AJ Styles interview highlights

AJ Styles On Wanting To Elevate WWE U.S. Title, Performing In The U.K.

Former WWE Champion AJ Styles recently spoke with Sky Sports for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On wrestling in the United Kingdom: “I love the UK. I’ve been wrestling for 18 years and it’s always been one of my favorite countries to visit because they have some of the craziest fans. They love what we do, especially the WWE.

“You’d better watch out because, as we’ve seen, we get a lot of UK fans that come out for Wrestlemania and the Monday and Tuesday after on live TV they’ll take over the show if you don’t watch it.”

On wanting to elevate the perception of the WWE United States Championship: “I’m excited about it. I think the United States Championship is as big of a deal to me as the WWE Championship, I’m just not in line for that right now and that’s okay. I set goals and being U.S. Champion is one of those and I want to make that Unites States Championship as important as the WWE Championship.”

Check out the complete AJ Styles interview at SkySports.com.

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