AEW Dynamite Results From Kansas City

AEW Dynamite Results From Kansas City, MO. (Feb. 26, 2020)

All Elite Wrestling returns with their weekly AEW Dynamite show tonight in Kansas City, MO. with what will be the AEW Revolution 2020 pay-per-view “go-home” edition of the show.

Featured below are results of the Wednesday, February 26, 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite from Kansas City.


We’re live from Kansas City for this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite, the AEW Revolution “go-home” show where Kenny Omega and “The Bastard” PAC will compete in a 30-minute Iron Man match and much more on the final show before the first AEW PPV of 2020.

After the usual intro, we head straight to the ring for the aforementioned 30-Minute Iron Man match.

30-Minute Iron Man Match
* Kenny Omega vs. PAC

The two men are in the ring and our first bout of the evening here at AEW Dynamite is about to get underway. Early on, Omega enjoys the offensive success in the match.

After a few minutes of dominating, PAC is fighting back into the contest. At about the half way mark of the 30-minute Iron Man time limit, we get our first fall after Omega takes a blatant shot to the head with a steel chair over and over again from PAC.

The referee saw this and immediately called for the bell. Omega goes up 1-0 on the score cards. The Young Bucks are checking on Omega now, as he is completely laid out after the beating from the chair.

It turns out this was a strategy on PAC’s part, as he immediately hits a high spot for a pin. He gets the 1-2-3 and evens things up one fall a piece as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

As we return from the break, PAC is still delivering unrelentless punishment to The Elite member. A miscommunication between the referee and the ringside doctor results in Omega taken even more devastating punishment from “The Bastard.”

Now PAC sets Omega up on a table set up outside the ring. He goes to the top rope and comes flying off with a Shooting Star Press, crashing onto Omega and through the table. That was insane, and the replays confirm that fact.

Once again The Young Bucks are checking on Omega. Referee Paul Turner is recovered from his bunp from the miscommunication cue earlier in the match story line. The referee is counting both guys out. He is up to 8 as PAC rolls into the ring. Before he can get to 10, one of the Bucks rolls Omega in the ring while he is still out of it.

The referee allows it and the crowd goes wild. We’re stil at 1 to 1 on the score cards in this 30-minute Iron Man match, with five minutes remaining on the clock. PAC climbs to the top rope again and goes for a Black Arrow but lands on the double-knees that were thrown up in the air just in time by Omega.

Omega drags and crawls his way to the ring ropes, which he is using to help himself back to a vertical base. The crowd chants “Kenny! Kenny!” He charges at PAC and blasts him with a flying knee. He bounces off the ropes and hits another knee. Omega with a big move for a near fall. PAC refuses to keep his shoulders down for the three-count, however.

The fans are getting rabid-like now as we approach the final three minutes and change of this opening Iron Man match. As Omega goes to pick PAC up, PAC reverses with a Canadian Destroyer type move. Now PAC with a swinging DDT. He locks in his submission finisher on Omega in the middle of the ring. The fans chant Kenny’s name again trying to rally their man back into the fight.

For the entire final two minutes of the match, PAC and Omega take turns struggling to survive submission-finisher attempts from the other. Eventually, as PAC stretches away at Omega, the buzzer sounds to end the 30-minute time limit. The score is still 1 to 1.

After PAC blasts the referee out of frustration, Justin Roberts hops on the mic and informs us that this one is going to Sudden Death over time. Another ref hits the ring.

The fans chant “Aubrey! Aubrey!” for the new ref of the match. Omega hits two finishers on PAC, but before he can pin him, PAC starts fighting back. Omega hits his finisher out of nowhere again and this time he gets the pin. Omega wins 2 to 1 in over time.

With the victory, Omega wins the rubber match and goes up 2-to-1 in the trilogy against PAC, the same score he used to beat him in tonight’s 30-Minute Iron Man opening contest.

The Young Bucks celebrate with an exhausted Omega as the announcers put over The Elite member for his incredible performance, and for winning the rubber match against PAC. We head to another commercial break.

Winner via 2-to-1 score in Sudden Death Overtime: Kenny Omega

Tony Schiavone Interviews PAC, Orange Cassidy Shows Up

As we return from the break, Tony Schiavone is with PAC at the top of the entrance stage.

Schiavone begins to interview PAC about losing the rubber match to Omega after dropping tonight’s Iron Man match with a 2-to-1 score, however before much is said, Orange Cassidy walks out.

