AEW President Tony Khan Gaining Backstage Reputation of Being Unprofessional

— AEW CEO Tony Khan seems to be developing a less-than-pleasant reputation backstage and it’s caused at least one high ranking name to consider quitting the company.   According to a report from, Khan has gained a rep of being “unprofessional” backstage  and that he goes “overboard” in how he talks to the commentary team on their headsets during broadcasts.

— One source noted “in the past month, Tony Khan has become impossible for anyone to deal with. It’s not just the communication issues with talent, it’s also how he acts on headsets” and his behavior has not been compared to Vince McMahon’s but said to be even worse.   Some compared it to Kevin Dunn going off on commentators’ headsets or mocking them for what they were saying.     The report also added that Khan was most vocal during the recent ROH PPV and whether it was at the PPV or another event, his outbursts caused one senior official to threaten to quit, prompting Khan to “chase him down” and offer an apology and a promise to improve.   It was soon thereafter that Khan announced a series of promotions with his Talent Division to help with his workload and continues to try and keep his temper in control at recent TV events.




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