AEW Dynamite Results (10/16/2019)

AEW Dynamite Results On TNT From The Liacouras Center In Philadelphia, PA. (10/16)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) returns for week three of the “Wednesday Night Wars,” as they bring AEW Dynamite live from The Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a stacked card going head-to-head against WWE’s NXT On USA Network show.

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Advertised for tonight’s show is Chris Jericho vs. Darby Allin in a Philly Street Fight for the AEW World’s Heavyweight Championship, the latest defense of the AEW Women’s Championship, the latest defense of the AEW Women’s Championship, two first round matches in the AEW World Tag-Team Championship Tournament and a big tag-team match pitting Jon Moxley & PAC against the team of Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page.

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Jim Ross Welcomes Us To The Show

The AEW Dynamite weekly opening video package airs and then we shoot inside the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as an excited Jim Ross welcomes us inside the sold out arena.

He informs us that we will be kicking this week’s show off with a first round match in the AEW World Tag-Team Championship Tournament. With that said, SoCal Uncensored’s theme music hits and out comes SCU members Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

The Lucha Bros Attack SoCal Uncensored

As Daniels and Kazarian are making their way to the ring, about half way down the ramp, The Lucha Brothers attack them from behind.

Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix brutally beat down the SCU duo, blasting them into the ring post, hitting them with piledrivers on the entrance ramp and more until SCU member Scorpio Sky makes the save to chase off The Lucha Bros.

Some medical personnel attend to Christopher Daniels, who is being placed on a stretcher after taking a brutal DDT on the steel entrance ramp as part of the beat down attack from Pentagon and Rey Fenix. As they get Daniels on the stretcher, other officials, including The Young Bucks themselves, Matt and Nick Jackson, come out to show their concern.

AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament
SCU vs. Best Friends

The Best Friends immediately isolate the already softened up Kazarian in the ring alone, and they work double-team moves over and over again on him and attempt to put away SCU quickly, in smart fashion. Unfortunately for them, Kazarian keeps hanging on.

Regardless, Best Friends are dominating the action here in the early goings. They are taking the fight right to the duo regardless of the recent beat down attack from The Lucha Bros, as they stilll want to advance and become the first-ever AEW World Tag-Team Champions.

We see Kazarian outside the ring now as Trent and Chuck double-team him some more with high-impact, big offensive moves. They slam him into the barricae and spear him down to the mat. The Best Friends high-five each other now as some replays of their double-team attack on the floor is shown.

The action returns to the ring now as the fans get into the action with some big chants as the announcers promote some other action scheduled for tonight’s show, including the Philly Street Fight AEW World Title Match later in the show.

The Best Friends execute a stacked up assisted superplex off the top rope onto the very, very softened and beaten up back area of Frankie Kazarian. The fans pop big the spot, which gets the immediate replay treatment as the announcers recap the action and the fans break out into a “This Is Awesome” chant.

Finally, Scorpio Sky is tagged in and J.R. points out that he is only wearing one tennis shoe and one sock. He’s also wearing dress pants. Regardless, he takes the hot tag and is taking out anything that moves, dumping Trent and Chuck out to the floor with big clotheslines over-the-top. The fans chant something about Sky wearing one shoe as Sky is hit from behind by Taylor. Taylor follows up with a big splash that accidentally takes out his own partner on the floor.

After that, a recovered Kazarian flies from the ring to the floor with a hurricanrana. Now Sky is setting up for some big high spot of his own as the fans chant “SCU! SCU!” He hits a big flipping dive over the top rope and onto the floor, taking out The Best Friends in the process. A shoe is thrown into the ring now, and J.R. yells that it’s Sky’s shoe.

Anyways, we proceed and Sky and Kazarian hit a double team move on Taylor for a close near fall spot. The fans react well to that. Now Sky is wearing no shoes and the fans point that out with a “He’s Got No Shoes!” chant.

As the action slows down a bit, Best Friends start to take over. A Sexy Chucky Knee by Trent knocks Sky out of the ring. Trent and Chuck do their Best Friends hug as the fans in Philly explode. Now they set Kazarian up on their shoulders and hit the huge Doomsday Knee off the ropes for a close near fall spot.

The fans get into things again with some various custom chants. Kazarian is nearly piledriven on the apron. They set him up for it over and over again until Sky and Taylor break it up. Sky throws Taylor into the barricade as Kazarian back-body drops Trent on the ring apron, and he dumps to the floor. Kazarian throws him into the ring and tags Sky.

