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AEW Looking To Reconcile With CM Punk Prior To His Critical Instagram Post

— While nothing has officially been said by either side, it appears as if CM Punk is headed back to AEW with a report emerging from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that AEW CEO Tony Khan was working on a reconciliation plan before Punk’s infamous and now deleted Instagram post where he directly criticized Khan, Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho. Punk’s eventual return is also being tied to the rumors of AEW looking to book The United Center for All Out rather than the NOW Arena, as that would presumably have been when he came back in his hometown.

— According to the report, Khan “wanted (Punk) back” and the two sides were in talks but that the Instagram post may have seriously jeopardized those efforts and the situation is now complicated. The report also noted that shortly after Punk took down his post, an AEW handbook was circulated backstage which clearly highlighted that talent are not to criticize other talent in public forums, such as interviews or social media unless they have clearance from the other party involved or have received clearance from AEW’s legal, PR or HR teams. It is believed that while there was a split in opinion on whether Punk should return, his actions through the critical post, have certainly has made the situation “complex” by not helping things along.

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