AEW FYTER FEST Night 2 SPOILERS For 7/8/2020

AEW FYTER FEST Night 2 *SPOILERS* – Detailed Results Of Night 2 Taping For 7/8/2020

The spoilers are in for the second of two straight weeks of the special FYTER FEST themed AEW Dynamite shows, as complete results of the night two taping for 7/8 from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida have leaked online via one of the limited fans that was permitted access to attend night one on 7/1.

Reddit user SpaceForce1 (View Profile) posted full results of the night two taping for FYTER FEST on a thread in the /r/SquaredCircle sub-Reddit forum.

A quick note — when asked why results of the advertised Puppy Battle Royal were omitted from his spoiler recap for FYTER FEST Night 2, SpaceForce1 wrote the following:

    “Segment of the decade. No way I’m spoiling that. “

Before we jump into the detailed AEW FYTER FEST Night 2 spoiler results for 7/8, embedded directly below courtesy of the official AEW YouTube channel is a look back at the top five moments from AEW FYTER FEST Night 1 on 7/1.

Featured below are complete AEW FYTER FEST Night 2 spoiler results ahead of the premiere next Wednesday, July 8, 2020, in the regular weekly AEW on TNT time slot.

AEW FYTER FEST SPOILERS (Night 2 Results For 7/8/2020)

The show opener in the ring was the AEW World Tag-Team Championship bout, as the reigning title-holders from The Elite — Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page make their second straight defense of the titles against the team of Private Party.

Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page (c) vs. Private Party (AEW Tag-Team Titles)

Remember, Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen earned this title opportunity by defeating Inner Circle duo Proud -N- Powerful (Santana & Ortiz) at AEW FYTER FEST Night 1 on 7/1.

The night one special last Wednesday night also saw Omega and Page successfully defend the titles against The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent) in the main event.

On night two, while they weren’t the main event, they were in the unique position of being the only title match on the card due to the originally scheduled headline bout for night two between Jon Moxley and Brian Cage for the AEW World Championship was bumped to the AEW Fight For The Fallen 2020 special edition of AEW Dynamite on 7/15.

This was described as a pretty fast-paced match. When all was said-and-done, Page and Omega once again managed to walk out of Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. with their AEW Tag-Team Championships around their collective waists, as they picked up the win with The Last Call.

Winners and STILL AEW Tag-Team Champions: Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page

“The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer vs. “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela

In another match that was set up and officially announced during the actual first night special on 7/1 when the two got involved in a physical altercation that led to a pull-apart, “The Murderhawk Monster” of AEW went one-on-one with “The Bad Boy” of All Elite Wrestling, as Lance Archer met Joey Janela in singles competition.

Archer attacks before the bell and pounds Janela around for a bit, in typical “Murderhawk Monster” fashion, as he has a habit of uncontrolled violent rage while walking from the locker room to the squared circle, where said-rage is encouraged — and rewarded.

Anyways, after the rough start, “Bad Boy” Janela got in a little offense, but it was mostly ineffective until he counters a Blackout with a nice inverted face-buster.

From there, he would go to the top-rope — all-the-while Jake “The Snake” Roberts was busy distracting the referee, leading to some additional surprise interference. Archer would then capitalize with a Blackout from the ring to the floor of Janela, which looked painful.

After executing the impressive feat of strength, Archer immediately went out to roll Janela back in the ring where he would pin him for the 1-2-3 and the victory.

Winner: Lance Archer

Taz Shoots On Jon Moxley Once Again

In another promo that was delivered in semi-shoot fashion by “The Human Suplex Machine,” the black-and-orange donning pro wrestling legend known as Taz addressed the man responsible for the paradigm shift in the industry — reigning AEW World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley.

Just like he did during FYTER FEST night one on 7/1 in his semi-shoot promo about Moxley forcing the scheduled night two title match main event against Brian Cage to the Fight For The Fallen special on 7/15 as a result of being self-quarantined because of his wife, WWE performer Renee Young, testing positive for COVID-19, “The Human Suplex Machine” verbally chastised Moxley for once again failing to show up like a man.

Taz once again put over the man he represents, Brian Cage, vowing that when Moxley finally does show up and defend his title as scheduled, he will lose the belt and will be demolished by Cage in the process.

“Who better than Brian Cage to be the AEW World Heavyweight Champion at Fight For The Fallen?!”

FTR & The Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros, The Butcher & The Blade

In a highly-anticipated showdown among true die-hard pro wrestling fans, AEW finally presents Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler in the same ring during a match with Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson — even if the four were on the same side of the ring for an eight-man tag-team match.

That match saw the foursome take on the paired duos of The Lucha Bros — Pentagon JR. and Rey Fenix — and The Butcher & The Blade.

The heels out first with a troll, as they roll in loaded up in the old pick up truck. Lots of great offense. Poisonrana off the top, splash off the top to the outside. FTR hit a Shatter Machine on a running Fenix. FTR set up the Mind breaker, but Wheeler got pulled off the ropes to the outside. Harwood turned and walked to the other corner and Matt climbed the ropes for the assist to land it.

