AEW Revolution Results

AEW Revolution Results

AEW Revolution results are now online after All Elite Wrestling kicked off 2020 with their first pay-per-view of the year on Saturday night from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinios.

Featured below are complete AEW Revolution results from February 29, 2020.


SCU vs. The Dark Order

The pre-show match at AEW Revolution “Buy-In” is about to get underway. The match will feature SoCal Uncensored — Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian — taking on the duo of Evil Grayson and Evil Uno — The Dark Order.

The former, first-ever tag-team champions — SCU — are in the ring now, as are the ominous Dark Order duo. The bell sounds and here we go.

Early on, it is Sky and Kazarian that are in the offensive lead. Grayson turns the tide with a double kick that drops both SCU members. Evil Uno gets the hot tag and now The Dark Order are comfortably in control of the action.

The heel duo are now dominating the action, utilizing quick tags to keep a fresh man on the fatigued Sky. Things culminate with Grayson scoring the pin, giving Dark Order the win.

Winners: The Dark Order

After the Match: Colt Cabana, Christopher Daniels Save The Day

Following the match, The Dark Order continue their beat down of the former AEW tag-team champions. Eventually, Colt Cabana’s music hits and the Chicago native makes his way to the ring to a big ovation from his hometown fans.

The numbers game end up being too much for the baby faces until finally Christopher Daniels, the third member of SCU comes out and shows his true colors — helping SCU despite several recent teases of joining The Dark Order.

Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Jim Ross discuss several matches to come as they hype the PPV, only moments away.

We start off the Revolution Pay-Per-View event as we enter the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, IL panning the audience as the pyro goes off and the crowd pops.

The announcer sends us to the ring for the first match of the night, as we kick off this AEW ppv event.

Jake Hager vs. Dustin Rhodes

“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes makes his way down the ramp towards the ring as his music sounds. Out next, Jake Hager as his music sounds. Hager enters the ring where Rhodes is awaiting him for tonight’s match up. The bell rings and the match begins.

Hager shoulders Rhodes into the corner of the ring immediately as the bell rings. Hager with a right to the mid-section of Rhodes. The action heads ringside where Rhodes is knocked to the mat. The referee checks Rhodes to make sure he’s able to proceed. Hager throws Rhodes back in the ring for a pin attempt.

Rhodes kicks out at two. Hager locks in a submission move on Rhodes. Rhodes frees himself, getting back to his feet. Hager with another immediate take down as he re-locks in the submission move, grabbing the arm of Rhodes. Rhodes breaks free and leans into the corner of the ring.

Hager steps towards Rhodes, Rhodes lands a boot to the chest of Hager. Hager counters, landing Rhodes back on the mat. The referee checks Rhodes to make sure he’s able to proceed. Hager throws Rhodes back in the ring for a pin attempt.

Rhodes kicks out at two. Hager locks in a submission move on Rhodes. Rhodes frees himself, getting back to his feet. Hager with another immediate take down as he re-locks in the submission move, grabbing the arm of Rhodes. Rhodes breaks free and leans into the corner of the ring.

Hager steps towards Rhodes, Rhodes lands a boot to the chest of Hager. Hager counters, landing Rhodes back on the mat. Back and forth action between the two. Rhodes with a Body Slam as he goes for the pin, Hager kicks out at two. The crowd begins clapping, encouraging Hager back to his feet. Hager leans on the ropes, dropping Rhodes on the top rope.

Hager dives at the knee of Rhodes, taking over the match. Hager with a Vader Bomb attempt, Rhodes counters. Hager lands the Vader Bomb for the two count, Rhodes kicking out once again. Hager looking spent as he struggles back to his feet. Rhodes climbs back to his feet in the corner of the ring. Hager throws Rhodes across the ring. Hager with a Clothesline in the corner of the ring.

Power Bomb by Hager for the 2.999 count, Rhodes kicks out at the very last second. Hager attempts to lock Rhodes in the ropes, Rhodes counters, knocking Hager to the outside. Hager slams his head on the steel stairs on the side of the ring. The referee begins the count. Hager re-enters the ring, Rhodes peppers Hager with right hands.