Sky and Kazarian hit a power-bomb into a drop kick double team move. It didn’t look 100-percent smooth, but it got the job done, as they got the three-count and the victory, and will move on in the AEW World Tag-Team Championship tournament despite the chaotic scene that just played out to kick off this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite.

After the match, we see some highlights as the announcers point out that SCU now moves on next week to face off against The Dark Order, who received a first-round bye in the tourney with their win at AEW ALL OUT in Chicago, in second round action. On that note, we head to a commercial break. Stay tuned.

Winners and ADVANCING in AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament: SoCal Uncensored

Santana & Ortiz vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds

We return from the commercial and we hear Jim Ross say, “If you like tag-teams …” and then we see a close-up of the titan tron entrance video for the former LAX team — Santana and Ortiz, two members of Chris Jericho’s new faction, The Inner Circle.

Santana and Ortiz make their way to the ring as we see their opponents already standing inside the squared circle waiting for them. The announcers inform us that their opponents are John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

The bell sounds and immediately Santana and Ortiz are all over Silver and Reynolds. Finally when things settle down and it’s one-on-one action with the double-team moves on hold, the former duo known as LAX are clearly in control. Silver is isolated in the ring as the other former LAX member keeps going to the floor to make sure Reynolds isn’t fresh and available to be tagged either.

Finally, Santana and Ortiz set up The Street-sweeper double-team finisher and that sets up the 1-2-3 and the pin fall victory.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz

Chris Jericho Promo, Santana & Ortiz Challenge Young Bucks To AEW Full Gear Match

As Santana and Ortiz are finished up with their match, their fellow buddy from The Inner Circle, reigning AEW World’s Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho appears on the big screen from the backstage area.

Jericho praises Santana and Ortiz and goes on to make it clear that the two Inner Circle members have their sights set on The Young Bucks — Nick and Matt Jackson. While Jericho is cutting the promo, Santana and Ortiz keep yelling that they are “The Best! The Best!” live in The Liacourus Center as they head up the entrance stage towards the back.

Eventually. things finish up with Jericho extending an official challenge to The Young Bucks to face off against his Inner Circle tag-team duo, Santana and Ortiz, at the upcoming AEW Full Gear pay-per-view on November 9th in Baltimore, Maryland. He awaits their response.

Cody Rhodes’ Mom, DDP & Others Talk Cody vs. Chris Jericho At AEW Full Gear

A video package showing how driven and dedicated Cody Rhodes is to succeeding and making his mark in the pro wrestling business with AEW airs.

Brandi Rhodes, Diamond Dallas Page, MJF, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Cody Rhodes’ mother and several other personalities are featured in the video package, which essentially builds up the Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Jericho match for the AEW World’s Heavyweight Championship at AEW Full Gear on 11/9.

AEW Women’s World Championship
Riho (C) vs. Dr. Britt Baker

From there, Dr. Britt Baker’s theme song hits inside The Liacourus Center in Philly and out she comes, making her way down to the ring for our next match of the evening.

Following her entrance, the reigning AEW Women’s World Champion makes her way to the ring as she will be defending her title next against Dr. Britt Baker here on AEW Dynamite.

The announcers put over Riho’s accomplishments before pointing out how small she is in stature. The crowd gives Riho a nice response coming out and now Riho and Baker lock eyes for the first time in the ring.

The music cuts off and now the crowd smattering picks up as the referee holds the AEW Women’s World Championship up in the air. The fans break out into a “Riho! Riho!” chant now as the referee calls for the bell.

The bell sounds and the girls circle each other before locking up. Baker’s strength is too much for the champion in their first lock up, as Baker pushes the champ to the ropes before backing out with a clean break.

They circle again and lock up, this time, Baker sends Riho flying across the ring with a nice arm-drag take down. And again. Riho looks discouraged now but fires up and charges after Baker again. Baker still doing well until finally Riho uses some speed and quickness to get some offense in.

Riho and Baker do some mat wrestling until Riho gets tied up in the ropes, forcing an automatic break of the action. It restarts on the feet, but they quickly hit the mat again. Baker looking for lockjaw, but Riho gets her foot on the ropes, prompting the ref to break the hold per the rules.

The two continue to go at it and Riho avoids a pin attempt. She catches Baker with a dropkick and now the two lock up and exchange strikes. Baker hoists Riho up, who floats over with a waste lock before eating an elbow from the Doctor.

Riho breaks free and executes a double-stomp on her larger challenger. Riho with a flying knee on Baker in the corner. Riho supexes Baker down and heads to the top rope as the fans get louder inside The Liacourus Center. Riho goes for a flying double stomp but Baker saw it coming and avoided it.

