and then he hits a nice shotgun drop kick.

Malakai hits a short back elbow to slow down Martin’s momentum. Martin tries flying off the ropes but Malakai catches him on the way down and then locks him in a single leg Boston crab. Martin makes it to the ropes to break the hold.

Back on the mat, Black controls Martin and then locks him in a knee bar. Martin gets his knee torn up pretty good in the hold but eventually breaks free. Malakai continues to dominate the action until Martin hits a reverse hurrricanrana to shift the momentum in his favor.

We see Black roll out to the entrance ramp to recover, but while he tries recovering, Martin runs and springboards off the top-rope for a crazy high spot on the floor. He rolls Black back in the ring and springboards off the top for a double dip moonsault attempt, however Black avoids it and the two start exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring.

After some intense back-and-forth action, we hear the fans break out in a loud “This is awesome!” chant. Punk references JR’s infamous “We’re live, pal!” reminder to Sid Vicious from one of the best all-time live wrestling bloopers on commentary when talking about live Saturday night wrestling from AEW this evening.

Dante hits a crazy springboard super hurricanrana on Black off the top-rope that elicits a “holy sh*t” chant from the fans. Dante sells the knee that Malakai was working on earlier in the match on the landing. Dante looks for the double jump moonsault again and this time he hits it. Again he sells his knee after the landing.

Black jumps on the leg and locks in a submission but Black lets go and grabs his ribs in pain. Martin tries another springboard moonsault but he dives right into a roundhouse kick from Black. Black then goes for the cover and gets the win. After the match, Malakai exits the ring and heads to the back. He stops to nod his head in approval to the efforts of Martin. We head to a commercial break.

Winner: Malakai Black

The Elite Beats Down Jurassic Express

We return from the break and we see Jurassic Express talking to Tony Schiavone when up walks Kenny Omega, The Superkliq and other members of The Elite. They attack Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus and then Cole holds Jungle Boy and makes him watch as The Young Bucks and Omega hit the mega bomb on Luchasaurus. They trash talk them and then leave them laying.

The Inner Circle Reunion & Verbal Sparring With ATT

From there we shoot back inside the James L. Knight Center in Miami where the familiar sounds of “Judas in my Mind” plays as Chris Jericho leads the full reunited Inner Circle group down to the ring.

The fans sing along with the theme as always and then begin chanting for Sammy Guevara. The Proud ‘N’ Powerful duo starts things off on the mic, talking about Miami being one of the cities they can depend on.

As they continue to talk, they are interrupted by theme music and out comes American Top Team and The Men of the Year. Lambert yells at the fans for booing them, noting how many championships his team has brought this city.

Jericho introduces Lambert as the fat-faced dipsh*t again and the fans chant that. Jericho then focuses in on Paige Van Zant.

He asks if she has an obsession with “Le Champion.” He asks if she’s gonna try and slide into his DMs. He says no worries because he wouldn’t touch her with her husband Austin Vanderford’s genitalia. He then mocks the selfies she’s been taking lately.

Jericho says five of them are back in the Inner Circle and wants a five on five match against ATT. Lambert says Men of the Year and ATT have bigger plans that involve championships. He points out Guevara is the only one with a title in the Inner Circle and says he’ll reveal the terms for a potential match next week.

Sky taunts Guevara until Guevara cuts him off. He vows to kick everyone of their asses next week. The music plays again to end the segment and then we head to another commercial break.

AAA Tag-Team Championships
Las Super Ranas vs. The Lucha Bros (c)

The Super Frogs, Las Super Ranas, make their way out in green masked attire led by Andrade El Idolo as CM Punk gives the super sarcastic reaction on commentary, as it clearly looks like FTR under the masks.

They head down to the ring for the AAA Tag-Team Title match scheduled for tonight.

When they settle in the ring, their music dies down and then the familiar sounds of The Lucha Bros entrance music plays and out comes the AAA and AEW Tag-Team Champions for this AAA Tag-Team Title defense.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running. The commentators spend the first minute or so talking about The Super Frogs looking like FTR.

Clearly the commentators aren’t told everything, as they use general knowledge to assume that due to this being AAA title rules, removing your opponents mask would result in a DQ, as seconds later, Lucha Bros remove Super Ranas masks and reveals that they are, in fact, FTR — Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler. We head to a commercial break as the action continues.

We return from the break to see FTR unmasked and hitting a double reverse suplex on one of the Lucha Bros on the top-rope. Penta then fires up and takes them out. Fenix runs and is launched over the ropes by Penta for a double dropkick that takes out both members of FTR.

Both of the Lucha Bros hit high spots off the top rope onto FTR on the floor, which prompts the fans to respond with loud “holy sh*t” and “this is awesome” chants. We see Fenix hit some cool backwards 619 moves through the ropes into big kicks on FTR. Tully Blanchard runs down afterwards for a distraction, which leads to a title shot and a brainbuster for the 1-2-3. We have new AAA tag-team champions.

