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AEW’s Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh Has Reportedly Stepped Away From Wrestling

  • AEW’s Chief Legal Officer, Megha Parekh, a well-known figure within the promotion, has recently scaled back her legal responsibilities for the company in the past few months. According to, it remains uncertain if there has been an official change in her title, but Chris Peck has assumed primary responsibility for Parekh’s duties. There is no clarification on whether this change is temporary, permanent, or if Parekh will resume her previous responsibilities.
  • The report further notes that as of October, Megha’s role underwent a shift, focusing more on matters related to the Jacksonville Jaguars, particularly in securing a new stadium deal, rather than wrestling-related affairs. In the past couple of years, Parekh gained notoriety for her involvement in the original CM Punk incident, having reportedly witnessed the altercation and participated in the subsequent investigation. However, she was not present at AEW All In in London, nor was she part of the disciplinary committee that ultimately resulted in Punk’s departure from AEW.

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