Hager now tied up in the corner, Rhodes with a kick to the mid-section, Dustin goes for the finisher, Hager kicks out at two. Cross Arm Breaker by Rhodes, Hager goes for the counter with the Ankle Lock on Rhodes in the center of the ring. Rhodes’ hand shaking as he refuses to tap. Rhodes knocks Hager into the referee. While her back is turned, Hager lands a low blow on Rhodes.

Dustin bull rushes Hager into the corner. Hager regains control of the match, landing a Standing Arm Triangle for the submission win.

Winner: Jake Hager

Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara

The Spanish God Sammy Guevara makes his way to the top of the ramp as he stops to pose. A video clip of Allin from two weeks ago is shown as Guevara makes his way down the ramp, stopping on the apron to pose one more time before entering the ring.

Next a video clip is shown of Darby Allin, his music sounds in the arena. Allin skates his way to the ring, as his music plays. Allin wastes no time as he enters the ring, flying through the ropes with a spear on Guevara outside of the ring. Allin makes his way back into the ring only to fly back through the ropes, slamming into the barricade as his foot caught the bottom rope.

Guevara stumbles around the ring as Allin follows. Guevara picks up Allin’s skateboard, throwing it into the face of Allin, knocking him back to the mat. Guevara drags a table out from beneath the ring, then a second table. The referee demands Guevara get back in the ring to start the match. Guevara refuses, punching Allin who is now placed on the table.

Guevara climbs to the top signaling the words, “I’m Crazy” as he flips off the top turnbuckle, landing on Allin with a 630 Senton. Allin slams through the table, Guevara on top of him. Guevara climbs back into the ring. Allin looking to be passed out on the table. The crowd begins a “Darby” chant. Allin slides into the ring.

The referee signals quickly for the bell. Guevara charges Allin, going for the quick pin. Allin kicks out. Guevara shoving Allin’s neck into the bottom rope, then going for the cover once again. Allin once again kicks out. Allin finally back to his feet, stretching the mid-section of Guevara. Guevara breaks free, finally going to the top turnbuckle. Guevara Foot Stomps Allin on the apron.

Guevara is shoved off the top rope by Allin. Guevara leaps back up to Allin, pulling Allin down with a Spanish Fly for another pin attempt. Allin once again kicking out at two. Allin gets the upper-hand in this match up, finally getting the win following a Sliced Bread and finally landing the Coffin Drop for the three count.

Winner: Darby Allin

After the Match

After his victory, Darby Allin grabs his skateboard to use on Guevara in the ring. Jack Hager comes out for the rescue, saving Guevara as he drags him up the ramp. Allin climbs to the top turnbuckle celebrating his victory as the crowd goes crazy.

AEW Tag-Team Title Match

Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. The Young Bucks

Kenny Omega and Nick Jackson start off this AEW tag-team match up. Hangman and Matt Jackson finally tag in and go at it in the center of the ring. Both men struggling as the grapple on the mat. Hangman spits in the face of Matt Jackson. Jackson counters with a Double Leg Sweep and lands a fury of fists on Hangman.

The crowd chanting, “Cowboy Shit!”. Matt Jackson tags in Nick Jackson once again. Hangman smacks Nick in the face. The Young Bucks double team Omega and Page as they clear the ring and the apron. Matt skins the cat, Neck Breaker on Hangman with the assist from Nick Jackson. Matt Jackson drops Hangman as an apparent pain jolts in his back.

Hangman talks to Omega in their corner as Omega has an odd expression on his face as he enters the ring. Omega with the Running Back Breaker on Nick Jackson for a pin attempt. Back and forth action between the two inside the ring. Hangman finally tags back in, only to be put in a submission hold before tagging Omega back in once again. Crowd boos.

Chops back and forth between Omega and Matt Jackson. Hangman with a Moonsault off the top rope onto the Young Bucks on the outside of the ring, Hangman landing on his feet. The crowd begins a “Holy Shit!” chant following the crazy high flying move. Back in the ring, Hangman points at Matt Jackson in the center of the ring. Nick tags in Matt.

