Ricky Starks

AEW Star Reportedly Looking To Leave For WWE Once His Contract Expires

Ricky Starks has been absent from AEW TV for the better part of 2024 and his lack of appearances has the rumor mill going into overdrive.

A recent post on Reddit sparked reports that Starks had possibly run into legal trouble in Calgary last year and subsequently was rejecting many of the pitches made to him by AEW creative. Fightfulselect.com reports that there is some truth to the rumor that he had been declining ideas by AEW, however, one source said they were only aware of one time where he rejected a pitch – breaking up with Big Bill and feuding with him. It is believed that Starks faced some criticism within the company for not wanting “to do business” as many felt if he participated in that storyline, it would have helped launch Bill as a mega heel while also benefiting Starks as a babyface. Starks’ counter pitch was that he wanted their split to be amicable as he didn’t feel like the two should feud.

Starks was then not booked for AEW All In and due to a concern for fan reaction, the company ran a suspension storyline to explain his absence. Starks for his part didn’t want to be in a tag team at that point and also didn’t like the lack of a follow up to his match against Bryan Danielson. Starks also felt that once CM Punk left the company, it slowed down his own momentum.

Starks is now medically cleared from all his injuries but there doesn’t appear to be any imminent plans to bring him back according to the fightfulselect report and there’s evn conflicting information as to whether Starks and Tony Khan have even made contact recently.

Finally, there is also speculation that Starks wants to go to WWE and there are people within AEW who believe that to be true and that Starks is likely simply waiting for his contract to expire. Starks has close ties to WWE Undisputed champion Cody Rhodes which makes for an interesting scenario as well.

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