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AEW News: More Details on Backstage Fight Between Andrade El Idolo & Sammy Guevara

— After a few days of online bickering, a fight erupted last night before AEW Dynamite between Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara, with Andrade sent home and his match on Rampage canceled. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke of the situation and revealed more details of what went down. According to Meltzer, AEW management was bracing for some sort of confrontation and proactively warned both Andrade and Guevara on Tuesday that they were not to fight or else they would be sent home. In Andrade’s case, he was specifically told if he got into a fight, he would not be fired or released as the belief is that he wants out of his AEW contract to go back to WWE.

— Multiple accounts of what happened were communicated to Meltzer and he commented that almost all of them align. The consistent story is that Andrade apparently approached Guevara backstage and spun him around. Guevara then shoved Andrade and Andrade retaliated with a punch, described as a possible sucker punch. Andrade had reportedly been waiting in a hallway for Guevara ready to confront him and one account had him throwing two punches before it was broken up. Guevara reportedly didn’t throw any punches and was no worse for wear as he was not sporting any evidence of getting punched during the main event. It would also explain why he wasn’t sent home and only Andrade was. The TMZ and earlier versions of the incident that floated around were apparently from Andrade’s side.

— Andrade was sent home immediately and there is no word on how AEW plans to deal with him, though it is believed he isn’t going to be released and has several more years left on his contract. As noted before, the speculation is that he wants out and it is the reason for his recent behavior.

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