Slug-fest between Hangman and Matt in the center of the ring. Cross Chop by Matt, Hangman counters with a kick. Omega lands Diamond Back Elbow Strike on Matt in the corner as Hangman and Omega double team. Omega with a Power Bomb onto the mat on Matt. Omega tags Hangman back in following the pin attempt on Matt.

Matt tags in Nick Jackson. Jackson with a Superkick on Hangman. Omega comes in for the save, Nick lands a Superkick on Omega as well. Nick over the top rope with a high flying move, slamming Hangman’s head and neck into the mat for a pin attempt, Hangman kicks out. Hangman lands an elbow on Nick. Matt holds Hangman in the corner as Nick kicks him in the face. Matt tags in.

Double Team by Young Bucks for the cover, Omega breaks the count for the save. Hangman struggles back to his feet and throws Nick’s Superkick into Matt. A kick to the knee of Matt. Hangman spins then attempts to lock in the Chicken Wing, Nick for the rescue. The crowd chants, “This is Awesome!” Matt goes for More Bang for Your Buck, to no avail. Hangman and Omega double team Nick inside the ring.

Blockbuster Suplex by Hangman for the 2 count. Power Bomb and another pin attempt, Matt Jackson hits the save to break the count. Omega stretches his arm in for the tag. Hangman makes the tag. Omega with full momentum goes for the V-Trigger, Nick counters, Omega still lands V-Trigger followed by another V-Trigger.

Fast paced action as Omega hooks in and lands the Tiger Drop ’98 for the pin attempt. Another kick out. Nick on Omega’s shoulders as Omega climbs the ropes. Hangman comes in for the save. Locamotion Suplexes by Matt Jackson onto Hangman out of the ring and up the ramp.

Nick and Matt double team Hangman on the ramp. Young Bucks back in the ring with Omega. Matt and Jackson seperately land kicks on Omega, then together, knocking Omega to the mat. Double V-Trigger by Young Bucks. Omega kicks out of pin attempt. Omega dares the Young Bucks to do it again, to which they comply and hit another pin attempt.

Matt Stomps the shoulder of Omega. Nick enters the ring, they form a game plan in the ring as Omega rolls around in agony in the center of the ring. Matt lifts Omega to his feet, setting up for a Meltzer Bomb, Page interrupts as he Power Bombs Nick through a table on the outside. Omega lands a big Knee Buckshot/V-Trigger combo by both Hangman and Omega for the pin, Matt kicks out at two.

Omega lands yet another V-Trigger, followed by lifting Matt on his shoulders for the One Winged Angel. Matt fights his way free followed by a Super Kick. Hangman tags in and goes for the One Winged Angel for the pin, Nick breaks the count at the last second. The crowd going nuts now. Hangman’s eyes looking crazy as he lands a Buckshot on the ramp on Nick. Hangman lands another Buckshot on Matt in the ring for the win.

Winner and Still AEW Tag-Team Champions: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

After the Match

Young Bucks stand in the center of the ring as Hangman Page exits the ring, leaving Omega standing with the Young Bucks. Hangman re-enters the ring, the other three stand in wait. Hangman once again exits the ring. Omega looking unsure as he watches Young Bucks exit the ring on the opposing side. Hangman waits by the ropes as Omega walks up. Hangman lifts the rope for Omega to exit the ring. Hangman gives a brief hug to Omega

AEW Women’s Title
Champion Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander

A video package is shown highlighting the events leading up to tonight’s AEW Women’s Title Match between Nyla Rose and Kris Statlander. Statlander makes her way to the ring first as her music plays in the arena. Out next as her music sounds is Nyla Rose. Rose makes her way down the ramp, entering the ring with awaiting opponent Statlander.

The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins. Statlander dominates early on in the match. Rose finally able to land a hard right from inside the ring on Statlander on the outside. Statlander attempts a Spear through the ropes onto Rose. Rose moves to the right, side stepping the move. Both women back in the ring.

Rose with multiple Clotheslines on Statlander inside the ring, finally going for a pin attempt, Statlander kicks out. Rose lifts Statlander back to her feet. Rose knocks Statlander out of the ring, Statlander landing fast first on the outside. The referee begins the count, making it to 6 before Statlander re-enters the ring with Rose.