The finish teased Bucks vs. FTR, and Lucha Bros and Butcher/Blade picked up the win.

After the match, FTR helps up The Young Bucks and there’s a brief stare-down, but they all go to the back without fighting.

Winners: The Lucha Bros, The Butcher & The Blade

Nyla Rose vs. Two Enhancement Talents

Now we go to an apparent time-filler / showcase performance, as the spotlight was on former AEW Women’s World Champion Nyla Rose.

Rose competed in a two-on-one handicap match against what appeared to be two local enhancement wrestlers, who were brought in to be squashed and make Rose look like a monster as she continues to rebuild her stock after losing the AEW Women’s Title to Hikaru Shida back at the AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 pay-per-view on May 23rd.

The match didn’t last long, as Rose quickly dominated and squashed the two, picking up the win in the end with a power bomb.

After the match, Rose cuts a promo where she vows to reclaim the AEW Women’s World Championship that she still feels is rightfully hers.

Winner: Nyla Rose

The Dark Order & Colt Cabana vs. SoCal Uncensored

After being touted as on a mission to establish his identity in the men’s singles division in AEW, Scorpio Sky is already back alongside his SCU comrades, as he joins Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in a six-man tag-team bout against The Dark Order duo of Mr. Brodie Lee and Stu Grayson and Colt Cabana.

The match saw Scorpio carry the majority of the load for the SCU trio. When “The Exalted One” himself, Mr. Brodie Lee was actually in the ring during the match, he was dominant.

Cabana looked conflicted throughout the match, even going as far as to walk away from the ropes on a few occasions, but ultimately not only sticking around but taking orders from Mr. Brodie Lee. This leads to Cabana starting to work tandem moves with Lee, and even Grayson as well.

The finish comes when Cabana pulls Daniels off of a pin on Grayson while Lee is on the outside. Daniels gives him the “what’s wrong with you?!” scolding and they have a brief stare-down while Cabana contemplates what he’s done.

This allows Lee to sneak back into the ring and hit the big Stan Hansen-style lariat clothesline finishing move, which leads to Grayson getting up and tagging in Cabana, letting him get the pin to continue the story line that joining The Dark Order will continue to result in success for “Boom Boom.”

Winners: The Dark Order & Colt Cabana

Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy (MAIN EVENT)

After a brief women promo segment that was described as a lot of screaming and confusion, it was finally AEW FYTER FEST night two main event time, as “Le Champion” and the leader of the Inner Circle — Chris Jericho — went one-on-one against “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy.

This was described as some of “Jericho’s best ring psychology and story-telling.”

Cassidy started things off by putting his hands in his pockets and running circles around Jericho for a bit, however Jericho eventually takes over and gets serious — and the prolonged beat-down began.

The majority of the match from here saw a series of moves by Jericho with his signature taunting in between, followed by several brief moments where it looked as though Orange Cassidy would shift the momentum in his favor and take over, only to have the rug pulled out from under him as Jericho would cut his offensive run short and take back over for more lengthy gaps of time.

After this sequence plays out a few times, we see Jericho locking Cassidy in his Walls of Jericho submission finisher. He uses the ropes for leverage several times behind referee Aubrey Edwards’ back, however Edwards eventually becomes wise and admonishes him — only for “Le Champion” to ignore her warnings and continue to do it again and again anyways.

She catches Jericho again and in old-school baby face referee fashion, went on to kick his hand free, allowing Cassidy to finally counter out and escape the seemingly match-culminating scenario he found himself stuck in due to the Inner Circle leader’s cheating veteran tactics.

From here, the two would catch their second wind, with the “Freshly Squeezed” one particularly firing up. They do the always-fun punch exchange with the fans cheering every time Cassidy landed shots and booing whenever Jericho’s fists of fury found their mark. Just as Cassidy started to gain some momentum, yet again Jericho yanks the carpet out from under him, throwing him outside of the ring and out to the floor.

Cassidy finally has his moment and gets some real offense in with a hurricanrana out of the corner followed by hands back in his pockets and lazy kicks. He feigns the final lazy kick wind up, but hits a super kick instead, then goes up top and hits a big elbow for a close two count near-fall.

Jericho regained control after that by once again locking Cassidy into the Walls of Jericho, however the baby face underdog is eventually able to roll out of it and break free. His reward for doing so wasn’t a good one, unfortunately, as Jericho hits him after that with a Code-Breaker. He covered Cassidy right after, however he surprisingly kicks out at two-and-a-half.

This leads to another hope spot for “Freshly Squeezed,” as Orange Cassidy counters a vertical suplex into a big Cutter. He runs the ropes and looks to be gaining momentum for a second time, but Jericho spins the Judas Effect elbow right into his grill “out of nowhere,” knocking him out and covering him for the 1-2-3.

Again this was said to be an excellent match and a great main event to cap off the two-week AEW FYTER FEST extravaganza.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Make sure to join us here at again on 7/8 for even more detailed LIVE AEW FYTER FEST NIGHT 2 RESULTS coverage of the broadcast premiere on TNT!


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