Chris Jericho

AEW News: Chris Jericho Reportedly Told CM Punk That He’s a Cancer in the Locker Room

— More details continue to emerge regarding the backstage braw following All Out which saw multiple talent and officials suspended. In a new report, reports that Chris Jericho showed up following the fight, approached CM Punk and told him that he was a “cancer to the locker room” and a detriment to the company. Punk’s verbatim reply isn’t known but he said something along of the lines of telling Jericho to mind his own business and leave the area. Soon thereafter, Jericho did in fact leave the backstage area before joining the ongoing media scrum that was taking place with Tony Khan.

— As reported before, Jericho’s actions and overall demeanor was highly praised, especially how he stepped up to appear at the scrum despite the chaos that had erupted backstage. A few days later, Jericho was one of the veterans who led a talent meeting in the absence of Khan which again was well received by other wrestlers in the company.

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