A.J. Styles Talks To The Daily Star

A.J. Styles Reveals Whether Or Not He Watched ALL IN

A.J. Styles recently spoke with the folks from The Daily Star for an interview. During the discussion, the WWE Superstar was asked about the recent ALL IN show promoted by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

“I did not watch ALL IN,” Styles admitted. “I watched the highlights. And good for them, man, they did great. Those guys are my friends and I am happy for them. I am happy with their success, I hope they continue to do it.”

“The Phenomenal One” continued, sharing his thoughts on why the ALL IN event and movement in general is “good for business.”

“This is good for business for everybody,” said Styles. “When there is someone to compete against it is good for everyone and steps everybody’s game up.”

Check out the complete A.J. Styles interview at DailyStar.co.uk.

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