AEW Dynamite Results From Pittsburgh

AEW Dynamite Results On TNT From Petersen Events Center In Pittsburgh, PA. (10/23)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) returns with the latest weekly edition of AEW Dynamite tonight, October 23rd, from the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Featured below are live, ongoing play-by-play results coverage of the show. Make sure to refresh the page often to view the latest AEW Dynamite results from Pittsburgh.


AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament (Semifinal)
Private Party vs. The Lucha Brothers

As soon as the show opens, we shoot live inside the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, PA., Private Party — Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen and The Lucha Brothers — Pentagon JR. and Rey Fenix are already in the ring.

After Justin Roberts introduces both teams, Jim Ross formally welcomes us to this week’s show. The bell sounds and the first of two semifinal matches in the AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament begins.

The fans chant “AEW! AEW!” and let out some Ric Flair style “WOOO’s!” as the action gets underway inside the squared circle, with Marq Quen and Rey Fenix kicking things off for their respective teams.

Early on it’s fast-paced offense from both guys until Fenix blasts Quen with a kick when Pentagon threw him into the ropes near their corner of the ring. Now The Lucha Brothers are in control of the offense, with the team utilizing quick tags to keep fresh men on the beaten down Quen.

The fans break out into “Lucha Brothers! Lucha Brothers!” chants as Pentagon and Fenix get in some quick double team offense on Quen while making another tag. Quen finally shows a hope spot, drop kicking both Lucha Brothers down. He tags in Kassidy. The Private Party are now taking over the match, doing some really unique double-team moves to the delight of the AEW fans in Pittsburgh.

Private Party enjoys a nice offensive run, showing off a number of cool high-risk moves and more unique spots until The Lucha Brothers turn up the violence meter a notch or two and take back over the offensive lead in this tournament semifinal contest. The crowd is eating up every minute of this opening match, as the four guys are not giving anyone a chance to put their butts back in their seats for more than a few seconds before popping them again.

Another deafening “AEW! AEW!” chant breaks out as some replays of the aforementioned big spots are shown. Meanwhile, Private Party is back in the offensive driver’s seat, putting another showcase of their fast-paced, high-risk ability on display.

We’re getting some close near falls now, including a big 450 Splash and Shooting Star Press pin attempt that nearly got the three count on both attempts for Quen and Kassidy. Fenix hits a Gory Bomb and Leg Drop, taking out both Private Party members by himself before tagging Pentagon Jr. in.

Pentagon Jr. hits a powerbomb on his own knee to one of the Private Party members before continuing to deliver punishment. Private Party with a Hurricanrana into a stunner that is cut off by Pentagon. He hits a crazy Canadian Destroyer type move to take back over control. Pentagon looks for the armbreaker and he snaps the arm backwards of Quen before tagging in Fenix. Fenix hits a double team move with Pentagon on Quen before hitting a suicide dive onto the floor on Kassidy that gives The Lucha Brothers the win.

The Lucha Brothers move on to Charleston, West Virginia next week to take on the winner of The Dark Order vs. SoCal Uncensored on AEW Dynamite to crown the first-ever AEW World Tag-Team Champions in the finals of the AEW Tag-Team Tournament.

Winners and ADVANCING to the AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament Finals: The Lucha Brothers

Wardlow Is Coming To AEW

A vignette airs hyping up the AEW debut of Wardlow, concluding by saying, “Wardlow is Coming!”

AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament Update

The announcers look at the updated brackets for the AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament following the first of two semifinal matches.

Then we get a medical / health update on Christopher Daniels following last week’s attack by The Lucha Brothers on AEW Dynamite. We’re told that he suffered a pinched nerve and will be out for 6-to-8 weeks recovering.

This leads into our next contest of the evening, as match number two will be the second of two semifinal matches in the AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament.

AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament
SoCal Uncensored vs. The Dark Order

With that said, SCU’s theme hits and out comes Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky as they make their way down to the ring.