Statlander hits the ropes and charges in, grabbing a Waistlock on Rose, dropping Rose to the mat. Both women on a single knee in the center of the ring exchanging blows. Rose back to her feet, only to be knocked out of the ring. Statlander with a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Rose, slamming Rose into the barricade on the outside of the ring.

Statlander grabs Rose, dragging and shoving her back into the ring. Statlander goes for a pin on Rose, Rose kicking out at two. Rose finally staggers back to her feet, Statlander running at Rose in the center of the ring. Rose counters, throwing Statlander sternum first into the turnbuckle. Statlander under the ropes, half in the ring, half on the apron. Rose pushing her boot into the neck of Statlander.

Rose to the top turnbuckle. Statlander does a handstand and walks on her hands, landing in a chill position, blowing a kiss at Rose. Rose losing focus, climbs down, Statlander knocks Rose to the mat. Rose goes for the Splash, Statlander throws her knees up for the block. Rose goes for her finisher, Statlander kicks out at two. Rose in shock.

Rose back to the top turnbuckle, Statlander throwing right hands as she climbs to the second rope. Rose and Statlander both fall to the mat, looks unintentional, Statlander goes for pin, Rose kicks out. Rose back to her feet, lands a boot to the face of Statlander. Rose back on the turnbuckle, Statlander gets her ankles around the neck of Rose.

Rose once again goes for the finisher from the top rope, this time landing a Power Bomb on Statlander from the top rope. Rose goes for the pin, getting the three count, retaining the women’s championship title.

Winner and Still AEW Women’s Champion: Nyla Rose

After the Match

A recap of Nyla Rose landing her finisher on Statlander is shown. Rose holds the title belt over her head as she blows kisses to the audience.

Cody vs. MJF

A video package is shown highlighting the events leading up to tonight’s match-up between these two superstars. Out first is MJF accompanied by Wardlow as his music sounds in the arena. MJF makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where he stops to pose. MJF makes his way to the top rope, shouting out to the crowd as the lights cut in the arena.

Cody’s music sounds next, playing slow and steady as beams of light and smoke appear at the top of the ramp. As the music speeds, Cody appears at the top of the ramp. Cody’s theme song continues with live performance behind him. Cody makes his way down the ramp with an entourage of his friends and family including wife Brandi Rhodes, his brother Dustin Rhodes, and Arn Anderson to name a few.

The referee signals for the start of the match. The bell rings and the match begins. Cody runs full speed at MJF, MJF quickly rolls out of the ring. MJF re-enters the ring, once again Cody makes his way towards MJF, once again MJF exits the ring, quickly making his way over the barricade and into the audience. MJF grabs a chair and calls to Cody to “come here”.

Arn Anderson advises Cody to get back in the ring. Cody re-enters the ring, MJF pacing on the outside, finally rolling back into the ring. Cody and MJF exchange right hands in the center of the ring. Rhodes Uppercut by Cody, dropping MJF to the mat. Rhodes goes for the cover, MJF kicks out. Once again, MJF rolls out of the ring, this time catching his breath on the ramp.

MJF enters the ring under the bottom rope, Cody runs across the ramp and slams MJF to the mat. Cody rolls MJF for another pin attempt. MJF goes for a kick, Cody catches MJF’s boot. Cody takes MJF for a ride on his shoulders, stopping, then once again spinning, finally landing him with an Alabama Slam. The crowd begins chanting, “Cody! Cody! Cody!”

Cody drops to his knees next to MJF, landing a right hand. MJF staggers to his feet, Cody hits a kick to the face of MJF. Wardlow drags MJF by his foot out of the ring for the save. Brandi Rhodes throws a beer in the face of Wardlow, who follows behind Brandi as she walks away. Cody flies through the ropes onto Wardlow, smashing him into the barricade.

Cody checks his broken toe on his right foot before continuing toward MJF on the outside of the ring. Cody throws MJF into the ring. Wardlow with a cheap shot on Cody, then throwing him into the ring to MJF. MJF gaining the advantage, throwing Cody into the corner turnbuckle. MJF tucking Cody’s hand behind him and rolling him up for a pin attempt, no luck.

