A.J. Styles Injury Update (5/28/2019)

A.J. Styles Injury Update: Styles Says He’s Going To “Take His Time To Rest His Body”

WWE pulled AJ Styles from last night’s Raw due to an injury but didn’t divulge much information beyond that. PWInsider then reported that Styles wasn’t even at Raw and that the word backstage was that he was “banged up” but there wasn’t any indication on exactly what sort of injury he was dealing with.

Styles cleared that up himself when he said the following his Mixer channel:

“I’ve got something going on with my AC joint. It’s rubbing up against bone and we thought I had a fracture. It may not be the case, which is a good thing. It may require a shot to keep the swelling down. It’s not a major injury. It’s just wear and tear. Hopefully, it doesn’t keep me out for very long. I can’t stand being out but I haven’t had rest in a long time. So I’m going to take time to rest my body so I can be back. WWE has made sure we’ve dealt with this injury properly. Trust me, I want to be back. I want to earn my money.”

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