The announcers talk about The Dark Order before introducing a vignette to further explain who they are. The vignette airs, we return and The Dark Order make their way to the ring with their masked minions crawling around them as they head down to the ring.

Our second of two AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament Semifinal bouts is up next here on AEW Dynamite in Pittsburgh. The bell sounds and here we go.

Here in the early goings, the story is that SCU are in control of the action with the clean, comfortable offensive lead. Sky and Kazarian isolate Grayson in the ring and keep fresh men in to keep the advantage in their favor. Finally, Sky is thrown to the floor and while the referee is distracted, Evil Uno, the other man with The Dark Order, while on the floor, gets in some cheap shots.

Jim Ross takes us to a split-screen commercial break, with the action continuing and still being shown to the viewers in half the screen, while commercial advertisements run in a box on the other half of the screen. The Dark Order are firmly taking over the offensive control in the match during this break. When we return full screen from the break, Sky is a beaten down individual, with The Dark Order really using quick tags over-and-over again to keep a fresh guy on him.

We see Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle out of the blue making their way through the crowd in the Petersen Events Center here in Pittsburgh, PA. The fans pop as the faction continues to walk through the crowd showing their tickets while the announcers inform us that they aren’t scheduled to be here tonight, but apparently they have tickets. The gang continues going up the steps in the arena as they make their way to a luxuary box suite I’m assuming. The action picks up in the ring so the camera pans back.

Kazarian finally makes the hot tag and like a ball of fire he enters the ring and takes out anything that moves, all-the-while flying all over the place. We shoot back up to see The Inner Circle finally taking their seats in their luxuary suite. Back in the ring, Kazarian is fighting through double-team attempts by The Dark Order to still score near fall attempts on the legal man of the two. Finally, The Dark Order slow him down a bit with double team spots, so he tags in Sky and now the odds are evened up with all four men in the ring and both SCU members applying Dragon Sleepers. Finally The Dark Order breaks the holds.

Grayson hits a crazy spot running and diving over the turnbuckle to splash onto Kazarian on the floor. Evil Uno with a unique counter on Sky for a near fall. The camera keeps panning to a popcorn-eating Inner Circle in the luxuary suite. The fans break out into a “This Is Awesome!” chant as The Dark Order sets up for their Fatality finisher. Instead, SCU breaks free and hits a big DDT. Sky takes out Evil Uno, with an assist from Kazarian. SCU hits their double-team finisher, the SCU-later for the 1-2-3.

With the win, Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian advance to the finals of the AEW World Tag-Team Title Tournament Finals against The Lucha Brothers. They have a chance to become the inaugural AEW World Tag-Team Champions AND gain vengeance over The Lucha Brothers for their attack on their fellow SCU brother, Christopher Daniels, when the two teams meet next week on AEW Dynamite in Charleston, W.V. After the match we go to another split-screen commercial where we see The Inner Circle reacting to the match outcome while SCU heads to the back and replays are shown.

Winners and ADVANCING to the AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament Finals: SoCal Uncensored

Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega

As we return from the break, “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela is in the middle of making his ring entrance. The fans react to him as highlights are shown of the Unsanctioned Match between Joey Janela and Jon Moxley from AEW Fyter Fest back on June 29th. Then we see two weeks ago where Janela and Kenny Omega tore the house down in the “Lights Out” match in the main event of AEW Dark.

When we return, Kenny Omega’s theme hits and the AEW EVP and top-tier performer makes his way out to the entrance stage as the fans in the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh explode. Pyro also explodes as Omega makes his way down the ramp as the fans chant his name and the announcers hype him up. We also see a shot of The Inner Circle reacting to Omega’s entrance as Justin Roberts formally introduces Kenny Omega. We see highlights of Omega defeating Rey Fenix at the AAA Heroes Inmortales event to become the AAA Mega Champion.

The Omega-Janela match is up next here on AEW Dynamite as the bell sounds to kick this one off. The fans are already heavily into this one and nothing has happened yet other than ring entrances and introductions. The two shake hands, circle each other and lock up. This one is officially underway.