Baker back on her feet hits a slingblade on Riho and picks her up over her shoulders. Riho escapes out the back door, but Baker gets her back up and hits a TKO that stuns Riho and freezes her on her feet. Baker hits the ropes and flies off with a drop kick for a near fall.

Out of nowhere, Riho starts firing up, utilizing quick near fall attempts one after the other until Baker hits a swinging neck breaker and a super kick. Baker covers Riho and nearly gets the three count. The fans in Philly bit on that false-finish strong, as they gasped a bit in unison for the kick out.

The two are back on their feet exchanging strikes. Riho with a Northern Lights suplex into a high bridge pin attempt, but Baker kicks out at two. Riho with a single leg crab on the challenger as Baker contemplates submitting before struggling to get to the ropes. As she does, Riho drags her back to the center of the ring. Baker somehow finds it in herself to make it to the ropes again, however after breaking the hold, Riho goes to the top rope and executes a successful flying double stomp. Somehow, Baker still manages to kick out at two.

Riho with a running double knee strike for another near fall. Riho sets her up for another one but Baker avoids it and Riho eats the turnbuckle with intensity. Baker catches Riho coming off with an elbow and then a big swinging neck breaker. Baker gets Riho in her Lock Jaw submission finisher. The announcers inform us that she doesn’t quite have it yet. As she gets it, finally, however, Riho, still in the hold, rolls her over and the referee’s palm hits the mat three times. Baker, too concerned with the submission, forgot to keep her shoulders off the mat.

As Riho celebrates her victory, a shocked Baker looks on as the announcers explain the four-times the experience is what helped Riho find a way out of that situation and a way to still get her hand raised. Riho approaches Baker with her title as her music plays and Baker extends her hand. The two shake hands as the crowd pops. After the match we head to another commercial break. Stay tuned.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s World Champion: Riho

AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament
The Lucha Bros vs. Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

When we return from the break, the announcers give us an update on Christopher Daniels following the attack he suffered at the hands of The Lucha Bros earlier in the evening. He is apparently ok after only suffering a “stinger” earlier in the show.

After the announcers promote some action still to come on tonight’s show, we hear some music inside The Liacourus Center in Philly. Jurassic Express — The Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt — make their way to the ring. As noted, Stunt is replacing The Luchasaurus in this match tonight due to him suffering an injury.

We see Private Party sitting ringside here in Philly, as they will compete against the winners of this match in a second round tourney match on next week’s edition of AEW Dynamite.

On that note, The Lucha Bros — Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix — who we saw earlier this evening beating down SCU, make their way to the ring with some fire explosions and pyro going off as they head to the squared circle to face off against Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt in first-round AEW tag-title tournament action.

We head to a commercial and when we return, this one is just getting underway, as Stunt and Pentagon kick things off for their respective teams. Pentagon tries to bully and mock Stunt, but Stunt has some fun of his own as well … for now. He bites Pentagon and then hits a cool double-team move thanks to help from Jungle Boy.

After all four guys get involved, we see Marko Stunt flying all over the place, hitting tornado DDT’s, which Jungle Boy followed up with one of his own. Now Jungle Boy and Stunt hit a cool dive tope suicide dive spot. Jungle Boy with an Asai Moonsault on the follow-up.

Back in the ring, the baby faces continue to hit some cool high-risk double moves, this time for a near fall on Pentagon Jr. Stunt hits some punches on Pentagon and then tags in Jungle Boy. The two hit some double-team moves on Pentagon again, with Jungle Boy getting a close near fall attempt before tagging Stunt back in.

An overzealous Stunt runs face-first into a super kick from Pentagon. He blasts Jungle Boy with one as well and then tags in Rey Fenix. Jungle Boy catches Fenix with a kick and then Stunt and Jungle Boy both get in the ring. Fenix takes them both out with one single series of moves in sequence. The crowd applauds big after he finishes the spot.

Now Fenix with a crazy dive to the floor on Jungle Boy. In the ring, Stunt jumps right into Pentagon, who hits him with Pumphandle Driver for a close near fall attempt. Pentagon argues with AEW referee Aubrey Edwards over the count. On the floor, Fenix slams Jungle Boy into the ring steps. Pentagon sweeps Stunt’s legs out from under him after waiting for him to get back to his feet. Jim Ross takes us to a mid-match commercial break as Pentagon jaws at Aubrey Edwards again. This time, we get a split-screen break where we can continue to see the action as commercials air on half of the screen.

