Miro Backstage At AEW Dynamite On 9/9/2020 (VIDEO)

AEW News: Backstage Reason Why Miro Has Been Off of TV Recently

— AEW star Miro has barely wrestled in 2022, wrestling all of four matches since January leaving many people wondering where he’s been and what his status is with AEW. A recent report from fightfulselect.com has shed some light into his situation with it noting that Miro is “completely healthy” and looking forward to returning to active competition. However, the holdup has been entirely from the creative side as there has been no storylines presented to bring him back into the fold.

— The report adds that there were plans to have conversations about creative related to his character but that those discussions haven’t happened yet. Despite his lack of action and usage and despite reports that suggested he was looking to get out of his AEW contract, Miro is said to be “eager” to return to in-ring action with AEW. He is under contract to the promotion through 2026.

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