Cassidy comes out with his sunglasses on and his hands in his trademark jean jacket. He approaches PAC and takes his sunglasses off.

Before anything else can happen or be said, however, PAC blasts Cassidy with a sucker punch. He continues his attack until officials come out to break things up.

Backstage: Chris Jericho Interview Is Denied

After that, we head backstage where an AEW broadcast team member attempts to interview Chris Jericho in his locker room. Instead, Jake Hager answers the door and ignores the repeated request to chat with “Le Champion.”

Sammy Guevara, Ortiz & Santana vs. The Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

It’s time to head back to the ring now, as our advertised six-man tag-team match is up next. Representing The Inner Circle, “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara makes his way out with his tag-team partners, Proud ‘N’ Powerful – Santana and Ortiz.

As the three settle into the ring, the familiar music of Jurassic Express hits inside the arena and Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt make their way down to the ring.

The bell sounds and here we go. Jungle Boy immediately goes after Santana and Ortiz, with Marko jumping in with an assist. Jungle Boy hits a tope suicida to the floor. And again. Now Stunt is body-pressed above Luchasaurus’ head and launched onto everyone on the floor.

Back in the ring, Santana and Ortiz cuts off a Luchasaurus move and hit him with a double-team spot of their own. Now they hit a double-team spot on the other members of Jurassic Express. Guevara joins in for another big spot. The trio pose to the crowd to get some heel heat as J.R. takes us to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, the heels are still in the offensive driver’s seat until Luchasaurus finally enters the picture and cleans house after getting the hot tag. Now Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt join in and all three guys hit a trilogy of super kicks on Guevara in the corner.

As Ortiz tries to break up a pin attempt on Guevara, he is taken out. Santana, however, does come in just in time to break up the pin attempt. Now the Ortiz and Santana duo are starting to take over on offense. Guevara with a running shooting star press that gets a two count on a pin attempt after Stunt breaks it up,

Now Luchasaurus hits a back-flip, crashing onto Santana and Ortiz, both of whom are on the floor now. Back in the ring, Guevara is setting Jungle Boy up for something when we hear the crowd go nuts.

We see Darby Allin is at ringside distracting Guevara. Guevara turns around into the finishing sequence from Jurassic Express. The baby face trio picks up the win in this one.

After the match, Allin enters the ring with Jurassic Express and throws Guevara out of the ring. The Inner Circle trio stares down the foursome in the ring as we head to another commercial.

Winners: Jurassic Express

Best Friends vs. The Butcher & The Blade

Best Friends, Chuck Taylor and Trent make their way out to the ring accompanied by Orange Cassidy, who appears to have recovered — but is still selling — the punch in the mouth he received from PAC earlier this evening.

Highlights are shown of The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy’s work during the tag-team battle royal last week, including their interaction with The Butcher and The Blade.

With that said, The Butcher and The Blade, accompanied by The Bunny, make their way down to the ring. Tag-team action is up next here at AEW Dynamite.

The bell sounds and immediately The Blade knocks Chuck Taylor off the ring apron for no reason. Meanwhile, The Butcher goes to work on Trent in the ring. Now he tags in The Blade, who picks up where he left off after the two hit a cool double-team move and boast to the fans in Kansas City.

The Best Friends start making their come back. As both The Butcher and The Blade remain on the floor to regroup, J.R. takes us to a mid-match commercial.

We’re back from the break and we see The Blade tag in and continue to deliver punishment to Chuck Taylor. Taylor finally makes the tag to Trent. Trent comes in with an awesome swinging DDT before knocking The Butcher off the ring apron and out to the floor.

He goes to the other side of the ring and after momentarily having trouble with The Blade, he hits a nice spear to take out The Blade on the floor.

Now, with all the guys down on the floor, The Bunny and Orange Cassidy each roll into the ring and the fans erupt. The Bunny cuts off a dramatic Orange Cassidy gesture by yanking his sunglasses off his face. She goes to kick him in the balls, but he catches her foot and stops her. He swings her around and then yanks the bunny ears off her head.

The Blade goes to attack Orange Cassidy from behind, but he moves. He dives onto The Butcher on the floor. Trent hits a big move off the top rope and gets the pin. The Best Friends get the win with an assist from “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy.

Winners: Best Friends

After The Match: Orange Cassidy’s AEW Debut Announced

After the match, Tony Schiavone gets in the ring to interview The Best Friends after their victory. Before he talks to them, however, he announces that Orange Cassidy will be competing against “The Bastard” PAC in a one-on-one match at AEW Revolution.

