Al Snow Talks To The Roman Show

Al Snow Says Ronda Rousey Will Need More Charisma To Succeed In WWE

Former WWE Superstar and Impact Wrestling agent Al Snow spoke with The Roman Show at the recent Coastal Championship Wrestling: Breaking Chains event. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his time in OVW and working with female talent: “When we were doing the developmental in OVW the women, which were Beth Phoenix, ODB, Katie Burchill and a lot of those women carried the show and were the main event. In fact, we had the first ever women’s ladder match in OVW in Louisville, Kentucky for WWE developmental between Beth Phoenix and Katie Burchill. They tore the house down. It was more than often than not that the women carried the show. The women can be as strong as an attraction if done in the right manner if treated respectfully.

“The most important, and this isn’t a sexist thing, if the women continue to be women – meaning they don’t become guys with boobs – that they can perform wrestle like a man, act professionally like a man, legitimately like a man, but maintain their feminine quality so they can relate to the men and women in the public.”

On Ronda Rousey signing with WWE: “It takes a very special person to work the opposite. If she’s capable of taking the charisma she had in MMA, she’ll need ten times the charisma in the WWE.

“I trained mixed martial artists King Mo and Dan Severn. Both will tell you [like] King Mo, ‘I don’t know how these guys do it. I would rather much prepare for a fight than train pro wrestling because physically there’s much more demand’.”

On his clothing apparel line, Collar And Elbow: “I wanted to create a brand for wrestling. At the time, I didn’t know there was one for wrestling. Ultimately the biggest fans of wrestling are wrestlers. You have to be such a fan of wrestling. There’s nothing wrong being a fan of wrestling. The problem is the general public if you wear a wrestling shirt and identify as a wrestling fan, they get the usual ‘you like that? That’s fake.’ They don’t want to wear it.”

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