A.J. Styles Talks To Amarillo.com

A.J. Styles On Who He Likes To Watch In WWE, Samoa Joe Rivalry & More

WWE Champion A.J. Styles recently spoke with Amarillo.com to promote Saturday’s WWE live event in the city. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On carrying his feud with Samoa Joe through multiple promotions over the years: “It’s been different in the way we’re doing it now than the way we’ve ever done it before. It’s gotten a lot more personal than any other time. You’re always going to get the hard-hitting Samoa Joe and the same A.J. Styles you have over the years. It’s always a recipe for a good match. It won’t be any different in Amarillo.”

On if he expected to have the success he has had thus far in WWE: “Surely I’m not the only one surprised by this. If you’d told me years ago that I’d be WWE champion two times, a United States champion and you’re going to have the belt at least half your career, I would have said that’s ridiculous. But, hard work has paid off. In the long run, if I was to lose this title tomorrow, I’ve had a great run and I’m very happy.”

On his favorite match in WWE so far: “That’s tough. I have so many memorable moments so far. There is the Royal Rumble, and John Cena. There is also Roman Reigns. Then when I won the championship from Dean Ambrose. There are so many matches that are hard to pick.”

On who he likes to peek around the curtain and watch wrestle when he gets the opportunity: “There are those big guys like Samoa Joe, or a Brock Lesnar. Guys that will rip your head off. You then got the high flyers like Rey Mysterio. I like seeing what he’s doing. So there are quite a few.”

Check out the complete A.J. Styles interview at Amarillo.com.

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