MJF throws Cody into the corner turnbuckle, Cody landing upside down. MJF with yet another pin attempt, to no avail. MJF focusing on the arm of Cody as he stomps over and over. MJF locks in a Wrist Lock on Cody as Cody shouts, attempting to reach the ropes. Cody and MJF drop to the mat. MJF keeping the hold strong.

The crowd begins chanting, “Let’s Go Cody!! Let’s Go Cody!!” Once again MJF focuses on the arm and shoulder of Cody. MJF grabs Cody’s arm, twisting it behind Cody’s back as Cody shouts. Finally reaching the ropes, MJF refuses to let go as the referee shouts at him. MJF finally lets go, but goes for the boot of Cody, removing it. MJF throws Cody’s boot out of the ring.

MJF walks back over to Cody and bites it with all his might. The referee busy telling Wardlow to exit the steel stairs back to ringside. Cody sitting on the top rope, MJF stands in the corner looking for a Power Bomb. Cody slides between the turnbuckles and MJF, under his legs and gains the upperhand. Cody flips MJF off the turnbuckle, MJF slamming onto the mat.

Cody back to his feet, Wardlow grabbing the attention of Cody and the referee. Cody turns to look behind him, Arn Anderson is seen walking around the ring towards Wardlow with a steel chair. Brandi Rhodes standing on the side of Arn Anderson. Back in the ring, Cody landing a fury of fists on MJF, drawing blood from his head.

Cody throws his hands up as he looks at the crowd. Cody lifts MJF and puts him legs first into the ropes, MJF counters with an MJSmash. Wardlow picks up Brandi, hoisting her up onto his shoulders, Cody quickly exits the ring telling Wardlow to “put her down”. Cody spears Wardlow, then gets back in the ring. MJF lands a low blow on Cody as he looks on to the outside of the ring.

MJF rolls Cody up for the pin, Cody kicks out at two. Cody lifts MJF, never losing the connection as Cody attempts to let go for the Suplex over the ropes to the outside. Cody follows behind as MJF falls to the outside. An awful landing as both men are laid out on the outside of the ring, the ref begins the count out.

Cody and MJF both re-enter the ring. MJF still bleeding profusely from the head. Both men engage in a slug-fest in the center of the ring as the crowd “Oooo’s” and “Yeeea’s” with each blow. The crowd begins a chant for Cody. MJF once again tries to land a move for the pin on Cody, Cody kicks out.

Cody lands a low blow and plants MJF for the pin, MJF kicks out at two. Cody cannot believe it, MJF with a very distant look in his eyes as he lays on the mat inside the ring, blood pouring from the top of his head. Cody whips MJF, the ref pleading with him to stop. Cody demands, “one more” and then throws the belt to the side.

MJF cowers in the corner of the ring as Cody shouts to him to get up. The referee telling MJF to get up. MJF hugs the foot of Cody as he begins to sob. MJF gets back to his feet, spitting blood in the face of Cody. Cross Rhodes by Cody once again. MJF crawls over to Cody, throwing his arm over Cody for the three count.

Winner: MJF

After the Match

Wardlow enters the ring, helping MJF to his feet with the help of the referee, raising MJF’s hand in victory before helping him exit the ring. Cody sits up in the center of the ring, wife Brandi Rhodes now by his side. Arn Anderson enters the ring as well, Cody with his arms wrapped around his knees, his head in his hands, defeated. Anderson reaches down to help Cody to his feet. The crowd begins clapping and cheering for Cody. The crowd starts a “Cody!” chant as he limps out of the ring.

PAC vs. Orange Cassidy

“The Bastard” PAC makes his way to the ring as his music sounds in the arena, the crowd with mixed response as PAC enters the ring. Out next is Orange Cassidy accompanied by Best Friends Chuck and Trent. Orange Cassidy climbs into the ring, putting on his shades and fixing his hair as the bell rings and the match begins.