Winners and NEW AAA Tag-Team Champions: FTR

Lio Rush Declares Himself Dante Martin’s New Tag-Team Partner

We shoot to Tony Schiavone who is standing by with Lio Rush and Dante Martin. Lio talks about Dante knowing he messed up earlier tonight. He reminds him to just listen to him and everything will be money. He then declares himself Dante’s new tag-team partner. Dante seems surprised. We head to another commercial break.

MJF Reveals He Loaned FTR To Andrade El Idolo

We’re back from the break and Tony Schiavone catches up with The Super Ranas on their way to the parking lot. He tells them FTR stole the AAA titles. MJF walks in and shakes their hands and they all celebrate together. Andrade El Idolo walks up and asks if MJF wants check or cash. He says both. He lets him know the loan of FTR was only for one night. He takes his money and runs off.

Wheeler Yuta vs. Jon Moxley

The sounds of Orange Cassidy’s theme hits and out he comes accompanying Wheeler Yuta to the ring for our next match of the evening.

Yuta settles in the ring and the music dies down. Now “Wild Thing” plays and out comes Jon Moxley through his custom trademark part of the arena.

Mox hits the ring clearly looking ready to fight and he charges right at Yuta as the bell sounds. He tears into him and begins dominating him with ease until hitting a paradigm shift about a minute into the contest. He scores the quick win and that’s that, folks.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Hikaru Shida Attacks Serena Deeb

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Serena Deeb. He asks about her new persona as of late. She says it was necessary and says she dragged the women’s division up to her level. As she continues to talk up comes Hikaru Shida who attacks her and they brawl to end the segment.

AEW Trios Match
Adam Cole & The Young Bucks vs. Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds & John Silver

The Super Kliq makes their way out to the ring, as The Young Bucks come out first and then Adam Cole makes his cool ring entrance. It’s time for AEW Trios action here on Saturday Night Dynamite.

They settle into the ring and Cole’s music dies down. Now The Dark Order trio of Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds & John Silver make their way out and head down to the ring together.

Nick and Matt Jackson, as well as Cole jump The Dark Order trio from behind to get this match off-and-running with a sneak attack. They try and hurt Silver on the ramp straight out of the gate, but Silver avoids it and Reynolds hits a splash.

Once everyone settles in the ring the bell sounds and as JR points out on commentary, now they can all get paid for this fight. Silver works over Jackson in the corner of the ring as the fans make a ton of noise inside the James L. Knight Center.

The Super Kliq dominate the action on the floor with two and three-man spots that put a hurting on Reynolds, Silver and Uno. The fans chant Elite and Be The Elite as they bring the action back into the ring. We head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break things pick up. We see a bunch of comedy spots like mr. socko and even The Dark Order tricking Cole into thinking they were doing The Super Kliq double kiss on the cheek spot.

The Dark Order pops the crowd over and over with two and three-man spots. Eventually as BTE trigger and a lower of the boom leads to Cole scoring the pin.

Winner: The Young Bucks & Adam Cole

After The Match: Jungle Boy Attacks

Once the match wraps up, Jungle Boy hits the ring like a bat out of hell to gain a measure of revenge on The Super Kliq following the backstage attack earlier tonight. He beats on them until they throw him out of the ring. He grabs a chair and re-enters the ring. The Super Kliq runs off and Jungle Boy is alone in the ring with Brandon Cutler. He bashes him with a chair and then locks him in the snare trap as The Super Kliq watch and leave him by himself.

Cody Rhodes And Arn Anderson Saga Continues

We see footage of Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson’s saga continuing. He walks up on Arn Anderson and notes he has his camera crew with him. He approaches The Nightmare Factory and Red Velvet slaps him and calls him Hollywood. In the ring, Arn directs all the guys in beating Cody down and slapping him, etc. He asks what this is and says he’s not learning anything. Arn shows him footage of Dusty being violent in the past. He asks if he heard any fans booing him. He tries to get Cody to understand this and Cody shows a bit of a violent streak.

MJF Trashes Miami And Darby Allin, Sting Chases Him Off

We return inside James L. Knight Center where MJF’s theme hits and The Pinnacle leader makes his way down to the ring. He trashes the city and then Justin Roberts for not introducing him when he comes out for his match against Darby Allin. He then introduces himself. He then asks where Darby is as the commentators point out that Darby isn’t even here and there is no match scheduled.

Punk says you can tell MJF knows he doesn’t have a match because he didn’t make sure to bring Wardlow out with him. MJF counts this as a win anyways and talks about breaking Darby mentally.

MJF brings out Wardlow and then a referee and demands that he count out Darby Allin after pretending to be confused about Allin getting attacked last week.

Right as the ref nearly gets to the count of ten, the lights go out in the building and the fans go nuts. Sting’s theme plays and “The Icon” emerges with his trademark baseball bat as snow falls from the ceiling and the legend makes his way to the ring.

Sting bashes Wardlow with a shot from the bat as MJF ducks out the back door and retreats up the ramp. MJF takes his attire off and heads back down to the ring, only to back down from “The Icon” and head to the back. We head to another commercial break after this.