Schiavone talks to Trent and Chuck, who tell PAC the joke is on him because this time, Orange Cassidy is going to actually “try” when the two meet in the middle of the ring at this weekend’s PPV event. After the announcement, we head to another commercial break.

Yuka Sakasaki vs. Big Swole vs. Shanna vs. Hikaru Shida

Yuka makes her way to the ring as the announcers make some anime jokes. Out next is the winner of three of her last four matches here in AEW, Big Swole. After her, Shanna makes her way out to the ring. Finally, Hikaru Shida makes her way out.

A fatal-four-way match in the AEW women’s division is up next. Stay tuned as we head to a split-screen commercial break.

We return fron the break and the action is in full swing now, with no clear-cut competitor in control at this point. As the action continues, Shida starts having her moments to shine.

Dirty Dancing gets a near fall and then moments later a running knee strike sets up the pin fall victory for Shida.

With the win, Shida positions herself for a potential shot against the winner of the Kris Statlander vs. Nyla Rose match at AEW Revolution for the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Dark Order Says Daniels Will Soon Be “Obsolete”

After a quick AEW podcast commercial, we get the latest vignette from The Dark Order. The wishes of “The Exalted One” are spoken of, with a message being delivered to Christopher Daniels. He is told that by AEW Revolution he will find out that he will soon be “obsolete.” That’s a Matt Hardy word, no? We head to commercial break.

Jim Ross Talks To The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega/Hangman Page

Ahead of their AEW World Tag-Team Championship showdown at this weekend’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view, the reigning title-holders of Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page, as well as their challengers, The Young Bucks, sit down with Jim Ross.

In a pre-taped sit-down interview segment, the four talk about their history as friends and the history of things that led up to their scheduled tag-team title showdown against each other at this weekend’s PPV.

Finally, things get uncomfortable as The Young Bucks outright say they are better and they are taking those titles this weekend as planned. Omega stutters trying not to pick sides, while Page gets annoyed and when his beer runs out, decides to walk out on the interview.

Gary Michael Cappetta & Lance Archer Are All Elite

As the announcers run down the card for this weekend’s AEW Revolution PPV, they also announce that Lance Archer will be making his AEW debut on AEW Dynamite next week.

From there, the legendary old ring announcer for the original NWA/WCW, Gary Michael Capetta, is introduced. He makes his way out to handle the formal introductions for tonight’s AEW Dynamite main event segment.

AEW Revolution Weigh-Ins, Contract Signing

With that said, Capetta begins the formal introductions for the first man who will make his way out to the ring — the one-and-only Jon Moxley.

The familiar theme of Moxley plays as he makes his trademark walk through the crowd towards the ring.

From there, Moxley’s music fades and Chris Jericho is introduced. “Le Champion” makes his way to the ring accompanied by all the members of THe Inner Circle. The fans sing along with Jericho’s theme.

Jericho is asked by Capetta to step up to the scale for the official weigh-ins for AEW Revolution. Jericho calls Capetta a weird little man and says he must be the reason WCW went out of business. He says “Le Champion” doesn’t go first, he goes last.

Capetta apologizes and says Jericho is correct. He asks Moxley to step on the scales. Moxley weighs in at 234 pounds. He poses and the crowd cheers.

Now Capetta calls for Jericho to step on the scales. After drawing it out for a bit, Jericho finally gets in Moxley’s face and Moxley head butts him. This busts Jericho open and he is bleeding everywhere.

The Inner Circle members jump on Moxley and begin a numbers-game advantage-style beat down of the AEW number one contender. Dustin Rhodes hits the ring to make the save. He clotheslines Jake Hager over the top but Hager ends up beating him down once they brawl on the floor.

Now, Darby Allin hits the ring after riding his skateboard down the entrance ramp. He takes out Santana, Guevara then takes him out and smashes the skateboard over his head.

Moxley starts fighting back but is again taken out and eventually blasted by a still-bloody Jericho and his Judas Effect finisher. Now Jericho uses Moxley’s own Paradigm Shift finisher, blasting Moxley with it face-first on the scale. A bloody Jericho poses over Moxley as the AEW Revolution “go-home” edition of AEW Dynamite goes off the air.

That does it for our AEW Dynamite coverage from Kansas City, MO. We hope you enjoyed the show. Make sure to join us here again next week for AEW Dynamite results coverage — same bat time, same bat channel. Until then, follow me on Twitter for more AEW news, rumors and general pro wrestling coverage @MattBoone1984.

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