Early on the fans are split, as half the crowd chants for Janela and the other half chants for Omega. Omega knocks Janela out of the ring and hits a crazy dive splashing onto him on the floor. He rolls him back in the ring as replays are shown, as is the reaction of The Inner Circle in their luxuary suite. Omega starts to put together an early lead in the match, but Janela is having none of that, as he charges across the ring with running elbows to turn the tide in his favor.

Janela hits a big dive onto the floor onto Omega of his own before taking the action back in the ring, where he remains in control, as J.R. points out on commentary. As Omega starts fighting back, we head to a mid-match commercial break. This time, no split-screen. Updates to return momentarily, stay tuned!

When we return, Omega is back in control of the action, hitting Janela with a number of big suplexes as once again, we are shown The Inner Circle watching on from high in the arena. Janela with a German Suplex on Omega, who lands in the corner turnbuckle awkwardly as Janela now appears to be taking back over the match. Janela goes to the top for a flying elbow smash and nails it for a close near fall.

Omega and Janela are trading offensive spurts. Omega with a crazy move for a close near fall of his own. J.R. claims Joey Janela will soon one day become one of the top superstars in AEW. Omega and Janela are fighting back-and-forth now, with things settling with Janela hitting a unique suplex. Both guys are slow to get back to their feet as the fans chant “This Is Awesome!” We see a closeup of a bloody Janela. He hits a big clothesline on Omega for another near fall.

We see The Inner Circle, who do a chant for themselves being awesome, or they are trying to start their own regular “This Is Awesome” chant. Either way, Jericho did it with a smart-ass smirk, so take from that what you will. Janela misses a flip onto Omega on the floor from the top rope, instead crashing on the ring apron. Omega nails Janela with the One-Winged Angel and gets the 1-2-3 for the pin fall victory. The crowd pops.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Cody, Dustin Rhodes, MJF & DDP Battle The Inner Circle Throughout The Arena

We get some in-house promotional work from Tony Schiavone in the AEW Control Center. He gives updates on the AEW live events schedule.

The announcers hype up some more action and then we hear some music.

Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring. We are told that Tony Schiavone will interview him live next. Keep in mind, Cody teased a big announcement heading into tonight’s AEW Dynamite show in Pittsburgh. We head to commercial break.

As we return from the break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Cody. As Cody tries to talk, we hear air horns over and over again. Finally, the camera pans over and we see it is The Inner Circle who is making all of the commotion.

Finally, Jericho chimes in on the mic and boos Cody. Cody says this isn’t like the company they both came from, referring to WWE, saying there isn’t an invisible wall and he can easily step through the ropes and settle things right now. The fans pop.

Jericho tells Pittsburgh to shut their mouths to get cheap heat before addressing Cody. He tells Cody not to do anything stupid, and to just remain in the ring where it’s safe. He says he knows he’s not going to come up here because he’s a coward. He calls him an entitled little milennial bitch. Cody has heard enough.

He hands Tony his sport coat and exits the ring. He stops when he realizes four members of The Inner Circle (Jake Hager is not here this week) are up there to he being one man by himself.

Until now.

Dustin Rhodes’ music hits as Cody holds up two fingers. Jericho says it’s still four to two. He tells them to stay there and be the cowardly Rhodes’ they’ve always been. Music hits and out comes Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) as the fans pop. Now Cody holds three fingers. Jericho says it’s still four to three until finally we hear, “It’s Me… it’s me .. it’s DDP.”

The fans erupt as Diamond Dallas Page’s music plays. After a delay, DDP emerges from the tunnel and joins MJF and Dustin, who head down to ringside to join Cody. Jericho finally looks nervous. All four guys head up through the fans as Jericho gives them one final warning, although he sounds nervous giving it. Finally, Jericho gathers his Inner Circle and the group retreats and disappears behind a door in a luxuary box. MJF hands Cody his scarf. Cody punches through the glass of the door to unlock it.