PAC points to himself. The crowd chants, “Holy Shit!” ass Cassidy lifts his hands above his head, pointing to his shoes. PAC grabs the wrists of Cassidy, Cassidy counters, dropping PAC on the mat. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets. A back and forth shin kick match between both men. PAC matching each toe shove by Cassidy. PAC knocks Cassidy to the mat, Cassidy’s hands never leaving his pockets.

Cassidy off the ropes, hands still in his pockets, loops his elbow around PAC, flipping PAC to the mat, Cassidy still keeping his hands in his pockets. The match moves to the outside of the ring as the crowd begins chanting, “Freshly Squeezed!” PAC knocks Cassidy to the mat ringside, then lifts him up, rolling Cassidy back in the ring.

Back in the ring, PAC lands a blow to the side of Cassidy’s head. PAC heads to the top turnbuckle for the Shotgun Dropkick onto Cassidy. Cassidy laying on his side, PAC grabs Cassidy by the hair lifting him to his feet. PAC lands a Super Kick followed by a Power Bomb for a pin attempt. Cassidy kicks out. PAC dominates Cassidy inside the ring.

PAC goes for the pin on Cassidy following the punishment he delivered in the ring, the referee counts one, two, PAC lifts Cassidy’s back off the mat to stop the count. PAC shakes his head with a smile. The crowd begins chanting, “This Is Wrestling!” over and over as Cassidy rolls out of the ring to avoid PAC on the top rope.

PAC heads to the outside, Cassidy re-enters the ring. Cassidy smiles at PAC as he continues rolling in the ring, making his way back to his feet. Cassidy back to his feet. Cassidy with a thunderous DDT following a Frog Splash Crossbody off the top turnbuckle for a pin attempt of his own. PAC kicks out. PAC lightly shoves Cassidy who is staggering in the center of the ring, mocking Cassidy. PAC does it once more.

PAC knocks Cassidy back to the mat. Cassidy builds momentum getting a surge of energy out of nowhere. Cassidy heads to the top turnbuckle. Cassidy counters a move by PAC with a mid-air DDT, then goes to the top turnbuckle once again. Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix of the Lucha Bros come from out of nowhere attacking Best Friends members Trent and Chuck to keep them from interfering in the match.

Cassidy watches on as he leans on the ropes with his back turned, as is the ref’s, as PAC gets back to his feet and sneak attacks Cassidy from behind. PAC grabs Cassidy and locks in the Brutalizer, forcing Cassidy to tap for the submission win.

Winner: PAC

Main Event: AEW World Title
Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley

Jim Ross sets up a video package highlighting the events between Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley as we head into the main event match up of the evening for the AEW World Title Championship match. Scheduled for one-fall with a sixteen minute time limit for the All Elite Wrestling Championship, the match is officially announced.

Out first is Jon Moxley, emerging from the cold streets of Chicago, IL, making his way through the crowd as he pumps up, the fans tapping Moxley as he makes his way through the crowd of fans in the arena, finally stepping over the barricade. Moxley slides into the ring, jumping to his feet as he quickly paces the ring, getting hyped for tonight’s match.

Next, a choir begins singing the entrance music of Chris Jericho as they stand at the top of the stage. As the first verse and chorus finishes, Le Champion steps out as the Fozzy version of the song continues playing. Jericho makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring sporting the 7 stitches across the bridge of his nose with a smile. Both men standing in the ring, as they are announced, Justin Roberts pauses saying he would have to paraphrase, “Zero ‘F’s” Given… Jon Moxley!!” Next announcing “Le Champion… Chris Jericho!!” Aubrey Edwards is then announced as the referee, the bell rings and the match finally begins!

Heavy right hands by Moxley as he Chops away at the chest of Chris Jericho. Santana Ortiz on the outside of the ring in the corner of Jericho, Moxley walks right by as he shoves Jericho through the barricade. The match makes it’s way into the crowd. Jericho using a make shift weapon on Moxley in the audience. Moxley gains the upper hand, slamming his fists into the back of Jericho as he follows Jericho up the stairs.

