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AJ Styles Confirms WWE Superstars Didn’t Know About Roman Reigns’ Return, Claims Dominik Has Great Potential

WWE superstar AJ Styles spoke about Roman Reigns return at last Sunday’s SummerSlam on a recent Twitch channel stream, as well as if Dominik Mysterio will receive any backstage heat for skipping NXT developmental and going right to the main roster. Highlights are below.

On Reigns’ returns:

It was a surprise for me too, yeah. I was just as surprised as you guys were,” AJ admitted. “Is Roman a heel character? Because I don’t know, I don’t know what he is so I think we’re going to have to find out more. I mean, he’s spearing everybody but what does that mean? Is he ready to just kick some tail? That doesn’t sound like a heel to me, that sounds like a ‘bad ass.

On the potential that Dominik Mysterio has:

I think he’s got a lot of potential and I think everybody has said the same thing, that he’s got a lot of potential and he’s able to do a lot of things. But you’ll grow as a performer. You’ll figure out who you are, right? I mean, heck, I don’t think I really found my groove until about – because it seemed like my character changed. Then I had to change with that character. But how do I explain it, like… It was a good six or seven years before I realized how to be who I was. Whether it be a bad guy or a good guy, you were still AJ Styles.

Whether Dominik will have heat for skipping NXT:

Well, I didn’t have to go through NXT. I didn’t have heat coming in, Gallows and Anderson didn’t have heat coming in, so, who knows? I’m not saying he will have heat, I’m saying we got a good group of guys and girls that go, ‘Good for you, man’, you know? You didn’t need to, you didn’t have to. I think they’re happy for him regardless. He’s a great dude, he’s a great dude. So, I don’t see our guys and girls being jealous because somebody had the opportunity to come to the main roster. The story is the most important thing, and him being the son of Rey Mysterio is a story. And he’s been on TV, heck, he was on TV when he was a little guy! I don’t know if you remember that. So, whatever is best for the story is what we need to do.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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