Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio Discusses His Sexual Assault Case

Alberto Del Rio recently spoke with Shakiel Mahjouri of Cageside Seats for an interview.

During the discussion, the former WWE Superstar discussed his ongoing legal case where he faces charges of one count of aggravated kidnapping, as well as four counts of sexual assault, with potential of life in prison.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

If the trial started on August 2: “It’s still going. It’s still pending. But we’re just waiting. Everything is looking good. I have said what I needed to say in the past. Unfortunately, I can no longer talk about it because every time I say something, it affects my case. I went out and I said what I was approved to say. That ended up hurting me a little bit. All I can say is that the truth always comes to light. We’re doing good. The authorities in Texas are doing their job. My legal team is doing a fantastic job. It’s just a matter of time. It’s really difficult for me and my family to hear those things. Everybody talks about the five years to life in prison. That sounds horrible, but why does nobody say, ‘Or he’s going to be proven innocent.’ I have already said it. She has already withdrawn her charges. He has already talked to the DA’s [District Attorney’s] office and told them the truth. She apologized and gave us a public apology and everything. Everything people need to know is out there. I share a lot of stuff in the past but unfortunately, I can’t talk about it. What was supposed to be over last week got delayed because somebody got upset and I understand [it]. Me being me, a high-profile case. It’s difficult. As I said in my previous interviews, call me whatever, but I didn’t do any of those things.”

Why the case is ongoing if his ex-partner, as he claims, dropped the charges: “It doesn’t matter. When it comes to cases like that, especially with the women’s movement and everything going on when it comes to family law, it doesn’t matter if I drop the charges or she drops the charges. The state follows it and it doesn’t end until the state says that it’s over,” he says. “It doesn’t matter if someone goes and drops the charges. It’s up to the state to decide when this is over. To me, I just respect the law in the great state of Texas. To me, it shouldn’t be like that.”

Statement from Alberto’s attorney, Keith McMahon: “While we expect the DA to dismiss the case after they perform their due diligence he cannot commit to that any further at this time,” McMahon wrote.

Check out the interview below.

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