AJ Styles joins Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels on "Table For 3."

AJ Styles Compares Bullet Club Leaving NJPW To Hall/Nash Going To WCW

As noted, WWE recently released a new episode of their WWE Network original series, “Table For 3,” which features WWE Hall Of Famers Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels, as well as current WWE Superstar AJ Styles.

During the episode, which is available now via WWE’s digital subscription service, “The Phenomenal One” spoke about himself and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) for WWE.

As the former WWE Champion explained during the show, he feels The Bullet Club members leaving New Japan for WWE was the modern generation equivilent to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall leaving WWE for WCW in the 1990s.

“I can tell you that, you talk about The Kliq, we were definitely guys who enjoyed hanging out together,” Styles said to Nash and Michaels during the latest episode of the WWE Network series. “We’d go out together. We didn’t have to, but we wanted to, like, we enjoyed that.”

Styles continued, “We went through the same thing that you guys are basically talking [about] right now. When we left Japan, it was Bálor first and then Anderson, Gallows, and myself all left at the same time, so you guys are talking about something that I’ve lived through myself.”

Check out the full episode of “Table For 3” featuring AJ Styles, Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels right now via the WWE Network.

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