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AEW Holds Multiple Meetings With Talent Yesterday; Backstage Reaction From WWE Wrestlers

— CM Punk and Ace Steel met with AEW officials, presumably including Tony Khan, yesterday afternoon at about 4 PM on a Zoom call according to f4wonline.com. He remained in Chicago and was not flown into Buffalo where Dynamite was held. The consensus reaction by both AEW and WWE wrestlers to Punk’s behavior has been overwhelmingly negative with words such as “selfish” and “arrogant” being thrown around, while others who have worked with him in the past aren’t surprised and feel he hasn’t really evolved or changed from his time in WWE.

— Meanwhile in Buffalo at almost the exact same time as the Punk Zoom call, an AEW talent meeting was held for wrestlers, referees, coaches and announcers according to fightfulselect.com. Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley were designated as people in charge to lead the meeting. Jericho in particular was complimented by many of his fellow wrestlers for his “demeanor and resolve” as the situation with CM Punk played out.

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