Now that the split-screen goes away and we officially return, with commentary, to the action in the ring on AEW Dynamite in Philadelphia, we see Pentagon Jr. continue to take it to Marko Stunt. Fenix sneaks in a cheap shot on him from the floor. Pentagon goes back to work on him as the announcers question how Stunt is able to even show signs of life at this point, which he does again with a super kick and a nip-up before going back to his lifeless state. The fans try and cheer him on to make the tag, and he finally does. Pentagon does as well. All four guys still in the ring now as Jungle Boy takes the hot tag and is flying all over the place, taking out anything that moves. Stunt with a big dive onto Pentagon on the floor while Jungle Boy hits a big knee strike on Fenix in the ring. Stunt follows up with a 450-splash and then Jungle Boy with a standing gainer for a crazy-close near fall.

Jungle Boy tags Marko Stunt back in but out of nowhere, Fenix hits the ring and takes out both Jungle Boy and Stunt. Now Pentagon is swinging Stunt around by his hair, ala Cesaro-Swing style — again, by the hair, though. Pentagon now locking in the armbreaker on Stunt as The Excalibur points out on commentary. He hits it and then tags in Fenix. Fenix with a foot stomp off the top. Pentagon covers Stunt. 1-2-3. That’s all she wrote. The Lucha Brothers advance and will face Private Party next week in round two of the AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament.

Winners and ADVANCING in AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament: The Lucha Brothers

PAC & Jon Moxley vs. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

After an ad for AEW Full Gear, we are introduced to our next match of the evening — tag-team action with PAC and Jon Moxley teaming up to take on the duo of Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page in one of the featured matches on this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite.

PAC’s theme music hits as AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts introduces Bastard PAC, who Jim Ross describes as anti-social on commentary. He says PAC doesn’t even like Jon Moxley, his own partner. With that said, the announcers point out the look of disgust on his face as he stares at the entrance way as Jon Moxley’s video and music plays.

As Moxley comes out with his trademark leather jacket on, Justin Roberts does the exaggerated “Jonnnnnnnn” for saying the name Jon Moxley, the same way he would say John Cena’s name during his WWE ring entrances.

While Moxley makes his way to the ring, we see an empty arena, pre-taped video promo from Mox, who promises to win at AEW Full Gear in Baltimore this November.

Jim Ross says he can’t wait to see this co-main event, as Jon Moxley and PAC meet Kenny Omega and Hangman Page … next. On that note, we head to another commercial break. Stay tuned.

We return from the break to see a close-up of Hangman Page’s entrance video. We shoot back live inside The Liacourus Center where pyro explodes as “Hangman” Adam Page makes his way to the ring. He poses on the apron by himself as he stands with his back to PAC and Moxley in the ring. He gets in the ring and PAC heads to the floor. Moxley, however, remains in the ring and the two stare each other down a tad.

From there, the music fades and then Kenny Omega’s theme hits and the crowd explodes. Omega makes his way to the ring, getting the pyro treatment as well. As Omega makes his way down the ramp, we get a close-up of a kneeling down Moxley in the ring doing the “Come Here” finger-wave gesture towards him. When Omega enters the ring, Moxley immediately gets in his face. The referee calms things down before they get too intense and the crowd is immediately going bonkers with wild chants.

The action gets going now as Omega and Moxley start trading punches in the ring while Hangman and PAC immediately go to work on each other on the floor. The bell sounds as the announcers try to make sense of the chaos that just transpired. Meanwhile, Omega is taking it to Moxley in the ring with chops until Mox blasts him with a running clothesline. We get a quick glimpse of Hangman working over PAC outside the ring now as Moxley goes to work on Omega inside the ring.

Later in the match, Moxley shoves Page off the top rope and he does a flip and crashes on the ring apron outside the ring ropes in what had to be a painful spot. PAC flies over the top to the floor to take out Hangman now. Moxley beats up Omega as he checks on him. We head to a mid-match, split-screen commercial break now the action spills out to the floor. Stay tuned.

We return to see Moxley hitting a running knee on a seated Page, as the heels are still clearly in control of this one. Moxley with a Texas Cloverleaf type submission on Hangman until Omega runs in to break things up. PAC sends Omega to the floor now and the heels regain control of the offense. The announcers seem surprised that Moxley and PAC have been able to function as a team for this one.

A big lariat from Hangman Page evens things up. He finally makes the tag to Omega. Omega comes in like a man possessed now. He takes out PAC, now he takes out Moxley. He takes both guys out again and then roars to the fans, who roar back at him and then break out into chants before stomping their feet and clapping as Omega hits the ropes and flies to the floor, crashing on PAC. Now Moxley hits a crazy dive. Now Hangman Page goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault to the floor that takes out everyone. The fans explode with “AEW! AEW! AEW!” chants.