The battle begins. Cody and Jericho splinter off into the arena hallways. They take crutches from a fan to use as weapons and explode into the merchandise stands in the arena. We see Dustin and some of the other guys from The Inner Circle and Cody’s squad battling in other spots. Security is scrambling to break things up as Jericho, in classic heel fashion, complains about having tickets and this being unfair. He tries saying “you see what happens when you mess with The Inner Circle!” before falling to his knees to cry and scrunch his face up in whiney fashion. The security get Cody and company back in the arena as the other members of The Inner Circle join the still-complaining and ticket-displaying AEW World Champion as we head to a split-screen commercial break.

The Best Friends vs. The Young Bucks

During the commercial break we see two guys along with Orange Cassidy making their way down to the ring. We return from the break to find out that it is Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta — The Best Friends.

Jim Ross says the duo are about to take on who he believes to be the best tag-team in the business. With that said, The Young Bucks music hits and out comes Nick and Matt Jackson to the ring as pyro and confetti explodes. As they pose in the ring, an unimpressed Orange Cassidy walks up right behind them. He mocks The Young Bucks super kicks in cocky fashion before posing to the fans. The Young Bucks then hit him with a double Super Kick for real, leading to The Best Friends blindsiding them from behind to kick this match off.

The Best Friends establish the early advantage in this one until Nick Jackson takes both of them out with high spots. Now he tags Matt in and those two hit double team moves on Beretta. They then knock Taylor off the apron. They mock The Best Friends by doing their big hug in the ring before diving to the floor to eat the barricade from a ready-and-waiting Chuck and Trent. The Best Friends continue to deliver punishment on the floor. They remain in control as the action returns to the ring. We head to a mid-match commercial break.

We return from the break to see The Young Bucks in the midst of an offensive run until Trent cuts it short and tags in Chuck. Chuckie T. takes over and is executing a number of big spots in sequence, including a big Falcon Arrow for a pin attempt that only got him a count of two. The Best Friends clear the ring and do their big hug to a big pop from the fans, and even a smattering of “Holy sh*t!” chants for some reason.

The Best Friends go for the Doomsday Knee but it doesn’t take. Instead, The Young Bucks hit Super Kicks on anything that moves and eventually a double super kick. They hit the More Bang For Your Buck finisher and score the pin fall victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks

After The Match: The Young Bucks Accept Call-Out

After the match, The Young Bucks get on the mic and simply say, “Santana, Ortiz … we accept!” Jim Ross says The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz match is now official for AEW Full Gear on November 9th at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Britt Baker Vignette

A vignette on Pittsburgh’s own Dr. Britt Baker airs telling the fans some of her story ahead of her match up next here on AEW Dynamite against Jamie Hayter.

Jamie Hayter vs. Dr. Britt Baker

Jamie Hayter is then introduced. She makes her way to the ring as the announcers explain who she is. She will have the unfortunate task of trying to take out Baker in her hometown here in Pittsburgh next on AEW Dynamite.

From there, Dr. Britt Baker’s theme hits, the local fans pop and she makes her way to the ring to a pretty thunderous ovation. Following behind her is the Pittsburgh Steelers mascot. We see a fan holding a “AEW” terrible towel ala NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, and also similar to the “We Are NXT” towels at NXT On USA shows … whether on purpose or not!

The bell sounds and Hayter immediately goes after the smaller Baker until Baker turns her around and unloads with punches. Hayter reverses her and suplexes her into the turnbuckles as the fans loudly boo. Hayter knocks Baker to the floor. The fans chant “Baker! Baker!” so Hayter covers her ears. She goes out to the floor and slams Baker into the ring post and then mocks the Pittsburgh fans. We head to a mid-match commercial as Baker turns the tide.

We return from the break to see Hayter in control with ease in the ring. Baker starts fighting back but Hayter cuts her attempts short, jumping on her back with a sleeper hold attempt. Finally, Baker knocks Hayter off and goes on an offensive run for what seems like the first time in a while.

