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AEW News: Tony Khan Addresses Jack Perry’s Indefinite Suspension

During the ALL OUT post-show press conference, Tony Khan addressed the situation involving CM Punk and Jack Perry’s physical altercation that occurred during ALL IN. Khan mentioned that Jack Perry, also known as Jungle Boy, has been suspended indefinitely. He explained that they suspended everyone involved in the incident as part of their investigation, and further action was taken based on the findings of that investigation.

Khan clarified, “We suspended Jack as a participant in an incident backstage, and Jack hasn’t been around. That’s all I can say about it. At the time, we did suspend him and he hasn’t been at AEW since AEW All In.”

This statement provides an update on the status of Jungle Boy in AEW and reflects the actions taken by the company in response to the incident. The investigation led to his indefinite suspension from AEW events.

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