The crowd begins a “Moxley! Moxley!” chant as Moxley wraps his forearm around the neck of Jericho. Jericho grabs the camera from the camera man, giving Moxley the finger as Jericho smiles on, then handing the camera back and continuing down the stairs towards the ring close behind Moxley. Both men make their way back to ringside.

Jericho sends Moxley into the ring post, Moxley blindsided, drawing blood from the head of Moxley. Jericho taking advantage of the injury, lands a Power Bomb on Moxley through a table on the outside of the ring. Moxley sits up, climbing back to his feet. Jericho waits inside the ring, Moxley finally enters the ring. Jericho throwing several fists at Moxley.

Jericho gets back to his feet as he wipes his hands in victory, exiting the ring and ringing the bell himself as he declares himself the winner. Jericho re-enters the ring, stomping away at the body of Moxley. Moxley’s head beneath the bottom rope, Jericho lands the catapult. Moxley finally counters, exploding with offense on Jericho, then throwing him into the opposite corner of the ring.

Moxley’s control is short lived as Jericho regains control, Moxley landing on the outside of the ring. Santana Ortiz with a cheap shot on Moxley on the outside of the ring. Jericho exits the ring and throws fists at Moxley. Moxley counters with several blows of his own. Jericho finally landing Moxley into the stairs on the outside of the ring.

The referee asking Moxley if he can continue, Moxley nods in agreement, continuing the brutal match. Moxley struggles back to his feet in the corner of the ring. Jericho throws several Chops to the chest of Moxley. Moxley climbs the turnbuckles, Jericho follows him to the top shouting, “Come on Moxley!!” Moxley builds momentum, throwing multiple rights at Jericho.

Jericho attempts to land the Lion Tamer on Moxley, Moxley counters, locking in an Ankle Lock. Jericho on the outside of the ring with his back turned momentarily, Moxley flies through the ropes, landing on Jericho. Both men back to the ring, fast paced back and forth action between the two. Moxley lands the Boston Crab on Jericho. Jericho inches towards the ropes, Moxley drags him back to the center.

Jack Hager comes from out of nowhere just as Jericho is about to submit to Moxley, Moxley releases the Boston Crab to throw a forearm at Hager. Jericho takes the advantage and gets Moxley into the Lion Tamer once again. Moxley inches towards the ropes and finally grabs the bottom rope. The referee forcing Jericho to release. Jericho gets rough with the referee.

Hager lands a cheap shot right hand on Moxley, dropping him in the ring. Sammy Guevara with the title belt runs through the ring, smashing Moxley in the head with it. The referee unable to see it as she was banning Hager from ringside. Jericho goes for the cover, Moxley kicks out at 2 and a half. Moxley back to his feet, smacks Jericho in the face.

Both men throw forearms back and forth in the center of the ring. Jericho drives his knee into the bad eye of Moxley. Jericho climbs to the second turnbuckle, then lands a Knee Drop onto the face of Moxley. Jericho begins a clap, looking for the Judas Effect, Moxley avoids and lands a Paradigm Shift on Jericho. Moxley once again landing the Paradigm Shift on Jericho. Moxley hits the pin for the win!

Winner and New AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

After the Match

Chris Jericho exits the ring as Jon Moxley stands in the center of the ring, celebrating his victory. Moxley puts his shirt back on and holds up the championship belt as tears begin to roll with pride. Moxley climbs the turnbuckle where he holds the belt high for the crowd to see, they go crazy. A highlight reel is shown.

As we come back to the ring, Moxley is holding the belt over his shoulder and a mic in his hand. The crowd chants, “Moxley! Moxley!” Moxley begins, “GD I LOVE this s***!” Moxley goes on to say the belt doesn’t just belong to him, it belongs to the fans too. Moxley thanks the fans for helping AEW bring wrestling back to the people. Once again he thanks the fans and let’s them know the AEW World Championship belongs to the most important members of the AEW family… the fans.

Moxley ends his statement with, “It’s beer thirty.” Moxley’s music sounds and Moxley says, “Hey, what the F*&%? I’m making this up as I go along.” Moxley thanks everyone and exits the ring, walking through the crowd as the show fades to black. That’s all folks!

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