Things continue to go back and forth until finally Baker gets Hayter in her Lock Jaw finisher for the win.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

AEW Dynamite & AEW Full Gear Promotion

We see a graphic promoting SCU vs. The Lucha Bros in the finals of the AEW Tag-Title Tourney for next week’s AEW Dynamite in Charleston.

Video highlights are shown of the big brawl throughout the arena between Cody, Dustin Rhodes, MJF and DDP and The Inner Circle. A graphic is then shown promoting Cody vs. Chris Jericho for the AEW World Title at AEW Full Gear.

A graphic then airs promoting tonight’s main event between Jon Moxley and PAC.

Backstage: Brandi Rhodes Attacks Jamie Hayter

From there, we shoot to the locker room area in the interview zone. Jane Decker is with Jamie Hayter when out of nowhere, Brandi Rhodes attacks her from behind. A confused and shocked Decker says, “Brandi?!?” and Brandi just makes a mean face at her and then makes a fist. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

Jon Moxley vs. PAC

When we return from the commercial, we shoot into the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh where Jon Moxley’s theme and titan tron video plays to welcome us back. Justin Roberts then does the formal introduction as he makes his way out to the stage and Jim Ross welcomes us back to the show.

As Moxley poses at the top of the entrance stage, the Bastard PAC emerges from the backstage area and blasts Moxley with a steel chair shot. He starts choking him out. He slams him into the ringside barricade as AEW officials yell at him and try to restore order.

PAC gets in the ring and somehow Moxley crawls in as well. PAC with a big kick before looking for The Black Arrow straight out of the gate. Moxley rolls to the floor to avoid it. PAC then hits a suicide dive, splashing onto Moxley after flying over the top ropes onto the floor. PAC rolls Moxley back in the ring and covers him, but Moxley kicks out.

Out of nowhere, Moxley gets a surge of energy and starts blasting PAC with punches in the corner. PAC cuts his comeback attempt short immediately and takes back over the offensive control with ease. Jim Ross takes us to a split-screen, mid-match commercial as PAC continues to deliver punishment to Moxley in the ring. He throws Moxley to the ring apron and then runs and knocks him onto the floor, where he crashes into the barricade.

We’re back live on TNT and we see PAC still in control with ease, continuing his one-sided beatdown of Moxley in this week’s main event. Tony Schiavone plugs Mark Madden’s local radio show in Pittsburgh, PA. as Moxley fights out of a waist-lock from PAC. Moxley drops down to the floor and bulldogs PAC head-first into the ring apron on the way down. We see replays of that unique spot as both guys get back into the ring.

The two exchange punches until finally, Moxley gains the upper-hand. Now Moxley turns PAC inside-out with a big clothesline. He covers him for his first near fall of the contest. Moxley pulls his knee pad up now and waits for PAC to return to his feet. As he charges at PAC with a Regal Knee attempt, PAC rolls to the floor. Moxley instead hits to the ropes and flies out with a Tope Suicida on PAC on the floor.

Moxley gets PAC locked in a boston crab type of submission attempt, however PAC rolls to the ropes forcing a break of the hold. We keep getting updates from the ring announcer on the amount of time remaining. Finally, he informs us one minute is remaining as both guys are down. Moxley crawls to PAC and covers him, but PAC kicks out at two. We’re told 30 seconds remain. Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift DDT finisher. The fans erupt. Moxley covers PAC, but PAC kicks out as the ring announcer counts down the time limit. TV time has expired. We’re told this match ends in a Draw.

Moxley, unhappy with the Draw ruling, immediately complains and storms around the ring. He hits the referee with a boot to the stomach and a DDT. Now a still-angry Moxley stomps around the ring saying “Time limit my ass!” as the credits roll and AEW Dynamite wraps up for the week. That’s it, folks!

Winner: No Contest (Time Limit Draw) Social Media Interaction

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