AJ Styles

AJ Styles Reveals His Favorite WWE Opponent Thus Far & Who His Dream Opponent Is

AJ Styles certainly had a “Phenomenal” year in WWE in 2016, but which WWE Superstar did he feel he had the best matches of his rookie year with WWE against?

“The Phenomenal One” himself recently spoke with AL.com and revealed that Roman Reigns is the one WWE Superstar he felt he “set the tone” with for what he was going to be in WWE.

“I have a lot of great matches in 2016. There are some I was real proud of. With Roman Reigns — and don’t get me wrong, WrestleMania was also a big one, too — but I just felt like my matches with Roman Reigns set the tone of how AJ Styles was going to be presented in 2016, like this guy who gets after it and has great matches with just about anyone on the roster.”

Additionally, the reigning SmackDown World Champion spoke about what he feels will be an inevitable “Dream Match” showdown with reigning RAW Superstar Seth Rollins at some point down the road.

“That’s going to happen. There’s no doubt. At some point this year, hopefully there will be another draft. And whatever happens, at some point, before him and I both retire, we’re going to see each other in the ring. There’s no doubt about it.”

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