Back in the ring, Hangman and Omega are double-teaming PAC now. Omega hits a buckle-bomb on PAC, who walks into a big elbow from Hangman before taking a seated slam from Omega for a pin attempt. Moxley breaks up the pin attempt. The fans chant “This Is Awesome!” as Moxley is taking out by a flying knee from Omega. Omega charges at PAC, but PAC catches him with a flying top-rope cutter. He is then thrown to the floor by Hangman, who hits a dive, taking him out as they both smash into the barricade. The fans react by chanting “AEW! AEW!” again.

We see Omega and Moxley, slowly getting to their feet. Now they go nose-to-nose before exchanging punches and then kicks. Omega chops Moxley. Moxley headbutts Omega. Omega with a knee and some kicks. He hits the ropes but is turned inside-out and upside down from a vicious clothesline from Moxley. The fans roar and clap now as Moxley and Omega both go under the ring for “foreign objects.”

The fans erupt now as both guys grab barbed wire bats from under the ring. They get into the ring now with them and the referee throws his hands up like “to hell with this!” and leaves the ring. He watches on from the floor as Moxley hits Omega. PAC then throws both weapons to the floor as fans boo. PAC yells at Moxley that he needs to follow the rules to win the match. Moxley flips him off and hits his Dirty Deeds DDT finisher before walking away and heading to the back. PAC slowly gets to his feet and is turned inside out by a Hangman lariat. Omega follows up with a running knee strike. He throws him to Hangman who hits his finisher. 1-2-3. Hangman Page and Kenny Omega win.

Winners: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

AEW World Championship Philly Street Fight
Chris Jericho (C) vs. Darby Allin

When we return from the break, Darby Allin makes his way to the ring for this week’s main event here on AEW Dynamite.

After that, the AEW World’s Heavyweight Champion’s theme hits the loud speakers in The Liacourus Center in Philly and out comes the leader of The Inner Circle for this Philly Street Fight with his title on-the-line.

The action is now officially underway, as Allin takes it to Jericho early on. The action starts to finally pick up as we head to a mid-match commercial break. Stay tuned.

We return to see Jericho taking it to Allin with brutal Kendo stick shots. The announcers inform us that it was a brutal commercial break for Darby Allin. They point out some bloody spots on his head as Allin struggles to get to his feet.

He finally does, landing some body shots to the world champion and even executing a move or two before Jericho cuts his comeback attempt short. Now Allin fights back again and this time he gets the Kendo stick.

Now Allin is beating down Jericho with Kendo Stick shots in this Philly Street Fight where anything goes. Allin now has Jericho in the Fujiwara Armbar. Jericho transitions into the Walls of Jericho but Allin makes it to the ropes. For some reason, that still means Jericho has to let go, even though this is a Street Fight. Jericho argues with referee Aubrey Edwards about exactly that as Allin uses the time to recover. He flies off the top onto Jericho but then walks right into a Codebreaker. Jericho covers Allin but he grabs the rope, which again forced a break of the pin attempt.

Jericho ends up essentially handcuffing Allin’s hands behind his back as if he were to be placed under arrest. Literally both of Allin’s hands are completely tied behind his back and he has absolutely no use of them, however after a quick Jericho beat down run, Allin fires up — with his arms still tied behind his back, hitting flying moves off the top rope, suicide dives through the ropes onto the floor and more with his hands tied behind his back the entire time. Really, really crazy stuff.

We have Jericho recovering and regaining the offensive lead in this one. He sets up Allin’s skateboard and literally powerbombs him with brutal intensity onto it. He pins Allin, but somehow he manages to kick out at two. Jericho baseball swings a chair at the defenseless Allin. Allin ducks it and dropkicks it into Jericho’s face.

As Allin climbs to the top rope with his hands still tied behind his back, out of nowhere, Jake Hager appears and blasts a defenseless Allin who was wide open, with a knockout punch. This led to Jericho getting the finish and the win to retain his AEW World’s Heavyweight Championship.

Winner and STILL AEW World’s Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho

After The Match: Time For “#ALittleBitOfTheBubbley”

After the win, Jericho is joined by the rest of The Inner Circle, who make their way to the ring carrying “#ALittleBitOfTheBubbley.” They explode the bottles open and spray the drinks everywhere as The Inner Circle celebrates here in Philly as this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite goes off the air.

That will do it for us this week. We hope you enjoyed the coverage! Make sure to join us here every Wednesday night for the BEST AEW Dynamite LIVE results coverage on the web!

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