Anna Jay & Britt Baker Brawl

We return from the break to Tony Schiavone standing by with Anna Jay. He tries to talk to her but in comes Britt Baker and calls The Dark Order losers who got beat by Adam Cole and The Super Kliq. She calls her a loser too and says she’s nothing without Tay Conti. Anna Jay hits her and the two brawl until a bunch of referees break them up.

Kiera Hogan vs. Penelope Ford

Back inside the arena, out comes Kiera Hogan for our next match of the evening, which will be a one-on-one contest in the AEW women’s division.

She settles into the ring and then we hear the familiar sounds of Penelope Ford’s music as she makes her way out and heads down to the ring accompanied by The Bunny.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. The commentators talk about the TBS Women’s Championship tournament as Hogan dominates the early offense in the ring.

Ford fires up briefly but misses a big boot in the corner and Hogan takes back over. We head to a mid-match commercial break as Ford once again shifts the momentum back in her favor.

As we settle back in from the break, we see Ford still dominating the action until Hogan reverses things after executing a huge superplex off the top-rope. Hogan strings together some nice offense as the commentators sing her praises and the crowd starts to come alive and make some noise again.

Penelope survives the onslaught and hits the ropes, leaping back into a cool cutter before locking Hogan in a tight submission on the mat, forcing the tap and picking up the submission victory.

Winner: Penelope Ford

After The Match: Ruby Soho Gains A Measure Of Revenge

As soon as the match ends, Ford raises her hand in victory only to be immediately ambushed by Ruby Soho, who charges to the ring as the commentators remind everyone about her attacking Soho with brass knucks during the Rampage show on Friday night.

Miro Wants To Be God’s Favorite Champion Again

We go to a special message from Miro. He talks about if he has disappointed him, but doesn’t say who. It appears he is talking about his God. He questions why God has forsaken his champion. He says he’s done pleading with us and now he’s telling — my God, you will make me your champion, or you will make me your enemy. He vows violence if he doesn’t get a sign soon and regain his title to become God’s favorite champion again.

Hangman Page Talks Cowboy Sh*t

Hangman Page comes down to the ring to address his upcoming AEW Championship match against Kenny Omega at the upcoming Full Gear pay-per-view.

He talks about forming AEW with his friends in The Elite to change the business, but claims it seems more like the business has changed them.

He talks about things not going as he had hoped when things first got started, as he kept losing. He lost matches, titles and friends. He says then he heard the fans chants of cowboy sh*t and thought about what that was.

Page talks about what that is and says for the first time he’s motivated and feels like he’s ready for this. He vows to give all of the fans true cowboy sh*t when he meets Omega for the world title at Full Gear. The fans chant “Cowboy sh*t!” as the segment wraps up.

Bobby Fish vs. Bryan Danielson

We return from the break to the entrance theme of Bobby Fish hitting inside the Miami venue. He settles into the ring for our advertised main event of the evening here on Saturday Night Dynamite.

His theme dies down and now the familiar sounds of Bryan Danielson’s theme hits. He makes his way out again referenced as “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson as the fans do the loud “Yes!” and “Si! Si!” chant.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our final bout of the evening. The commentators talk about how sore these two likely are after the grueling battles they endured just 24 hours ago on Rampage and The Buy-In on Friday night.

Danielson starts off well but it isn’t long before Fish takes over and starts dominating the offense. Excalibur mentions on commentary that the brackets for the world title eliminator tournament will be revealed after this match.

As Fish keeps the pressure on Danielson, we watch as Danielson finds an open and starts speeding up, hitting the ropes, but he ultimately runs into a big kick from Fish, who remains in control of the offense. He blasts Danielson with kicks until Danielson throws him over the top and out to the floor. He hits a tope suicida follow-up dive after that and the fans react with thunderous “Si! Si!” chants once again.

Fish takes back over and begins focusing his attack on the leg of Danielson as we settle into our final break of the evening, which is a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial time out. When we return from the break, we see Fish still working over the weakened leg of Danielson. He gets him in a single leg Boston crab but Danielson eventually escapes and reverses into a modified ankle lock on Fish.

Danielson hits a crazy release German suplex that sends Fish crashing to the mat. Danielson immediately starts selling his softened up leg as the crowd starts to firing up with more noise, sensing the finish coming soon in this, our main event of the evening.

We watch as both guys trade shots, with Danielson starting to get the better. Fish takes over and it looks like he’s gonna dominate things, but then Danielson hits a dragon screw leg whip twice in a row and he grabs Fish’s leg and wraps it around the steel ring post, the same thing Fish did to Danielson earlier in the match.

Bryan Danielson hits Fish with kicks until Fish catches one of them and hits a back driver with the knee capture. This helps shift the offensive momentum back in the favor of Fish. He takes Danielson to the top-rope. Fish hits a super avalanche falcon arrow off the top on Danielson and then locks him in a tight kneebar. Danielson throws some brutal kicks to get out of it and then grabs the ankle of Fish and drops down into a vicious heel hook. Fish taps out. The tournament brackets for the world title eliminator tourney is announced and then the show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winner: Bryan Danielson


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